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My Very Personal Maid Part V
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"I know you will enjoy them." Sue said as we moved into the bedroom and undressed. We got out the box of dildos and Betsy and I strapped the new harnesses on. They fit our bodies perfectly. We had decided that Sue should be the recipient of our lovemaking.

"Since I discovered, or invented, if you will, the fold I have received a great deal of praise from my friends who have tried it. Until there is a further development of some sort, I imagine we will have to settle for this improvement. The makers might make the dildos with a base that does the same thing, that might be better. They are made of India rubber, but who actually makes them I do not know.

"I do know that from the earliest years of man, there have been dildos. The Egyptians and Indians made them of ivory, the Chinese from wood, polished I should think!" We all laughed at the implication of unpolished wood.

"Oh, yes, these do fit much better." Betsy said as she made a final adjustment to the buckles. "They are so much more comfortable. I cannot understand why the French, who are supposed to be such great lovers, could leave those cold buckles against the skin to chafe and scratch. Your leather working friend has done wonders with this. I wonder, does he try them out on his wife for fit and comfort?'

"I have wondered the same thing. He has a lovely young wife." Sue laughed. "I like the way the fold nestles in my pussy furrow. It is soft, yet firm. It presses lightly against my clitty. Can your sweet clitty feel it Betsy?" I asked
adjusting my harness.

"Yes, it presses nicely against my it. I think I am going to enjoy this. Come Sue, My Love. Let my fuck your delicious pussy while Diana fucks your beautiful arse." Betsy said beckoning Sue into her arms.

Sue lay down between Betsy's thighs and I moved behind her and bent forward and licked her sweet pussy as the two kissed. I soon had her pussy wet and open, ready for the larger dildo. I spread some lubricant on the dildo, and she reached down to guide it into her sex.

She and Betsy moved together, burying it deep into her lovely body. I let them move together for a few minutes before I moved up behind her splendid behind. I watched the dildo slide in and out, her pussy lips being pulled outward, then pushed back as it slid in and out. It was, as she had said, an erotic and exciting sight.

"Oh, Diana, this does make a difference. It's so much more comfortable. " Betsy moaned beneath Sue. "It presses against my clitty and rubs it wonderfully. I think I can cum this way. Sue, you are a genius! I shall fuck you thoroughly to thank you."

"Less talk, Wench. Fuck me harder! And how about attending to business back there! I have an aching orifice that needs to be stoppered." Sue cried out.

I reached over and took a dollop of lubricant and spread it over the smaller dildo, then onto her small perfect anus. I slid a finger into her, which elicited a moan from her. I pressed the head against her nether hole and she pressed back. Carefully I pressed forward watching her anal ring widen. The slightly bulbous head slid inside and I carefully slid it little by little inside her beautiful rear. She and I worked together till she was comfortable with the intruder in her back passage, then we three began to work in unison.

The new harness held the dildo firmer, and I could slide it in and out of Sue with much better control. I bent forward and reached under to fondle her superb breasts. My hips quickly picked up the rhythm and thrust and felt the leather fold slide and press against my now swollen clitty.

"Oh, I love this! You two are so good. I love being fucked in both holes at the same time. Yes! It feels so good. Betsy you feel so good inside me. Diana, you fuck my arse so well. Just a little harder. Yes like that. Oh! Yes!" Sue cried out.

"Betsy, remember how that spot felt." I said as I thought of our previous discovery. "Move up a little and ride Sue's pussy so your dildo hits it." I saw Betsy shift her hips a little and she must have moved just right for Sue cried out immediately.

"Oh, my God, what did you do? Yes, like that! Yes, Yes! Right there. Oh Shit, Oh God, I'm coming. Fuck my pussy! Yes! Yes!" She screamed out her pleasure. I hoped the neighbors could not hear her. I was thankful for solid English walls.

Sue continued to cry out her pleasure. Moments later Betsy and I joined her as the wonderful leather ridge pressed just right on our clitties and we climaxed along with Sue. I slipped the dildo out of Sue's lovely back passage, and Betsy slid the other one out. We lay panting from our exertions and climaxes. Sue shot to a sitting position. I had never heard her swear until tonight. " Oh God! Oh shit, what did you two do to me? You fucked the shit out of me, Betsy! What is this 'spot' you told her to hit, Diana? I almost came apart. It felt as good as someone sucking my clit like it had never been sucked before."

Betsy and I told her that Daisy had discovered it while her well endowed beau had fucked her. She had found that it felt good for Betsy when she had pressed against it while finger fucking her friend. I told her that it had certainly felt good when they had done that to me. We did not know if every woman had a spot there that was so sensitive and elicited such pleasure.

"I never heard of it." Sue admitted. "You certainly hit a responsive cord in me. I will have to certainly tell my friends about this. This is too good to keep to oneself."

"One more thing about it. When I fingered Betsy like that, she gushes out her love juices. The first time she did it in my bed, she was so embarrassed. She wet the sheets." I said looking over at Betsy.

"I was mortified. We were on her lovely satin sheets and I thought I had peed on them. Diana tells me that it is not pee, but my cunny juice. She should know, she has licked and sucked it so many times." She said playfully jibing me for telling on her.

"True." I said. "It is salty and slightly viscous like her pussy juice. It just gushes out of her sweet pussy. I love the taste of it." I laughed and pointed a finger at Betsy. "Would you like to try it?" I asked Sue. "Of course with Betsy's approval!"

"Only if I don't have to clean the sheets!" Betsy laughed.

"We'll use a towel, so the maid won't have something to talk about." I said.

"I'd love to try it." Sue said pulling Betsy to her. "She has a delicious pussy. I love to lick and suck her sweet juices."

I went into the bathroom and came back with a large soft bath towel and placed it on the bed. Betsy moved over it and lay back and spread her lovely thighs. I moved beside her and kissed her lips and caressed her beautiful breasts. Sue slid down and began to kiss and lick her thighs, teasing her. We soon had her squirming wanting Sue's talented lips on her pussy.

Sue kissed her pussy till she was moaning. "Oh please slip two of your fingers up inside me. Finger fuck me. Oh, yes, slide them in deep. Yes. Now curl them and feel just behind my pubic bone. A little higher, now to the right. There! There! Can you feel it? It feels like a tiny pad in Daisy and Diana. Yes, that's it. Now rub it around with your fingers. Yes! That feels so wonderful. Now my clitty, suck it and make your tongue lick it. Oh, yes. Rub that spot." She cried out.

I moved down and pushed Sue's head downward and took over licking and sucking Betsy's sweet clitty. I wanted Sue to watch Betsy's pussy as it gushed out its love juices. Betsy cried out as she climaxed moments later, and I redoubled my efforts on her swollen clitty. I moved my head slightly so I could see, never letting my lips and tongue leave Betsy's clitty for a second.

Sue's face was inches from Betsy's core, two fingers inside her, moving rapidly. Then it came, her clear pussy juice gushed out and hit Sue's chin. She moved her mouth and her tongue shot out to catch the next spurt of juices. She then placed her mouth over Betsy's pussy and drove her tongue into the gushing opening. Her fingers continued to move inside Betsy. We brought her to several climaxes that seemed almost to be one continuous climax. Betsy pushed at Sue's and my heads when she could take no more.

We moved up to her and kissed her softly. I leaned over to Sue and licked her wet face. I tasted Betsy's sweet pussy juices on her beaming face. She looked down at Betsy and kissed her again.

"You two were right. It was not urine. It definitely was pussy juices. I should know, I have tasted quite a few, but yours, Dear Love, is the most copious I have ever encountered. You were right, Diana, it does gush out, and you were correct to place a towel beneath her."

She kissed Betsy again. "And I might say very tasty pussy juice too, you beautiful woman. How can I keep my hands and lips off of you at the office? I shall want to taste your sweet pussy every hour on the hour, and in between also. Incredible!" She said throwing her hands up and her beautiful head back dramatically. Betsy and I dissolved into laughter. Sue joined us. We rolled together on the bed like school girls. We had another glass of wine toasting our erotic friendship. We helped Sue dress and she left after washing up quickly, saying. "I love your scent, but I do not want to advertise the wonders of your sweet pussy, my lovely Betsy." She left us spent and happy.

Betsy continued to soak up the banking language and principals like a thirsty sponge. Sue was continually complimenting her to me, and to her husband. I helped her by giving her advise that I learned in my courses. Her questions always showed that she knew the underlying principals of finance.

She asked my advise on investments of her money. She still was my personal maid, and seamstress, and I paid her every week. She put a large portion into her bank account, as the flat and its expenses, and our food were paid by me.

Sue engaged her to sew for her as well. This gave her entrance to Sue's house and bedroom. She fitted Sue for dresses, and no one was the wiser if they dallied in bed from time to time. They were most discrete. Sue paid her handsomely for the beautiful gowns Betsy sewed for her.

Sue invited me over to see the new dresses. Betsy, of course, knew how to design, and execute the gowns, and on Sue's splendid body they, and she were nothing short of spectacular. Her husband was enthralled by the results, as were her many friends. Betsy had to turn down other sewing jobs.

Sue continued to come to our flat to make love with one, or both of us. She was a gracious woman, and we came to love her dearly.

We contacted Jeanne to send three sets of the dildos to us. She wrote asked to come to see us, and bring them with her. We were delighted. We told her that there was a different version of the harness that we knew she would find most satisfying.

We asked Sue if she minded if Jeanne came at the same time she would be at our flat. She said she had no objection. She would like to meet her first before she agreed to let Jeanne join the three of us in bed. Betsy and I agreed that was wise.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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