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My Very Personal Maid Part VI
by Tawny T

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We quickly agreed that it sounded like fun.

"And what shall be the penalties, or rewards?" I asked.

"If she guesses wrong, then she looses her place, If she guesses right, then that woman has to bring her to a climax with her mouth. Does that sound fair?" Jeanne asked looking around.

We all agreed on the rules. I went to the pantry and found a broom. I pulled four straws and made one shorter. I mixed them up behind my back and the others each drew one. I wound up with the short straw. There were good-natured calls of foul, but I was chosen to go first. Betsy got a silk scarf and tied it around my eyes. I lay on the bed and she tied another around my hands then to the top of the bed.

I had never been bound, and blindfolded, and it felt strange. I of course, trusted all present and relaxed. Hands moved over my body, I felt breasts slide over my flesh. Then the bed shifted and I felt soft wet flesh press lightly against my mouth. I slid my tongue out, and into the center. The wonderful odor of an aroused pussy filled my nostrils. I licked my tongue up and down. Who was it?

The wet flesh moved up and down my lips. I sniffed and ran my tongue out and contacted a firm small anal ring. I heard a soft gasp. I moved my head upward and found a large firm clitty at the top of the pussy. I sucked it gently then flicked it with my tongue. The owner gasped. "It's Jeanne!" I said against her tender flesh.

"You are right. How could you tell?" Sue asked as she slipped the blindfold from my eyes.

"By her delicious pussy, and her tight little anus. . No, you all have delicious pussies, by her large clitty." I told the smiling faces around me. Again the playful cries of 'foul'.

"No" said Sue. "We let her have too much leeway. But she wins. "Jeanne has to bring you to a climax.

"Untie my hands," I said. "No, you cheated a little. You have to stay tied, and we'll blindfold you again. This will make it much more interesting I think you will see." Jeanne said smiling up from between my thighs. The blindfold was applied over my eyes again. I good-naturedly lay back expectant.

What I did not know until later was that Jeanne motioned Sue and Betsy to kiss and caress me at the same time. I sighed as Jeanne's soft lips kissed my inner thighs. A moment later two pairs of soft knowing lips took a nipple and began to suck and tongue. Six hands moved over my body. The feeling was wonderful. From time to time a pair of lips left my now aching breasts and kissed my lips, and a tongue probed in my mouth.

Jeanne's talented lips and tongue were paying homage to my pussy, and two fingers slipped inside me rotating. A moment later I felt a soft probing at my anus, and one of the smaller dildos, well lubricated, slid in my back passage.

The sensation of being bound and blindfolded and not being able to tell what was being done, or who was doing what to my body, was wonderful. Each sensation was new and unexpected. My breasts were being kissed, and kneaded by two pair of hands. Three pair of lips, and three tongues were moving over, and into my body. I cannot describe the sensations that they produced. It was erotically unique and very wonderful.

I thrust my hips upward, and my body bowed as I began to climax. The three women quickened their caresses and kisses, while the dildo slid sensually faster into my back passage. Jeanne's lips and tongue assaulted my swollen and sensitive clitty. Her fingers inside me moved slightly, and found my magic spot and rubbed. I exploded, my cries of joy and passion resounded in the room.

The sensations from three women was so exciting, that I came again and again, unable to stop. Finally I cried out and fell back still, and knew nothing, as I had fainted from the exotic feelings that overloaded my senses. I came to several minutes later to find Sue bathing my face with a cold wash cloth. All three were close, concern on their faces.

"Ohh", I moaned. "That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I thought I had died and gone to heaven."

"Heaven had nothing to do with that my Cheri!" Jeanne laughed. We all joined her.

"Jeanne is next." Betsy said. Jeanne lay back and took the scarf and tied it over her eyes. Sue tied her hands together and to the head of the bed. I caressed her along with Sue and Betsy till my quivering body regained it's strength. We enjoyed teasing her. We rubbed our breasts across her face and lips.

With signals we indicated for Betsy to move over her head, and lower her sweet pussy onto Jeanne's mouth. She placed her pussy against Jeanne's lips but we would not let her move her mouth. She slipped her tongue up inside Betsy and Betsy lowered her body slightly. Jeanne sucked her core and sucked her lips.

"It is the delightful, and very tasty, as you English say - 'wench' known as Betsy." Jeanne announced turning her head slightly. We untied her.

Before we could ask she said, "She tastes delightful, but her beautiful black pussy hair is not of the same texture as you other beautiful blonde ladies. I have noticed that each time I buried my face between her soft thighs and feasted on her pussy. We French are connoisseurs of such things. Each of you three lovely ladies has a very distinct flavor and smell. I can tell you in a moment." Jeanne boasted.

"I do not believe it, you lovely French beauty. I challenge you." Sue said with a false haughty look. "Blindfold her again. This time we three will each slide a finger into a pussy and Jeanne will have to smell and lick our fingers to tell who's pussy they have been in." Jeanne accepted the challenge.

We agreed, but decided that we would first have to wash our hands well, for our fingers had been in every one's pussies, including, in some cases, our own. We quickly washed our hands and came back in the room. Sue and I slid a finger into each other. Betsy slid her finger into her own pussy. We went to the bed where Jeanne lay still tied to the bed.

With out a word I moved over her and ran my finger under her nose. "Yes, now slip your finger into my mouth." I complied. She sucked it and I felt her tongue slide up and down it. "It is the beautiful and very wonderful Sue's pussy, this finger has been in." She was correct but we did not acknowledge it.

Betsy moved to her and she repeated the experiment. "Ah, the delightful and beautiful Diana with the sweet flavored pussy." She correctly called.

Sue reached down and slid her finger into her own pussy. She moved it to Jeanne. Jeanne took it into her mouth and laughed. "You English have no honor. I am helpless, a prisoner, and you try to trick me. This is the beautiful and toothsome Sue's love juices again. Now be fair, where is Betsy's delightful pussy juices?"

Betsy moved close and put her finger under Jeanne's nose, then into her mouth. "Yes, the petite beauty Betsy, with the full rounded breasts, and sweet pussy that flows with nectar." Jeanne said licking her lips. We dissolved into laughter and untied her.

"We French do have a discerning palate. Though it is not usually tested in such an exotic manner. Though I do find this contest a joy to engage in. I shall have to try it at home." Jeanne said pulling us to her and kissing us.

"Jeanne won the contest fair and square. Now we three have the odious duty to make love to her." Betsy said laughing .

Sue and I agreed. "I volunteer the unwanted duty of kissing her delicious pussy. You two wenches will have all the fun of kissing her breasts and lips." Sue said as she slipped down to spread Jeanne's lovely thighs. We put the blindfold around he head, but this time did not bind her hands.

Betsy and I kissed her lips and sucked her firm breasts, while our hands stroked and kneaded her breasts. Her nipples came erect as we sucked them, and we could feel her breasts swell under our hands. Sue skillfully sucked and tongued her sweet pussy. She slid a slender dildo into her back passage and we three had her writhing and moaning, as we made love to her sensuous body. Her cries of passion echoed in the room as we redoubled our efforts to give her the maximum amount of pleasure. She came at least three times before she cried 'enough.'

I brought some more champagne in, and we drank while Jeanne recovered from her intense lovemaking session. Sue was next to receive the attentions of three women. Betsy elected to attend to her sweet pussy. Jeanne and I kissed her erotic breasts. We kissed her lips, and from time to time kissed each other. Betsy's flicking, vibrating tongue, and a dildo inserted into her tight nether hole quickly had her on fire. Her beautiful body writhed and bucked as we brought her to a number of violent, and I'm sure, completely satisfying orgasms.

Betsy was next, and I elected to move down to her delicious and thoroughly wet pussy. Her clitty was swollen and firm. Jeanne and Sue quickly had her beautiful round breasts swollen, and the nipples firm and erect. She found the experience of being bound and blindfolded as erotic as I had.

We three make love to her already excited body, and I slid the dildo in and out of her lovely back passage while I sucked her swollen clitty, and finger fucked her. I pressed against her sensitive spot at the end, and as she came, was rewarded by her abundant pussy juices which I caught in my eager sucking mouth.

Her sexual appetite was almost insatiable. We three brought her to what must have been at least five straining and sobbing climaxes, before she had enough. When she had regained her composure and strength, we all decided that the experience of having three women making love to us was a truly spectacular success.

I brought out another bottle of iced champagne, and we celebrated our love feast with a toast to women in general, and in particular to those present.

"Sue, you have seven women in your group of women friends, have you ever had them all make love to you at the same time.?" I asked.

"Yes, the 'initiation' of a new member is for her to be made love by all present. We also do it when one has a birthday. It is wonderful feeling to have six women make love to you at the same time. The addition of three more lips and six more hands does not add all that much more sensation to the pleasure you receive though. There is a point where your body is inundated by too many sensations at once. The feeling should be experienced though, at lease once in your life." Sue told us. "Jeanne, have you experienced this?" She asked our lovely visitor.

"Not by six women. Only four women, and only once. I was also on the receiving end of three men and two women." She said. We begged her to tell us what happened.

"My husband and I were in Monaco visiting a friend and his wife. They and another couple, friends of theirs, went with us to the casino. I won ten thousand franks at the roulette wheel. We went back to their beautiful villa to celebrate. The wine flowed freely, and we wound up in their garden pond, all swimming in the nude. They thought it only fitting for me to be made love to by all there. My husband and I both agreed.

"We went into their bedroom which had a huge bed, and mirrored walls. I became the center piece. The men decided who should have my pussy, my backside and my breasts. Since I had won all the money it was decided that I should not have to 'work' by sucking one of the men off.

"I lay atop one gentleman who entered my backside. My pussy was entered by the well endowed host which the two women had licked and sucked till I was more than ready for him. My husband slid his large cock between my breasts. "The two women kissed my lips and breasts and held them tightly against his thrusting cock. It was a most enjoyable experience which I enjoyed immensely. The feeling of having both of my bodily cavities filled with hard cocks was wonderful. Having the women kissing me and my breasts added to the thrill.

"After I had climaxed several times, and the men had 'cum' inside and outside me, they fucked the ladies to several climaxes also. It was a spectacular evening." Jeanne said finishing her story.

"I take it your husband is not the jealous type?" Sue asked.

"Oh, no. We have an agreement. We both may take our pleasure where, and with whom we wish. The only stipulation is discretion, and of course with people who will not end up giving us socially unacceptable diseases. We are by no means given to bedding just anyone.

"We have a very good sex life, but if we meet a person who attracts us we feel free to take pleasure with, in my case him or her. I tend to go usually with the ladies. I have had very few liaisons with men. There is no jealousy, and we usually discuss our encounters freely, and in detail. We find it adds spice to our lovemaking.

"I am sure that my telling of this trip and my many delightful lovemaking sessions with you lovely ladies, will be a topic for quite a while. I like to give him bits and pieces to enhance our lovemaking. I just hope the dear love can stand all the strain of these delightful encounters being told in great detail! I am sure in my absence he will have several encounters to tell me." Jeanne said laughing.

We all thought it wonderful that the two had no jealousy toward each other in their rather 'unconventional' marital relationship, according to our staid English mores.

We finished our evening of intense lovemaking by one last encounter. We formed the "daisy chain" and all had one last totally satisfying climax together. Sue slipped into the bathroom and quickly washed her body so as not to cause her husband to suspect that our evening had been anything but innocent. We all kissed her goodnight, and discretely watched her coach depart. She promised to come for us the early next afternoon, and we would ride into the countryside.

We three agreed that the night had been one of total delight. We had one last glass of wine and slipped together into bed gloriously nude, totally spent, very inebriated, and very happy.

Sunday morning we slept late, then crowded into the shower and washed each other thoroughly. We all playfully shied away from trying to arouse each other, though soft fingers still soaped our friends intimate anatomy. We had all had a great deal of sex the evening before.

Jeanne cooked us a delightful and delicious French breakfast. There was much hilarity as we relived the previous day and evenings, erotic happenings. We all laughed as we recounting Sue's husbands attentions to Jeanne, and the drowning of his hardening cock by the iced lemonade.

Sue arrived shortly after noon. We had dressed casually. The coach carried us into the lovely countryside. The day was warm and there was a gentle breeze, cottony clouds floated in the blue English sky.

"Jeanne, you really set my husband on fire. He could not keep his hands off of me when I arrived home, even though it was well after midnight. I would have none of it. I told him he had made a total ass of himself over you at luncheon, and shamed himself in front of the servants. I made him sleep in the guest bedroom." We applauded her action.

We rode deeper into the countryside. The rolling hills were green and beautiful. Sue was taking us to their farm, and summer cottage near the River Cam. There were a few servants, but Sue assured us that they would not be there, as they always had Sundays off except for the ones who fed the cattle twice a day, and they would not be back until early evening.

Her staff had made a picnic luncheon for us. The coachman unloaded three baskets and Sue dismissed him until later in the afternoon. We took the three baskets and followed her down a well trod lane toward the river. We were like children let out from school. We sang and laughed and told ribald stories. Under a spreading tree, on a knoll overlooking the river, we spread a blanket and cloth, and laid out the picnic luncheon. The staff had included wine, cheeses, meats, bread and fruit.

We watched an occasional boat or barge slip by headed out to sea. Cambridge had once been a substantial port, but the coming of the railroad had cut into its seaport status. After we had finished Sue led us to a secluded brook that was off the river and hidden by willow trees. We waded into the water and Jeanne was the first to shed her clothes. We all followed suit and the trees hid us from prying eyes. We reveled in the seclusion and swam in a large pool of clear cool water.. We decided not to make love here as someone might happen by. It lifted all our spirits to break the taboos and swim naked in the beautiful brook. We lay on the sand drying afterward.

We went back to the farm, and Sue showed us around the well kept barns and buildings. We took a scenic winding route back to our flat where Sue dismissed the coachman until later that evening.

We went inside and rested for a while from our journey. We talked, and after a time drifted into the bedroom. Clothes disappeared, and today the lovemaking was slow and leisurely. We left the dildos in their case, and just kissed and caressed, using tongues and fingers. I enjoyed making love to Jeanne again. Sue and Betsy made slow and unhurried love beside us. There was none of the passionate group lovemaking of the previous evening.

Much later we dressed, had a light meal and took a walk before darkness set in. Returning, we talked for a long while, till Sue had to return home. She invited Jeanne and Betsy to come to her home the next day and visit with her, and they would go shopping.. I had classes so I was unable to join them, much as I would wish to.

Jeanne stayed two more days. The final evening we went to dinner, then came back to gentle lovemaking. Sue and Betsy took Jeanne to the train station the following day and saw her off. Sue promised to go to Paris to visit her, without her husband. One lady visiting another. Betsy said all three shed tears at the parting, and they all promised to write.

This was three years ago. I have since graduated with highest honors from the University. Sue's husband invited me to join his company but I declined. Auntie is now much older than the three years time that has elapsed, as it has taken its toll on her fail body. I now administer the estate. I am the sole heir to her estate, and have been instigating ways to hold the estate together. The land is valuable, but we shall not sell off the estate piecemeal.

I have modernized the production of many things on the estate, and we now raise prime Angus beef cattle for sale. Production is up, and every year brings in more profits. Some of the "gentlemen" landholders frowned on a woman running the estate. Women should certainly not be in the unseemly business of breeding cattle, according to them. In the last year, many have come to me for advice on improving their own estates. Others have gone bankrupt, too proud to ask help from a woman whose estate is the example of stellar management techniques.

Betsy still works for me. She is now the head of the household staff. Her investments have paid off handsomely, and she works for me out of loyalty and love. She is a shrewd business woman in her own right, and quite well off financially. Woe to any trades person who tries to shortchange her in household goods, or services. She is strict, but very kind to the household staff, and they all adore her. Her skills as a superb seamstress are still used sparingly by me and several of my friends. She could easily leave me, open her own seamstress business, and make double what I pay her, but she refuses.

Daisy is married, and is now the mother of two sets of twins, beautiful children, two boys, and two girls. Her strong handsome husband, the farrier, is a hardworking man who's services I use when ever I can. They live in a cottage on the estate, and I let them have the house at no cost, as she is still an employee of the estate. Daisy still takes care of Auntie and we could not do with out her.

Betsy and I are still careful, discrete lovers. We live in one wing of the large house, in separate, but connecting rooms, so there is no fear of discovery of our amorous escapades. Daisy joins us at infrequent times. Her body is lush, more exotic, if possible. Her childbearing has added new eroticism to her beautiful breasts. They are larger and beautifully low slung now, the nipples longer and larger, her areolas even larger and more beautiful. Her stomach still is softly rounded, and her pussy as sweet, and abundantly juicy as ever. Her husband still does not know of her Sapphitic side.

Sue invited me into her intimate group of lovely women. I attend their lovemaking sessions whenever I am able to get away. They are a delightful group of loving women, all well schooled in the art of Sappho. My initiation, of having them all make love to me at the same time, was a hallmark event in my erotic love life.

Sue, Betsy, Jeanne and I are still frequent visitors to each other. I do not get to Paris as much as I would like, but Jeanne visits Sue from time to time, and Betsy and I always make time to see, and make love to her. She is as delightful and irrepressible as always.

So you have the saga of a chance erotic encounter between the English Maid, and the English Mistress, that turns into a long association of a different nature. What prompted me to ask Daisy to remove her clothing that night, has never been clear to me. Perhaps it was the hormonal levels in my body at the time. Perhaps a lusty whim.

Daisy was more than willing to make love to me that eventful knight. She was also very willing to bring her female lover into the fold. If she had rebuffed me that erotic evening, I might have never known the sexual joys of female companions, and enjoyed the love of these wonderful women I now call friends and lovers.

The End


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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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