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My Visit to Dad Pt. III
by TopGun115

After my evening with dad and his three buddies it seemed my visiting dad was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Dad was now ok with our situation and would now touch and play with my body whenever he felt the urge - likewise I did the same to him, we slept together every night, often resulting in great sex.

Midweek dad got a call from Stan, he had seen his niece and according to him after he gave her brief details of what we got up to the previous Saturday she was very keen to join us at our next get together we had planned for this weekend, he said she would be phoning me, when dad told me I confessed to him that another of my fantasies would soon become a reality, "What's that then Jessie?" dad asked.

I told him having sex with another woman was something that had always appealed to me - "I bet you guys would get turned on seeing two women fucking each other dad!" I laughed, "What about you dad? You must have some fantasies that you would like to see happen?" "I don't know Jessie, I've never really thought too much about things like that" he replied. "You must have dad!" I went on. "Well, sometimes I've dreamed of fucking someone young, a girl wearing a school uniform or something like that!" he said, "Really! Wow, you should have told me! I would have never guessed something like that would turn you on dad!" I told him, "C'mon, what else? You can't stop now" "That's about it Jessie, seeing you dressed in sexy clothes is another thing that I like a lot, you've probably realised that though already!" he said. "I know what we can do dad, lets go into town, we can visit that sex shop I told you about, you can buy me a present - something sexy to wear for you", Dad wasn't that keen, he said he was too old to visit 'places like that' but I easily persuaded him. When we arrived in town I told dad to have a beer and wait for me, "I've just got to do something" I told him, "I won't be long" I said, there was a used clothing shop I had seen earlier and I wanted to see if they had a school clothing section, they did and telling the assistant what I wanted I managed to buy a skirt, blazer and blouse, the full outfit - my surprise for dad!

I had a beer with dad and we went to the sex shop, there were a few other customers in there - all men, looking at the clothes on display dad picked out for me a white, short fishnet type dress, white peephole bra and open crotch panties, white fishnet stockings. Thinking of what might happen on Saturday I bought a very long double ended dildo, we browsed through the video tapes, I was surprised to see one titled 'Family Affairs' reading the text it was about 'incest' we added it and a couple more to our purchases, leaving dad browsing through the mags and tapes I started to chat to the guy who owned the place, "So, where's the best place in town for swinging?" I asked, he said there was nowhere really, he said he knew of a few people who held parties, "What are you interested in?" he asked, I told him I would have liked to visit an adult cinema, "I could help you out there" he replied, he knew of a place that showed 'XXX' rated films, he said it wasn't very big but scribbled down the address, just show them this and tell them Andy sent you. When we got home dad was like a school boy, "You going to try on you presents Jessie?" he beamed, "Oh there is plenty of time for that dad, lets wait till tonight after dinner - I've got a few things to do this afternoon dad, why don't you go fishing, you might catch our dinner if you're lucky" I laughed.

Dad got his gear and left, I wanted to try on my uniform I bought, I went upstairs to my room, stripped and put it on, the skirt fitted but was too long - no problem I thought, I'll take it up this afternoon, the blouse was a bit tight, the buttons strained as my tits pushed out, I undid the top three, that was a little better and I showed a nice cleavage, the Jacket again was a bit tight, I put on a pair of white sports socks and a pair of black low heeled shoes, looking in the full length mirror I was transformed back to my school days. Later dad returned, no luck with the fishing so I prepared an early dinner, "What have you been up to this afternoon Jessie?" dad inquired, "Oh not much dad, just sorting a few things out" I told him, after dinner I told Dad I was going to take a bath, "Are you going to model your new dress for me tonight Jessie" dad asked, "We'll see dad, it depends" I teased.

Again while bathing I shaved my pussy smooth, then I fixed my hair in bunches, this had the desired affect of making me look that bit younger, then after getting dressed in the clothes dad had bought for me I went down to dad, "Fucking Hell Jessie! If that isn't the sexiest thing I've seen!" dad exclaimed, my hard nipples poked through the peephole bra which in turn jutted out through the open net material of my dress, I must admit I did look sexy, I twirled and posed for him then raising one foot onto a coffee table I let him see my pussy as the open crotch panties gaped open, teasingly I wet a finger and rubbed it over my pussy lips, I tweaked a nipple at the same time, "You know dad, whenever I wear this outfit in future I'll always think of you, I'm sure Tony will appreciate it as much as you do!" I told him, "I tell you what Jessie, things are going to seem dull around here after you leave, are you sure you want to go? You could always stay here with me you know!" "I promise I won't stay away for so long in future dad, you know that I love you - you could always come and visit me you know - anytime!"

Dad stood and came over to me, we kissed, he fondled my tits and played with my pussy for a while, "Fix me a drink dad, I won't be long" I told him, I went upstairs and took off the dress and stockings, I left on the bra and panties, I put on the uniform, my nipples jutted out through the thin blouse, before going down I tweaked them, making them harder still. Dad was sat in his chair, "Daddy" I called out in a childlike tone, "Daddy, will you help me with my homework?" I asked, dad turned around, he took in the way I was dressed, "Does Daddy like my uniform?" I asked, walking over to him and sitting on his lap, "Oh Jessie, you did this for me? Thank you Jessie!" I put my arm around his neck, my jutting out nipples inches away from his face, "Oh daddy, what's that I'm sitting on, it feels very hard!" I said, continuing acting in my naive, childlike manner, I could feel his dick growing big, I stood up and reached out and took hold of it, "Oh daddy, your thing is very big! Why has it done that daddy?" Getting in to his role dad said, "It's because you look so nice honey, daddy likes it when he sees you dressed like this" Do you think I look pretty daddy, "Oh yes Jessie, daddy thinks you look very pretty and very sexy, do you want to make daddy happy honey?" Yes daddy, what can I do? Tell me how I can make you happy!"

"Well honey, first you can take off your jacket and blouse, will you do that for daddy?" I stood up and slowly did as he asked, "Now honey, take off your skirt and sit on daddy's lap" he instructed, as I sat I again draped my arm around his neck and we kissed deeply, his hand cupped my tits over my bra, he pinched and tweaked my hard nipples that poked out, then lowered his head and sucked on them, "Oooh daddy, that feels nice" I told him, his hand stroked my naked thigh, higher and higher till he reached my panties, his thumb rubbed along my exposed, smooth pussy lips, I was very wet and it easily slipped into my cunt making me moan out loudly, Oh daddy! Don't stop, it feels so good, do it deeper, put it in deeper!" I panted.

After a few minutes of sucking on my nipples and fingering my cunt dad stopped, "Do you want to do something that daddy loves Jessie?" he asked, "Anything daddy, just tell me what to do!" I told him, dad made me get off his lap, he stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes, his dick stood out hard and big, I reached out and took it in my hands, I stroked it softly and gently, dad put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down until I was kneeling in front of him, I looked up at him, still wanking his dick, "Put it in your mouth Jessie, Kiss and lick and suck on daddy's prick" he asked, I did as he said though acted like this was my first time, before long I had his dick buried into my mouth, he was fucking my throat deeply, he held my head as he lunged forward with his hips, I couldn't speak, only moan as he fucked my mouth, I sucked deeply as I felt his dick throb and twitch, "Suck it honey, I'm cumming!" he said, his spunk shot out, hitting the back of my mouth as I continued to suck and swallow, "Yes Jessie, don't stop!" he said.

I carried on sucking until his dick started to soften, "Did I do all right daddy, was I a good girl for you?" I innocently asked, dad lifted me up and kissed me deeply, "You did great Jessie, daddy loves you so much" he said, we sat together, cuddling and fondling each other till dad was hard again, "Do you want daddy to fuck you Jessie?" he asked, "Oh yes please daddy, I would like that" I told him, he told me to lye on the floor, I did as he instructed and opened my legs wide, he lay between my legs and started to lick, suck and finger my cunt and ass hole through the slit in my panties, his hand went up to squeeze on my tits and tweak my nipples as they poked out of my bra, "Fuck me daddy, I want to feel your dick inside me - deep inside me!"

I cried out, dad rubbed his dick around my pussy, coating it in the juices that were running out of my cunt, then he slid it in, bit by bit until it was deep inside my cunt, I locked my legs around him, pulling him tight, trying to get every last bit in, then he pumped his dick into my cunt, fucking me deeply as I begged him to do, "Harder daddy! Fuck your little schoolgirl daughter hard!" I urged him on, later he pulled out and using his tongue and fingers he poked at my ass hole, "Do it daddy, stick your dick into my ass hole!" I told him, I cried out as he did what I asked, a pleasurable cry! "Oh fuck, that feels good daddy!" I told him, "Does daddy's dirty little girl like getting fucked in the ass?" he asked, "Oh yes daddy, Cum in my ass daddy! I want to feel your hot spunk shoot into my ass!" I told him. He fucked me for a long time - the longest he had lasted yet! Then - "I'm ready!" he said and with each lunge forward he spurted his cum inside my ass, three or four glorious spurts of hot spunk gushed into me, it felt so good, he lay on top of me till his dick plopped out, turning on to our sides we lay next to each other, hugging, kissing, touching, playing with each other.

"I'm so lucky having a daughter like you Jessie, thanks for getting that school uniform, it really looked good seeing you wearing it" he said, "So, tell me dad, when I was young, did you ever think about fucking me!" I asked, "No Jessie, never! I had a great sex life with your mom, but I must admit I sure as hell sometimes got a hard on when I saw some of your girl friends!" he laughed, "Yeah, really?" I said, it was getting late, we had been at it for hours and both of us went up to bed - unfortunately for me dad was too tired for any more sex, I lay there next to him, definitely before I left I had to get dad fixed up with a woman!

Next day I got a call from Jill - Stan's niece, she asked if we could meet up for a coffee, I told her I had to go into town and would meet her there. Jill was quite a stunner! Long black hair, dark eyes, very pretty, large tits and a great figure, over coffee she asked about my experience with the guys - was it true? I told her what had happened, she sat listening as I gave her a detailed account, she asked how I got into having sex with dad, again I told her how it started, "Fucking hell!" she exclaimed, "I wish I had been there, Stan said you've got something planned for this weekend, can I come!" "Oh I'm positive you'll come Jill - many times" I joked.

We got on really well, during our conversation Jill told me she was bi-sexual, "What about you Jessica? Have you ever made love with another female?" Jill asked, I told her I hadn't but had often fantasised about it! I suggested that on Saturday Jill should arrive early, that way we could both get ready together before the guys arrived, as we parted Jill kissed me on the cheek, "Until Saturday then Jessie" she said, "God I'm wet, I need a fuck!" she told me as we left.

On Friday dad asked me if I had anything planned for the day, "Not much dad, how about you?" I asked, "How about going for a drive? Maybe we could take a picnic" he suggested, I told him that sounded good and got some food and a bottle of wine, I went up and got changed, I put on a dress that buttoned down the front from neck to hem, I didn't bother with underwear, I left the top three buttons undone showing a nice cleavage, we got into the car and drove out into the country, as dad drove along I undid a couple more buttons, slipped a hand inside and played with my tits, dad rested his hand on my thigh and stroked it, working his way upwards as I opened my legs wider, his hand slipped under my dress and soon was playing with my wet pussy, we passed a few trucks, "Slow down dad, lets give this guy something to see!" I laughed, as dad passed slowly I undid the rest of my buttons, opening my dress I reclined my seat a little and played with my exposed tits as dad continued to finger me, we were neck and neck for a while which allowed the truck driver to get a good view of my naked body, he sounded his horn and gestured for us to pull over, there was a truck stop up ahead, "What shall I do Jessie" dad asked, "Drive on dad" I said, he's had enough excitement for today" I joked.

We found a nice spot for our picnic, we fooled around a bit, I told dad about my meeting with Jill, how sexy she looked, "Just think dad, two women to fuck as much as you want, sound good to you?" "I just wish I was twenty years younger," he laughed. We lay back in the sun and dozed, later we fooled around some more and drove home.

Jill turned up late Saturday afternoon, I introduced her to dad, if anything dad seemed a little nervous as he politely kissed her on the cheek, "Well dad, did I describe Jill accurately?" I asked, "Didn't I tell you how beautiful she was?" "You sure did Jessie"

I had prepared some snacks and had put out plenty of booze, "C'mon Jill, let's go upstairs and get ourselves looking sexy!" I said, taking her hand and leading her to my room, I told her I was going to take a shower, "Good idea Jessie, I think I'll join you" she said, we both stripped, Jill's tits were about the same size as mine but her nipples - wow, they were great, dark brown and very big, they jutted out, just right for sucking on I thought, her body was just about perfect, very firm looking, like me Jill shaved her pussy but kept a small triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her pussy, she saw the way I looked at her tits, "I think these are my best feature" she said, cupping her tits with her hands, pinching her nipples, making them even bigger, "What do you think Jessie?" I told her they looked great, we went into the shower, luckily it was big enough for us both, as the warm water ran over us Jill started to soap my back, then down my legs, turning towards her she lathered her hands and started to soap my tits, she paid attention to my own nipples which grew harder, her hand slid between my legs and rubbed over my smooth pussy.

"I really love your pussy Jessie, I can't wait to lick it!" Jill said, all this time I had just stood there taking in all that was happening to me, I had never experienced another woman touching me, it felt so fucking sexy! I began to wash Jill, before long we were both kissing as we caressed and fondled each other, getting out of the shower we towelled each other dry, then lying on the bed we resumed where we had left off from the shower, Jill was so soft, kissing, sucking on her tits, licking out her pussy - things I had never experienced before - so different from having sex with a man, so sensual! When she licked her tongue over my pussy lips and darted it into my cunt my body shook and convulsed with a huge orgasm. It was getting late, the guys were due in about 30 minutes, we started to get dressed, Jill had bought with her a very sexy outfit, her dress was slit from neckline to her navel, two thin straps barely covered her nipples, she put on a tiny pair of thong panties, stockings and suspenders, the dress was very short, as she paraded before me I saw her stocking tops - me, I put on the fishnet outfit dad bought for me, the peephole bra and crotch less panties, the fishnet stockings, Jill was in black, I was in white, we complimented each other, then hand in hand went down stairs. Stan had arrived and was sat talking to dad, he kissed us both.

I noticed the way dad looked at Jill, strange, but I felt a little jealous for a second, "Wow, don't you two look great!" he said, we had arranged the furniture so that we had two large sofas in the lounge, we sat and chatted till Frank and Billy arrived, they too kissed and hugged us both, again telling us how great we looked, as everyone got more familiar and more at ease the topic of conversation started to get more and more sexual, the TV was showing one of the videos we bought, the guys were making comments about the 'action' on the screen, I was sandwiched between Stan and Frank, Jill - likewise between Dad and Billy on the sofa, I noticed dad had his hand on Jill's thigh, I stood up, muted the TV and put on some music, "C'mon Jill, let's dance" I said, Jill got up and joined me on the floor, we danced closely, arms around each other, all the guys staring at us, Jill looked at me and whispered, "Let's give them something to see Jessie!" she kissed me, at the same time she cupped my tit and gently squeezed, my hand slid under the strap covering Jill's tit and I stroked her tit also, "Jesus Christ! Will you look at that - I've never seen two girls at it before for real!" Billy exclaimed, "It's giving me a hard on just watching" Frank replied, I looked across at dad, his dick was bulging in his pants, still looking at him I lowered my head and took Jill's nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, making Jill moan loudly, Jill pulled me up and slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders, it fell to the floor and I stepped out of it, I felt so sexy standing in front of the guys in my sexy underwear, then it was my turn, her dress easily slipped off, I heard the guys gasp as her tits were revealed to them, we both lay on the floor caressing each other, Kissing, fondling each others tits, then Jill moved on top of me in the 69 position offering her pussy to my waiting tongue and fingers.

I pulled her panties down and used my hands to open her pussy wide, I could see the guys shifting around, trying to get in positions in which they could watch our sex show, my tongue darted out and licked along and over Jill's wet pussy, I slipped a finger inside and as I licked her I fingered her cunt, Jill was giving me similar treatment, we moaned and groaned loudly as we gave each other oral sex! I felt Jill probing my ass hole with her finger and did the same to her, "Fucking hell! Will you look at that sweet pussy!" - "I can't wait to fuck her!" I heard, I patted Jill and slid out from under her, I reached out and got hold of the dildo I had bought, Jill lay back on the floor as I slowly slid the long rubbery dildo into her cunt, she cried out as I started to fuck her with it, then positioning myself I slid the other end into my own cunt, we both played with our tits and nipples as we enjoyed the sensation of fucking each other! I saw Frank drop his pants and start to wank on his dick as he watched us perform, the others quickly followed him and stripped off, Frank was the first to join us on the floor, he squeezed my tits and kissed me, I saw dad kneel at Jill's head, she reached out and took hold of his dick, then she took it into her mouth and started to suck on him, I felt the dildo slip out as someone started to lick out and finger my cunt.

Frank took hold of my head and pulled me towards his hard prick, I took it deep into my mouth, down my throat and gave him his blow job, he squeezed my tits hard, he pulled at my nipples as they poked out through the bra, I felt a dick probing at my cunt, I looked down and saw Billy as he entered me, I was so wet he slipped in easily and soon he was pumping his dick in deep and hard, I couldn't see much of Jill, I heard her moaning out loud, I heard her scream as - I presume, someone entered her, I was too busy with what was happening to me. After a while Frank pulled out of my mouth, his dick was replaced by Stan's, I saw dad fucking Jill now, she was on her hands and knees, dad was lunging into her deeply, she took Frank's dick into her mouth, Billy was still hammering away at my cunt as I lay on the floor, Stan had straddled my head, his dick fucked my throat deeply, his hairy balls slapped on my chin as he pumped deep and fast into my mouth.

The guys swapped around from time to time, they got us into different positions, a particular favourite of mine was when I lay on the floor with Jill squatting over my face which allowed me to lick out her juicy cunt as she was being fucked, I had a dick in my cunt fucking me hard, Jill was sucking on another! I had my ass fucked, I had two dicks inside my cunt together, I received one load of spunk into my cunt and swallowed another, I saw dad shooting his spunk over Jill's face, and then she sucked him dry, this carried on for what seemed like hours until one by one they started to tire. We stopped for a breather, a few drinks and a bit of fooling around, later we had another session of fucking, which went on till early morning. Jill spent the night with us and slept with dad, and me dad got hard again but was content with watching us make love. Next day before Jill left we arranged to see each other mid-week, just Jill, dad and me.

I sat and chatted to dad, I suggested a night out soon, just him and me - maybe a meal and a visit to a night club, "You never know dad, you might just meet someone special there" I said to him, and I intended to see that he did! I asked dad about Jill, what did he think of her? Did he enjoy last night? He told me that sexually it had been the best night of his life, "I've read about group sex Jessie, but I honestly never thought I would experience it!" I sat back in my chair, I had another two months left of my visit, I had done things here I had only before imagined and dreamed about, what would my life be like when I returned to my husband - Tony? I knew one thing for sure; I now could not return to a monogamous marriage, I just hoped Tony would see things my way!

To be, or not to be continued? That is the question...

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