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My Wife - Revisited
by Jon Ridge

11:20. Just after our third or fourth (I lose count) round of lovemaking over the last hour, and Jaid is going to be late, soon. She is an exotic dancer at Passions, on the East Side which is across town from us. Cheesy name, but the club is a huge draw, which can mainly be attributed to its nightly featured act ­ my wife.

Met her when we attended the same college. We stayed together; no clever backstory to tell, really. But, I like talking about her. Jaid's a complete knock-out. When she is dancing, but also in the way she carries herself: feminine, smart, confident. Fun to be around, good conversationalist. And, needless to say, there is the sex. My wife has always had a rather potent sexual appetite; she's like some kind of engine, revved up and ready for the next fuck before I've even caught my breath. She feeds off her own energy, taking our heat with her on stage, which is in turn fueled by the charge she gets from a crowd, and so most mornings she will come home as horny as when she left. It's tough keeping up, some times, but I do enjoy the challenge.

Hard to tell how a woman like her stays faithful, actually. And, I can't even be sure that she does: Jaid doesn't like me coming to shows. Too much pressure? Which I can certainly appreciate, but still. When I'm cooped up in our miniscule one-bedroom, and it's two in the morning and she's in that environment, my mind wonders. About fidelity. Not that I'm insecure, or maybe I am a little. I mean, sure, I may have one or two adequacy issues. It goes back to the old adage about being able to have anyone, so why settle; because Jaid could, and why does she. Or, does she? She's beautiful, desirable, almost too much for one man to ­ fuck it, I'm digressing.

I hear the shower cut off. The bathroom has become thick with steam, and then she emerges like a vision in a cloud of it, wearing a towel. This is when she looks her sexiest, no question: red hair damp, slicked back over her shoulders, away from her flawless face, high cheekbones, those inviting lips in full pout, beads of water and sweat that remain on her face and neck. She looks not unlike Lexus Locklear, if I had to make an actual comparison. Edible. I sit up in bed, and watch as she drops the towel and stands in front of the mirror, getting herself ready. Body spray; lipstick, eyeliner, the complete Revlon line.

She notices me staring, in the mirror. "What?" she asks, brushing her hair. Her ass is heart-shaped, perfect. Her figure is slender and curvaceous, 35-24-35, spine just barely visible in ripples of olive-complected skin.

"Just looking," I say, staring.

"Yeah, I noticed."

"Well, I hope you don't mind, because I can't seem to look away."

Finally, she swings around, still brushing. "So, this staring thing could last a while, is what you're saying?" She saunters in my direction. Drops the hairbrush. Moves onto the bed, on her knees, and inches her way forward, until she is just over my chest. My fingers dangle just at ankles. "How's the view, now?" Her voice is sultry and seductive, when she says this, trying I can only assume to get me going, again. I move my hands along her calves, and to her hips, and then run them down over her thighs; I'm going, again. She relaxes her ass onto my crotch, on top of the bed sheet, drapes her body over mine, and we kiss. Her tongue plunges into my mouth, and we lay french kissing. I'm unmercifully hard.

Jaid breaks the kiss, props up with her elbows to either side of my head, coursing her fingers through my hair.

"Got to go, hon," she says.

"No, don't. Call in well, take the night off. You've got me all aroused, here. "

"I know. And, that's a subject I mean to take up with you a little later on. Think you can hold out, for me?"

"I'll try."

"Yes. Try." she says, slinking her body downward, pulling the bed sheet with her, "real." she puts her hands on my waist, leans her head down and gives the head of my now fully erect cock a quick lick, "hard."

"Ohh..!" I groan, in disappointment, as she backs off the bed, and disappears into our walk-in closet. Tease. But then, what can I reasonably expect, at this point? We've already fucked a record ten times, tonight, including the aforementioned three or four times, and I'm not lying, And, she does have to work. And, my cock hurts, and probably wouldn't be able to take it, anyway, at least not for another few hours. So be it.

She returns to the room, fully dressed in stripjoint garb; tonight, it's red, studded leather bra and panties. She sits down on the floor, slipping on her stockings and zipper boots.

"What'cha doing on the floor?" I ask, sitting back up. My penis is sensitive, and it makes me cringe rubbing against the cloth of the sheet that covers it.

"Getting pretty," she answers, zipping up the second boot.

"Getting?" I ask. She stands up, hands on her hips.

"Hey, now, you keep sweet talking me like that, I'll have to pounce you, very soon."

"Lovely angel." I begin, somewhat flustering for a follow-up compliment, "temptress of mine, let me praise you, and." uhh, "stuff."

"Alright. That's it ­" she says, jumping onto the bed on top of me. "Roll me over and fuck me hard," she says, in a slightly mocking tone. So, I roll her over. She starts laughing.

"I'm kidding," she says. I wasn't. I raise up off her body, with a look of disappointment.

"Ahh, you poor thing. You can't possibly want more, already."

"You're one to speak," I say, self-referentially. Seriously, the woman never sleeps.

"Be nice," she says, grinning. She gives me another quick kiss, and pushes me away. "See you around 4, babe."


She turns before leaving, blows a kiss, and is off. I lay back, arm over my face. Hard-on receding. And, imagine Jaid with another woman. Imagine her still here; her mouth on my cock, that warm moist. Jaid and another woman and me. Basic cliché male fantasies. She'll do anything; has. I'm satisfied.

I get up, run a shower. The lukewarm jetstreams hit me, calm me. Take a deep breath, head hung low, water drenching my hair and spilling down over my face and backside. She slides the glass door open, steps inside with me. Gets under the water, pulls me closer until we both are sharing it. She kisses me, softly; just tender pecks. She covers my mouth with her own, finds my tongue with her tongue, water running in through the tiny corner where our mouths don't quite meet. She licks my lips, sucks my chin, kisses my throat. going down. her lips and tongue are on my chest. lower.she is on her knees, the tip of her tongue tickling my navel. her hands on my thighs, my hardening penis, and balls against her left cheek. she moves her hands around, squeezes my ass cheeks, moves her hands further down until she has my inner thighs, just under my anus, spreading my legs apart. she gives me eye contact from below, and gently moves her head closer, tongue to the base of my cock. she licks down, over my scrotum, sucking each ball one at a time. her tongue lingers there, a moment, before moving back up, along the underside of my cock, stopping at the engorged head, teasing the piss slit; I shudder. she smiles up at me, and then takes the cock in her mouth.

Stroking me, my hands in fists at my side, that urgent gimme-it expression on her face.

Shower off. I step out, dry myself. Back in the bedroom, put on some music; "Becoming X" by The Sneaker Pimps.

Put on a pair of boxer briefs, socks, t-shirt. Can't lay in bed, all night.

Mousse my hair, get it just so, at the mirror. I think part of me wants to go out; yes, subconsciously I am preparing to do so.

Open one of the drawers, take out the glass tray with the coke we were doing, earlier. I snort two lines, one with each nostril. Sniffle; making sure to get it all in there. Swallow; that bitter numb. Bump.

Wired, kind of, I get myself in clothes more appropriate for going out, and call a cab. We only have one car, which I take to Mullins Publishing where I work during the day, and then Jaid takes, where I'm going right now. I want us to move out of the apartment, which is big only enough so the two of you don't feel like you're bouncing off one another at all times; and plus, I mean, I'm at work till 6, and Jaid leaves shortly before midnight, usually, giving us, what, 5 hours and some for sex, or talking, or whatever. It's a good arrangement, don't get me wrong, but on my salary and her's ­ her's being slightly more than mine (her tip intake is unmatched) ­ we can afford more space.

The cab drops me at the corner of 5th and Somers. Was hoping for a line, so Jaid wouldn't notice my being here (?), but there's not one, so I'm able to shuffle in sans a wait. Get carded. Again. Fucker knows me, but. Whatever.

Inside, the music is loud and driving: "Bah Wit Da Bah", by Kid Rock, I believe. There are six mini-stages, with multi-colored lights for effect. Tables surround each one, and each of the stages and tables are occupied; men get lap dances, others are lined up to slip the performers a buck. It's 12:02, and Jaid has not yet made her appearance or else this place would still be reeling. The place is wall-to-wall tits - some big, some natural ­ more females undressed, than dressed. Wouldn't expect anything less.

Song ends. The veejay reminds patrons that all dancers can be available for a private (if you can call it that) Œsession' for only $20, and please welcome our featured act of the evening over on stage 4, Mistress Jaid. She got the name Jaid because of her eyes, and her private sessions are $40, and that might seem a bit steep, but get a dance and you will know where the money went.

Following her intro, Jaid comes out to a raise-the-roof uproar of applause and hooting. Even the women in the audience seem to be mystified by her. Her routine is lithe; she moves to the music ­ an in-your-face number, "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit, which has recently became her favorite accompanying track, because it's only about three minutes in length, which gives the guys and girls just a taste of what she's capable of, leaving the rest of her stint spent lap dancing ­ with grace and style. She has attitude to spare, and it's infectious for male and female audience members, alike. They love her. It's electrifying to watch, even I have to admit, even now, still today, when I've seen it a hundred times, both here and behind closed doors.

I try and walk to one of the tables in back, unnoticed. I'm not here for personal attention; I'll get that, later. I'm simply here to. not sure why, exactly. Check up on her? Keep an eye out, if there must be an answer. And, it's not a lack of trust on my part, you see, it's more of a voyeuristic thing. I guess. See what goes on when I'm not around. Selfish, yes, but I can't help it. Being here, knowing she doesn't want me here, is a turn on. I am intrigued, encouraged, to do that which I shouldn't. Seems a bit obsessive, possessive. So what.

She remains at the opposite end of the room, for the most part. I sit back, order a drink, smoke a cigarette. Get offers from the other girls, Danna, Vixen, Jenny; even a two-girl. I cordially decline them. People-watch. Am joined by another girl, Cora (perfectly attractive, but who here isn't), whom I've never seen and I think she may be a waitress, or something, who just wants to talk. Order us both tequila shots, myself a Jack and Coke as well. Smoke another cigarette. She informs me her shift ends in half an hour, if I'd like to go elsewhere for drinks, shoot a game of pool, continue our conversation which I have not been participating all that much in, or just whatever. Can't. Married, but otherwise, sure, why not. And, she's gone.

2:50 AM. Working on a pretty substantial buzz, but I cannot let it get out of control, so as to be ready for when my wife will surely want to fuck. If I'm passed out, beyond recovery, she'll be pissed; she gets that way. No problem. One more drink's not going to hurt, right?

3:30 AM. Where did the time go. Jaid starts for the dressing room area, and I have to duck under the table. Shit. I wait there a few moments, have to remind myself how stupid this is. I take a peek around, to find the coast clear.

The hallway leading to the individual dressing rooms is relatively empty, not too many people milling around. Some of the doors are open, including Jaid's, and so I keep a low profile. She is reclined in her chair, sweaty, gulping down a bottle of Evian. She's not alone. One of the other dancers, Lisa, is sitting on the counter next to the mirror in front of Jaid, back against the wall, legs crossed in lady-like fashion. They are talking, quietly, one or both of them will laugh every now and then. Jaid checks her watch, sits up in the chair. Lisa hops down, hands her a folded piece of paper, which Jaid slips into her bra. And, I remember I should hail a cab to get home before she does, but don't freak because I have a stand-by story that I was out at a bar, ready.

Not an issue. Catch a cab, head back, get home ahead of her. Shut the door (was it locked?. doesn't matter), and notice the headlights of our car pulling into the parking lot. I hurry to the bedroom, strip to my briefs, fake a sleep.

After a minute, Jaid walks in. I hear her remove her boots, for hushed mobility, and slowly walk over to the bed and sit behind me. She leans over, her hand on my shoulder, and presses her lips to my ear.

"Baby," she whispers. I pretend sleep.

Her tongue slips into my ear, she sucks my earlobe. "Hey sleepyhead," she persists. And, I roll over on my back. Fake stretch, genuine yawn. "What's up," she says.


"Did you go out?" she asks, obviously smelling the alcohol and smoke on my breath. I nod, wearily, still keeping up the charade.

"Meet anybody?" she asks, curious. I just give her a look; she should know better, even though she has always welcomed threesomes.

She gives me a displeased look, in return. "My night sucked, too. But." she pulls out the piece of paper from before. Opens it, shows me: a phone number. "Know that chick, Lisa, from the club?" She refers to women as chicks; I love that. "She wants to hook up. Tomorrow, before work, probably. So, don't be surprised if you get home and find a couple of babes in heat waiting for your ass, K?" She gives me a pointed slap on the chest, and makes a dash for the bathroom.

I stand in the doorway, watching her as she sits on the toilet.

"Don't make me blush," she demands. "Eyes, eyes." I look away. Notice something over by the television that I hadn't, before. "Be with you in a sec," she calls to me as I walk over to the t.v. set. Atop the vcr, atop the set, is a video jacket for a porno movie.

"Ok," Jaid announces, standing in the doorway, arms up against the frame. "Let's get naughty." I look back. "What's this?" indicating the box I've found. Jaid, sexual feline that she is, does not watch hardcore adult movies.

"A movie."

"Anything That Moves?" I read from the cover. She sits on the bed, leans back against the headboard. "I picked it up the other day."

"When?" I ask, now looking around for the actual tape. Push the door of the vcr open, and see it.

"The other day. Lunch. With Missy," she says, in an overtly sarcastic tone.

I sit down on the foot of the bed, aim the remote and play the video: a brunette, who bares a faint resemblance to Gina Gershon, is on her knees giving a man in a white button-down shirt and slacks a blowjob. She uses her hand and mouth on him, while he pumps forward to fuck her face with his cock.

"Hey," Jaid says, "shut that off." I'm glued to the screen; no chance. The action shifts: the woman stands up, with her back to the man, and she bends over, wiggling her ass into his crotch. His cock is in the crack of her ass, as she slowly works it up and down on him, massaging his growing member.

Jaid scoots up behind me, on the bed, and rests her chin on my shoulder. Her hand is rubbing my stomach. "Honey."

"Uh huh," my eyes stuck in the same spot: the woman is being fucked doggy style.

"Turn that off, and I'll give you something more interesting to look at," she says, and kisses the back of my neck. "Please.."

"Yeah, I will, I'm just ­" I look back at her, then the t.v. Then Jaid, again. "Why did you rent this?"

"Does it matter?"

"Not necessarily. You're just the last person in the world I'd expect to rent one."

"Oh, really, why? Men do it all the time."

"Of course. I'm not saying I wouldn't expect you to because you're a woman, and men have the right because they're men, but women don't, and that makes this some sort of battle of the sexes. This is new. For you."

"How do you know?"

"I know. Don't I?"

"It was an impulse, Michael. I was driving by, saw the store, and I stopped. Can we drop this, now?"

"Jaye, you don't have to get defensive. I'm not mad ­"

"Why would you be mad?" she asks.

"I wouldn't."

"Would you?"

"Would I, what?" I ask, flustered.

"Be upset with me."

"I. no." I'm starting to get confused as hell. "What ­ ever?"


"Not about this. That's what I'm saying. And, I'm sorry I even bothered asking you, now, but it's rare if ever that you watch porno. Or, so I thought." I stop the movie, drop the remote on the floor. There is tension between us I had not planned on; uncomfortable silence, on each others' nerves. I'm still ragingly horny.

Jaid moves up behind me, again, kisses my back. Her hands on my chest. "Sorry I snapped." I lift one of her hands to my mouth, kiss her palm. She holds the hand there, puts a finger to my lips and pushes half the finger in my mouth. I suck it, for her. She turns my head her direction, and kisses me full on the mouth, our tongues mingling wetly.

"Do you wanna watch that movie while I suck your cock," she says, in the absolute most arousing voice I've ever heard, which catches me off guard based on our previous almost-argument moments ago and the fact that she told me to turn the movie off. My dick springs to full mast, nevertheless. My breathing becomes heavier, eyes close. She kisses me again, urging her tongue deep inside my mouth, only to withdraw. "You do, don't you? Or, maybe you want me to ride you, for a while, instead. Huh..? Lay back. while I fuck my ass up and down on that big cock." She puts her tongue to my lips, brushes it in between, until I meet it with my tongue. I quickly face her with my whole body, position my legs under her legs. Her hand goes to the bulge in my shorts.

"Mmm. " she purrs, "fuck it. I want this dick." She grabs me, slams me on my back; strong girl. She takes my boxers by the waistband and yanks them down my legs, tosses them to the floor. She gets on me just so, her hands on my stomach. She drags her nails over my skin, and takes my aching cock with both hands; I'm not that large, only about seven inches, but Jaid is creative. She moves one hand down to my balls, leaving the other hand to grip shaft. She pulls back, a little, angling me closer to her lips, and licks the head. She wraps her lips around the plump head, lightly scratching my sac, and looks up at me. Our eyes connect. She opens her mouth, so I can watch as her tongue circles the head. Then, she closes her lips tightly over it, and starts stroking the shaft. I am throbbing, and she knows it, and pumps harder. Faster. I groan, and my hips buck.

"Don't hold back, baby. If you're too hot to last, let it go. I wanna fuck you for a lot longer than this." She keeps pumping on me, and then takes the whole of my erect penis into her mouth, nearly cramming it to the back of her throat. She bobs her head up and down, never letting my cock slip from the confines of her mouth, and I feel her tongue bathe my flesh along with the powerful suction. I am near.

"Gonna ­" is all I can manage.

"Come? Do it. Come in my mouth." My cock is by now fully lubricated with her saliva, making for easy stroking, and I feel her hand jerk me from base to head, over and over, while I listen to the sound of her sloppy pounding. My nutsac has constricted. I concentrate on all of it, and feel an imminent release on the horizon. My legs are shaking.

"Oh. god." I cry. I prop up on my elbows, and watch Jaid sucking and jerking and licking, and it's too much. I burst; cum shoots to the roof of her mouth. Her mouth is wide open, so I watch as my sperm, spurt after glorious spurt, hits its spot and drips down onto her outstretched tongue. She curls the tip of her tongue, and brings her jaws together, so as to trap most or all of everything I have to offer. Still, some leaks from the corner of her mouth, but she wipes it with her hand, swiftly. I end up jetting about two or three strong streams of cum into her mouth, followed by a couple weak ones, and stop. Jaid gives me a few more pumps, making sure it's all out, and then tilts her head back, mouth shut, letting the sperm collect in her throat. I can see the muscles of her throat contract, as she swallows. Her eyes are watering; that was a bit much.

"Mmm," she moans, and licks the spot of cum off the back of her hand.

"Sorry," I say, between irregular breaths.

"What for?"

"Not being able to hold out longer."

"Don't worry. We aren't done," she says, with a grin. She hurries into the bathroom, turns on the sink faucet, rinses her mouth. She returns to bed, and plants a deep, hard kiss over my mouth.

"You don't have to do that, baby," I tell her.

"What? Kiss you? Fine, then I'll stop."

"No ­ wash your mouth out. I don't mind the taste."

"No..?" she asks, subtly astonished. I shake my head. "No, I mean if you're going to swallow it, the least I can do is kiss you, afterward. It's not that bad."

"That is so sweet. When did I marry such a considerate man." We kiss, again. "What do you wanna do, now?"

"Don't know."

"Well, I have an idea. Since we're on this reciprocity kick, and all. Um. eat my pussy, for me?" How can I refuse. Jaid puts her back against the headboard, legs together, knees up. I assume the dining position, crouching over her, my knees to either side of her. I reach for her panties, but she grabs my hands. "Uh uh," she says, "teeth."

How can I refuse. I lick her in the area where thigh joins pelvis, lick over the red rose tattoo tucked just under the strap of her panties. I bite down on this strap, and use nothing but my teeth, as requested, to remove the garment. She spreads her legs, wide enough for me to fit my head. When I try and move in, she locks her knees to restrain any further progression.

"Gonna let me do my job, or not." She just looks at me and grins, bites her lip, playfully. She loosens the grip her knees have on my head, and I attempt to proceed forward, but she does it again. Giggling now, making me want it, making herself want it more. I force my way in, and reach her pussy, at last. I lick around the outskirts of her pubic hair; she is shaven, all except for two small streaks that run out to form a letter ŒV'. Her skin is smooth, no stubble; clean, and voluptuous, and tan as the rest of her. I lick around and around the pussy, never once touching it dead on. She is hot, needs this; I'm in control. I move my hands up her flat stomach, and rest on her D breasts. Her nipples stand out, perked, and I squeeze them very softly, and move my mouth to her stomach where my tongue dances in and around her navel. Her knees start to raise, under my arms, but I push them right back down, and make my descent. There is actual heat emanating from her cunt, and the moment my tongue touches her inner lips, she comes in a surge of pellucid ejaculate. It flies into my mouth in a wash of fluid, and I have to spit most of it out; you're not supposed to swallow the stuff. But, then I immediately go back to the source.

I begin by tantalizing her with temperate grazing; my tongue caresses her inner folds, just tasting. Her pussy is dripping, from the juices that I spit out that landed on her and also from being overly wet on her own. She tastes fucking phenomenal. Jaid loves the sensuality of eye contact, while both giving and receiving oral sex, so I give it to her. She is looking right at me, mouth kind of hanging open in expectation. "Blowing Up Your Mind" by Lords of Acid begins playing on the stereo, as I once again put my mouth over her cunt. I suck lightly at her inner folds, pulling, and then push my tongue inside. She is hot, juiced-up; my tongue probes her depths, and I lick up, out of her, then stab my tongue back in, and repeat. This makes her hips pivot, grinding her pussy against my chin and mouth. She fucks herself on my tongue, and I continue lapping ­ speeding up, going slower, speeding up, going slower ­ and her hips move faster, losing just a little control of her body, and she starts shaking some, and cries out, "fuck!". She pulls away from me, unintentionally. "Shit. Sorry, baby." I move back in for the kill, sucking, licking, nibbling at her vagina. "That's it, lick me," she commands. I continue eating her out. Find her clitoris, which has become swollen and hard. I flick it, delicately at first, then more rapidly, my tongue thrashing at it madly. I take it between my lips, hard, suck on the clit. "Use your fingers.." I bring Œround three fingers to help; two to splay her labia, one for insertion.

"Like this?" I ask, sliding my finger in and out of her opening.

"Harder.." she says, thru erratic breathing.

I push the finger inside, retract, push in, pull out. Picking up the pace, gradually. She moans, squirts again. Her liquid sprays out over my hand, rolling off my wrist. I finger-fuck her, putting another finger inside for added potency, and even more pussy juice leaks out. I grab her thighs, pulls her away from the headboard toward me, and return my mouth to her private flesh. "Goddamn, you're wet," I tell her. "All for you," she says, and I lash my tongue at her womanhood, suck her protuberant clitty, spread her legs open some more, lick down to her anus, tuck my tongue in the crevice, swipe my tongue back up her twat.

"Oh, fuck," she exclaims. I am well aware that she goes nuts when I rim her, and I lick her anus again, remain there, drive my tongue into her sphincter as far in as I can get it.

"No. no." she says, meaning don't stop. I don't. I get my hands under her ass, raise her lower half up off the bed, lean in and bury my face into her butt. She puts her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in, and I lick and suck her from anus to cunt. I am on fire; hungry.

"Oh, Jesus!" she bellows. I use my fingers to widen her cheeks, get more of my tongue in her asshole. I don't like this part, so much, because of the taste, as well as the thought of her using this orifice for other purposes. But, she explodes (figuratively speaking) when I do it, so I do it. I lick back into her love canal; "Steal My Sunshine" by Len, plays in the background. I start shaking my head, tongue swishing side to side, alternating licks with sucks, digging in, eating her violently, and she yells out. I let her fall back down on the bed. She sits up hastily, seizes me by the back of my head and pulls me to her, kissing me with ravenous lust. She moans into my mouth, her tongue attacking my tongue.

"Closer" by NIN, plays.

She says, "I want you to fuck my ass," between kisses. She gets genuflect, expeditiously. Wiggles her ass, beckoning me. I've been hard god knows how long, now, so proper entry is no problem. Her backdoor is moistened and slick with my salivation. I impale her rectum in a savage thrust, throwing my cock into the far depths of her region. My hands on her inner thighs, I begin to fuck in and out of her ass. Jaid fucks back at me, meeting each of my forward thrusts, and we strike up a rhythm. She kneels upright, her head in my right shoulder, her hand behind my head. I kiss her, she sucks my tongue and swirls her tongue against it, as I violate her asshole, grabbing her hips and shoving my cock deep inside her. We both groan.

"You want me to come in your ass?" I ask her, respectfully.

"Are you about to?"

"Fuck, yes," I confirm.

"No," she says, receiving my forward thrusts voraciously, "on my tits."

She quickly gets on her back. I lay over her, and put my cock on her chest. She crushes her breasts around it, and I begin to fuck through the tiny canal she has created for me. She rests her chin against her chest, and her tongue darts out to welcome the head of my cock . Watching this does me in. "I'm gonna come," I announce, directly. A few more strokes between her soft mounds, and I spuge. My jizz lands on her tongue, and then she throws her head back into the pillow and accepts the rest on her chest and throat.

Spent, I collapse beside her, on the bed. She mops up my cum with both hands, and licks her fingers clean. We lay face to face, winded and fatigued. This is true for me (I'm sore), but probably not Jaid, but she won't force the issue.

"Did you..?" I ask, the forbidden question.

"Yup. Twice."

"I didn't hear."

"Shh. get some rest," she says, and kisses my cheek, then both my eyes. "Love you." The sun is slowly making its ascent, outside. And, Jaid, her sated if only partially expression is my final image ­ a lovely one, too; this is when she looks her most beautiful ­ before drifting off to sleep. Finally.

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