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My Wife & I
by Joe

It all starts out with me coming home from work. Your sitting on the couch in your pj's watching tv eating a bowl of very delicious strawberries as I walk in the door. As I walk in you look up at me with a warm and loving smile that lets me know for sure that I found the right house to walk into. You pj's consist of one of my shirts and some plain, regular panties. I walk into the kitchen to get something to drink and come back to sit on the couch with you. We talk about how our days went and kiss each other while sharing the bowl of strawberries, feeding each other with love and passion. I stare into our eyes and tell you I love you, and you tell me that you know. I smile and tell you that I have a surprise for you. Your eyes get big as I tell you how our evening will unfold. Not sure if you can take it you ask me if I'm sure I wanna do this, and with great certainty I say yes. We indulge each other in a long wet kiss that seems to last forever. After the kiss I lead you into the bathroom where you strip me from head to toe.

You sit on the toilet to remove my boxers and when you do my cock springs out at you. I caress your hair and ease my cock into your mouth. You suck me with such love that you don't notice me unbutton the front of the shirt your wearing and it fall to the floor. As you impale my cock your hands wander, tickling my sack every so often, After a short while I tell you that I'm going to cum and you pull it out of your mouth and jack me off until I cum all over your bare breasts. You smile up at me and kiss you and tell you I love you. I turn around and begin to draw the bath water as you get up and take off your panties. I turn around to admire your goddess like body and grab you to pull you near. I start kissing up your leg, to your, breasts then standing behind you, we look into the mirror. Looking into each others eyes through the mirror we can see the lust and love in each others eyes. Each wanting to please the other in the most beautiful ways. As the bath water fills we are interlocked in passionate and blissful kiss that has both our hands wandering.

I hear the bath filling up and slide in. The bubbles are thick as you climb in on top of me with my cock nuzzled tight between the cheeks of your beautiful ass. You reach up and turn the water down but not off as I instruct you too. As my cock presses against your ass you feel odd but go with the flow because you know that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. You lie back on top of me. Our bodies are pressed together tightly as I kiss your neck and slide warm water and my hands all over your breasts and crotch. I knead your breasts with one hand with slowly messaging your clit with the other. As I do this I slide us down so that the warm water can glide over top of your sweet pussy. Slowly I start inserting my finger inside you and grinding my cock into your backside. This bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm as you feel the water, my cock, my hands rubbing your clit and breasts. You cry out as I squeeze your breasts and bite your shoulder. Your orgasm grips you and takes over.

You can't control the shaking and squealing your making. After a few minutes you calm down we get out. Your still shaking and barely able to stand so I put you on the toilet and dry your beautiful body off. I kiss your sweet lips and pick you up to carry you into the bedroom......

I bring you in and lay you on the bedroom and move to the closet. As I do this you close your eyes to recover front he previous orgasm that has taken you over. Rummaging through the closet, I pick out an outfit that I want you to wear. I help you into it and stand you up. I've picked out a black bra and matching g-string panties for you. I tell you to wait right there and go back to the closet. I cum back with what looks like four bracelets but none that you have ever seen before. I start to put them on you and you soon realize that they aren't bracelets at all. They're collars, one for each arm and leg. They have rings on them which makes you start to wonder. Then I tell you what's happening. I tell you that you are my slave for the rest of the evening. I tell you that the whole evening is for my pleasure and that you are to do exactly as I say. If not you will be punished accordingly. As you nod your nod understandingly some of your hair falls into your face. I brush it aside and tell you that I love you more than you will ever know. You say it back and I kiss you again. This time forcefully. Snaking my tongue into the depths of your mouth and licking the top of it. You try to pull away but I hold you there..

Finally I let you go. You catch your breath as I tell you that I will be addressed as sir or master throughout the evening. You nod your head again, yet this time I promptly slap you on your left ass cheek. You yelp and say yes sir. I tell you that's much better as I'm headed back to the closet. As I'm digging through the closet you sit on the bed and play with the bracelets. I come back with handcuffs and some chains that almost scare you. As I approach you I ask you if I told you to sit on the bed. You tell me no. I bend down and attach one of the chains between the collars of the anklets. You can only spread your legs like a foot and a half. Then I tell you to turn around so I can put the final collar around your neck. As I do you feel my rock hard cock against your backside and your nipples become hard. I then blindfold you. You are about to say something about it when I spank you on the ass.

I take your wrists behind your back and handcuff the rings together so your hands are behind your back. So now your blindfolded and chained and still wondering what's going on when you feel my presence behind you breathing on your neck. I whisper into your ear that it would be wise of you to follow the rules. You say yes sir as I slowly wrap one arm around your waist. Then I forcefully bend you over and tell you to stay like that. As you do I chain your necklace to the chain on your ankles pinning you bent over and blindfolded. Then I begin to spank you. After each slap you whimper. I ask you if you like it and you say yes sir, I want more. So I spank you until your ass is pink. I take off the chain and push you onto the bed. I kiss up your body, from your toes to your ass to your neck. You feel my weight on the bed as I climb up behind you. I settle my cock between your legs and position it at the opening of your love box. I tease you by sliding in a little then taking it out. You beg me to fuck you. Please master, please fuck me.

I grab your hair and pull up your head, telling you that I'm going to and that to be patient or I will spank you again. As I push your face back down into the pillow my cock slides al he way into your wet pussy. You scream in ecstasy as I penetrate you. I pull out immediately sensing that your enjoying this. You whimper again and I reach down and squeeze your ass. Hard. You let out a cry of pain but I don't stop squeezing. I tell you that I'm in charge and make you say, yes master your in charge. After that I take the handcuffs off and let you catch your breath. I message your ass cheeks and inner thighs every once in a while tickling your pussy. Keeping you wet as I see fit. I roll you over and kiss you deeply. You taste your sweat on my lips on lick the salt from them. I lick your lips and kiss you on the cheek telling you that your being a good girl.

Slowly I pull my body up yours. My cock is waving in front of your face yet you cannot know that because your still blindfolded. I tickle your face with my hair and tell you to open your mouth. As you do I slide my cock into your mouth. You taste your pussy juices all over it and suck it clean. After you have sucked my cock clean I come up my an lower my balls into your mouth. This catches you by surprise at first but then adjust your mouth to accommodate them. You lick them and suck on them like the strawberries we had eaten earlier. You hear my breathing speed up and know I'm about to cum. So I make you stop. I take the chains and chain you up eagle spread on the bed. After I have you chained up I tighten the chains so that you cannot move but just a little bit. Your feeling helpless. Then out of nowhere I attack your pussy with my mouth. I lick all the way up your seam and suck you clit into my mouth.

I suck on it with force but not enough to hurt you. Your body writhes but still attached to the chains your try to grind your pussy into my face. I slap your thigh leaving a red mark. You scream at this but get the point. I lick your pussy and suck on your clit until I feel you cum on my tongue. I lap it up and kiss you. You can taste your juices in my mouth and that makes you continue to cum harder. Its not an orgasm yet but building to one. I take the chains off you to give you a break. You enjoy this time as being able to catch your breath and relax a little. Then just a swiftly as I took them off they're back on, but in a different way. I chain your ankles together again, and handcuff your wrists in front of you. I put you on the bed on your hands and knees, and run a chain from your necklace, to your wrists, to the chain between your ankles, pinning your doggy-style.

Only this time, your shoulders are on the bed, along with your knees, leaving your rear completely exposed to me and whatever I want. I run my hands up your inner thighs and slap them lightly. I kiss each of your still slightly pink ass cheeks. Then I pull your clit into my mouth from behind and suck on it. Licking up and down from your clit to the small of your back, down the crack of your ass to the slit of your pussy. Wetting the whole thing. It makes you nervous that I'm this close to your ass and there's nothing you can do about it. I slide a finger in your pussy and finger you while I lick around your pussy. As I'm doing this the other hand is messaging your ass and tickling the hole. It sends shivers of delight up your spine yet keeps you guessing. I sit up and jam my solid cock into your wet snatch. I pound you from behind. I love watching the way your ass jiggles every time I slam into you.

I dig my fingers into your ass hard and squeeze. You are squealing and moaning as I fuck you. I reach around and take the chains off you so I can pull you up to me. I take one the chains and attach it to the back of the collar around your neck and pull you up to me. I grab your tits and knead them in the rhythm that I am pounding your pussy in. I lie back and fall to the bed with you still riding my cock. Your riding me facing the opposite way. Occasionally I slap you ass and tell you that your a good girl which encourages you more. You turn around to face me as I tell you that I love you. You bend down and kiss me as we both reach our orgasm. My cock throbs in your hot box as I cum deeps inside you. You fall on top of me weary and out of breath. I take off your collars, bracelets, and chains. Holding you I wipe the hair out of your face and kiss you. I tell you that I love you and we fall asleep in each others arms.

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