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My Wife & the Old Arab
by Danish Cuckold

My lovely horny wife had during a period of time been in contact with a Swedish man. He had told her about how his wife had met an old Arab with a giant cock, which wanted to fuck the Swedes wife and he asked my wife if she think he should allowe him to do so.

After what she had learned about the Swedes wife during the time she had been in contact with the Swede she told him that she was sure that his wife want to get fucked by the Arab. The result was that the old well-hung Arab fucked the Swedish wife several times and ended by making her pregnant. The Swede put my wife in connection with the Arab; she too wanted something thick and coloured between her legs.

The Arab told her that he wanted to come and fuck her with his big thick cock and put a Muslim baby in her horny belly. My wife told him that it was impossible because she was using a coil as protection. The old naughty Arab replied, that when he should fuck her, then she would have no coil, and he sure would make her pregnant, he already had done several married Swedish girls pregnant already, so he wanted her to have his baby in her belly too, or else he could see no reason for fucking her. He also told her that hers and the Swedish girls behaviour was to compare with whores and it was obvious that was no difference between Swedish and Danish girls.

No married Arab girl would behave in that way. He told her that he would come around and fuck her, when she had her coil removed. She was not sure, how I would react on that, she had a lot of lovers in the time we had been married, but until now no one who wanted to make her pregnant. She was sending him a lot of mails telling him intimate things about her self, and telling him how much she wanted him to come and fuck her, she also told him that she had to talk me into her having her coil removed.

By accident I came home earlier than she expected and found her writing a letter to Ali, (that's what I'm calling him here, I wont use his real name). She was blushing and said; "Darling it's not what you think it is!"

I looked at her and said; "Now tell me what it is I'm thinking!"

She stuttered; "I don't know darling!" She was embarrassed over being caught in that way. She told me that she would have told me about it soon. She let me read all of hers and Ali's mails. I read about how he told her that she was a Danish whore and told her about all the Swedish married girls he had impregnated and that she was going to be the next. I looked her in the eyes and asked her!

"Do you really want him to fuck you that way?" She looked down and said; "Darling you know how much I love you, but you also know that I from time to time just have to get a big fat cock to fill and stretch my pussy!" I said; "It seems to me that his wishes to fuck you unprotected is a final demand, then get rid of your coil and write to him. But I have a demand too, I want to watch, Ali can decide if I can take pictures or if I shall be tied up and gagged, but it's my demand that I'll look at you. That is my final demand." She kissed me and went to the phone and talked to the doctor and got an appointment to get the coil removed. When that was done she wrote a mail to the old Arab. Rather naughty and inviting, now we are waiting for him to reply...

* * * * *

The rest is yet fantasy, but we hope the fantasy come true. Maybe he will even see this story on the net, or maybe my naughty wife will write and tell him about it.

* * * * *

One Thursday I came home from work, Lene came and kissed me, and she was really happy and cheerful. She told me that she had got a mail from Ali and he would come Friday evening, and stay for the weekend, she said; "I'm so exited, finally I'm going to feel that big cock of his. By the way we have decided, that I shall tie you up before he arrive, he will phone me from his car 10-15 minutes before he will arrive, then I'll have the time to tie you up. What do you think about that darling?"

I said; "Sounds great love, but now I want you." I fucked her on the kitchen table, but was told to use a condom, she had promised him to have the first unprotected shot in her pussy, I would have to wait with that until he had left again, and it was MY WIFE! Who would be the father we would find out after 9 month?

Friday evening. 7:10 Ali called, he talked with Lene in a couple of minutes, and her cheeks were blushing. Then she hung up and said; "Come here darling and sit down." In a couple of minutes she had done a good job. My arms were handcuffed behind the chair, my legs were tied to the legs of the chair, and she had tied me with a rope around the chest and the chair. She kissed me deep and placed a rubber gag in my mouth, a leather strap was locked behind my head, now I was completely helpless. She lifted her light dress and showed me her pussy, she had tiny panties with an open slit on, her pussy was soaking wet. Then I heard a car in front of the house, and she left me. Shortly after I heard voices in the living room behind me.

I heard Lene ask Ali if he wanted a cup of coffee, he don't waste any time he said; "Later!" And grabbed her right in front of me. He said; "Now you naughty whore, let me see if you are wet enough for my big cock." He pulled her dress up over her head and she stood in tiny panties and a black bra with holes for the nipples. He kissed her hard as he pressed a finger up in her pussy. He looked at his finger, satisfied, and said; "Yes you naughty married whore, your cunt is dripping wet, but the slit in your panties are not big enough for my big cock, take them off now."

Lene did just as he asked, while he took his clothes of. He hadn't been boasting about the size, his cock was the thickest I ever had seen live; I have seen Lene get another big one that was longer, but not as thick. Lenes eyes grow big when she saw the big monster and said; "It's not a cock Ali it's a monster, it's much bigger than I think it would be." Ali said; "It's too late to regret it now Lene." He placed her on our dining table right in front of me. She lay down on her back and willingly she spread her legs wide aside for Ali. Ali placed his cock in the right position and let it slide up and down in her horny opening.

Lene moaned; "Oooooooh Ali oooooooh fuck me now fuck me!" Ali pressed his cock an inch into her pussy and said; "You are going to get it now you horny whore!" He pressed the cock slowly all the way up in her lovely tight pussy now. I could se how the big monster cock stretched the pussy while she moaned and whimpered. At last it reached the bottom. Ali stood still for a moment then he fucked her hard without any mercy. He said naughty words and called her a whore a slut and told her how he would make her pregnant.

She got 2 orgasms before he began to breeze heavily, then suddenly he came with a roar; "Now Lene you get my seed you are going to have my baby!" He pressed the cock to the bottom of her pussy and filled her unprotected belly with his white thick slimy juice. I knew how easily she got pregnant and knew at that time that she was going to get pregnant this weekend, Ali had all the advantages, his sperm would have a great head start over my, I would first be allowed to fuck my own wife when he was leaving Sunday afternoon.

The result was nearly certain, that was if he was that big stud he claimed to be. When he pulled his half stiff cock out, the sperm was flowing from her stretched pussy; it passed her ass and makes a puddle on the table before splashing down on the carpet. Ali said; "Well Lene now I'll have the coffee," she slides down from the table and the sperm was running down her inner thighs. When she had left the living room Ali said; "Well do you like what you see, that was only the beginning, she hardly will be able to walk when I'm finished with her, and I'm sure she will have my baby in her womb before I leave you, she will have a lovely dark skinned baby boy when 9 month are gone. You have no chance of beating me, but feel free to try, I know the result already. By the way, it's a lovely whore you are married to, just made for breeding, broad at her hips so she better can have a child inside her."

Lene returned with the coffee, poured a cup to Ali and one for her self, I looked at her thighs; she had cleaned her self a bit before returning. His cock was still hard, he pulled his chair a bit further away from the table and said; "Lene impale your self on my cock, and sit on it while we drink our coffee." Lene looked at me with a teasing smile and straddled over Ali, slowly she lead the big cock at place and lowered her pussy down over it. Her eyes turned the white out as the big monster disappeared up in her belly and she moaned highly; "Ooooooooh Ali it's so big oooooooh!"

Ali said; "Well Lene is it better than your husbands!" He looked at me with a mocking smile, really satisfied with him self, he gave her a hard thrust with the monster and she moaned; "Ooooooh yes Ali your cock are so good, I can hardly take it ooooooooh!" She sat there on his lap, totally impaled on the monster while they drank the coffee. When they had finished the coffee Ali said. "Now you are going to take a ride on my cock whore, if you do it real good I'll fill you with my sperm again."

My lovely wife Lene was now riding his big black cock in front of me, her eyes were closed and she moaned; "Oooooh Ali your cock is so good so big and fat!"

Ali looked at me and said; "It's a really horny whore you are married to, and I'm going to fuck her out of her mind this weekend, she will be soaked in sperm and after this weekend, she will never be able to feel your little dick any more." He grabbed her at the waist and increased her movements, pulled her a little longer up and pressed her even harder down over the big shaft. It was an awful naughty sight, but the needles was working deep in my chest, what if it was true, what if she no longer would be able to feel my cock in her pussy when the weekend was finished.

I knew it was not true, she have been giving birth to 3 children before, and shortly after the birth her pussy was fine and tight again. But his mocking was hurting me, but at the same time the excited me in a strange way, my cock was all hard and ready to burst, but for me there was no relief in sight, only mocking words and further humiliations. Lene moaned and whimpered and suddenly she came in a big orgasm, she was captured by her desires when he a moment after groaned; "Take this whore, it's coming now oooh yes!" He breezed heavily when he filled her with his sperm. He told her to sit down on her knees on the table in front of me with her legs spread.

I had a good look at her pussy and could see his white creamy sperm pouring from her pussy and make a big puddle on the table. When it stopped, he told her to lick the table clean. She first refused, but a couple of blows on her buttocks started her. When she had cleaned the table he said; "Don't you think your husband wants some coffee Lene, if he behave you may untie him for now, and we will have a cup of coffee before I fuck you some more."

Lene untied me; it was good to get rid of the rubber gag, even if it was for a short period of time. Lene poured the coffee and we sat at the table drinking it, me alone on the one side and Lene and Ali at the other side. His hand was placed between her legs and he played with her pussy. He looked at me and said; "Well, have you ever seen a bigger cock fuck your wife before?"

I said; "I have seen her get a longer cock, but never one as thick as yours."

He turned his head and put his hand on Lenes belly and said; "Well Lene do you think you are pregnant now?" She smiled and said; "No Ali, certainly not yet!" She smiled when she said it, she know that he was going to fuck her many times before the weekend was over. Ali looked at her and said; "Well then I better fuck you again, tie your husband beside your double bed, he deserves to have a good look at our fucking."

Lene pulled me after her into the bedroom and placed a chair beside the bed, a moment later I sat helpless on the chair, tied and gagged, just waiting for the "show" to begin. My lovely wife lay down on her back with her legs widely spread, shameless she called; "Ali I'm ready now!" He came into the bedroom, he rubbed his big cock, it was all hard and ready for fucking. He kneeled between her legs and told her to lift her ass, he placed a pillow under it, so her cunt was raised against him and more open. He turned his head against me and said; "Now my seed will stay in the right place to do its work properly. She surely will be pregnant after this."

He placed his big dickhead between her wet cuntlips and with a quick and powerful thrust he pushed his big cock half way into her pussy. Lene moaned; "Ooh yes fuck me Ali fuck me hard now oooooooh!" Ali pushed the cock to the bottom and fucked her real hard; the bed creaked when he pushed his big cock hard up in her. This time the worst pressure was released, so he fucked her for a long time until he with a roar filled her pussy with his sperm. She lay flat on her back with her pussy higher than the rest of her body. He groaned; "Now you are going to have my baby, I will fill your horny cunt and womb with my precious seed, and it will swell in your womb, until you give birth to my baby, you just wait and see."

Lene was moaning and breezing heavily when he slowly pulled his big fat cock out, while he filled her cunt with white creamy seed. He pressed her cuntlips together with thumb and index finger, he massaged her belly and said; "This way my seed will easier find the right way up in your womb Lene, just you relax now. And you don't have to worry Lene; I'll fuck you many times again this weekend Lene." While massaging her belly he "forced" her to lick and suck his soft cock. It was quickly big and hard again. Ali said; "Well now I have a perfect piston to press the seed further up in your womb Lene, are you ready now!" Lene gasped; "Oh yes Ali do it now!"

He let go of the cuntlips and pushed his big cock hardly up in her pussy. She moaned; "Oooooooh Ali it feels like I'm going to burst, oooooooooooh!" The sperm squirted with great pressure out between her pussywalls and the big fat "piston", I wondered if it was filling her womb in the same way. He fucked her again just as hard and fast as before, she whined and moaned and was nearly unconscious when he at last filled her again. This time he placed another pillow under her ass and said; "I want to have a break now, you just lie there relaxing Lene and let my seed do its work." It oozed from her sperm filled pussy; Lene obeyed him and lay there in bed waiting to see what the next thing would be. His hands were caressing her while he said; "You are a really good whore Lene, be sure I'll come back and fuck you when your belly has grown big with my baby."

It was getting late and Ali said; "Lene do you have a spare room with a bed?"

Lene said; "Yes Ali, but there is enough room in the bed for you too!"

Ali said; "That was not what I have in mind Lene, it's for your husband, so he won't sneak him to fuck you when I'm asleep." Lene released me and said; "Did you hear that darling, you have to sleep in our guest room tonight!" I kissed Lene goodnight and left the bedroom, my own bedroom. The door was closed and I heard the key turn in the lock.

Shortly after the fucking noises started again, the bed creaked, Ali called Lene dirty words and she moaned and screamed. I stand there alone, and went upstairs to the guest-room just above our bedroom. I was alone with the noises from downstairs and my imagination and my right hand. It took quite a while before the noises stopped and the house were quiet. At last I feel asleep, dreaming strange dreams. Next morning I woke up early, I have maked some coffee and went to the baker for some fresh bread.

When I returned they were awake, outside the house I could hear her moaning screams. When I have done the table the noises have stopped. I knocked at the door and Ali opened it, Lene lay on the bed with two pillows under her ass and the sperm oozing from her stretched pussy. Ali asked me; "What do you want?" I told him that the coffee and bread was ready. They came out in the living room where I have the coffee ready. Lene sat down with her thighs tightly pressed together, to hold the sperm in her pussy. Now Ali found out that I should be placed under the table looking up. Lene got up and I saw the big puddle of seed on her chair, the old guy had a lot of sperm in his old body. I was tied to the table with my head just outside the end.

Lene was placed straddling over my head, her legs were tied to the table and Ali forced her down on her belly at the table, her hands were tied to the opposite legs of the table. I have a free view up in her stretched pussy it was dripping with pussyjuice and sperm. Ali said; "Now watch closely how my big cock are going to fuck your whore, and be sure that I'll fuck her more than one time this way, just watch me now!" He followed his word by pushing his big fat cock up in her pussy so only his big heavy balls were outside. She moaned; "Oooooooh Ali fuck me oooooh yes fuck me noooow!"

Ali smiled and said; "Listen, hear how your whore begs me to fuck her, this here is more than she is use to get, she told me last night, your tiny dick can't compete with my big fat Muslim cock. Soon I have made a Danish whore pregnant too, I have 16-18 kids in Sweden with the same number of married Swedish whores. Your friend AK is one of them now, she is getting bigger and bigger every day now, and it isn't her wimp of a husband who have done it. It was you Lene that have told him to let me fuck her, so it's only fair, that you got the same treatment now."

I stared at the big fat cock working deep in my dear wife's pussy, while she was moaning and screaming, his heavy balls were dangling between his legs. After a short while he began to tell her what a cheap whore she was, and that she should be ashamed, letting another man fuck her right in front of her own husband.

It hurt a bit, but at the same time it was the most exiting "live show" I ever had seen. Suddenly he pushed the cock hardly to the bottom of her pussy and gasped; "Now it comes Lene ooh yes I'm coming now!"

He pulled his big cock nearly out and I could see the contractions every time he squirted. It began to ooze between his cock and her pussy, but it was nothing compared to what happened when he pushed the cock to the bottom of her pussy. Lene screamed and her legs were shaking. Suddenly she was quiet, I think she fainted.

The sperm splashed out at the side of the big fat cock and splashed down her thighs and down in my face. Ali stood still with his cock in her pussy for about 5 minutes; he pulled it out when it had gone soft. It still was a big cock, bigger than mine when it is hard. I was beginning to have my doubts about the whole business, what was it I have been giving my wife permit to do? Would I ever be able to satisfy her again, like Ali mocking has been indicating? It was hurting deep in me, but I have not the heart to tell her to stop it, it was very strange, at the same time with my doubts, it was very exiting, my cock was hard and was throbbing in my jeans, but for me there was no relief. Ali sat down on a chair without releasing Lene.

He said; "I'm not finished with your whore yet, in a moment I'm going to fuck her again." He sat on the chair playing with his big soft cock and slowly it grows big and hard again. He walked over to her head and said; "Suck it whore, I'm going to fuck you again when it's hard again."

I heard the noise of her sucking and licking his cock and heard Ali sigh; "Ooh you are such a great whore Lene!" A moment after he stood with his big hard cock at the entry to Lenes pussy, I saw how it slowly went up in her soaking pussy. Lene moaned when it reached the bottom; "Oooooh Ali I can't take much more right now!" Ali laughed and said; "That you have to my love, I'm going to fuck you again, and nobody can stop me now, when I'm finished with this time I'll let your cunt rest for a couple of hours." Again Ali fucked her real hard, she screamed, moaned and sobbed all the time. At the end she only moaned while his big cock worked deep in her pussy. Suddenly she screamed loud and moan full and her body was trembling; "Oooooh noo stop Ali I can't take any more noooooooo, oooooh I'm coming ooooooooh!"

That was too much for Ali; he slammed his cock all the way up in her pussy and groaned; "Ooooh you dirty slut, now it comes oooooh!" He filled her with his sperm. It poured down the inner side of her thighs and splashed down in my face. He stood still with his cock as a plug in her pussy. When it went soft he pulled it out and the sperm poured out, my face and beard was covered with his sperm. Then he released us both.

We took a long break from the fucking and had some lunch and played a game of card. Ali told Lene to write a mail to her Swedish friend and telling him, how Ali had fucked her, telling him how great it had been. She went upstairs and wrote the mail and called at Ali, so he could approve the mail before she sends it. We took a long break Lene said that her pussy was sore and needed a rest if he intended to fuck her in the evening and night. We got a great diner with wine, and talked a lot, Ali was bragging about all the married Swedish girls he had been fucking.

Some time later Ali looked at Lene and said; "Are you ready again, my cock are craving your cunt now Lene?"

Lene smiled at him and said; "I'm as ready as I can be Ali, I'm only a little sore now." We went to the bedroom and the tied me to the chair again the rubber gag completed the work.

Ali looked at Lene and said; "I'll like to fuck you in your ass Lene, what do you think about that?"

Lene looked at him and said; "No Ali your cock is much too thick, I don't think I can take it!" Ali looked disappointed and said; "Haven't you got any lubricating jelly Lene? I really like to fuck a whore in her ass, so why not you?" Lene looked a bit doubtful, I know she like it in the ass, but the size was too much. Ali continued; "Come on Lene find the jelly so I can fuck you in the ass."

Lene said; "OK but you must promise that you will be real gentle with me!"

Ali smiled and said; "OK Lene I promise, now you find the jelly Lene!" Lene took a tube with jelly and Ali said; "Love you rub some on my cock, and then I'll put some in your ass!" Lene put a big amount of jelly on his cock and spread it all over his cock.

Then she handed him the tube and went down on all four, she spread her legs a bit and Ali put a big amount of jelly on the surroundings of her asshole and ended with pressing some jelly up in her ass. The tube was nearly empty. Now she was ready. Ali placed his big slimy cockhead against her tight little asshole and began to increase the pressure. Lene moaned; "Now come on Ali before I regret it." Slowly Alis big cock vent inside her ass, he stopped a bit when all of the head had disappeared.

Lene moaned and sobbed and her ass had a tight grip around the fat cock right behind the head. She moaned; "Ooh Ali stop a bit so my ass can adjust to your big cock."

Ali said; "OK Lene but not for long!" He squeezed her buttocks and let his hands caress her back and thighs. Lenes eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Then Ali got a better grip around her hips and slowly he pushed his entire big fat rod up in her ass. Lene moaned; "Oooooooh noooo Ali don't do it stooop ooooh yes ooooooooh it's great, but you are too big but fuck me ooh yes fuck me ooooooh!"

She screamed and moaned while Ali fucked her in her tight ass, she was all in his power. The only thing in her mind was the great monster working deep in her ass. At last her heads and shoulders lay flat on the bed while Ali had a good grip around her hips so he could fuck her. When he roared and filled her ass with his sperm she only sobbed and breezed heavily. Ali let go his grip at her hips and she fell flat on her belly on the bed. Ali's big cock popped out of her ass. Ali lay down beside her and caressed her relaxed body. A moment after she turned against him and gave him a big kiss and said; "It was great Ali, but no more assfucking this weekend, my ass is sore and there are not enough jelly for one more time."

They took a bath before they continued. When the returned Ali tied Lene to the bed, her arms was stretched down along her sides and tied to the foot of the bed, her legs were forced up over her head and spread, they were tied to the headend of the bed. She lay there totally open for him to use as he pleased. Ali's cock was ready again and he fucked Lene hard and deep, she got a really big orgasm before he was ready to cum. He played with his cockhead on her clit and when she began to breeze heavily and moan loud, he hammered his big cock to the bottom of her pussy 4-5 times, and then they both came at the same time.

When Ali pulled his cock out, he came over and released me and said; "Come now and see all my sperm in your wife's cunt, you don't have a chance, I have made her pregnant before you even get the chance, she will give birth to my baby in nine month, you can count on that."

Spellbound I looked at her stretched pussy, it was full of white creamy sperm, I knew deep inside that he was right, with all that sperm he had poured into her womb in the past 24 hour and the weekend was not finished yet. Ali would first leave us Sunday at 2 in the afternoon. Ali said; "Now you leave the bedroom and go to your guestroom. But don't you worry I'll keep your wife warm." The door was closed behind me and the key turned in the lock. Again I was left alone with my fantasies and the horny sounds coming up through the floor from downstairs. My only friend was my right hand.

Ali fucked her several times before the noises stopped, finally the silence surrounded me, but I could not fell asleep, thoughts were turning in my head, would our marriage ever be the same as before after that heavy fucking Ali had done to her this weekend? At last I fell asleep. Next morning when I had made coffee I knocked at the bedroom door. Ali came out in the living room, there he let a bomb explode, he said; "I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm taking your wife with me back to Sweden, she will get a little flat there so I can fuck her when I feel like it, she desperately wants to come with me."

I was in chock, the tears were near to break through, but I was raised with the words, big boys don't cry. I managed to hold them back. A moment after Ali laughed and said; "Just kidding, she will stay with you it was just a joke." (A rather sick joke I think.) Lene went into the room and kissed me before she sat down beside Ali. I was beginning to look forward against 2 o'clock, and then it was my turn to fuck my own wife again, and how I would fuck her. I would not surrender without a fight, even if it were lost even before it started.

After breakfast Ali got an naughty idea, he would fuck Lene in the middle of our lawn, I was not pleased with the thought at all, what if the neighbours saw what happened, fortunately we have a tall hedge around our garden. Lene was so horny that she agreed without second thoughts. It was too much now, what if somebody saw a stranger fuck my wife in our garden. What would the think about us? And me for letting him fuck her? I took a walk down the road, I had enough by now, I would be mocked as a cuckold if anybody find out. Maybe not in my face, I'm a rather big guy, but they would talk behind my back.

The gossip would be all over the county! I turned back against the house, and when I was about 150 yards away I could hear her horny moan fully screams, I looked around at the nearest houses, nobody was out in their gardens fortunately. Just as I reached the driveway, Lene and Ali came naked from the garden, Allis big soft cock hang dangling between his legs and the sperm was pouring down the inner side of Lens thighs. They vent free-and-easy through the driveway and into the house. I had enough for now; I saw for my eyes how he fucked her for god knows how many times.

I turned around and walked around until 1:45 then I headed against our house. Just as I reached the driveway, Ali's car came out, he stopped and said; "Thanks for letting me fuck your wife, you have been a good sport, I'll come back and fuck her again when her belly is big with my baby, just phone me and I'll be there." He drove of and I went inside the house.

Lene lay on the bed, her legs were widely spread, and Ali's sperm was pouring from her pussy. She smiled to me and said; "Oooh what a wonderful weekend, this I can think of a long time. Thanks darling fir being so sweet and understanding." Now it was my turn.

I said; "Now I'm going to fuck you Lene." She looked at me and said; "I have promised you that darling, but my pussy and ass are really sore right now, can't you wait until tomorrow?"

I looked at her and said; "Shall I let his sperm have a longer time to work in you, no my darling I'll fuck you now."

She sighed and said; "Realize it darling you have no chance already, I'm quite sure I'm pregnant already now, but if you insist, cant I suck you until you are ready to cum, then you can squirt in my pussy, is that OK?" I think it was better than no sex, and I could easily understand if her pussy and as was sore right now. I squirted deep in her 5 times that afternoon and evening. The first times I could hardly feel her pussy, but the next day it was back to normal size again. Now it's just to wait and see if there was a result, Ali had promised her that he would return in a month and fuck her again if it was necessary. But I don't think that will be necessary.

* * * * *

That was my fantasy about my horny wife and the dirty old Arab with the big cock. Half true and half fiction (yet), we have been sending him mails, but the Swede had told my wife he is a trip in his home country right now. Maybe he read this and is even more eager to fuck her when he returns. Now he knows that I have accepted that he fuck my wife with no protection. When this is on the site, my wife will be without her coil and ready for him to fuck. If it is a success I send you the real story. Written by a Danish married man who loves to see his wife gets a stranger big fat cock.


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