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Matthew Wakes Up
by MsChilePepper

I was not in a good mood. After an already-long week, this Friday had been a disaster. Phone problems at my travel agency, mixed with clients who wanted everything for nothing, had made for a stressful day. On top of that, the air-conditioning had gone on the fritz, forcing me to sweat it out in the unusually hot Seattle summer afternoon.

As I drove home, all I wanted was to take a cool shower and relax. My pilot sweetie had left that morning to fly to London, so I knew I'd have all evening by myself to get rid of my foul mood. Traffic wasn't bad, amazingly, and I was turning the corner onto our street when I saw Matthew's car in the driveway of our house. "His flight must have been cancelled," I thought. "I hope he wants to order in, because I sure don't feel like cooking tonight!"

I opened the front door, a blast of cool air washing over me. Thank God our air conditioner was working! I set down my purse on the table in the foyer and kicked off my shoes, starting to call out his name as I walked into the living room. I stopped abruptly, greeted by the sight of my man stretched out on the couch wearing only his boxers, black silk ones printed with red chile peppers that I'd bought for him. He was lying on his back, and I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was deeply asleep. His arms were upraised and resting on the arm of the couch, his lightly furred chest rising and falling, his nipples puckered and taut from the chill of the room.

"Lord, he's got the air conditioner set on 'snow' again," I thought with a grin, as my cranky attitude began to slip away. Just looking at that man did crazy things to my insides ... A wicked idea began to creep into my mind, and I smiled devilishly. Padding quietly to the bedroom on stocking feet, I quickly stripped off my business attire, leaving only my coral silk bra and matching panties. I quickly spritzed myself with his favorite perfume. Sneaking back into the living room, I saw he was still sleeping.

I wanted to wake him up, in the best possible way ... I leaned over him, and gently, barely touched his lips with mine, feeling his breath touch my face. He jerked back a tiny bit, not awake yet, just a little disturbed, so I moved down a little further, and started working on those taut masculine nipples of his. I exhaled my warm breath onto them, then blew cool air on them, making them pucker up a little bit more.

Then lightly, ever so lightly, I put out my tongue to touch the tip of his right nipple ... just barely. I went back and forth a few times, doing the same thing to each of his nipples, and then began to move slowly southward ... barely licking all the way ... just lightly grazing his skin. I could hear his breathing start to change ... he wasn't sleeping quite as deeply now, but still wasn't fully awake. I peeked down, and saw that his cock seemed to be waking up already. I could see it stirring around in his silk shorts, beginning to straighten up. I went a little further down his belly, and snaked my tongue lightly around his navel ... juuuuust touching the skin, 'cause I know how ticklish he is right there. His abdominal muscles tightened up a little ... his body had an idea of what was happening, even if his brain didn't. I just kept circling his navel, lightly ... reeeeeaaallly lightly, and his stomach was twitching back and forth. I heard his breathing really change, and I could tell he was starting to become conscious, so I quickly, all of a sudden, BLEW A BIG OL' 'RASPBERRY' ON HIS STOMACH!!

He sat straight up, saying "Huh?!? What?!!" I began to giggle uncontrollably, as he grabbed me, laughing now, too. He growled a little bit, burying his face in my neck and nipping at my skin, holding me tight with his long arms, pulling me down onto him on the couch. We wrestled a little bit, my giggles and his deep laughter blending together to completely banish that nasty mood of mine.

We tipped onto the floor, with Matthew landing on top of me, threatening to tickle me mercilessly, and pretty soon, we weren't laughing anymore ... He was practically sticking his tongue down my throat ... kissing me aggressively, stealing my breath away. His cock was definitely awake now, too, pressing insistently into my soft round tummy. Matthew is always horny as Hell when he wakes up - exactly why I'd decided to wake him up on my terms!

He pulled me up a little bit so he could strip off my bra, and then he lay me right back down, and went to work sucking and tonguing my nipples, licking all over my soft, plump, sweet-smelling tits. I held his head, as he pushed them together, sucking on both nipples at once. God, I love it when he does that!

"Mmmm, baby ... suck them hard ... bite me!" I breathed, threading my fingers into his soft hair, and lightly scratching his scalp with my long red nails. He complied, using his teeth on my sensitive nipples and sucking deeply, without biting too hard. "Ohhhh, yes ... that's what I love, baby ... you know just how to make me feel soooo goooooood, Matthew."

"Darlin', I'm just doin' what you tell me," he said, his deep, Southern-accented voice sending shivers up my spine as he looked up into my eyes.

"Mmmm, and I dearly love a man who can take orders," I said, grinning and stretching luxuriously, putting one arm under the back of my head. "What are you doing home?" I asked. "I thought you were on your way to London - not that I'm complaining!"

"Mechanical problems. We cooled our heels in Atlanta for 4 1/2 hours before they finally cancelled my flight, so I came back home to you," he said, smiling sweetly at me, his long fingers tracing light teasing circles around my hard nipples. He bent his head to kiss that cute little mole I have right in the center of my torso, between my breasts and my belly button, making me giggle again.

"Oh. So what do you want to do tonight?" I asked innocently, squirming a little. Matthew's head kept moving further down my body, his mouth open and his tongue sneaking out to leave little wet trails on my skin. He soon ran into the waistband of my panties, and he stopped his tongue bath to look up at me with a gleam in his chocolate brown eyes.

He hooked the fingers of both hands in my panties, and stripped them off me, in one fast motion. I heard a tiny ripping sound. "What do you think I want to do?" he asked me, his voice low and rough with desire.

I sat up quickly, and told him how unfair it was for me to be naked when he wasn't. He was kneeling there in front of me, his cockhead just poking out the fly of his boxers, so I bent down, and gave it a quick little lick, just to catch that first drop of pre-come. "Mmm, I can't resist you. You know how much I love the way you taste, baby," I purred.

"Oh, yeah, I know," he said, his hands stroking my hair, "but not anymore than I love your taste!"

I got up on my knees, and then I slid my hands around his waist and down inside his drawers, to squeeze his ass cheeks as I held up my face, wanting him to kiss me. He put his arms around me, one hand on the back of my head, and one on my jaw, his thumb under my chin, and he kissed me soooo hard, and so sweet.

I pulled him to me tightly, my hands still massaging his ass, his shorts slipping down. I slid them all the way down to his knees, making his hard, straining cock pop out of the fly and over the top of the waistband. It was poking me in the belly now, and we pressed our bodies together, trapping Matthew's pulsing erection between us.

Our lips still busy, I ran my fingernails in little teasing circles slowly across his ass, feeling him shiver as goosebumps popped up on his skin. His big hands began to slide down my neck, then down my back, his nails scratching me lightly, kissing me the whole time. That's one thing I dearly love about Matthew ... he's absolutely the best kisser I've ever encountered.

His big hands start to slowly rub up and down on my ass and thighs, grabbing and squeezing handfuls of my plump flesh. He knows I love it when he strokes my butt and uses it as a handle to pull me closer to him. His right hand made its way around to the front of my left thigh, then began to stroke my plump, bare pussy lips. He gently pushed his hand further between my legs, wordlessly encouraging me to spread them apart so he could get his fingers into my wetness.

"Ohhh, baby girl, you're so wet for me already," he breathed, raising his head. "God, you turn me on so much it isn't even funny!" His fingers were sliding around in my slick juices, circling around my sensitive clit and sneaking into my dripping opening. My hips were rotating, I was practically humping his hand as he teased my soaking wet pussy. "You want me inside you reeeaalll bad, don't you?" he crooned. My arms were around his neck, and his other hand was on the back of my neck, his muscular arm helping to support my shuddering body. "Yessss .... you know I want you inside me!" I gasped. He lowered his lips to mine again, kissing me thoroughly once more. Abruptly raising his head, his eyes flashed and he threw a cocky grin my way, as he gently eased me onto my back on the floor.

Immediately, he went down on me, separating my folds gently with his fingers, putting both his lips into my dripping wet pussy. He sucked my clit into his mouth for one big slurping kiss ... then he pushed my knees up and apart, opening me completely. He bent down, and, lifting me a bit, ran his tongue from the top of my ass, all the way down my crack, and past my asshole, which he tweaked with the tip of his tongue, through my sopping folds, dragging his bottom lip really hard as he made his way up to my clit.

When he reached the top of my pussy, he laid his tongue under my stiff throbbing clit, and used his top lip to suck it into his mouth fully, making me arch my back up off the floor. Then he sat up, leaned over me, and moved toward my mouth. His eyes blazed, and his face was covered with my sweet natural lubrication. He hovered over me for a moment, not quite touching my lips, then he backed away, giving me that cocky look again, and sat right down in front of the couch, leaning back against it.

"Nooooo, Matthew, I need you to kiss me!" I protested. Damn, that man loves to tease me!

"Well, then come get me," he taunted. "You want me, honey, you have to come and get me!" I got up, and immediately straddled his lap, his rock-hard shaft pointing straight up between our bodies. I snuggled up close to him and put my arms around his neck, pushing my hips into his cock, letting him feel my fat, moist pussy lips.

His arms went around my waist, and he put his hands on my big ass, rubbing some more, then sliding his big hands up and down my full thighs. I grabbed the sides of his head, and planted a big, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss right on his lips. I could taste myself on his mouth, smell my love juices that were glistening on his skin. He knows I love to taste and smell myself on his face after he's gone down on me ... it's such an intimate idea for me. I know he's been in my pussy, tasting my sweetness, making me feel soooooo good, and it makes me wild.

I couldn't wait any longer to feel his stiff, pulsing cock inside me. I lifted my hips just enough so that his thick 9-inch shaft could slip inside me. "Ohhhh ...." I exhaled, as he arched his neck and back and raised his hips to meet mine, burying his hardness to the hilt in my tight, sweet pussy. I heard him moan, deep in his chest, and felt the vibrations all through my quivering body.

My hands on his shoulders, I leaned back a bit, as Matthew's strong hands held onto my hips, jamming me down onto his hard cock. With every thrust, I could hear myself make helpless little whimpering noises. His right hand helping me ride him, Matthew's left hand slid around to rest on the inside upper part of my thigh, his long thumb stroking my clit. He looked into my eyes as the pad of his thumb slowly circled my little button. I rose up and came back down, slowly squeezing his hard cock with my inner muscles each time it slid back into my hot, wet pussy.

His eyes still drilling into mine, he groaned every time I squeezed his cock deep inside my tight sheath. Seeing him catch his lower lip between his teeth just made me want to kiss him again, so I leaned forward, taking him even deeper inside me. I fused my lips to his, stroking his tongue with mine and sucking deeply on his lower lip.

Tearing myself away from his mouth, I ran my open lips down his jaw and neck to his shoulder, where I bit and sucked his taut tanned skin, making a little love mark that he'd be able to see the next day. Raising my head to check my handiwork, I caught his eye again, and slid my hands down his arms to my stomach, stroking upward to cup my breasts in my hands and push them together, lifting them up to his mouth so he could suck and lick my nipples again. Drawing them deeply into his mouth, he sucked and bit them greedily, making me cry out with the sweetness of it.

I could feel my orgasm building all the way up from my toes, as we pumped up and down together, my hips churning as I jammed my pussy down onto his cock over and over. "Ohhh, baby ... give it to me hard!" I panted in his ear. "I want you to come inside me, Matthew."

He leaned back a little, one of my nipples caught between his teeth. It stretched a bit, then he let go, and moved his legs apart so that my bottom landed on the carpeted floor. Twisting around, trying not to pull out of me, he got up on his knees, and began to fuck me hard and deep. As he slammed into me, I could feel his balls slap into my ass, hear our sweaty bodies smack together with each thrust.

Wrapping my legs around his waist, panting and moaning, I felt the deep waves of my orgasm washing over me. Matthew's arms slid under my back, holding me tight as he thrust into me once, twice, three times more ... then I felt his hot come spurting into me, his pulsing cock deeper inside me than ever before, my convulsing pussy milking every sweet drop from him. Our shouts of ecstasy were soon replaced with breathless moans, and then we were quiet. I held his head to my breasts and closed my eyes, savoring the sweet afterspasms.

"Are you in a better mood now?" he asked, his smoky voice tinged with amusement.

"What are you talking about?" I asked dreamily, stroking his hair. Levering himself up on his forearms, he looking at me with that same cocky grin I'd seen earlier.

"I talked to your partner Maggie right after you left your office this afternoon," he said slyly. "And I wasn't asleep when you got home..."


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