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My Mother, My Whore Pt. I
by Angelo

My fascination with my hot, sexy, voluptuous, very attractive, hot-bodied, leggy and busty mother began when I was young. That's when I started to view her as a sex object and not as my mother. All my many masturbation sessions were fueled by lewd thoughts of my mother running wild in my head. Lewd thoughts I knew I shouldn't be thinking, but was unable to control.

I guess that's when my obsession with my mother began. An obsession would lead me to formulate a plan to seduce my mother into fucking for her own son. I was at the point of no return, I had to try. I was willing to suffer whatever consequences occurred. I didn't want to go through life regretting not at least attempting a pass at my mother and wondering what would have happened.

The following is my story.

At the age of eighteen, my lust for my mother became uncontrollable. Watching her hot body move about the house was driving me crazy.

My mother has a body built like a brick shithouse; a body made for fucking.

She stands 5'6," 140 pounds (solid not fat), bushy (permed) jet black hair, full sensuous pouty lips, a great ass, killer legs and measures out at an eye popping, mouth watering, 40c-28-38.

It was June, right after school had let out for summer break, that I set my seduction plan into motion. I figured that this was the best time, because I could be alone around my mother most of the day, while my father was at work.

My father was one of the reasons, that I even decided to try this plan in the first place. He had received a big promotion at work, about five years earlier, and ever since that time he became a workaholic. He would leave at 7:00am and not return home until 7:30pm, sometimes later, and would go into the office on Saturdays, too. Then on Sundays, he would just lounge around the house and relax, as he was totally exhausted from working all week; not that I blamed him for that.

Of course, this meant that my mother rarely went out, except for family functions, weddings, or the like. I could see that this was having an effect on my mother. She basically had given up on herself and was resigned to the fact that this was the way it was going to be for the rest of her life. She still had her knockout looks intact, but around the house she never put on any makeup and was always dressed in frumpy clothes (house dresses, sweats, etc.). She figured she wasn't going anywhere, except to the store, so why dress up; not that my mother dressed sexily anyway. My mother was your normal, average, everyday wife and mother, who was totally faithful to my father. Even when she went out to functions, she dressed conservatively, wearing dresses just at knee level, or slightly above, and would never reveal any of her ample cleavage. She never wore tight form fitting dresses or outfits and her bathing suits were all one-piece. But even dressed this way, she still looked sexy as hell and turned heads wherever she went.

I figured if I ever had a chance with her, the time was now. I knew she was vulnerable, but I didn't care. I was going to take advantage of any weakness she may have had to accomplish my goal. I had often hoped to come home early from school and catch her in bed with another man, so I could use that against her. But that never happened, as I told you previously, she was totally faithful to my father. But I hoped to change all of that.

So I came up with a plan that would either blow up in my face or get my mother thinking in a whole new way.

My plan involved the use of forum type incest books, that contained letters and stories from actual persons involved in all kinds of incestuous affairs. The titles of these books were "Family Secrets" and "Family Letters". I had been buying them on newsstands for the past six months, and had twelve of them. Luckily, I looked older than 18, and the guy at the newsstand never asked me for proof of age. I had kept them locked up in a sports bag inside my closet, but it was now time to bring them out and make my mother 'accidentally' find them, then wait for her reaction or explosion.

When my mother did my laundry, she would always put my underwear and socks away for me, in my dresser drawer. So what I did was place four books all the way in the back of that drawer, and position them in such a way, that I would know if they had been moved or not. Then I took one book and placed it underneath my underwear, right in the middle of the drawer, cover side up. I then slightly parted the underwear, so the book and its title would be visible when the drawer was opened. To check that out, I opened and reopened the drawer several times and every time the book was staring me in the face. Then I placed the other books in the back of a couple of different drawers, also positioned in a way so I would know if my mother had found them or not.

My plan was all set, now all I had to do was wait for laundry day.

That day arrived two days later. I was eating breakfast and my mother asked if I had any more dirty laundry besides what was in the hamper. I told her I didn't, then quickly finished my breakfast, hurriedly dressed, and told my mother I was going to the park and would be back for lunch about 12:30pm.

As I arrived back home a little after 12:30pm, I don't have to tell you my heart was beating a mile a minute and I was as nervous as hell. I had no idea what fate awaited me when I opened the door to walk inside.

After entering the house, I walked into the kitchen and said hello to my mother. She answered me in a very low tone and didn't even look up at me when she said that. That was a far cry from her normal demeanor, as she was always very jovial with me and upbeat. I told her I'd be right down for lunch and went upstairs to my room, and checked the drawer. My mother had placed fresh underwear in there and then I discovered something else too; the books in the middle and the back of the drawer had been moved, as had the books I had placed in the other drawers.

Well, my mother had definitely found the books, but did she read them?

When I went downstairs for lunch, my mother was very quiet, but didn't say anything about the books to me. For the rest of the afternoon, I was on pins and needles, wondering what was going through my mother's mind. Then I started thinking, maybe she was going to tell my father when he got home and make him speak to me. Well, my father got home that night, ate his dinner and everything was normal as usual. Not one word was mentioned about the books from either my mother or father.

Could it be that my mother didn't tell my father? I was now mystified, what was my mother thinking?

The next day my mother was still very quiet with me, I went out again, came back for lunch and again found the books moved. My mother was reading the books.

That scenario was repeated for the next week and a half. My mother hadn't told my father, didn't talk about or mention the books to me, was still being quiet with me and was reading the books every time I went out.

Then my mother started to come out of her shell with me. She began talking more to me and joking around as she usually did, but still no mention of the books.

In the days following, I noticed a very subtle change in my mother. She had started wearing a little makeup and doing her hair up again. I don't think she realized that I noticed, but I did.

The following week held more surprises, as my mother's frumpy house clothes were replaced by jeans, shorts and T-shirts. She also was putting her makeup on a bit heavier.

Noticing this change, I realized that the books were having a definite effect on her. I made sure to give her ample time to continue reading the books but also started spending a little more time at home during the day.

The next week, my mother's jeans, shorts and T-shirts became tight jeans, tight shorts and tight T-shirts. The T-shirts had to be at least a size smaller, as my mother's big juicy tits were sticking out from them like a sore thumb. I had never seen my mother wear anything like that before. Also, she had put a much heavier coat of makeup on, including putting lip-gloss over her full sensuous pouty lips. She was looking outrageous. But still no mention of the books me.

But there was something I did take notice of that week. She was going out of her way to give me good looks at her body, like walking in the living room and moving an ashtray from one side of the coffee table to the other, then walking out again.

But the biggest thing I noticed was that my mother would always go upstairs at around 5:00pm, take off her makeup and put on her frumpy clothes, before my father got home. Then on that weekend, when my father was home, she didn't put any makeup on and stayed in her frumpy clothes. I couldn't believe it, my mother was dressing up for me.

What I couldn't understand was that if my mother was interested, why hadn't she mentioned the books to me. Maybe she was embarrassed? Maybe she wanted me to make a move on her?

Then it hit me. The books contained stories about mother/son; father/daughter; aunt/nephew; brother/sister; cousin/cousin, etc. Maybe my mother thought that I was buying the books, because I was fantasizing about a cousin or an aunt, and not her at all. It was now time to let my mother know, that it was her that I desired. I made up my mind that the first opportunity that I had the following week, I was going to make my move on her.

Well, that opportunity arrived that Monday morning. I came down for breakfast and found my mother dressed in a very tight knit blouse, tight shorts and a pair of high heels and she was made up to the hilt. Her hair was all teased up and she had on a real heavy coat of makeup. But what really caught my eye was her blouse, as my mother had no bra on and her hard nipples were sticking out of the material very noticeably. As I sat down at the kitchen table, my mother asked, "What would you like to eat for breakfast."

Realizing that this was my opportunity, without hesitation, I replied, "How about you."


I said, "Yeah Mom, I'd like to eat you. Would you like me to eat you out?"

With that I got up from the table, went over to my mother, stood right in front of her and told her that I knew she was reading the books and judging by the way she was dressed, that she was really enjoying them.

My mother's jaw dropped and her mouth was wide open in shock. She then asked me how I knew and when I told her, she started smiling and said, "Why you son of a bitch, you set me up." She then playfully hit me on the arm.

I asked my mother how she liked the books and she told me that they were very powerful stories and really got her to thinking. I asked her if they turned her on and she told me very much so. She added that she had never thought about those things before, but it seemed like a lot of people were doing it and enjoying it.

I told her that it did seem like fun, didn't it.

She just smiled.

I said, "Mom, would you like to have some fun like that with me."

Again she just smiled.

I said, "Mom, I've fantasized about you for a long time. You've got the hottest body I've ever seen in my life. I wanna suck your big juicy tits and eat your pussy out. I wanna go to bed with you. Mom, I wanna fuck you. Come on Mom, let's fuck."

My mother, extremely surprised by my frank language, just said, "Oh my God!"

I then said, "What about you Mom? Do you wanna fuck me, too? Don't be afraid or embarrassed to admit it, I don't want you to say "no," I want you to say "yes". Remember, I started this whole thing, it's my idea. I know the books turned you on, because I can see the way you've been dressing for me lately. What about it Mom, do you wanna fuck?" My mother looked up at me and very softly said, "Well, yes. I don't know if I can really go through with it, but I'd like to try, and I'm very turned on by all of this."

With that I embraced my mother and began kissing her softly on the lips and she reciprocated. Pretty soon the pace had picked up and my mother and I were tongue kissing hotly.

As our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths, I reached around and began caressing my mother's ass. My mother began moaning softly. Within minutes our bodies were grinding against one another very passionately and I reached up and under my mother's blouse and began squeezing her tits and then I tried to take her blouse off. My mother stopped me and said we should go into the living room.

Once inside, we got on the couch and I pulled my mother's blouse up, over her head and off. There before my eyes, for the first time, were my mother's luscious, naked, big silver dollar nippled forty-inch tits; what a sight to behold. They were awesome.

I then began sucking, licking, biting, and squeezing my mother's tits, as my mother squealed in delight. Shortly after, as I continued playing with her tits, I unbuttoned my mother's shorts and reached my hand down inside and began fingering and rubbing up my mother's pussy. My mother was beside herself by now, bucking up and down wildly on the couch and squealing loudly.

It didn't take long to get my mother off and I came right inside my pants, having never taken them off.

After we calmed down a bit, my mother said she wanted to talk to me. I started thinking to myself, that she didn't want to do anymore and was having second thoughts. But it was nothing like that.

Basically, the conversation was how much she needed what we were going to do together, how piss poor her sex life was with my father and that now I was going to be her main man in bed. She said she wanted to experience and try everything with me, just like the mothers and sons in the stories. She also added that no one must ever know and we must keep it our secret.

Of course I agreed and with that my mother said to me the words I only dreamed about ever hearing from her lips.

"Okay let's go upstairs and go to bed."

I had seduced my mother, without uttering a word. I had let the books do the talking for me and let my mother make up her own mind, at her own pace. Luckily, she went for it and didn't freak out on me. The great thing about using the books was that even if she had freaked out, I always could have told her that I was attracted to a female cousin and she never would have known about my attraction to her.

To Be Continued...

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