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My Mother, My Whore Pt. III
by Angelo

After having fucked my mother in the ass for the first time, things really heated up, as I started getting my mother into more kinky behavior.

Over the course of the coming months, we continued all of the activities that I described above. But it was while I was fucking my mother doggie-style, that I made a discovery that would lead to my mother becoming much more submissive for me and lead to some very unusual sexual activities between us.

When I fucked my mother from behind, I would slap her ass with my hand and I started noticing that she wouldn't yelp like it hurt, but would give a soft sigh or moan of pleasure when I did it. So I decided to ask my mother about it and she told me that she did like it and it felt real good to her.

I then asked my mother how would she like it if I started giving her spankings. Well, I couldn't have gotten a more favorable response, if I had put the words into my mother's mouth myself. She was very enthusiastic about it and told me she would love for me to spank her. She told me she felt tingly all over when I slapped her ass as we fucked and would really love to be spanked without anything else going on. Of course I was all to eager to comply with my mother's wishes.

So I had my mother put on a short mini (no panties), and do a tease dance for me. While she was dancing, I was asking her if she felt naughty and if she had been a bad girl. My mother was breathlessly answering my questions with a "yes" and I could tell she was getting turned on by it. I then began asking her questions like, "Was she her son's slut?", "Was she an incestuous whore?", "Was she a naughty incestuous mother?", etc..

With my mother answering "yes" to all my questions and getting visibly turned on by my questions, it was time to give my mother what she wanted, a good spanking.

I commanded my mother to come over to the edge of the bed, where I was sitting, and I ordered her to lift her miniskirt up over her ass and then lay across my lap, as I was gonna give her an over the knee spanking. My mother did as she was told and I began rubbing up my mother's ass with my hand and then playfully giving her light slaps on her ass and asking her questions, like I had asked her before.

My mother was panting and moaning pleasurably each time my hand came down on her ass. I then began increasing the pace and force of the slaps I was giving her and told her that when I asked her a question, I wanted her to answer the question out loud.

Before long my mother's ass cheeks were getting red and I had her in an ass bucking frenzy. She was yelping and moaning and I had her repeating vulgar and obscene words, until she started bucking wildly and screaming loudly and exploded into an ear splitting orgasm.

After she calmed down, I made her get on floor, on all fours, and I proceeded to fuck my mother's luscious asshole, until I was ready to cum and I pulled out and deposited a load of my hot cum, right on my mother's beautiful just spanked and just fucked ass.

My mother and I had added another dimension to our taboo affair and it would become a regular part of our sex routine and would also lead to more kinky behavior. After our first episode, my mother began requesting that I spank her, as she really enjoyed it. This led me to go one step further and I started bringing spanking videotapes home for us to watch. These tapes also included another activity that is sometimes a part of the spanking scene and that is restraint.

Well, I guess you know what happened next.

Yes, I was going to start getting into some light B&D with my mother. I was going to tie her up and give her spankings. It didn't take but a couple of tapes to see that my mother was interested and we tried our first restraint and spanking session not long after.

At our first session, we used some old ties of my father's and I bound my mother's wrists together, then her ankles. I then turned her over on the bed face down, with her arms extended above her head and I proceeded to spank her, until I made her cum, then I untied her ankles, leaving her wrists tied together, and then I began fucking my mother's pussy, as my mother was going crazy beneath me. Then when I was ready to cum, I pulled out and gave my mother a facial cum bath.

In future sessions, we used handcuffs and restraint straps and I started to dominate my mother, as she was becoming more and more submissive each and every day. I began to control every aspect of our sex, what she wore and what we'd get into. My mother went along with everything, she was well on her way to becoming a complete slut and total submissive whore.

Over the course of the next year, we got into more kinkier equipment. I began using nipple clamps, anal beads, neck collar with a leash, and ropes to tie her up with, as we played our kinky sex games.

Now don't think that we were doing these kinky activities all the time. We were still totally hooked on fucking and sucking and we were fucking like mad. In addition, I told my mother we should start ordering sexy outfits and fetish wear from catalogs. She was home to receive the deliveries and my mother handled the bills, so my father had no idea where his money was going. For that matter, he had no idea where his son was cumming either. We now were involved in quite an extensive array of sexual activities, and our sex was always fulfilling because of that. However, we weren't finished experimenting yet, not by a longshot. Over the course of the next year, we got into a variety of different activities.

I began having foot sex with my mother. We'd suck each other's toes, and then I would rub my cock all over her feet until I came on them. Sometimes I would make her put her high heels back on and walk around in them, with the cum squishing between her toes. She also gave me foot jobs and would bring me to orgasm, by jerking me off with her feet.

Then we started getting a little daring.

During the day, when I didn't have class at college, sometimes we would go to a sleazy motel, that showed in-room x-rated movies on the television. The motel was a little over an hour away from our town and we'd check in at noon and leave at 4pm. We'd always get real kinky there and my mother said that it was during those motel trysts, that it really felt like she was cheating on my father, because it was outside of our safe domain, our house.

I'll never forget the first time we went there, how excited the both of us were, to be fucking in a strange room, in a sleazy motel, watching porno movies. It really brought everything we were doing to the forefront. It turned out to be the site of some of our more enthusiastic fucking and experimentation sessions that we would ever have.

It was during one of those motel trysts, that we started our role playing sex game fantasy sessions.

I asked my mother how'd she feel about playing a hooker and I'd be her john. My mother agreed, saying it sounded like fun. I won't go into too much detail, but she played her part, telling me how much for each sex act and I in turn would give her the money, which she'd put in her pocketbook and then she proceeded to act and perform like a hooker for me. Now in itself, that doesn't sound so exciting, but it led to other role playing scenes, that were far more kinkier, which we ended up doing at home, too.

I'll briefly tell you about some of the scenes we get into. We recreate our mother-son seduction scene, where we take turns seducing one another in different scenarios. We also do the television repairman, mailman, UPS delivery man, cable guy, traveling salesman, etc., that type of scene. My mother is dressed in normal attire, then she excuses herself, then returns dressed in a slutty outfit and seduces whoever it is that I'm playing.

We also play other people, who we know, like I'll be my father's boss, friend, cousin, nephew, one of her friend's husband, etc.. My mother will play my aunt, cousin, next door neighbor, my girlfriends mother, one of my mother's friends, etc.. We take turns seducing one another and there are plenty of scenarios that we come up with.

We also get into the burglar situation, where my mother will come home and suprise the burglar, or vica versa, and we play out the whole scene, which ends up with me making her take off her clothes and have sex with me, while begging me not to hurt her.

We also get into rape fantasies, where I use force on my mother, ripping her clothes off and forcing her to have sex with me, while I threaten to hurt or kill her, if she doesn't cooperate. Those are some wild scenes, believe me. It's fun because we know it's not real, but I would hate for it to happen to my mother in real life, or to anyone for that matter.

Also, we get into the master/slave scene, where I treat my mother like a sex slave, by verbally degrading her, restraining her, spanking her, tying her up, leading her around on a leash, etc.

It was during one of those kink sessions, that I convinced my mother to let me do something to her, that is probably one of the most degrading things that one person can do to another person. I convinced my mother to let me piss on her tits. I gave my mother a golden shower.

What happened was that I was using her like a slutty sex slave and brought her into the bathroom and told her to lie face up, in the bathtub. She did so and then I told her that I was gonna piss on her. At first she objected, very adamantly I may add, but I told her to let me try it just this once and I'd just piss on her tits and if she didn't like it, we'd never do it again. I explained to her, that she had liked everything we had been doing so far, so at least she could give it a try.

She finally agreed and when I started pissing on her tits, she started yelping and wiggling around wildly in the bathtub. After I finished, she told me that it wasn't as bad as she thought it was gonna be and my piss felt so warm, like I was pouring a stream of very warm water on her. I told her that's exactly what it was warm liquid.

Later on she totally surprised me, by saying that the next time we did it, she wanted me to piss on different parts of her body, to see how it felt. Well, since then the only part of her body that I haven't pissed on is her face.

That first time was a very defining moment in our affair, as it showed me that I had a complete slut on my hands and I was in total control of her. I could not believe all the kinky things I was doing with my mother and how eagerly she was going along with everything. I would have been happy, as would any guy, just to be able to fuck my mother and nothing else, but all the things we were doing were beyond comprehension. We were both having the times of our lives.

Our affair flourished during my college years, as I was still living home and we were constantly fucking up a storm. But it was in between my junior and senior year in college, that the most incredible activity, we would ever engage in, would take place.

We had done everything there was to do together, we had left no stone unturned. We were basically into everything and we had done it all. Well, not everything.

There was one thing left, one thing to put the final stamp of certification, of my mother's title of slut/whore and that would be to see my mother swing with other men in bed. It was time for me to approach my mother and tell her I wanted to see her get fucked by another guy in bed and then I wanted to join in after and give her a two on one fuck.

It was time to turn my mother into a "swinger".

In my mind she was ready. After all, during our role playing, when I'd play someone else, especially someone we knew, it would turn both of us on immensely. We had discussed it briefly in the past, but my mother said that it was a great fantasy, but she didn't think she could actually do it for real.

Well, it was time to find out.

I began inundating my mother by playing porno tapes of threesomes, foursomes and gang bangs and let it work on her mind, as I was telling her how hot it all looked. When I thought I had done a good enough job of convincing her with the tapes, I approached my mother.

One day, I told her point blank that I wanted to see her fuck another guy and I wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. I wanted to see her get into some swinging and take on more cock. I told her she would make a tremendous swinger and just like we were born to commit incest together, with a body like her's, she was born to be a swinger.

Well, we had a long discussion about it all and at first she was against it, but little by little, I was breaking down her final barriers, with convincing descriptions of what it would be like.

I knew I had her, when she matter-of-factly asked, who would we get anyway, as we'd have to find someone we could trust emphatically, to keep our secret, a secret.

Not missing an opportunity, I jumped on her statement like a cat. I asked her, that if we could find someone that we could trust, and we were both comfortable with, would she do it. She thought for a moment and then said that she probably would, that she would be willing to at least give it a try.

Well that's all I had to hear. My mind began working almost immediately as to who I could get. I asked my mother if she had anyone in mind, that she'd feel comfortable with. She told me, no one that she thought she could trust. I was curious as to who she was thinking of, so I asked her. Then my mother told me a story, about my Uncle Phil, my father's brother.

She told me about having to rebuff my Uncle's sexual advances, that he made on her, on more than one occasion. Now you'd think that I would get pissed at my Uncle for that, but I really couldn't blame him, after all, look what I was doing.

My mother told me that about ten years ago, for a period of about two years, he would occasionally telephone my mother up during the day and ask her if she wanted to go out for a drink and he'd like to get together with her. Then another time, he just came over the house one morning, when my father was at work and I was at school and he knew my mother was alone and he grabbed my mother and was trying to kiss her and was groping her body. Jokingly, I asked if he got any good grabs in? She said yeah, some real good ones. She said, he had her pinned up against the hallway wall, with her front facing the wall, and from behind he was rubbing his crotch against her ass, had both hands all over her tits, was kissing her neck and was telling her he wanted to fuck her.

I told my mother that I couldn't believe what I was hearing, that my Uncle could be so bold in his approach on her.

My mother said that she started screaming loudly and my Uncle stopped. She said that she told him that if he ever tried that again, she was going to tell my father. Well, he told my mother that if she did that, he'd tell my father that she invited him over the house and came on to him and that he rebuffed her advances.

So they were a stalemate. They talked some and eventually my Uncle told her that he was sorry he had gotten so crazy and had scared her, but that her body drove him wild. He told her that he wouldn't bother her anymore, but if she ever changed her mind, to just let him know, that he'd always be available anytime, anyplace.

I asked my mother how'd she feel about fucking for another family member, especially her brother-in-law, her husband's own brother. She said that if he was the only person we could come up with, she'd do it, but would really prefer someone else. I agreed, but told her that he was willing and that's what we needed. My mother said she knew, but she just didn't trust him and didn't think he could keep his mouth shut.

I told her that it was okay and there was no rush in making a decision and I told her to think it over and we'd try to come up with someone else.

Well that night, just as I was going to bed, something my mother said indirectly, came into my mind. She said it wasn't that my Uncle was another family member, it was just that she thought she couldn't trust him. So, another family member was okay with her, in fact, knowing my mother, I was sure she would prefer it that way. With the person being in the family, she'd know the person and feel comfortable with him, rather than say a friend of the family or even a total stranger.

It didn't take me long to come up with a person that I'd know she'd approve of and wondered why I hadn't thought of it sooner. In fact, thinking about it more, there wasn't only one person I could probably get, it was two.

Obviously, as it was late at night and my father was home, my mother didn't know anything about my idea yet, but she sure was gonna find out about it, the first thing in the morning.

My mother was about to get into swinging.

My mother was about to become a swinger, a "family swinger".

To be continued...

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