The Best Erotic Stories.

by Guillermo

Either the tape was messed up, slowing down and speeding up with rhythmic distortion, or I'd started hallucinating. Either way the night was a slow movie set crawling towards the car, and nothing was as real as it once had been. I had to remind myself occasionally of the law.

"Shit! Reality! The fucking cops! Remember! Remember!" I'd been going somewhere, before, but now I was only stumbling and spilling out over the road, cruising a teenage drag and secretly jacking off looking at hot high schoolers and wishing I had one to help me out. The destination of the night was left solely to the vehicle, which roared and putted alternately, like a cruel mockery of my excited but impotent nature. I felt the car. Every cog and gear, sound and smell, and when I ran into the back of the black limousine in front of me I didn't shout "It hit my car!" I shouted "It hit me!"

Actually it didn't hit anything, I hit IT, but I got out anyway and rocked and prattled out into the dark, flinging my arms and flaring my fingers like a madman, shouting incomprehensibly just for the hell of it, dick hanging out (I forgot) and flopping for extra illustration of JUST HOW ANNOYED I WAS. Cars all around honked and yelled angrily. I was sure though, that if I could just communicate to them how I was feeling, they'd all be on my side. "What the HELL?! Driving along on the road and just looking at the window... out the window, just driving for God's sakes didn't you ever DRIVE when you were a kid take Sunday DRIVES and little trips for God's sake that's DRIVing what do you think this is Nazi Germany for Christ's sake we have RELigion and the FLAG in this country!"

All night long I'd been thinking about the nature of life and decided the only way to combat the pointlessness, though at the time the pointlessness was less a problem than an launch point and game, and creation or destruction were the only ways to come close to god, and be accepted into his Heaven. I wasn't really angry enough to hurt the passengers, but a little well meaning (they'd remember this, it would be a good story later) destruction and violence towards the car. But when I was walking up and just about to punch the black tinted window it swung open and jumped me back and out and "you fucking maniac I'm gonna sue your fucking ass off mother FUCKER small dicked drunk!..." and on and on a girl got out, not the driver, the passenger, the rich one (but she didn't look rich as much as she just looked YOUNG) and came up against my unfocused jabbering to focused if not uninformed insults. She took out a can of Mace and sprayed it promptly into my eyes!

"Ah!!!!!!! What the hell?! What the- what the fucking HELL?! WHAT THE FUCK?! AH! AH! Ouch! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" and it didn't take very long at all, only a couple seconds, from the moment I rear ended her for the sake of anarchy that I was nauseous and blind. I puked onto the sidewalk.

"Oh. Oh well, shit, you fucking pansy. Shit. Get in here." And an arm pulled me into the car by my crotch crawled over me, then slammed it shut. "Shut up you little baby." I felt my dick being sucked gently, going right into, further lathering up my precum and smearing it over skin, mouth going over like sucking a popsickle and on the side like eating corn on the cob. I felt myself relaxing. I could listen again.

"Skip the party tonight?" said a voice from the front.

"No. Still go." The sucking stopped momentarily, but then started up again. I was still in pain, but I could hardly protest. I kept my eyes clinched shut, pulled back and out, bouncing my dick on her face a little bit, and then getting it away, climbing onto her, I groped and found her pants. Stuck my dick at her and felt her cunt tickle wildly, in pain and a complete disregard (if not mere concept loss, memory going quickly) for any ill future or unpleasant past.

"Hey hey hey. God. Why do I get myself into this shit? Here, but this on." I felt another tugging at my cock, and then the gentle pressure of teeth, tongue diving into and then mouth holding open condom, she slipped it over me with her mouth. "Okay. I'm on top." And she climbed up on me and onto my crotch, me facing towards the front and her straddled looking out the back window, as she began to bounce energetically, not skimping on the scream, even started what seemed a little unrealistically premature, little too loudly, but for some reason I don't think it was for my benefit. The chauffeur must have been watching, but I doubt it was an extremely uncommon incident. Not for them, anyway. She didn't stop, and even after I'd come and flooded all over the leather interior she still didn't get off, I was still limp inside her, and she kissed wetly, swirling her tongue all over my face, and grinding her breasts on my work shirt (she took her top off herself- no bra). When I got hard again we were at a stop light, and pushed the door open, pushed me out so I hit my back on the concrete and tore my shirt, so when she yanked me up I it ripped completely, and when she threw me on the hood of another car I must have looked sufficiently helpless. So when she pulled a man out of another car he knew who was in charge, and when I was in the middle of a crowded intersection eating her out while she sucked another stranger's dick I didn't even think about it.

The other man did, though, and after he'd cum he jolted up and got himself together, got in the car and honked the horn like he'd never had a thing to do with it. She climbed back on me again, and now she was completely naked, she'd thrown her clothes in the street, and kissed me wide and open mouthed so the taste of a stranger's cum was the closest I'd ever come to being a gay man before I even knew it.

I heard the driver get out of the limousine and I thought the voice of reason had finally arrived to pull us out of a dangerous situation, but before I knew it there was a dry cock tearing into my ass and I knew JUST what it was like to be gay. I was more turned on and pumped the girl as hard as I could as I was pumped and we dented in the car of the man who's cum was in my mouth and we didn't stop til the cops pulled us off.

There was only one cop nearby and he had to get us off the street as fast as possible so we were all put into the backseat of a single car (except for that other guy, who'd gone innocent in the situation) and she STILL tried to fuck. I was, by then, remembering the pain of the pepper spray and the reality of the law and a horrible curiosity of what kind of foul substances I might have in my body or on my person that night, wasn't hard, but I heard her and the limo driver yelling all the way to the station. The cop didn't say a thing to them about quieting down.

We were each put in different jail cells and just as I was worrying about experiencing the ways of the homosexual again, after about an hour of incarceration, I was released on bail ("courtesy of your friend"). I still had to pay an impound fine, though, and a cross city cab ride, to boot.

I'm not sure but I think I saw the girl again, on television. Some kind of a rock star for teens, in town to play a concert. I'd heard jokes about her before but never knew a face (or body) to attach them to. Funny. She loooked so innocent in her video.


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