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Night After Working Hours

We had gone down this road many times before. She had teased and tempted me a good many times in the past. She normally tried to control the situation knowing that I would honor her wishes and stop before the situation got out of hand. This time was different.

She was the one in need and from the moment she walked in my office and shut the door locking it behind her, I knew things were going to get interesting. The way she talked, the way she looked at me and the way she sat spread legged before me only emphasized and reinforced my suspicions. The pint of tequila she carried with her didn't hurt her mood or muddle the message one bit. I had been online looking for raunchy stories on my computer when she entered, browsing porn stories describing other people's unexpected good fortunes. It appeared that mine awaited.

Little did she know, although I'd joked about it in the past, that I was a tongue fucking devotee who enjoyed licking a juicy slit or puckered bung hole even more than I enjoyed fucking them. I lived for the opportunity to tongue fuck a bitch into a heated frenzy, sometimes laughing at them and making them ask me real nice if I would be so kind as to continue my muffing after they reached the point of no concern. This bitch, Natalie, had left me with blue balls many times before and I was sick and tired of it.

I had considered resorting to brute force a time or two just taking the pussy, making the bitch give up what she had been readily advertising, but so far I had not taken that step. She looked at me funny and threw back a long gulp of Cuervo Gold snacking her lips and getting up off the chair coming around my desk to see what was on my computer screen. I told her that perverted shit was on the screen and on my mind and she just plopped on my lap, grinding her substantial ass and pussy into my pelvis.

I took the standard next step and started rubbing her back, whilst I planned a flanking action around to her jutting titties. I thought I needed a diversionary move, but after I rubbed her back for about 30 seconds she reached back and suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled them around to her bare abdomen.

Instead of being reprimanded for approaching the flag as in the past, I found her next lowering my hands to bare unguarded muff. Not only that but this dick teasers thighs were now spread wide open allowing full access. Natalie had somehow pulled her wrap around skirt out of the way leaving only red bikini bottoms between my fingers and her distended pussy lips which quivered and then gaped open like a Venus Fly Trap, when I brushed my hand across it. When I slipped my big ass middle finger into her A-2000, I found it leaking fuck juice like a bag of ice chips left out on a hot sidewalk. I slid my fingers down further into her quim and she just spread her gams even wider as if a had a back stage pass allowing me unrestricted access. There were no protestations....just moans, grunts and pussy thrusts from her totally shaved, and obviously needy pussy. I didn't need to get slapped upside the melon to know when cake is being served, it was now time to satisfy my sweet tooth.

After countless episodes of being denied, of being relegated to begging for some relief and most often having to provide my own after she left, the tables had turned, momentum had switched to my bench and now ... Natalie was the one it need of relief and since my balls were being ass sandwiched into the cushion of my chair, I quickly surmised she needed it now. After I suggested relocating to my couch she answered by sliding that big fine ass down my thigh to my knee, after it sucked my knee a few inches into her intestines she eased up off me moved over to the sofa, laying her head back, closing her eyes and holding her tanned thighs wide open to my eyes, expecting an attack soon on her pulsing vagina.

I knelt before her as she slid her damp panties off her rosebud ...showing me a cleanly shaved beaver itching for a tongue infusion.

I immediately faked a move on her like I was diving right in and then pulled my head back flicking my tongue and just hesitated inches from the vault asking her the required question, "Now what bitch?' After making eye contact with her, and concealing a smirk, I thought to myself enough asshole, don't fuck it up now.

I then began dowsing for trench juice kissing, sucking and mouthing her lips pulling them out a few inches before releasing them and watching her long, full cunt lips slither back into place around her well groomed yam as if made of rubber. I then slid further down toward the floor locking my arms around her thighs and ass cheeks sliding my face and lips in to dock up with her clit..then .teasing and lapping at her nub chewing once and a while gently of those fat pussy lips....wanting to make her suffer and beg for more.

She groaned and implored me to get busy and I moved ahead hungrily nibbling and lapping like a dog finally free to seek out my just reward in the form of her unbelievably sweet pussy potion. She was proud of the attraction it held for me and unabashedly urged me to drink the nectar now leaking profusely ..... down her thighs. She knew exactly how she wanted her needy muff to be licked and nuzzled and the lady was not shy about telling me how she wanted me to lick it. Did I mention this lady had an unusually sweet pussy, juicy as an over ripe peach? I tried to suck that bitch to delirium and hoped to meet every one of her many demands with 100% customer satisfaction. Her moans and sighs were so fucking loud, it sounded like I was corn-holing her with a Louisville slugger instead of my tongue. I was afraid her moans would summon anyone within hearing range ....but .....thankfully....... we were all alone, so Natalie was free to groan and moan..

I licked, sucked, slurped and tongue fucked her quivering yam relentlessly as she ground her snatch into my face trying to impale my head into her uterus just moaning and sighing along to encourage my exploration of her cave. She demanded that I pinch and squeeze her big nipples and titties and don't you know I happily complied by twisting her pleasure buds in masochistic delight as she moaned in a new in a key, while she fucked my tongue with circular motions that only a mature cock pleaser could have learned from years of experience taking trying to wear out tongues.

I did my job and did it quite well, is I say so myself. She said the same over and over and over. Well after licking her pussy into next week guess what this bitch did not want to follow up with the severe tongue lashing my eager cock thought was a cinch to follow. Wait till next time baby... you will have to pay my price....


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