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Nurse's Convention
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

The next day Kim awakens, not sure where she is. She stretches and realizes she's not alone in the bed. Then the memories of last night cum flooding back to her mind. She rolls onto her side and kisses Tina awake.

"Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?" Tina asks.

"Yah, like a baby. I think I could get used to this."

They notice the time and quickly shower and dress, arriving downstairs as things get started. Finding two seats at a table near the back of the room they put their materials down and go to get breakfast at the buffet. Just as the speaker formally starts to outline the day's activities they get back to the table, plates in hand and sit down.

The day passes quickly. Kim has a difficult time concentrating. She'd rather imagine what she and Tina will do later that night. They didn't sign up for the same breakout groups, so they spent most of the day apart. There are assigned seats at dinner, and the two are not together.

Finally at the end of the day they meet in the suite. Kissing passionately you would've thought they were away from each other for much more than 10 hours.

"All I could do all day was think about you," Kim told Tina.

"I know, I had a hard time staying focused, too. What do you say we get naked and watch some TV?" Tina replied.

They rapidly shed their clothing and Kim gets into bed. Tina goes into the bathroom and brings in a wine bucket with an uncorked bottle of wine and two chilled glasses. She gets into bed and pours each of them a glass. She uses the remote to turn on the TV and VCR. Two naked women are embraced and kissing on a blanket in the forest.

(Gasp) "What's this?" Kim asks.

"Do you like it?"

"Yea, it's pretty damn hot. Do they have this stuff at the video rental place downstairs?"

"I'm sure they have something like it, but I brought this from home."

"You really come prepared, don't you?"

"Shut up and kiss me!"

Tina pulls Kim to her and they start to suck-face like a couple of teenagers. Their tongues dart into each other's mouths and dance together as they hear the moans and groans coming from the TV.

"Ohh, this is soooo wild! I still can't believe this is happening to me."

They lay back to watch the scene heat up on the screen. Hands rove all over and Kim soon discovers Tina's sopping pussy. She sees the woman in the movie do something she would've never thought of on her own.

'I'm gonna do that to Tina tonight!'

Kim's nipples start to swell. Tina slides down a little bit so she can take one in her mouth. Around and around the areola her tongue goes, feeling all the bumps rise from her ministration. She sucks and licks until the tip is engorged and hard, twirling her tongue around the marble.

They turn and position themselves so that they can each suckle one another's breasts. It is hard to decipher the moans from the TV from those in the room. Tina can feel the vibrations from Kim's mouth on her pert teat and can't help but arch her back, forcing her breast further into her mouth.

They somehow seem to move into a 69 position with Kim on top facing the TV. She starts to kiss and lick Tina's muff, entranced by the view before her.

"Mmfffffmmmm, ohhhhh, ahhhh, feels so good. Yeah, lick that pussy."

"Keep tweaking my nipples. I want'em to stay hard. Can you reach?" Kim asks.

"Yah, I can. I will. But only if you keep that up. What a great tongue you've got!"

She spreads Tina's pussy and tongues her wetness. She tastes better than last night and the smell is much stronger. She continues to kiss her smooth box and finds the jewel hidden within. She buffs the jewel until it's glimmering and shiny, protruding out of its hood more than she thought it could.

"Ohhhhh, yes!"

She can take it between her teeth, and does, biting down gently and sucking at the same time. She shakes her head side to side to increase the stimulation and is rewarded with more dew streaming from the cavern of her desire.

"Oh, yeah, mmmmmmmm. I like that. You're a quick learner!" exclaims Tina.

Tina grips Kim's nipples, twirling and pinching. She is getting heady from the scent and taste of the snatch over her. She licks up and down, taking Kim's meaty lips into her mouth and strokes them with her tongue. She moves her focus to what is on the inside, searching for the bundle of nerves that will set her off. Her tongue grazes the bundle and Kim moans with desire. She concentrates on making Kim cum before her, like it's a contest or something.

"You've been waiting for this all day, haven't you?" asks Tina. "I can smell it."

"Umhm, yes, oh, ummm, I have. Mmmmmm, ggggoooddddd! Feels soooo good! Keep that up and you are going to make me cum!!"

Tina continues her assault and Kim starts to squirm. She sucks the little bead into her mouth and nibbles on it, sending courses of pleasure through Kim's body. She starts to rock her mound against Tina's face, angling herself for the best stimulation.

"Fuck yeah, make me cum. I want to cum!!!! Pinch my nipples harder!"

Tina leads her up and down the valleys of desire until she can stand it no longer. Reaching her peak, Kim screams out.

"Oh shitttttttt!!!!!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck YEAH!! Unnnnnnnnnnnn!!"

Her cunt overflows with her own juices as she continues to go down on Tina. Her nipples are still standing stiff at attention, just like she wanted. After regaining a little of her composure she slides down further in the bed to Tina's wet nest and positions her breast so that her nipple is rubbing up against it.

"Whoa, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna tittie fuck you."

"I want to watch! Let me sit on the edge of the bed so I can see."

Kim moves down to the floor and gets on her knees, rolling her nipples the whole time. Tina moves to the side of the bed and sits with her legs spread wide on either side of Kim. As she brings her nipple back to the nest in front of her she sighs. The cries and wails from the movie in the background are keeping her own cunt dripping with moisture.

"God, that feels good. It's soft, but rough and textured. I love it!"

Kim has her breast in her hand, guiding the nipple up and down Tina's lips. She reaches and spreads her outer lips so that Kim can get closer to her pulsing center. As her nipple grazes the throbbing pebble she feels Tina get even wetter. She dips her protruding nipple into the flood to lubricate it, then brings it back up to the pebble that is begging for release.

'Damn!! I really like this woman! She brings out a part of me no one has touched before!!'

Up and down, back and forth, around and around Kim traces the hard nub with her nipple bringing her closer to the pinnacle.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's great! I love watching you play with my pussy. Yeah, just like that. There!! Shit! Right there! Ooohhhhhh!"

Kim follows Tina as she grinds her box against her nipple. She can feel the contractions starting and knows that Tina is going to cum. She watches as orgasm overcums Tina, her legs shaking uncontrollably, her breathing fast and ragged, fascinated.


Tina cums with a gush of fluid onto Kim's tit and a scream, but Kim doesn't stop. She continues to masturbate Tina's snatch with her nipple, rubbing it harder and deeper with every stroke. Tina cums again and again, drenching the bed with her release. She begs Kim to stop, but she doesn't listen.

"Ooohhhhhh, ooohhhh, stop! Ahhhhh, too much!!"

'Don't stop, don't stop . Make me gush!!'

She spreads Tina's legs further apart and brings her mouth to the hot box. Pushing her mound up and back to get at the spasming nubbin hidden within Kim tackles it with her tongue, not letting Tina rest until her entire body is convulsing with orgasm after orgasm.

Tina flops back on the bed, exhausted, and Kim brings her nipple to her mouth. She licks Tina's cum from herself and soothes her sore nipple. Then she slumps to the floor.

'Damn, now my first tittie fuck. I wonder what other firsts I'm going to have in the next 2 days.'

Kim gets up and puts Tina's legs onto the bed, then crawls in next to her. She turns off the TV and VCR, falling fast asleep right afterwards.

The next day goes by a little slower, but at the end of the day they are hot horny wenches and can't wait to get their hands on each other. Kim has transformed into an aggressive partner in bed. No longer shy and hesitant, she likes to experiment and take control.

"I saw that you had some other interesting things in your suitcase. May I go rummaging through it?"

"Sure, take anything you want for us to use."

She gathers an assortment of silk scarves and brings them over to the bed. She takes a dark green one and uses it as a blindfold on Tina.

"Now lie down, you do trust me, don't you?" Kim asks.

"Yes, just don't do anything crazy," Tina replies as she scoots back and into the middle of the bed.

Kim starts with Tina's left arm, kissing from her shoulder, down her arm, licking at the soft part of her elbow, kissing all the way to her hand. She licks Tina's palm, tasting the salty sweat, then kisses each of her fingertips. She wraps Tina's wrist with the red silk scarf and ties it to the headboard. She repeats this on Tina's right side.

"Ooohh, a little bondage, huh?"

She kisses Tina from the top of her head down her body once again. She trails a feather down Tina's sides and around her breasts. Tina squirms and laughs. Continuing her trail of kisses down Tina's abdomen she gets to her left hip. She kisses and licks Tina's thigh, the hollow of her knee, her calf and shin, to her ankle. Then her arch and instep, sucking each one of her toes.

"What do you think you are doing, you wench? Huh? Tying me to the bed? You think that's gonna stop me from making you cum as much as I did last night?"

While working on her toes Kim takes a purple silk scarf and wraps it around Tina's ankle and to the posts at the foot of the bed. She leaves enough slack so Tina can pull her leg up and bend her knee. Once again she repeats her actions on Tina's right leg, leaving Tina tied down spread eagle on the bed.

"You naughty nasty vixen. How did you know this is one of my fantasies?"

Tina sighs and lays back, wondering what Kim is going to do next. She goes over to the cassette tape player/clock radio and puts in Deep Breakfast, soothing instrumental jazz music. Then she walks back to Tina's suitcase to gather a few other items. She lights a vanilla spice candle and places it on the table next to the bed.

'This is gonna be so much fun!!'

Feather in hand, Kim slowly circles Tina's breasts with the tip. In a winding fashion from the outside in she twirls the feather until Tina is wiggling, trying to avoid the inevitable. The feather reaches her nipple and Tina gasps and giggles.

"That tickles, damnit!!"

Kim slips an ice cube into her mouth and then leans down to take Tina's nipple into it.

"AAAHHH!! That's cold!!"

Kim draws the nipple into her mouth and sucks hard on it. The blood rushes to the tip and it becomes engorged.

"Ohhh, that feels so good. Bite my nipple. Yeah! Bite it!!!"

Kim takes an ice cube in hand and rubs it all over Tina's breast. Then she reaches over and takes the burning candle. She lets a couple drops of hot wax fall onto Tina's breast where the melted ice cube has left a sheen of water and returns the candle to the table.


Tina tries to pull her hand towards her breast to cover it, but can't due to the bonds that tie her.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't you trust me???"

Tina closes her mouth as Kim kisses her. She can't hold back her affection for long, as her passion is burning over. For some odd reason the pain of the ice and wax has really turned her on.

Kim repeats her actions on Tina's other breast, twirling her ice-cold tongue on the nipple, nipping and suckling it until it is engorged, straining to become more erect.

"Damn! That is exquisite! Mmmmmmm!"

She ices down the entire breast and then lets hot wax droplets fall. As Tina writhes in the mixed agony and pleasure Kim lets her hands graze down to her nether region.

"Kiss my pussy, please. I need you to kiss it. Make me cum. Let me cum. I need to cum. You have me so hot!! Yes!! Kiss my pussy!!"

Kim kisses a trail down her body, purposely avoiding her nest. She kisses above her mound and her inner thighs. Down her legs, licking behind her knees again. Her hands caress Tina's body with an ethereal touch.

"You are such a fucking tease!!"

"Yep, you know it."

Bringing the feather to Tina's feet she tickles her lightly, alternating between pleasure, pain and irritation. Tina's pussy is wet and ready for action, but Kim denies her, taunting her more.

"Please, what do you want me to do? Beg? I'm begging you! Please. Just touch my cunt, just once. I have to feel you touch it. PLEASE!!"

Kim laughs and puts an ice cube in her mouth. She deliberately takes her time making her way from Tina's feet to her box, kissing here and there; first her thigh, then her calf, moving up and down to confuse the blindfolded vamp. Tina is whimpering and writhing in the bed, pulling against her restraints.

"Please, please. Why are you doing this to me? Why? My clit is pounding, quivering in anticipation. I can't stand this! You have got to touch me there. I can't take it anymore! Please!!!"

'Fuck! Why won't she let me cum? I NEED to cum!'

Kim kisses the smooth skin of her cute cunnie and Tina sighs audibly. The ice cube is almost completely melted in her mouth and as she opens the lips in front of her she puts the ice cube in her teeth. She spreads her cunt lips with the ice cube, sending a shiver down Tina's spine.

"Whhhhaaattt is tthhhaaaattttt??? It's COLD!!!!!!!!!"

Kim inserts the remaining sliver of ice inside Tina's steaming hole, and it melts immediately.


Putting a mint meltaway(tm) in her mouth, Kim licks the throbbing button of flesh in front of her. It is out of its sheath, ready and waiting to be manipulated.

"What are you doing now? That can't describe it. Tingly? Prickly? Minty?"

She grasps the button with her teeth and grinds it between them, very lightly. Tina moans, enjoying the sensation. As she lets the nub go, she moves her mouth to kiss the crease of Tina's groin, right above her pubic bone. She sucks on the skin, giving Tina a small hickey right near the joining of her mound and thigh. She licks down her thigh and back up her inner thigh until she reaches the apex again. Licking the outer lips she teases Tina horribly, making her burn with desire.

"Oooohhhh, yes! Please, lick my pussy!! I want you to eat me raw!!"

She slowly spreads her outer lips, rubbing the unseen clit in the process. Licking the sides of her inner lips, sucking them into her mouth Kim reaches one hand up to Tina's pert tits, grasping a nipple in hand.

"Ahhhhh!! Ohh!! Ummmmm! Yes!!"

Tina begins to grind her snatch against Kim's mouth, trying in vein to get her to stimulate her little pea. Kim tweaks her nipple while kissing and licking all over her most intimate parts, making Tina even more ardent.

"Fuck me!!!! Yeah, I love you kissing my cunt!!"

Kim grabs a pillow and tells Tina to lift her hips. She places the pillow under Tina, to raise her up a little and give her better access to the sweetness within.

"Raise your knees, wench! Pull them up towards your chest using those strong abs of yours. NOW!"

Tina does as she is told, knowing that the quicker she does it the more pleasure she will receive. Kim takes another candy, bites off the outer chocolate shell and inserts the minty center deep into Tina's tunnel.


"Have you had enough teasing?? Do you want to cum??? My torrid one?"

"PLEASE!!!!! Yes, make me cum!!"



This story was split into 5 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

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