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New Career
by LadyNRed

Victoria was top of her class at the state university law school. Unfortunately, law school wasn't cheap. Her ex-husband declared bankruptcy immediately before the divorce, which left her with no option but to declare bankruptcy herself. As a result, she was now unable to secure student loans.

She had spent the first year and a half of law school stripping. The money had been good. Actually, the money was great. She had paid for her first two years of law school, bought a car, and covered all her living expenses to that point.

She made more money than any of the other strippers at Club Golden. Instead of performing the usual bump-and-grind routine, she had selected more ethereal music. Her routine was a series of yoga movements that blended together in an erotic ballet. A long-time student of yoga, she twisted and contorted her body into numerous complicated positions.

Her routine held the patrons spellbound, and the applause was deafening. Not to mention the thrill she received from stretching naked before a roomful of strange men. Before she was halfway through her routine, she was soaking wet between her legs and her nipples were hard and pointed. Manny, the guy who handled the lighting, always made sure that the lights flickered across her shaved, glistening labia.

There were two problems with her position (pun intended). The first was the incredible arousal she left the stage with. She had taken to keeping her vibrator waiting just off stage. Unfortunately, Club Golden had a strict rule against fraternization between the strippers and the clients. If she had been allowed, she would have leapt from the stage to impale herself on the nearest cock at the end of each routine.

The second was the clientele that frequented Club Golden. She had been to two interviews in the past week. At each interview, she had recognized at least half the partners from the club. They had not seemed to recognize her, but at the club, their gazes had not been focused on her face. However, she knew that it was only a matter of time before someone recognized her and her chances of practicing law were destroyed.

Her friend Tammi from the club had left to work as a "stress-consultant," and was able to get Victoria a job with her "firm." A stress-consultant was to help powerful busy men find an outlet for their stress without disturbing their daily business routine.

She was nervous on the way to her first booking. She had dressed as instructed by the firm. She wore a full skirt that hung to just above the knee. Her top was fitted, made out of a stretchy material that was cut in a seemingly demure manner across her chest. Victoria wore black stockings and a black garter belt. She carried a brown leather briefcase.

She looked like a professional on her way to a business meeting. She arrived at the advertising firm right on time. The receptionist called the CEO's secretary. Victoria gave her "stage" name and was escorted to an office on the top floor. The secretary instructed her to go on in.

Nervously, Victoria walked into the opulent room. A portly man behind the desk was engaged in a heated debated over the phone. He wore a headset that left his hands free. He made a twisting motion with his hand, indicating that she was to lock the door.

After she locked the door, the man motioned for her to come around the desk. As she rounded the desk, he unzipped his pants, revealing a nine-inch penis that was already hard and throbbing. Without any preamble, the man pulled her across his lap, shoving his cock deep into her cunt. She was glad that she had used some lubricant before arriving.

He began to move. Victoria gasped and bit her lip to keep herself from crying out in pleasure. The sensation was overwhelming. He was hot, hard, and thick. She loved the feel of him sliding up into her and pulling out, stroking deeply into her with strong full thrusts. The feel of him thrusting into her made her much wetter than the lubricant had.

He was screwing her and screwing her hard. His portly belly jiggled against her torso through his dress shirt. The disgusting sensation was strangely erotic and turned her on even more. He hit the mute button on the attachment that was clipped to his belt. His other hand pulled her shirt down, the stretchy material bunched beneath her breasts, lifting them to his waiting mouth.

He latched on and sucked hard, running his tongue over her nipple and gently nipping at it. While the mute button was depressed, he let out loud grunts as he pounded himself into her. All sound but his voice in business-like tones would stop when he released the mute button to respond to the person on the other end of the line. But he never broke the pistoning movements of his hips beneath her.

She felt her blood begin to pool in her loins and her breath became heavy. Moments later, she stuffed his tie into her mouth to stifle the scream accompanying her orgasm.

His leg muscles tightened and he began to screw her in a furious frenzy. She forced his climax by clenching him hard with her pussy walls. He hit the mute button, and gave a strangled shout. She felt a long, hot squirt deep within her. She continued to ride him until she had milked the last drop of cum from his body.

She lifted herself from his lap, and he shifted, zipping up his pants. He pulled out his wallet and counted out ten, hundred dollar bills. Victoria took the money, blew him a kiss, lifted her briefcase full of toys, and left the room.

There was something extremely erotic about having fucked a man she had never spoken to. An old, fat man who had just used her body as a nothing more than a tool for his release. A glance at her watch told her that she had only been in the office for twenty minutes. Not a bad way to make a thousand dollars. She couldn't wait until her next appointment.

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