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Nurse Clandestine
by Shirley

Mr. Lawson lay in his hospital bed semi-conscious from the steady drip of morphine coursing through the i.v. tube into his small, sexagenarian veins. Shifts had just changed and it was now time for the afternoon sponge bath bequeathed upon every patient in the geriatric ward of Lutheran General.

Bath time was an activity to which each patient looked forward, as the bather was usually Nurse Hill, a voluptous, curvaceous redhead who filled her white polyester dress like no other nurse ever has or ever will. Mr. Lawson was first on Nurse Hill's list this particular day. Lucky man. As her supple ass wiggled into room 4224 of the semi-private suite on the fourth floor of the hospital, her dress rode up mid-thigh. She thought nothing of it as her patient was unresponsive.

She drew back the thin cotton sheet, revealing the thin cotton gown barely covering the older gentleman who was recovering from a triple bypass two days earlier. She reached behind his neck to untie the single strand holding Mr. Lawson's gown together. As Nurse Hill pulled the gown downward, she marveled at the sight of Mr. Lawson's incredibly young-looking body. He was in his late sixties but easily had the body of a man twenty years younger.

She commented to herself the irony of the physically fit people who end up having the worst heart attacks while fat slobs seemingly live forever. As she chuckled, the gown cleared Mr. Lawson's groin. Nurse Hill gasped. Laying flaccid before her, was the single largest cock she had ever seen in a state of rest. It was perfectly shaped, bulbous at the head and evenly cylindrical from the head to base of the shaft. Nurse Hill began to feel the familiar tingling between her legs that she often experienced during the sponge baths of her male patients.

She looked around in a clandestine manner to make sure the door was closed and Mr. Lawson's roommate was asleep. As she softly handled his long, limp cock, she licked her lips and lowered them to it. She sucked lightly on the very tip, teasing his hole with her tongue as her hand brush-stroked the shaft. There was no response. Nurse Hill didn't care, though. She knew sooner or later it would come to life and she would have the thrill of her life. She began sucking just a little harder and further down, engulfing his cock head with her warm, eager mouth. Small up-and-down rhythmic thrusts massaged life into the tired dick and gradually, it began to take shape. Her hands worked magic, stroking and caressing as her mouth breathed new life into her toy.

She noticed how her mouth was stretching to accomodate the thick cock shaft. She was squeezing her thighs together, trapping her clit between her swollen labia which were stroking the bud from the friction. Her head bobbed steadily over the sleeping man's now straining dick. What Nurse Hill had in her mouth and hand was a thick, nine-inch, gorgeous cock that needed to be put to good use. She placed her other hand between her sweating thighs and moved the fabric of her panties to the side so she could rub her clit directly. She was wetter than she had ever been, it seemed. She really wanted to feel this man's cock deep inside her. She attempted to rouse the man but he was too drugged to respond to her nudging and shaking so he lay there, stone-faced and hard as a rock. Not wanting him to lose his erection, she continued stroking as she removed her panties with her other hand. One leg at a time, she mounted the bed, straddling the old man, placing his hardness in contact with her wet, throbbing pussy.

As he entered her, she slid down slowly, savoring the feeling of the fullness inside her. She sighed shakily as her small, pink nipples exploded through her lacy bra and tight uniform. Nurse Hill sat still on her patient's dick as she unzipped her smock and unclasped her bra. Lowering her head, she licked feverishly at her hard pebbles and nipped at them occasionally, pulling gently with her perfect teeth. As she sucked her own tits, she began riding the cock stuffed up into her tight pussy. Gooseflesh covered her body with each downward thrust. She could feel the head pushing at her cervix. Sometimes she would grind into the man so that his head rotated inside her, circling the entrance to her womb. After doing this two or three times, she came with short, sudden bursts of air escaping her lips.

She could no longer handle the small, insignificant orgasms. She needed a life-altering orgasm that would send lightning down her spine, radiating through her buttocks and down the backs of her legs. She placed her hands on Mr. Lawsons shoulders, supporting herself as she leaned into him. She could feel his cock drawing out of her but stopping right before it would have sprung out. Without much upper body movement, she ground her hips into the man, alternating back and forth and up and down.

Her pace quickened. She wanted his mouth on her tits. She wanted him to suck her hard nipples and bring her to orgasm through the sucking and the fucking both. Without much thought, she presented his lifeless mouth with her huge breast, forcing his lips apart with her hardened flesh. His mouth was unresponsive and dry but the thrill of her horny tit in his mouth made her come wildly. Her pussy spasmed around his cock, hugging it and pulling it. She teased her clit to enhance her pleasure as she rode Mr. Lawson with her tit in his mouth.

Nurse Hill wasn't done, though. As her heart pounded against her ribcage, she kept Mr. Lawson inside her since he was still hard and hadn't come, himself. She knew he most likely wouldn't so she decided to keep playing. She felt as though she could come a dozen more times before she felt any real relief. She began to rock once again, her labia twice as swollen as before and very tender. It was a little uncomfortable, but she only thought about another orgasm like the last one. She reached behind her and played with the man's balls, kneading and pulling gently to help stimulate his erection. Her knees were beginning to hurt, so she swung them over either side of the bed so that Mr. Lawson was pressed into her as far as he could be pressed into her. When she got her rhythm, she reached behind her again and pulled his thighs apart far enough that his legs were hanging off either side of the bed. Leaning back, resting on one arm, she probed his asshole, fingering him, entering him, searching for the sensitive prostate area.

Once she thought she had it, she began riding him forcefully, finger-fucking him with her middle finger, massaging his prostate. As she was nearing her orgasm, she felt Mr. Lawson's cock shudder and explode inside her. The throbbing meat in her and the sensation of the warm fluids spilling into her and seeping from between his cock and her pussy wall sent her through the ceiling. She ground her teeth, thrashed her head back and forth and grunted furiously, stifling her cleansing screams of rapture. The jets of Mr. Lawson's fuck fluid slowed to a spurt here and there and the throbbing became less adamant.

She removed her finger from his asshole and swung her leg over to the other side of the bed. She could feel his semen draining from her, oozing down her reddened thighs. She fingered herself, trying to keep his cum inside her as long as possible. When she removed her finger, she brought it to her lips and brushed his juice onto them. She licked her lips and sucked her finger off, revelling in the bitter bland light saltiness of his geriatric cum. Nurse Hill put her panties back on, straightened her dress, putting everything back where it belonged and proceeded to clean off the old man.

As she left the room, the door closed behind her.

A smile seeped across the old man's face.

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