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Natural Camouflage Pt. II
by Carl East

I stood talking to Colin about yesterday's field test, telling him how successful it had been.

"So what, exactly, did you do yesterday?" Asked Colin.

I couldn't tell him the whole truth, but I did tell him that I had gone to the college and watched the girls. He laughed at that, knowing that I must have had some fun.

"What's on the agenda today?" I said, eager to try the jacket out once more.

The jacket was a very expensive piece of hardware that when worn and switched on could render the wearer invisible. I was told that it some how bent light, something about refraction, but it was all beyond me. It was powered by solar cells, which it turned out, had a life span of three hours after dark.

"Well, we don't have that meeting with our benefactors until the day after tomorrow, so if you would like to field test it some more you can, be careful though." Said Colin.

The jacket was fully charged, so I would have plenty of time to go wherever I wanted too. Putting it on, I told Colin that I would see him later, then left. It was mid afternoon, so I decided to check out the college again, knowing that that was where the action would be found.

I was soon back at my favourite house and headed straight for the shower room. There were three nice looking girls there today, all soaping them selves up giggling and laughing, I recognised one of them from yesterday, she'd made me cum while I watched her playing with her self. She was slowly but deliberately massaging the soap onto her breasts, touching the nipple's with the tips of both hands. I stood there with yet another boner admiring their bodies, and then I heard male voices coming from the changing room.

"Are you girls ready?" Someone said.

"Yes," came the answer like a choir, from all three girls.

Three Jocks then suddenly appeared from around the corner, all balls naked. They must have sneaked into the dorms. This should be fun I thought as they paired up with the girls and proceeded to get down. One of the guys had an enormous cock, which put mine to shame, he just happened to be paired with the girl I had admired yesterday. She got down on her knees and valiantly tried to take his huge cock down her throat. The other two couples were far too busy to notice. One of them was fucking, standing up against the cold tiles of the shower, while the other was doing it doggy fashion. My favourite was now giving her guy a hand job while sucking the end of his cock. Needless to say he was in heaven, and it wasn't long before he started to shoot his load. She tried to take it all in her mouth, but there was just too much, it started to run down her chin and onto her breasts. I so wanted to get in on the action, but I managed to control myself. She put her face under one of the showers, which was still running, then they got down to a good old fuck. I was just about to leave when her guy gave up trying to get hard again, saying that he was sorry but he'd had a few to drink. What a fucking loser I thought, she was clearly annoyed that she had given the fun but not received it. He stumbled off to the changing room while she had to content herself with a show from the others, watching for a while she started to play with herself. I just had to do something at that point, so I walked over to her and whispered into her ear from behind.

"If you want a good fucking bend over and don't turn around, if you do it will spoil everything." I said.

Her desire for a cock must have made her mind up, She nodded and bent forward; I quickly undid my zipper then placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Feeling it, she pushed backward wanting it in her cunt, I guided it in with one hand, resting the other on her back. Slowly at first I started to hump her bones, speeding up once the juices were flowing more freely. She started to moan with pleasure, I remembered the day before when I had shot my load looking at this beautiful woman. Wrong thing to do, I thought, feeling the, tell tale signs of imminent ejaculation. I did cum but I was too horny to leave it like that, so I carried on pounding away. She orgasmed a while later making me glad that I hadn't stopped, I looked over at the other two couples still going strong on the shower room floor. One of them had cum all over their faces, not in the least bit bothered. But both couples were too preoccupied to notice what we were doing, so I turned my attention back to the fucking in hand. My cock was being totally engulfed by this gorgeous pussy; she was lovely and tight just how I like it. I soon started to cum again, holding her ass I pumped it as hard as I could, wanting to take her over the edge. Just as I was about to stop, she cried out that she was coming again, her timing couldn't have been better, I stopped soon after, drawing my cock out.

"Don't turn around yet." I said, not wanting to freak her out.

I left the shower room at that point looking for my next conquest; I didn't have to look far. On the second floor was a party of sorts, the girls were drinking and playing games. One particular girl was being initiated; they had her blind folded while making her taste things. She had to identify these things or fail the initiation. When she had identified several objects quite accurately, they informed her she would have to wait for their decision in the sacred wardrobe. Laughing all the time they guided her to the wardrobe and placed her inside. This was my chance I thought; I managed to get in the wardrobe by ducking under one of the arms that was about to close the door. The girl in question started to reach for her blindfold.

"Don't remove it." I said, hoping that she would think this was all part of the ritual.

"Bend down in front of me." I said, guiding her to her knees.

Unzipping my flies I guided my cock to her mouth, once she realised what was about to happen she fell onto it with gusto. Sucking and slurping my joint she soon had my cock fully erect and wanting to be fed. I allowed her to suck it for a while, then told her to turn around. She obeyed without question, presenting me with a lovely round ass. I licked my finger and inserted it into her womb making sure she was nice and wet.

Then I guided my cock into the pearly gates, pushing in hard; she let out an involuntary gasp. Plunging in and out I wanted her to enjoy this, so that she would remember this initiation for the rest of her life. Her moans of pleasure were getting a little too loud, for one of the other girls asked if she was all right from the other side of the door. Controlling herself, she said, "yes," I smiled and continued to pound away. Her pussy was now flooding she was so wet, in fact it was getting more and more difficult to feel the sides of her cunt. Bending my knees slightly I managed to get in as deep as I could go, she almost yelled out with her orgasms coming thick and fast. I started to cum, which made her push backwards, wanting to feel me as deep as she could. I wasn't finished there; while she was still bent over I got down and started to lick her swollen clitoris. She was in ecstasy, coming almost at once, I knew that that was one thing many men wouldn't think of doing. I stood up and told her to wait for her friends, they wouldn't be long.

After that little adventure I was feeling quite satisfied over the afternoon's events and decided to call it a day. Looking at the college, I thought, I'll be back, turning the jacket off I walked home. I had nearly reached my apartment when I heard a cry for help, after making sure nobody was watching I activated the jacket. When I reached the alley that the disturbance was coming from, I witnessed a mugging. This was a chance to test out the jacket I thought, so I crept up behind the two assailants.

They were threatening an old lady with a gun, demanding that she give them all her money. Bullies are one thing, I thought, but cowards are another. Punching the one holding the weapon, and taking the gun out of his hand, I stood holding it onto the other one. It must have looked quite a sight from their point of view, because they almost stumbled over them selves to escape. Letting them run off I turned my attention to the victim, only to find she had passed out. Quickly deactivating the jacket I brought her round, then helping her to her feet I walked her home. She told me what she saw, but didn't believe it, and wouldn't be involving the police for fear of ridicule. I couldn't blame her, so I said my goodbyes and went home. All in all a good days work.

The End


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