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Natural Camouflage Pt. III
by Carl East

Our benefactors had turned up early, and were naturally impressed with the jacket. The jacket had the ability to conceal the wearer, literally, from sight. Being invisible was all the fun I thought it would be. I had discovered to my delight, that it was quite easy to get laid while wearing it. Now of course, came the serious business of how to use it in a more professional way. Policing was the first sensible suggestion, followed closely by military use. However we didn't want the jacket to end up in the wrong hands, so we included clauses in all future sales. For instance, we could not let it be sold to the public, because sooner or later the bad element would get hold of it. I had already proved that banks were vulnerable, and in the wrong hands it could be more of a threat than guns.

As if the bad element had been listening at the door, there was a commotion outside, I just happened to have the jacket activated. Then a squad of goons, all carrying weapons, kicked in the door. I knew in an instant what they were there for, and thanked god that I was at that moment invisible. Their leader immediately demanded that we hand over the jacket, I thought the best thing to do was to get out the building. I was going to regret that decision later, but for now the only thing I could think of was vacating the premises. I had toyed with the idea of taking these goons on, but there were seven of them. Even if I managed to disable a few of them the others would just open fire, that would endanger my friends.

Managing to get out of the building quite easily I got to a phone, calling the police I stood around waiting for their arrival. I decided to keep the jacket activated waiting outside our headquarters. The police were there in less than five minutes, but upon entering the building we found they had executed all my friends. The only one not there was Colin. This made me think that there were two possibilities, either he was in league with them, or they wanted him to make them a jacket. I chose the latter.

Several days later the police still had no clues, so I decided to look into this on my own. I still hadn't come forward, because I wasn't totally convinced that that would help Colin. I also knew that the police would take the jacket as evidence, which would have left me with no means of help. Deciding to go back to the scene of the crime turned out to be the best idea I had had for a while, for there on the front of the table scratched into the wood was the single word 'roses.' Roses, was a nightclub down town, one which we had all gone too, on a couple of occasions. Colin must have over heard where they were going to take him, and managed to leave me a message.

I was soon outside the club, not sure how to proceed, then plucking up the courage I walked in. I had made sure the jacket was fully charged, and soon found myself in the back rooms checking them all out. Then I spotted a guard at one door, which I thought looked promising. Hitting him over the head and placing his unconscious body in a vacant room, I slowly entered the room he had been guarding. There on a bed was a badly beaten Colin, his hands and feet tied, but he was alive. Undoing his binding, I slapped his face lightly to bring him round. Colin opened his eyes.

"Colin, its me Paul, I've come to get you out, can you walk?" I said.

"Just watch me." Came the confident reply.

Of course getting in had been the easy part, getting out would be tricky. I led the way, telling him where to go the trickiest part would be getting out the main door. I was right, there were three stocky built men blocking our exit. I whispered to Colin to keep walking and not to look back. He very nearly got all the way out before one of the goons recognised him; I pushed him as hard as I could into the other two behind him. Of course, not expecting it, he was caught completely off guard, and literally fell over the other two. I waited until Colin was out of sight, tripping them up and knocking them back down, before I decided to join him. That was fun I thought as I ran to catch up with Colin. He wasn't that far down the road before I caught him up, and told him where I had parked the car.

"Did any of our team survive?" He asked, as we drove off.

"I'm afraid not, they killed them all."

"Thank you for rescuing me, I want you to keep the jacket Paul," he said, feeling a pain in his stomach, "it shouldn't fall into the wrong hands."

I drove him to the police station then went home, I had a lot to think about.

The next day I heard that the gang responsible for all those deaths had been arrested. It seemed to make a difference, for I was suddenly eager to have some fun again. Putting the jacket on I went to the local hospital; there I found the place I was looking for, the nurse's home. All those lovely nurses, I thought, it would be nice to see them naked.

I didn't have any trouble getting in; I just had to wait until someone buzzed the door, then slipped in with her. I found what I was looking for quite quickly; the nurses had there own gym in this building, even a swimming pool. There were quite a few nurses their today so I went into the changing room. To see some of them in their tight uniforms and lacy white underwear was very erotic. I'd always had fantasies about nurses, usually involving bed baths. I spotted one gorgeous babe straightaway; she was in the process of taking her clothes off, to get into a swimming costume.

When she removed her top I had an instant boner, her breasts were a perfect ten. She had an amazing body, with long legs, beautiful tits and a nice tight little ass. I could have stood there all day just watching this little minx, but she soon had her bathing suit on, and the show was over. I decided to go to the sauna and catch some action there, I was not disappointed, there were three lovely nurses all lying down. Two of them were getting a massage while the third was waiting. I decided to take a chance, and proceeded to massage her back. She didn't look back, which was lucky for me, so I slipped the towel down past her ass and started to feel her buttocks. She murmured how nice that felt, so I continued down to her legs. She was now completely naked; concentrating on her lower half, I deliberately massaged the inside of her legs. Each time I came to the top I would allow my finger to brush her pussy. I swear that she seemed to be pushing her butt up a little whenever I got close to it, as if that was what she really wanted.

Then I had an idea; I would concentrate on her inner thigh to see if she responded favourably. Massaging her inner thigh but deliberately touching her pussy more and more, I started to realise that she was enjoying this. I then took it to the next step, and actually rubbed a finger just inside her pussy lips. Her ass definitely came up to meet my probing finger, so I gave it to her. Inserting one finger into her womb I started to finger fuck her, she let out a slight moan of pleasure. I then put two more fingers in; she was so wet I truly think that I could have put my entire hand in. I vigorously ploughed into her love nest, making her cum.

Although this was fun and had given me a boner, it wasn't satisfying me, my cock was itching to enter a pussy. I thought this has gone as far as it can go, without me being discovered, so I left the room. I realised after ten more minutes that although the nurses were nice they weren't quite as good as the girls in the college. For one thing they didn't have initiations, which made it easy to get laid, they also didn't have drink on the premises, which always helps get rid of inhibitions. That's not to say they weren't sexy, on the contrary they were if anything a little more mature. So I decided to call it a day, and maybe try another day, perhaps at the weekend. I was on my way out of the building when I passed one of the nurses quarters, there was a distinct sound of someone being serviced coming from within.

I pushed the door slightly and found it to be open, stepping in I discovered two nurses going at it on the bed. One of them had got between the others legs and was quickly bobbing her head up and down rubbing her tongue against the others wet pussy. A little while later the same nurse placed a false cock on, which strapped around her waist, and started to fuck her partner. They did this to each other for about ten minutes, then both collapsed onto the bed. One of them got off the bed and went into the bathroom; I heard the shower go on. The other one was lying on her stomach, which I thought, was very considerate, for I unzipped my cock and pulled her onto it.

My plan was working, she thought her friend was after another go. She pushed back to meet my thrusts, and started to cum almost immediately. By now my cock had seen enough pussy to jerk over with, for a week, so it wasn't long before I started to cum. Big mistake, once she realised that I was coming, which a false cock couldn't do, she turned around. Her screaming made me panic at first, until I remembered I was invisible. I quickly vacated the building, and ran down the road. That was the nearest I had come to being discovered so far. I didn't want to push my luck so I decided to call it a day at that point.

The End?


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