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Natural Camouflage Pt. V
by Carl East

I had many adventures while wearing the jacket, but none so delightful as the one Crystal Hunter put me on next. I must quickly explain that the jacket had the ability to render the wearer invisible, and that it was quite easy to get laid. Any way back to the story, I had phoned Crystal because of a message she had left on my answering machine.

"Hello Crystal, what do you have for me?" I said, eager to find out.

"Hello Paul," she said, pausing, "I have an undercover job for you." She finished.

"Where and when?" Was all I replied.

Pretty soon I was on my way to a college for young ladies - it seems that drugs were being trafficked through the halls of this well respected establishment, and the dean had asked for FBI assistance. I was to enter the college as a temporary janitor, and try to find out where the drugs were coming from. I was looking forward to this assignment, and as I approached the gates that led to the college, and saw three very attractive young females coming out, I knew why. I quickly parked the car and found my way to the dean's office, a Miss Duckworth was her name.

"Hello Paul." She said, very formally.

"Hello, you have a problem I understand?"

"Yes, as I told your operations chief, a Miss Hunter I believe, we have found drugs on the college grounds and would like it stopped, before there is a tragedy." She said, clearly upset about this turn of events.

I agreed with her sentiment and asked her to show me where I would be working. She led me to the basement that had all the necessary equipment a janitor needs. Once she had left I quickly activated the jacket and started to look around the college. I first went through the college itself, but finding nothing I headed to the dorms. What I expected to find were young girls eighteen to twenty running around, and that's exactly what I did find.

All of them were in some state of undress, swapping clothes with each other like they were fed up with their own. I entered one room too find four young girls comparing each other's breast size, they were all topless and looking into a mirror. Personally I would have said they were all good, but one vain individual stated that she had the best bust in college. To my surprise the other's agreed, I quickly established that this was a leader. But although she had a decent bust, she wasn't that attractive - in fact, that honour had to go to the one that wasn't saying much. She had the face of an angel, with a body to match equally as good as the leader.

Putting their tops back on, much to my frustration, they went about their business. I decided to follow the one I liked, and found she was going to have a bath. As the shower and bathrooms were in a separate building situated next door to each dorm, and knowing that the janitor was allowed into these buildings. I turned the jacket off and pretended to be fixing the showerhead when she walked in. She only had a towel covering her body, which was very erotic to me.

"Oh, who are you?" She said, startled, and pulling up her towel.

"I'm the temporary janitor, while yours is off sick with the flu." I said, lamely.

"I'll come back later." She replied, turning to go.

"No, it's alright, I won't be long, besides I could do with the company."

She did hesitate, but decided to stay and wait, we talked about the college and college life, that's when she started to cry. I placed my tools down and held her; she in turn started to confess how much she hated it here.

"Come on, dry those tears." I said, brushing a tear away with my finger.

She held me tighter, and I started to get a boner as I could feel her body against my own. She must have felt it too, for she looked up into my eyes, then suddenly she kissed me. I responded by placing my hands gently on each side of her face, then pressing my lips more firmly onto hers. We kissed long and hard, my hands finding their way to her buttocks. She allowed the towel to fall revealing that gorgeous body once again, I kissed each breast, then took each nipple into my mouth. Straightening up she reached for the belt holding up my trousers, once undone she pulled the zipper down then placed both hands at the back and pushed. My trousers were now around my ankles as we continued to kiss, reaching around to the front she put her hands down my underwear grasping hold of my now hardened cock. She moaned with pleasure as she took hold of my shaft, looking down to see what she was holding.

"God, you have a nice cock!" She said, kissing me harder.

I removed the rest of my clothes as we took to the floor, her long hair spreading out as she lay down. Looking into her eyes, I saw the lust that was evident, I pushed my cock along her leg deliberately wanting her to feel it approach. When it touched her thigh she whispered, 'be gentle,' I had every intention of being so. My cock hit the outer wall of her pussy as we once again started to kiss; she opened her legs a little wider waiting for me to enter. I first rubbed the end of my cock against her vulva, making her moan with anticipation, then I slowly started to enter her womb passing the outer lips and going deeper, until I was all the way in.

She let out a gasp as I started to rhythmically push in and out, the soft skin of her beautiful young pussy feeling magnificent, as I took this gorgeous blossoming young woman. Her legs came up wrapping them selves around me, her breathing becoming heavier, and then she experienced her first orgasm. Her pleads of more making me feel hotter as I plunged into her love canal, slamming in harder and harder she cried out that she was coming again. I stopped and got down to her pussy with my tongue wanting to taste her juices. Her orgasm was so intense, as she pushed my head into her womanhood with both hands. Licking and sucking furiously I sampled the bitter sweat taste only a woman can produce, her juices flowing onto my tongue as she came.

Then like someone possessed I got her to kneel up, then entered her from behind. She couldn't have been ready for this onslaught, because I was pounding into her, with a lust I had never experienced before. Her moans of pleasure were almost deafening, and then I could feel the signs of imminent ejaculation. I wasn't ready, but I allowed it to come, she must have felt the first stream of sperm that hit her insides, for she started to push back wanting me to stay inside. By the time I had shot my load, she had cum again, and then she suggested that we have a shower. I said, 'yes,' getting up she put the shower on and stood underneath it, the water running down her hair and breasts was turning me on. I joined her and we started to lather each other up, she held my cock with both hands, passing it between the two with soap covering it. My cock had never been so hard; I in turn started to work on her breasts, watching as her nipples started to stick out through the soap.

Gently tweaking them with a finger and thumb from both hands, she moaned slightly. I then bent my knees slightly, pressing my soapy cock up against the wall of her pussy. She got up on tiptoe placing her love nest just at the right point. I entered her again, gripping hold of her buttocks in order to lift her slightly, my cock slid in with no effort. Her moans of pleasure making the moment feel right and proper, as she slowly ground my cock around her cunt. I had to hold her up as I bent my knees to work the cock in and out but it was such an erotic moment that I hardly noticed the effort this position requires. Her kissing starting to become more urgent as she once again climaxed, the orgasm made her plead for my cock to not stop fucking her. I gripped her breasts with one hand allowing the water to wash the soap away, then placed my mouth over her nipple.

She cried out for me to cum again, saying how she wanted to taste my seed in her mouth. With requests such as that you don't need encouragement, my own climax was ever nearer to which I informed her. She disentangled herself from the position we were in, then bent down taking my cock into her mouth. She worked it with one hand while sucking the end, I started to cum. Taking it in her mouth she tried to swallow it all, but the eruption I was feeling made it come out too fast, some of it ending up on her face. She wiped it up with her fingers, then licked them clean.

When she stood back up we kissed again, and although I hadn't found any clues yet to the drugs I thought, 'I'm going to like it here.'

To Be Continued...


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