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Nichole's First Time

Nicole was 18 years old and had a body to die for. She had a firm ass, tight body, athletic build, and large firm tits. She had dirty blond hair and definitely never had trouble with finding a date. Even with her enormous popularity with guys she still saved herself for something special. She never imagined that special thing would come from something not human. Not only would her first time be with an animal but she would have her first lesbian experience at this time also.

Nicole had just broken up with her boyfriend and was spending the Saturday night just watching movies. She was tired after her soccer game that morning and didn't take up her friends offer of a girls night out. She just wanted to be lazy for one night and get some rest. Her parents were out of town for the weekend at a friends wedding and her sister was at a party so she had the place to herself except for her golden retriever, Max. Even so she was a virgin she had gotten herself off quite a few times. Usually watching one of the videos from her dad's private collection (PORN) helped get her hot.

She had decided since she was alone and she hadn't cum in two weeks to go get a video. She retrieved the video and put it in the VCR. As pictures of young girls fucking and sucking came up on the screen Nicole began to slide her hand under her panties. She rubbed her hand over her neatly shaven pubic hair and found the outer folds of her pussy. She rubbed her index fingers in a circular motion over her slit and began to twist her clit between her fingers. As she started to moan in unison with the girls the video, Max came into the room bewildered with the loud moans he heard. He crept around the couch slowly to see his owner rubbing herself. Nicole noticed Max and the intriguing look on his face and began to laugh as she got closer to cumming. As she got closer to a climax she turned over and put her head into the pillow of the couch as she arched her ass high in the air. She had her panties down to her ankles and her nightgown flung to her floor. As she fingered herself between her legs with one hand she tweaked her tits with the other.

She was just getting ready to cum when she was interrupted by something behind her. Before she had a chance to get up and see what it was she was being mounted. She was very surprised to see Max hard as a rock and positioning his huge 10 inch cock between her legs. Even so she was intrigued by the sight of the huge cock she immediately tried to get Max off of her back but the huge dog would not budge and had his front claws dug into her sides. She was helpless at the intrusion from her dog. As she yelled at Max to stop he began to slowly hump her and finally found the hole he was searching for. Nicole was overwhelmed by the thickness of Max. Her pleading for Max to stop were quickly changed to scream of pleasure. She felt Max quickly work most of his cock into her tight pussy. Max wasted no time taking Nicole's cherry and going deep as he could. Because of the speed Nicole practically didn't feel a thing when he burst through her except extreme pleasure of Max stretching her previously very tight pussy.

She was screaming with each hump and thought Max had it all the way in when she felt something else at the entrance of her cunt. Max was now trying to work his knot into her pussy which was twice as thick as the rest of his thick prick. She nearly collapsed when Max shoved his knot along with 2 more inches of his dick all the way into her pussy. When he did this Nicole immediately came and collapsed as she felt max humping even faster then stopping and cumming himself. Nicole came again as she felt Max's warm seed flow into the deep pit of her stomach.

When they were both done climaxing Nicole tried to push Max off her but found the purpose of his knot. They were stuck together and would have to wait for max to calm down before separating. Nicole sat and waited while max was still deep inside her. As she waited she began to panic when she heard her sisters car pull into the driveway. She tried to pull max out but her struggling only made Max harder.

Her fears were answered when the door was opened and she heard her sister walk into the room. All she could do was close her eyes as she heard her sisters gasp at the sight of Max deep inside of Nicole. Initially her thought was to scream what the hell was going on but the sight of her naked, beautiful sister filled by the family dog actually got her horny.

It may of been the porno on TV that got her hot or just all the alcohol she had that night at the party. Whatever it was she wanted to get involved in this little fuck fest. She quickly slid all of her clothes off and stood next to Max who was finally sliding out of Nicole. Nicole was wondering what was happening and why she didn't hear her sister say something to her. When Max was finally out of her she turned around and was shocked to see Beth, her sister, totally naked in front of her. Beth's firm tits were pointing right at her. She was just as beautiful as Nicole except for being a brunette. Otherwise the two could of been twins.

Nicole was immediately aroused by seeing her sister and they simply walked up to each other and stuck their tongues down each others throats. Nicole ran her hands all over Beth's body and started rubbing her very aroused tits. Beth's hands went straight down to Nicole's used pussy. They broke their kiss and Nicole went straight to sucking on Beth's tits. She bit each hard nipple and then slid down to Beth's crotch. She had never even thought of doing something like this but the scent of her sisters juices sent her over the edge. She pulled Beth to the ground and laid her on her back and immediately went to work on her pussy.

Nicole slowly licked all around her sisters bald pussy. The fact that her sister shaved her pussy too turned her on. She then began to suck on her clit like it was a dick. As she was doing this Beth was moaning in the pleasure being issued from her sister.

Max had been watching this and still wanted to get pleasured too. Nicole saw max walk towards them and thought he was going to come and fuck her again but to her surprise he stepped over Beth and positioned himself over Beth's head. Beth had her eyes closed and didn't see what was going on until she felt something hard try to push itself into her mouth.

She opened her eyes as max pushed his huge cock into her mouth and down her throat. Beth was so horny she didn't fight it. She just started to suck her dogs big prick as her sister stuck her tongue into her pussy.

As she began to climax she sucked her dogs prick harder and faster bobbing her head up and down its length. When her juices flowed into her sisters mouth max released his load into her mouth. She took it all right down her throat. Nicole eagerly licked up the sweet juices from her sisters pussy.

When everybody was finished Beth and Nicole both knew this was a just the first of many times they would have each other and have their dog.

Another fine story by THE FORCE.
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