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Nothing Going On But The Rent Pt. II
by GuyJD

Well, after our first encounter, Mike and I began seeing each other on a regular basis and, needless to say, the housing project tenants began spreading the rumors. So, in order to protect his job, Mike helped me find this fabulous apartment that I am living in now. I returned to school, the school found a job for me, and my Mom & I have made up whereas she often watches over Lynn for me as I am in school or work.

Mike was with me when I gave birth to Lynn 3 months after our 1st sexual encounter. I broke up with Jacob, since he worried more about his drugs than me or his child. So, now I have this apartment and Mike comes by and often sleeps over. He paid the rent for me while we were dating. So, a black teen from the projects, that wasn't too bad. He even fixed the place up a bit for us. One of the main thing that he insisted on doing was to hook up a video camera in the bedroom's walk-in closet. All he has to do is turn it on with a remote control that sits on the night table next to the bed and he would make his own sex videos with us as the main actors. But, of course, I wasn't acting a lot of the times. He preferred to turn the camera on without my knowing. He said that he got the hottest tapes from doing that. But once, he had taped something that he hadn't planned on taping.

Despite my move from the project, I remained friends with Emma. Emma was a sweet girl, about 2 years younger than me, and had the cutest little baby face. Most guys in the project who dated her often said that they enjoyed looking into her face while fucking her. You see, Emma looked like she could be about 12 years old even though she wasn't. She had a beautiful light brown complexion, dark brown eyes, and perky little breasts. She did a lot of roller blading and got the most beautiful pair of legs in the projects. That is what always attract the guys. But, when I was in the project, Emma was stuck on her boyfriend who was doing a year in jail for drug distribution. The dumbass tried to sell to a vice cop. No guy was able to get to her heart because she was "saving" the rest of herself for her man. But Emma could stand the fact that I was seeing a white guy. She would often say that, "If you're fucking white, it can't be right." Emma was a prejudice little girl. But out of the blue, Emma stopped talking to me. When I would visit the project or go to school, I would ask around about her. One of the stories were that Emma had gotten herself pregnant. No one knows who the father may be since her boyfriend was in jail at the time.

About two months ago, I was sitting in my living room looking at the television and very upset. I really wanted to build our friendship back but Emma would never talk to me. I would call her house and her mother would claim that Emma was not home, but I could hear Emma in the background. Then, Mike had come over to see me. He saw that I was not in the mood to be held or anything. I told him why I was sad and upset. "Keisha, I think I know why Emma is not talking to you," he said.

"Why? How do you know", I replied.'

"I think I know who she is pregnant for too"

"How the hell you know all of that?" Then Mike lifted me up and took me to the bedroom. He told me that he has to show me something. He pushed a tape into the VCR and pressed the rewind button on the remote. Then he asked, "Do you remember the day that Emma asked you to meet her after school to go shopping? You said that you couldn't find her at the mall and you shopped without her for hours."

"Yeah, so."

"Well, she led you to the mall so that she can come here and convince me to leave you. She hated to see you dating me because I'm white."

"So, you fucked her instead?", I yelled.

"No, she just started bitching with me and, well you'll see"

The tape had stopped rewinding and Mike hit the play button. There, on the television screen, Mike entered the bedroom wearing only a pair of shorts and shouting, "Fuck you, don't talk to me. You don't know what you're talking about." Then right behind him came Emma, still wearing her shorts and t-shirt that she wears for her physical education class. That was the last class that she had everyday at school. Emma is screaming at Mike that he should leave me alone because he only seeing me because I'm black. Mike later explained that he had no idea that the camera was on until later that day when he was trying to load the camera. Emma and Mike argued back and forth and then, Mike stormed into the bathroom. And Emma stood at the bathroom door and pounded on it.

"You ain't got nothing for Takeisha. So ought to just go on about your business and leave her alone. Let her find a brother who can help her out," Emma kept screaming. I couldn't believe this girl making such an issue of that. Then, she kept shouting over and over, "You ain't got nothing, Mike. You ain't got nothing." Then the bathroom door flew open. I couldn't see what made Emma scream. But she suddenly got quiet from yelling and began screaming from fear. But I couldn't see why. Then Mike entered back into the bedroom naked.

He told me that he was going to take a shower until he heard Emma shouting that he had nothing. Then he reached out with one hand, grabbed Emma by the neck, and turned her around with her back towards him. Then he told her, "So you don't think that I have anything to give to your friend, bitch. How do you like this then? Is this good enough for her?", he asked Emma as he took her right hand and wrapped it around his cock. Emma couldn't talk because of his hand nearly choking her. "Go ahead, bitch. Pump it with your little hands and feel it grow", Mike demanded to Emma. You can see the fear in her eyes as Emma did as she was commanded.

Then, a weird thing was happening. I could feel myself getting hotter looking at my young friend with my boyfriend. Her little brown hand was jerking Mike off and I was watching his cock grow on the video. With his hand still wrapped around her neck, Mike began licking her ears and rocking back and forth as she jerked his hardened cock. Then Mike took his cock from Emma's little hand and threw Emma on the bed. Emma fought to get up and run but Mike just pushed her back down and held her down with one hand. She constantly hit his hand and demanded that he let her go home.

"Okay, Mike", she cried, "Stay with Keisha. Just let me go. My momma is waiting for me". But Mike ignored her pleads. I could see tears were in Emma's eyes throughout most of the video. Mike released his hand from her chest and quickly yanked her shorts and panties from her body. And what a sight that was. Emma's little brown pussy was perfectly exposed on video. She had even shaved her pussy for when her boyfriend return home in the following month. Knowing that she could no longer resist, Emma simply laid there with her hands over her eyes and the tears rolling down her face. Mike had thrown her shorts and panties to the floor and rolled her t-shirt up to her neck to expose her cute breasts. There were the size of a perfect mouthful. "Now, do you want to see what I got for your friend, bitch?", Mike demanded as he guided his 9 inch hard cock to Emma's tiny pussy.

I could see as Mike placed the head of his cock on Emma's slit. Then Emma let out a cry as Mike pushed his cock in. "Son of a bitch. You are fucking tight, bitch. Oh, that's right. You haven't been fucked for almost a year, huh? Your man is in jail and missing all of this.", Mike teased. Emma just laid there crying as Mike continued stretching her little pussy with his massive cock. Before long, I could see Mike push all 9 inches in Emma's tiny pussy. I was so fucking hot that I slid my hand in my shorts and began playing with my pussy. Every time Mike would push in, there would be a cry escaping Emma' s lips. Then Mike bent down and began sucking on her tits. Her little nipples was hardened and Mike had a field day sucking them and biting them. This went on for about 3 minutes until Mike laid completely on top of Emma and continued pumping his cock in and out.

Then the crying stopped. Emma stretched her little arms and wrapped them around Mike shoulders. Then her little but fine legs wrapped around his back. Her feet rested on Mike's butt as she urged him on with them. I could then see her poke her head over his shoulder and began talking nasty to Mike. I see what all of those guys meant. Emma looked like a 12 year old girl getting fucked by my man and she kept asking Mike to go faster and harder. "Yeah, yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me, Mike. I could feel that white cock stretching my pussy, baby.", Emma's young mouth said throughout the video.

Emma reached for Mike's head and kissed him. I could see them swapping their tongues around each other's mouth. Damn, my man was giving my young friend the fuck of her life. Then, Mike raised his body and began pumping really fast. I could see his cock slide almost all the way out and then back in. Emma began crying again but this time it was orgasmic. She continued to beg Mike to fuck her. Then Mike let out a loud moan. My man had cummed in my friend's young pussy. Then, after feeling it, Emma threw her head back and screamed. "Oh, fuck", she said, "I can't stop cumming, Mike". Then, Mike continued pumping for about another minute and then he collapsed on top of Emma. Emma, after realizing that she had had sex with Mike, decided to push Mike off of her, get dressed, and leave. She was never heard from again.

Meanwhile, this video had gotten me and Mike so horny that we quickly removed our clothes and got started on another video. As Mike laid on his back, I positioned myself on top of him. I squatted my pussy directly over his stiff, white pole and watched it disappear as I lowered myself down. I always felt good sitting on that big, white cock of his. And he always told me how much he enjoyed having my pussy wrapped around his cock. We were so hot that evening that I pumped that cock with my pussy for just 5 minutes before Mike blew his load in me. But we just rewinded the video, got ourselves hot again, and fucked for about an hour again.

Mike and I dated for about a year. I found out that he was married months after our first sexual encounter but it started to get difficult for us after a while. I still hear from him every so often. And he even comes to visit and once in a while, we will make a video to turn ourselves on to. So, I guess that it's safe to say that we are still friends. As long his wife doesn't know how close we are, it's no problem. Emma came to and resumed our friendship. I told her that I knew about her and Mike and that it was cool. She explained that that was the only time she had ever been with Mike and a white guy. But she left her boyfriend. She told me, "After that one time with Mike and his big cock, he's wasn't worth the wait."

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