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New Heights
by Darrin and Beth

It was very late that evening, or should we say very early in the morning, when the Master was ready for bed. He had spent the hours exploring His new game....

"Surely they would just snuggle up and go right to sleep, after all He must be terribly tired," she thought, just a little disappointed, but happy that He had seemed to enjoy Himself. His pleasure made her most happy.

Quietly, though she knew the answer, she asked, "did You enjoy Your new game, Sir?"

His arms tightened possessively around her, one hand cupping the right breast firmly. He growled into her ear, "yes, ladybug, I did!"

She yawned softly while squirming ever closer to Him. Being so close always stirred the embers smoldering endlessly within her. Slowly she drew in her breath as His fingers played so lightly down her side, across her buttocks and thighs. Knowing He was so tired, she tried carefully not to let her burning need show. Needing to feel her own pleasure, but needing even more for Him to be cared for first. She thought to lighten the mood and slowly slid her hand along His arm caressing tenderly but aiming for something else. As she reached His ass, *Pinch*, she rolled away giggling.

Burying her head into the pillow and giggling she was unprepared.. *SMACK! * His hand came firmly down on her ass. *SMACK, SMACK, SMACK* hard and swift, the sting bringing tears to her eyes. Moving in closer to her, He rumbled, "so you want to play little one, then remember this one is just for fun, you are not being punished."

He continued to spank her, faster and harder than ever before. She trembled, trying desperately not to disappoint Him by flinching away. With her face deep in the pillow to muffle her cries, she waited breathlessly for the next one. *CRACK* over and over. The juices already flowing so hotly, the day had been filled with impatient, interminable waiting. With every touch, each gentle caress by Him, the need had grown. His promise of a night's pleasure all for her ever close in her mind, she had struggled to get through the day. The only break coming when she was allowed to go grocery shopping alone. Even then, though, all she wanted was to be back within His reach.

With each stroke of His hand bringing her ever near the final explosion of pure pleasure, she moaned, grinding her hips into the bed. She barely heard the soft concern, "too much for you little one?"

Was it too much? Her ass burned hotly, the stinging blows brought tears to her eyes, but WAS it too much? The pleasure, the fire coursing through ever fiber of her being? Hardly perceptible, she shook her head, "no; it was not too much, not yet" Even though the spanking was harsher than ever before, harder and longer, the pleasure was also doubly intense. Another limit crossed. She still could only bury her face and moan with each successive crack of His hand.

"Get your ass up in the air!" He startled her with the sudden demand. She hesitated briefly, trying to focus for a few unsteady seconds. The stinging crack moved her to comply quickly. Already He was on His knees behind her, spreading her legs roughly, chuckling with satisfaction as He felt the great wetness between her legs. Waiting no longer, He thrust harshly into her pussy. His pussy, she was His pet. Taking His pleasure roughly for a few minutes then ordering her "stay there, don't move."

"How could she move? She could barely tremble," she thought silently. The great pressure of His hot pleasure had her so ready to explode, but He hadn't given her permission to come yet. No, she didn't dare try to move. After an eternity of a few seconds the whirring sound of His favorite toy penetrated the fog of pleasure she drifted in. She had barely registered the sound when she felt the vibe thrust deeply into her. Grabbing a mouthful of pillow to stifle the scream of pleasure and fighting to hold back her orgasm she felt Him pound her with the toy. He must let her come, how could He expect her not to with this? The tiny sound of a snap told her before she felt the cooling spearmint lotion stroked on her ass, what He had in mind. With a tortuous gentleness He eased His throbbing cock into her ass so slowwwwwwwwwwly. She groaned, if He hadn't had a firm grasp on her hips she would have collapsed.

Trembling violently and moaning into the pillow as He held her hips and thrust deeply over and over, she held her orgasm in check. His pleasure must come first. Pounding hotly, in and out, swift and deep, in moments the hot come had Him tensed up exploding deep within her. Now it had to be her turn.

But no, He was getting up, turning off the toy and laying it aside He left the bed. She could only whimper in agony, still not allowed her orgasm of pleasure. Chuckling at the slight sound He turned back looking smug and satisfied, "did you want something, my pet?" He grinned with evil delight.

Nodding ever so slightly, she was still unable to speak. "Then pick up the toy and amuse yourself until I return" He lit a smoke and headed into the bathroom, leaving her to comply with His request.

"Please," she whimpered as He returned holding a towel. "Please let me come, please help me Master."

The grin spread over His face as He eased the towel under her. Waiting only while she carried out the next instruction, getting the egg and holding it firmly to her clit, He thrust fast and hard with the vibe, deep into her pussy. Laughing as the scream almost escaped her. Watching her bite her lip and quiver violently.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH, " she squealed, "I NEED to come!" He thundered quickly, "WHO is in charge here little one?" "You are, Sir," she almost sobbed. She knew what that slip would cost. More unbearably delicious torture. What she didn't know was if she could handle anymore. "O.K. then you will come when I say you need it, understand little one?" He demanded.

All she could do was nod as she rode wave after wave of awesome pleasure. Both vibrators were connecting with all the right spots drover her into insane ecstasy.

"NOW," one simple word and He yanked out the vibe and held the towel in place swiftly. He knew her so well. Knowing the violent rush that would follow when He teased her to the edge of tears. She moaned as spasm after spasm tore through her body. Fast losing count of the number of orgasms and after shocks rack her so violently yet so wonderfully. The greatest heights He had ever taken her to before were far surpassed this night.

Ever so grateful that He had gently cleaned her up, she struggled to just crawl up into His waiting arms. Waiting until the pounding in her head eased enough to allow her to speak, "Thank You Milord," she gasped.

Pulling her tightly against him, holder her firmly, He knew the sound of his heart would soothe the last of the pounding and bring her gently down again as He stroked her hair. Drifting off to sleep, safe, content, so fulfilled and knowing she had so pleased Him, the One she most wanted to please, the soft words had touched her soul. "You were wonderful little one, I am proud of you, my little ladybug" He filled her soul with His praise.


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