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Natural High
by Tony

I am lying on a blanket sunbathing nude at a secluded cabin by a lake. I can feel your presence before I ever see you. You move along the shore with slow, sensuous steps. Already I can feel the heat from your body.... Or is it my body that is on fire? You move closer now and l can see your sensuous body. The hunger in the pit of my stomach spreads like wildfire. You place a cool cloth over my eyes that soothe them and to assure I can't see what you're about to do. You have me roll over on my stomach and I feel you tie the cloth to keep me focused on what I know is coming.

Suddenly I feel your strong hands on my feet. They're slick with tanning oil and the scent of coconut is intoxicating. I feel you carefully massage my feet and, while I'm usually ticklish, you know how to use your hands to send surges of sensuous energy through my body. You start moving your hands up my legs and the feeling of your large hands on my small body create a warm sensation at the delicate crease between my legs. Perfectly tanned and toned (from consistent workouts), you felt I was directly out of a boy's dream. I think you're about to work your way up my legs, you spread a liberal amount of the oil on me as you straddle my butt and began to massage my back. You gradually worked your way down and soon were fondling my tight ass. At this point I was beginning to get aroused and I flipped over so you could continue the massage on my chest and hopefully further down. You start at my shoulders and slowly bring your hands to my breasts. You take the time to run circles around my nipples making me squirm to no end! After a few moments, you decide to move on down and you dragged your fingers across my firm belly to my legs.

As you were rubbing oil into my well-muscled thighs you couldn't help but kiss my warm, smooth pussy lips. I had my eyes closed and gave a moan of pleasure as you begin to suck on my clit. My pussy was so wet and warm and demanded sex, but you wanted to taunt me for a while. You flicked your tongue back and forth over my clit until it began to stand out. Then you gently grabbed it with your teeth and began to softly nibble it. This sent me into a frenzy and you knew it wouldn't be long until I came. I grabbed the back of your head and began to fuck your face. This forced you to alter your strategy and you switched from nibbling my clit to plunging your tongue deeply into my highly aroused smooth cunt. I moaned in pure delight and then shivered all over before exploding in a flood of pussy juices. You felt the taste was exquisite and you lapped up every bit. I then decided that I wanted to be in control as I sat and forced you onto your back.

I applied a ton of tanning oil and began to massage your chest and inner thighs, all while carefully avoiding your throbbing member. This avoidance only made you want me more and when you thought that you couldn't stand it any longer, I grabbed your dick with both oil filled hands. It was pure heaven for you as I began to masturbate you with the oil. I then climbed on top of you and in one motion buried your cock deeply into my pussy. I then began to ride you with a reckless abandonment that was stunning. Up and down, back and forth, with my hands digging in your chest or pulling my hair back. You reached out with one hand and gently placed your thumb onto my clit and began to rub back and forth. This sent me over the edge once again and I screamed out in delight. My body shivered and I became weak. Seizing the opportunity you rolled over on top of me in standard missionary style and began to fuck me for all that you were worth. Our tanning oiled bodies slid back and forth without any friction and only heightened the experience. After just a couple of minutes you pulled out and came all over my stomach and chest. You then fell back onto the blanket to recover your breath but I popped up and pulled you along with me.

I placed one hand on your wet dick and massaged you up and down to maintain your erection, while leading you inside. I led you into the bathroom where I directed you to the shower while turning on the water. We hopped in and scrubbed each other to get the oil and sweat off of our bodies. I then put you into a sitting position in the bottom of the tub while I spread my legs and lowered myself down onto your cock. The sensation of not losing your erection led to a whole new feeling of rapture as I bounced up and down on you. I thrust my right nipple into your mouth and continued to fuck you for what seemed like hours. Our lovemaking continued until all of the sudden the hot water ran out and we were doused with a stream of ice cold water. We quickly sprang out of the shower and into the bathroom. I turned and bent over to reach for a towel, but you just couldn't wait. You stepped up behind and buried your cock all the way deep inside me. I groaned in enjoyment and grabbed hold o! ! f the counter with both hands to steady myself. You pounded me as hard as you could while we were dripping water all over the floor. As you neared climax you pulled out of me, you expected to cum all over my back, but I spun and took your dick into my mouth. You couldn't hold back at all and you filled my mouth with what remained of your love juice. I hungrily swallowed every drop and gently kneaded your balls until your erection faded away. I then reached for the towels and we dried each other off before heading into the bedroom to drift off into the most restful of all sleeps.

You thought for sure that we were done for the afternoon, but as you climbed into the bed naked, I bounced over to our cabinet and withdrew some gorgeous black lingerie from Victoria's Secret. A one-piece black lace outfit that left just enough to the imagination. As I climbed into the bed, you couldn't believe it as your now sore dick was beginning to rise again. I, of course, noticed this and reached down and began to stroke you yet again. You have to say that it is an entirely different feeling to go for the fourth time in an evening than just one or two. Every feeling is magnified and every action is so much more intense. You reached out and unsnapped (how convenient) the bottom of my lacy outfit and reached out to touch me. I was still dripping wet (not from the water) and you inserted one finger into me and began to gently finger fuck me. I responded by sliding back and forth on the bed and thrusting down onto your finger.

Realizing my arousal you added a second finger and then a third. This only added to my delight and soon I was moaning and groaning in an orgasmic frenzy. Just as I was about to cum I pulled your hand out and rolled you over onto me. You entered very slowly taunting me just a little bit. I could not stand the taunting and grabbed onto your ass and thrust my hips up as I pulled you down with my hands. This thrust your dick up into my eager pussy. We began to fuck again in earnest as I raked your back with my fingernails. In seconds I was cumming with multiple orgasms as my body literally shock with pleasure. I then reached down with my hand and rested a finger squarely on your anus. This always excites you and you increased your pace. With this reaction I slowly worked my finger into your ass. This drove you to new heights and before you could try to hold back you fired deeply into my womb.

At this point, your package was exhausted and you were limp almost before you stopped cumming. You rolled off of me and fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. You dreamed of nothing but me for the whole evening and I began planning our next encounter...


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