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New Job
by Jesse

It was my first semester of college. I had just gotten out of high school and wasn't looking forward to starting school again. I had been accepted to a University in the neighboring city. I didn't think I was ready to start college just yet, but I knew if I didn't start right then, I might never start. So, I toughed it out and made it through mid-semester. I was totally burnt out. I hated school and I hated my job. I had been at my job since my Sophomore year in high school and I needed to get out. I wanted to find a job near campus that wouldn't demand as many hours as my current job had. I also needed to find a better paying job.

Time flew by and before I knew it, there were only three weeks left in the semester. I was still burnt out and pissed off. The only thing good that happened for me was my 19th birthday. I had gotten an electric guitar which would give me a new hobby to learn. I needed new things in my life. From that point on, things started to look up.

I was in a discussion group for my Psychology class one day. I had finally found a proctor (tutor) that I could understand. She explained the chapters really well and I actually learned for once in that class. I had been struggling all semester, but I managed to keep a B-. The discussion session was my first with her, and after it was over, I felt I knew the material for the first time. I got my first A on the quiz for that chapter. From then on I went to all her sessions and my grade picked up. She was an excellent speaker and very easy to understand. Plus she was very easy on the eyes. She was 5'5", about 95 lbs., with sparkling blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair. Her smile could light up a room, and she wore it often during her sessions. Her gorgeous smile helped with her lectures, it made her look much more friendlier than the other Proctors.

After her session on the last chapter, I stayed to talk to her and thank her for helping me understand psychology. She asked me if I would be interested in being a Proctor the next semester. I told her it would be a miracle to get an A in the class, which is required to become a Proctor. She was surprised that I didn't have an A. She said I seemed really smart and intelligent. I don't like to boast, but I am. Psychology is not a hard class, but it requires a lot of time to be put into it. I didn't have that time, which made the class difficult for me. I explained that to her and she understood and offered to help me get an A.

I took her up on the offer and starting the next day, we would meet for lunch everyday and go over the material. Finally the semester neared an end.

That was also bad new 'cause it meant, FINALS. I needed to get 100% on the Psych. final to pull an A in the class. I didn't want to become a Proctor, but I had to promise that I would if I got the A in the class. Well, I pulled the miracle off and managed to ace the final and get an A in Psych. I gave my tutor a hug to say thank you. She handed me an application for a Proctor job. I filled it out and handed it back to her. I told her I'd see her next semester.

I got a call two weeks later from the Psych. Professor. She wanted me to come into her office the next day. I went into her office the next morning. She told me that I had gotten the job. I was thrilled. Finally, a new job that was on campus and on top of that I got to work with the hottest female I'd seen on campus. While I thanked the Professor, I heard someone walk into the room behind me. I turned to see who it was. When I turned around, I saw my tutor. "Jesse", the Professor started, "I want you to meet Chyna." (finally I had gotten her name. I never got it before and I felt a little silly asking so I never did.) she is going to help you get started."

"Chyna, this is Jesse, our new Proctor" (I don't think I had given her my name either.)

Chyna quickly trained me and I was ready to go for the semester. I liked my new job. It was very flexible, and the Professor understood my schedule.

The thing I like most about the job was Chyna. I especially loved working closing with her when it would be just her and I alone. We often flirted with each other. We acted totally professional during hours of operation, but at closing we teased one another heavily. It was through these shifts that I got to know her. I learned she was 25, which totally shocked me. She didn't look a day over 17. I thought she was at least my age. She was also surprised at my age. She said I acted a lot older than 19, but I only looked no more than 18. We asked more questions about each other. We would occasionally throw in a question about romance and sex to keep our flirtation going.

One rainy night our flirtatious routine would grow. We had just closed the office and were getting ready to do the final days work when Chyna had to get something from her car. She said she'd be right back. She ran out of the office. I started the final work. I was just about finished when I noticed she had not returned. I was about to go look for her when the door flew open and she entered the room shivering and completely soaked. " What happened to you?" I asked.

"It's raining for one thing. When I ran out to my car and came back, the door was locked. So, I ran around to each door on the sides of the building until I finally found one that was unlocked". She explained.

She was freezing and I had to do something. I had an extra coat in the closet that was not only warm, but long. It went down to my thighs, and I figured it would go down the her knees. It would cover her well. I handed her the jacket and told her to take her clothes off and put the jacket on. She knew she could trust me. I was going to turn around as not to make her feel uncomfortable, but before I could, she ripped off her shirt, shoes and pants. She stood there wearing only her black bra and panties. The material clung to her body and gave a great visual. She had long silky legs,

a nice tight ass, and medium sized, perky breasts. She threw the jacket on and said thank you. I told her that she didn't have to undress in front of me. She said she trusted me and didn't mind. I didn't mind either. I told her to sit down and warm up while I finished work.

As I was putting folders away, I happened to look at a mirror on the desk next to me. I had my back turned to Chyna and could not see her, but I did see her in the mirror. She had stood up with her back to me as well. She unzipped the jacket somewhat and reached in with her hands, wrestled around a bit and pulled out her bra. She then bent over, reached under the jacket and slid her panties down her legs. I didn't get to see anything, but It was a major turn on to know she had no clothes on under that jacket.

I turned around and Chyna was sitting back in the chair, not knowing that I had just seen her take her underwear off. I had finished the night's work and we left the office. I walked (ran) her to her car and we said our goodnights. She then handed me her bra and panties. " Keep these until I give you your coat back." She told me. The entire night I could think about nothing else except seeing her in her underwear and then knowing that my jacket was the only thing covering her body. The next night would heat up even more.

After we closed and finished up, Chyna asked me if I would mind staying a little later to talk with her. I didn't mind at all. She was looking especially hot this night. She wore a white botton-up shirt and tight black pants which showed off her features nicely. She walked up to me as I sat in a chair. I went to stand, but she put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into the chair. She straddled me in the chair and said, " Thank you for being so sweet and making my days a lot easier to look forward to."

She then kissed me on the forehead. She went to stand, but I grabbed her gently on the hips and pulled her to me. She leaned forward and I kissed her on the lips. She pulled back for a second and then returned the kiss. This time our tongues met and we dove into a long, passionate kiss. She reached down, took hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head. She stood up, walked over and dimmed the lights a bit. I took off my shoes and socks. She kicked off her shoes and slid her pants down. She looked awesome in the light with the white shirt riding high on her thighs. She slowly walked toward me while unbuttoning her shirt. When she reached me, she squatted down between my legs undid my jeans, and pulled the down with my boxers. She took hold of my cock and put her mouth over the tip.

She licked around the head before taking it all the way into her mouth. I was rock hard. My head was spinning with pleasure. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and then jerked me off with hand. She then stood up, pulled her shirt off, and turned her back to me. I reached up and undid her bra. She turned back to me and removed the bra and let it fall to the floor. I stood up and we embraced. We engaged in another kiss. I picked her up and carried her to the chair and sat her down. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples. I then explored her chest with my lips and tongue. I worked my way down her sleek midsection and own to her legs. I kissed the insides of her thighs as I put her legs over my shoulders.

I then removed her panties to see her wonderful love triangle covered by a thin sliver of pubic hair. I spread her legs and went to work. I played with the lips before tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. She was going absolutely crazy. She pushed my head away. Stood up, walked over to the desk, and bent over it. I walked up behind her. She raised her glorious backside upwards. She reached for my jutting pole, guiding it to nestle among her silky-wet folds. " Give it to me", she demanded.

I spread her legs a little further and eased my blunt knob forward and slid easily into her sweetness with a lovely squishing sound. I was amazed at how et she was. I wanted to go slowly, to luxuriate in that velvety heat, to build myself up, but I just couldn't do it. It was too joyous. Instead I just slammed into her slushy cunny like I was in heat. The long sighs issuing from her mouth told me that Chyna had completely given herself over to the sensations now flooding through her body and transmitting themselves through the tip of my pistoning rod down through the shaft, to my very soul. I pumped my organ in and out of her with rhythmic thrusts, completely filling her juicy well with every deep stroke. Again and again I drove my aching manhood into the nestling heat of her vagina, jerking my hips as she whimpered with the pleasure of making hot, passionate love in our office.

One of my hands ran over her quivering tummy and up to her pillowy breasts, groping the swaying, pudding-soft tit and the firm ripe nipple. This added stimulation sent Chyna over the edge. Writhing in unbridled joy, her back arched, she came, nearly sobbing with the great racking tremors of pure bliss. Her inner walls began to pulse erratically gripping me wetly and firmly. Now with Chyna achieving orgasm, I was free to concentrate on mine.

I banged my cock into her like a piston of a steam engine at full throttle. She was so hot, my cock felt as if it were being scorched by that deliquescent heat. In an instant I buried my cock one last time and came inside her.

I carried her back to the chair and sat down with her straddling me. We kissed again before she put her head on my shoulder and passed out from the pleasure. We stayed that way for hours before getting dressed and heading back to my place where we stayed the rest of the night. Since then we have had many more encounters. Needless to say, I now look forward to college, especially when I have to go to work.

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