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No Regrets part I
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Susan had the whole place to herself. After church she had come home. Her mother, Tracey, and Grandmother had gone to the last day of the big Flea Market. Susan adjusted the straps of her bikini and assessed her figure in the mirror. Talking to her image, she said, "If Allan doesn't like this, we need to get him to a doctor." Pivoting on her toes, she inspected her rear....the bikini bottom wasn't a thong bottom but it was awfully close to one. Looking at her nineteen-year-old, 35-24-34, 5 foot nine figure, Susan thought, "It ain't perfect, but it'll do."

As Susan went through the kitchen she picked up the pitcher of lemonade she'd made, some glasses, and carried them out to the pool. The pool was one of the above ground, rigid side pools with a wooden deck around it. Grandpa had installed it back when she and Tracey were kids. After setting everything down on one of the deck tables, she went back and got her towels and book. Susan stretched out on the lounge chair to read a little while she waited for Allan. She looked at the pool and thought of her father -- this was where he had taught her to swim when she was nine. As she thought of her father, Susan's eyes teared up so much that everything became a watery blur, she couldn't see the book's print much less read it.

My God, she thought, I feel lost. Daddy is dead, killed by a stupid drunk driver. He didn't even get to see Tracey graduate. I had to drop out of the University after my first year, and we had to sell the house and move in with Grandma -- everything is turned upside down... my whole life, it's like I'm having to begin again. Susan shut the book; she was too angry to read. They had been so happy, their future look so good, then everything changed so quickly.

One thing I learned by Daddy's death, I'm going to take my happiness when I can - you never know when it will be snatched away from you. She recalled the interview she had seen on a morning show shortly after her father was killed - it was an interview of an old woman on her birthday, 100 years old. When asked what she regretted about her life, she replied, "I don't regret anything I did, my only regrets are the things I didn't do because I was too damn conventional or too concerned about what people would say or think." That, thought Susan, is a good concept to live by - I'm going to make sure I don't have those same regrets when I get old.

Jimmy was a good example. Her friends had helped her get through that first month, especially Jimmy. Susan thought of the friends she had left behind when they moved to the farm, she missed them - here the closest neighbor was over three miles away. Since they didn't have the money for her to go back to the University, she and Tracey were going to enroll at the small Tri-County Junior College here, find part-time jobs and try to save some money.

Susan took a deep breath and wiped at her eyes to clear away the half-formed tears. She thought about that last night with Jimmy and how sweet it had been. They both knew she was leaving in the morning and that it was their last time together. Susan remembered how Jimmy had kissed her and how she had returned those kisses trying to drag his tongue as deep into her mouth as she could. . Susan smiled as she remembered Jimmy's reaction when she stood up and took off her blouse and then her bra.

"What if your mother and Tracey come back," asked Jimmy?

"They're at my aunt's place...they'll call before they's over an hours drive from there. Don't you like my breasts... on our last night you ought to get to see them and kiss them if you want to." She sat down facing him with a hand under each breast, pointing her nipples at him like two target-seeking missiles.

"I love them -- you are so beautiful Susan, I ...."

Susan pulled his head down to her breast and let her nipple shut off his words. Jimmy immediately began to tongue and suck on the hardening nipple as Susan pulled his mouth tight against her tit. His hand massaged the neglected nipple and Susan could feel it grow harder as he tweaked it with his fingers. Susan could feel her pussy lips begin to tingle and feel the dampness in her panties as her pussy reacted to Jimmy's vigorous sucking. Her nipples were so hard that they ached.

She slid her hand to his belt buckle, quickly undoing it, and then unsnapped his pants opening his zipper in almost one motion. Pulling his jockey shorts down, Susan freed his prick and as it sprang out, hard and at full erection, she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke. They had done this many times, heavy petting, and Susan had even tasted his cum once. "God," said Susan, "you're really hard tonight...and so hot. Tonight, I'm going to suck you....really suck you. Would you like that?"

Letting her nipple go for a moment, Jimmy replied, "I'd love know that. Susan, I love you and I want you. I want to really make love to you."

"It's our last night. Why not make it one to really remember." Jumping up she pulled Jimmy up, "Let's get up to my room before I tear those clothes off you."

Jimmy quickly followed her upstairs and they began to strip their clothes off, flinging them around the room. Susan turned and posed for him nude, with both arms raised in a 'V,' pulling her tits taut and erect. Jimmy stared at the beautiful figure before him and with awe in voice said, "My God Susan, you are fantastic."

Susan stretched out her arm and grasped Jimmy's hard prick in her hand and gently pulled him to her and they sank down onto the bed. She gently rubbed his prick and then leaned over him and began to lick the drops of pre-cum oozing out of the head his prick. She ran her tongue down the underside of his prick to his balls and teased them with her tongue. Running her tongue back up to the head of his prick, she began to probe the slit in the head of his prick with the tip of her tongue...wanting to get that last drop of pre-cum....wanting to get as much as she could -- not letting that last drop escape.

This was too much for Jimmy and his hips jerked and his prick began to spout cum like liquid projectiles. The first spurt hit Susan on her cheek just below her left eye, the second one on her chin, and then she got her mouth on the head of his prick and let the rest pour into her throat. She slid her lips down his shaft until she could feel the head of his pulsing prick against the back of her throat as he pumped out shot after shot of warm cum. Jimmy moaned as Susan kept sucking him until she had sucked him dry, then she slid her lips up his body leaving a trail of saliva and cum until she got to his lips and kissed him, tonguing his mouth as deep as she could letting him taste his own cum.

Susan smiled to herself as she remembered how embarrassed Jimmy had been at coming so quickly -- it had been a first time for her to tongue him to a climax and swallow his cum.

"Susan, I didn't ... I mean I couldn't stop. I was so hard I thought I would burst and then I started cumming and ..," Jimmy stopped, watching Susan as she took her finger and raked up the first large glob of cum off her cheek and then the second one off her chin....then sticking out her tongue, she raked the large glob of cum onto the top of her tongue. Still holding out her tongue, she pulled Jimmy to her and slid her cum laden tongue into his mouth, letting him suck his own cum off her imitation of a small prick. Susan could feel his cock twitch and stiffen, as he tasted his own cum on her probing tongue. Her pussy was tingling and as Jimmy's fingers groped for her velvet slit she could hear the squishing sound made by her pussy juices as his finger slid in and out her cunt. She and Jimmy had never gone 'all the way', but tonight she wanted him more than she ever had before. She humped his finger trying to drive it in as deep as she could, wanting even more.

"I want you in me, I want you to make love to me, now," she gasped as she arched her back to get his fingers even deeper into her. He crawled between her legs and Susan grasped his prick and rubbed the head vigorously over her clit getting it good and slick. Then she guided it into her pussy and thrust her hips up to him getting the head of his prick well into her tunnel of love. Jimmy began to thrust, felt the resistance of her maidenhead, and then he was through, buried to his full length in a tight, hot, moist, heavenly pussy. Susan began to thrust her hips and Jimmy began to stroke his prick in and out of that tight tunnel. As their movements began to get into synch, Susan began to moan softly.

Startled, Jimmy stopped, his prick buried deep within her, "Is it hurting?"

"No -- No Don't stop... it feels great," and Susan wrapped her legs around his the back of his upper thighs and began to thrust her hips into his as she pulled him into her with her legs. "Deep...Fuck me as deep as you can..."

He began to stroke his prick almost out of her and then ram it all the way in to meet the upward thrust of her hips. She curled her legs tighter around his thighs and grasped his buttocks with each hand, trying to pull him into her cunt, arching her hips up as high as she could, loving the way his prick seemed to reach deep into her throbbing pussy. Jimmy began to stroke and then pause, stroke and pause until neither of them could stand it any longer. "Oh, fuck me Jimmy...fuck me hard," moaned Susan, and they began to pick up the pace until they were both beginning to moan softly and then Susan yelled, "NOW...NOW...NOW," and Jimmy gave a loud groan as his prick began to erupt for the second time tonight. Susan's pussy kept squeezing his prick as though she was trying wring every last drop of cum out of his balls. They slowly collapsed into each others arms and just lay still enjoying the afterglow and feeling truly joined together as his prick slowly soften in her cum drenched pussy.

Susan had not realized it but as she day dreamed about that last night with Jimmy, she had slipped her hand under her bikini bottom and was slowly fingering her clit. She snapped out of her daydreams when she felt a rush of moisture to her pussy. "Oh damn," she muttered, "if I'm not careful I'll be ready to rape Allan when he gets here."

Glancing at her watch, she thought, "He should be here in a few minutes." Being Sunday, he had to go in to feed and exercise the animals in the kennel. Allan had just completed his second year at the Junior College and worked as an assistant to the local vet. He was going to transfer to the State University in the fall. Susan had met him when she took her grandmother's dog, Rudy, in for his shots last week.

Susan smiled to herself as she thought of their dates, the first one Monday evening had been a movie and then a trip to the Roller Rink....she had not roller skated since she was a small kid, but she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Then they had gone out Wednesday night, bowling and then played Putt-Putt golf. Friday night they had gone to dinner and a music concert at the Junior College. Susan thought, "I expected him to try and neck or least kiss me on that first date, but he didn't, he was a perfect gentleman....he didn't even try on the second date." When he walked her to the door Friday night, she could tell he was debating whether or not to try. She smiled and remembered how they had stood there, almost toe to toe, on that dark porch facing each other. She had raised her arms and put them around his neck lacing her fingers together, as she told him how much she had enjoyed the concert. The goodnight kiss just followed naturally.

"Actually," she thought, "it more like a half-dozen goodnight kisses." She smiled as she remembered how good the kisses had quickly his kisses had aroused her...she knew they got to Allan, she had felt his erection pressing against her as they kissed....she had literally soaked her panties with her pussy juices. That night as she lay in bed fingering her pussy, she tried to imagine how it would feel if it were Allan's prick....not her two fingers. She wondered what Allan was doing....if he was lying in bed stroking his cock, thinking about her....he certainly had an erection, a big one from the way it felt pressing against her. Finally, after a less than fully satisfactory orgasm, she had been able to go to sleep.

Susan heard the sound of Allan's car as he pulled up to the detached garage about 20 yards from the pool. She got up, waved and went to meet him.

"Hi," called Allan, "where do you want me to put these?" indicating the two bags of dog food. As he watched Susan coming toward him, he thought, "Lord, she is beautiful."


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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