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No Regrets part I
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, just inside the garage will be fine," replied Susan. Susan watched him unload the 50 pound bags.....he looked good, almost six feet tall, well built, with light brown, almost blonde, hair -- he reminded her of some of the old pictures she had seen of John Wayne when he was young. He was wearing a polo T-shirt and white tennis shorts with sneakers sans socks.

"I thought you might be later getting here," said Susan taking his hand as they started toward the pool.

"To be honest about it, I hurried things up. I cut the exercise period a little short."

Susan had stopped on the first step up to the pool deck, making her about the same height as Allan, she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'm glad you we'll have that much more time together."

Susan had spread a couple of beach towels on the deck -- it was more fun lying next to one another. Susan poured them each a glass of lemonade while Allan took off his polo shirt and shoes, and then they stretched out on the towels. As they chatted about school, hopes, experiences, Allan propped himself up on one elbow so he could look into Susan's eyes....then he leaned down and kissed her... she felt his tongue probing at her lips, she opened her lips and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him to her, returning his kisses. Susan could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen and push against her bra....when Allan's arm brush against one of her nipples, rubbing it against her bra material, she let out a small gasp. Susan kissed Allan back, sticking her tongue deep into his Allan began to suck on her tongue she could feel a wetness spreading through out her pussy as she responded to him.

When they broke, Susan said, "I like that....but lets not rush. Come on, let's get in the pool and cool down."

"I don't have any trunks with me. If I get my shorts wet, I won't have anything to wear."

Susan laughed, "I don't think any of my suits will fit you. You're wearing briefs aren't you?....that's practically the same thing the swim teams wear....wear those, you can always wear your shorts without them."

"But what if your mother or Grandmother comes home?" asked Allan.

"They went to the Flea Market in Springdale....they won't be home till 4 or 5 o'clock," said Susan, jumping into the pool.

"Well....I guess....if you'll turn around, I'll do it."

"Okay," said Susan as she slowly turned away from him. Out the corner of her eyes she could barely see him as he stripped off his tennis shorts....he had on briefs, but they were men's bikini briefs, little more than a jock strap....his erection looked like a tent pole under them. Hearing the splash as Allan jumped in, Susan turned around and drifted over to him....Allan's face was blazing red with embarrassment. Susan stood up, the water was only 5 feet deep in the pool, and put her arms around his neck.

"Allan, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you....I wouldn't ever do that." She pulled him to her and kissed him. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her back. As they kissed, Susan felt his prick spring to full erection poking into her stomach, barely being contained by his bikini briefs.

"I'm not embarrassed, Susie, I just blush real easy....especially around some one as pretty as you are. I've never been real good around girls...too tongue tied and bashful.....I never seem to say or do the right thing."

"You seem to be doing okay right now," whispered Susan. She could feel Allan trying to hold his lower body further away from her.....dropping her arms down around his lower back she pulled him to her, feeling his prick press into her abdomen as she kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Suddenly, she could feel his prick against her skin; pressed between them it had escaped the restrictions of his briefs. The reaction in her cunt startled her - she felt like her pussy was melting, melting with desire. She hugged him tighter, pushing her pelvis against him. Allan responded immediately, kissing her back just as vigorously. "Ohhh Allan, that feels so good," moaned Susan. "You're doing just fine."

Breaking the embrace, Susan laughed, "We got in to cool off....I think things got hotter than ever. Let's get back on the deck."

When Allan hesitated to get out, Susan handed him one of the small towels, saying, "Here, use this.....I'll turn my back."

They were lying on the beach towels, Susan on her back, Allan beside her on his stomach. Susan slid over closer and got more under him so she was looking up into his face. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her.....Susan put her arms around his neck and rolled her body into him so that they were lying on their sides....her tits pressed against his chest....his erection pressing against her. Reaching behind her, Susan pulled the bow, to untie her bikini bra, letting her tits spring free....taking Allan's hand she placed his hand over her breast, her stiff hard nipple sticking into the palm of his hand.

Sliding her hand down his chest to his waist, she pulled away the towel and slipped her hand into his briefs grasping his hard prick. It was larger than she had expected....the head, with its soft satiny skin, was the size of a large she slid her hand down his shaft, she could feel the veins standing out on his shaft like bas-relief on a 3-D map....her hand reached the base of his prick, barely able to encircle it....she felt the soft wet mass of hair as she slid her hand lower to cup and fondle his balls and stroke his scrotum. Allan, moaned softly against her lips, "Oohhhh, Susie.....Susieee," as he massaged and tweaked her hard, stiff nipple.

Susan grabbed the front of his briefs, forcing them down, she totally freed his prick, letting it spring free....poking between her thighs, searching for her pussy. Opening her thighs, she let his prick slip between them as she squeezed her legs together trapping the hard, hot, throbbing prick between her thighs. She felt Allan's hand slide into the front of her bikini bottom and gasped as he cupped her pussy in his hand, letting one finger slide between her drenched pussy lips. She unsnapped the sides and pulled the bottom completely away....leaving her pussy open for Allan's fingers.

"OHhhh God, Allan, that feels good," murmured Susan.

"I want to taste you, Susie, " said Allan, as he began to kiss his way down her body.

He swung his body around and as Allan began to probe her pussy with his tongue, Susan lowered her mouth to his prick and licked the large drop of pre-come seeping from the slit in the head of his tasted sweet. "OH Allan," she moaned as she felt his lips squeeze her clit and then felt his tongue rapidly flicking over her engorged love button. "Oh God, that feels good."

She let her lips slip around the head of his cock and took him into her mouth. She took him as deep into her throat as she could, choking as his prick filled her throat. She held him deep in her throat until she had to withdraw, as she drew back she sucked on his prick, as though it were a huge straw. She heard Allan moan into her pussy as she reached the sensitive head and vigorously attacked it with her tongue. She could feel his legs tremble as she tongued around the crown of his prick and then holding his cock against his stomach, ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft and holding his balls to one side gently massaging them, tongued his scrotum as hard as she could. She slid her lips and tongue back up his shaft...over the head of his prick and took him deep into her mouth.

Allan had her clit between his lips sucking it and pulling on it. She pushed her cunt down on his face wanting to get him even deeper into her pussy. "OH Allan....Allan, I'm going to cum. That's it...suck me...suck me hard," she moaned.

She had lifted her mouth off his prick as she reacted to his vigorous assault on her sensitive clit but was still stroking his rigid prick with her hand. Allan moaned loudly and she felt his cock throb and a huge spurt of hot cum hit her cheek, a second spurt hit her lips before she could get her mouth over the erupting prick.

When the first blast of Allan's cum hit her face, Susan felt a sudden, intense sensation deep in her pussy....she was cumming too. She took Allan's prick as deep as she could, feeling the head throb at the back of her throat as he spurted the warm cum deep into her throat. She swallowed as rapidly as she could capturing all his cum and then continued to gently suck him as his proud, hard prick began to wilt in her mouth. Giving his prick a final kiss, she got up and snuggled down beside him. Kissing him, she tasted her pussy juices on his lips and tongue.

"Hhmmm...," purred Susan softly, "for a shy, bashful do pretty good." Susan kissed him, "I'm not sure I could take it when you find out what to do."

"Was it really good? asked Allan. "I've only done this once before....I don't think I did it very good be honest, I was....well....too nervous."

"You didn't seem nervous to me. It was good....even was great. I loved sucking your prick....did you like it?'

"Susie, I wanted you so much. I thought I would never stop cumming....your tongue was driving me crazy." Allan pulled her to him and gently licked his cum off her cheek and nose and then kissed her letting her suck his tongue.

Susan snuggled even closer to him, "Oh Allan, I love the way you taste and I loved the way it felt when your prick started shrinking in my mouth....all I could think of is 'I caused that' had been so hard and hot before that." Giving him a quick kiss, "Allan, this only my second time too....I'm going by what I've read....what I've heard from other girls. We'll learn how'll be more fun that way."

Susan hugged Allan tightly, "Oh Allan, I want you....I want you to make love to me...I want to feel you in me," she whispered in his ear.

"Susie, I don't have any rubbers....we can't take a chance like that. God, I want you so bad...."

"I got some out of my mother's room," said Susan as she reached down and took his prick in her hand. She felt it respond immediately and begin to get hard. "Hmmm, this little fellow is getting interested.....oohhh, I would say real interested."

Sitting up Susan got the rubber and opened it. "Let me put it on you.....I've always wondered how it would feel to do this." She placed the lubricated rubber on the tip of his rigid prick and rolled it down over his shaft.

Susan lay back and spread her legs as Allan rolled over between her legs. She could feel Allan's prick poking at her pussy.....raising her knees slightly and spreading her legs even wider, she reached down and guided his prick between her throbbing pussy lips....she was so wet, the lubrication on the rubber really had not been needed. As Allan thrust his prick into her, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his upper thighs, stretching her pussy even wider as Allan stroked his prick into the depths of her pussy.

"Oh Susie, that feels so good," moaned Allan softly. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, as he plunged his prick into her throbbing pussy. Allan was stroking deep and withdrawing to the head of his prick and then plunging it back down into her pussy.


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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