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No Regrets Part III
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Allan reached down to her pussy and began to finger her clitoris, taking the swollen, engorged clit between his fingers and tweaking it. Susan began to pound her pussy even harder on his prick, moaning, "Oohhhhh....Allan I'm going to cum....NOW......NOW.....I'm cummiiiiiinnnggg."

Allan grabbed her buttocks and thrust his prick into her, meeting the downward thrusts of her pussy, grinding his hips into her. Allan gasped, "Susie......Susieeee," as he felt his cum spew into the rubber.

Susan collapsed on his chest, her breath blowing his chest hairs awry. They lay there holding one another as his prick slowly soften in her pussy. "Susie, you're wonderful," whispered Allan softly. "Just wonderful."

"You're pretty wonderful yourself," Susan answered quietly, her lips brushing the nipple on his chest. "That's a wonderful 'Little Fellow' you have down there."

Allan laughed and lifted Susan's head and gave her a tender slow kiss. "Maybe, but that's quite a place he keeps visiting." As Susan started to roll off him, Allan said, "Wait. Let me hold on to the might come off again."

Susan chuckled and rolled off while Allan held the rubber in place. Sitting up Susan slid the cum filled rubber off his limp prick. Lowering her head Susan took his cum coated prick in her mouth and sucked him clean. Allan moaned as she finished sucking him and kissed his prick. "No more life in him right now," said Susan. "We'll let the little fellow rest," she said as she laid down and snuggled up to Allan twisting his chest hairs around her fingers and kissing the nipple on his chest.

As they lay there quietly, enjoying the contented feeling left by their orgasms, Allan stroked Susan's hair, "How did I get so lucky to find you? You're so damn beautiful - I've never even had a girlfriend before. Most of the dates I went on turned out to be disasters."

"You never had a girlfriend?"

"Not really. Dad was managing this huge tree farm for the company. We lived so far out, the closest town was over sixty miles away. I didn't actually go to school until the ninth grade. Mom was a teacher so she taught me at home. Allan paused, "After Mom got sick the first time, Dad transferred here to be near medical facilities. I had a hard time fitting in at school......heck, I had never been around that many kids before, especially girls."

Susan laughed, "Well it's just my good luck I found you before they discovered what they were missing." Susan raised her head and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I like what I found," she said giving him a deep tender kiss.

Allan hugged her, brushing her hair back so he could see her eyes, he asked, "Do girls think know talk about....about sex, as much as boys?"

"I don't know if it is as much," laughed Susan. "I know any time you get a group of girls together, sooner or later, the conversation is going to be about sex. I think everybody thinks about it, even your Dad, my Mom. I suppose everyone has sexual fantasies of one kind or another."

"Hmmm, do you have a sexual fantasy?" asked Allan.

"Well kinda....Don't you have one or two? Isn't there something you daydream about when you play with this little fellow?" asked Susan as she gently gripped his limp prick. "Or something you dream about when you have a wet dream?"

"I guess so....I guess that's what you'd call them. Although, lately all I think of is you." Allan gave her a quick kiss, "Do girls have wet dreams?"

Susan laughed, "Well not like yours, we don't cum all over the bed sheet, but, yeah, we have sexy dreams....I dreamed about you the other night after we kissed on the porch."

"Really, what did you dream about me?"

Susan chuckled, and kissed him, "I dreamed we made out on the porch, in the glider. I woke up before I climaxed, but my pussy was soaking wet. I finished myself off with my fingers."

Allan kissed her gently and asked, "What's your fantasy?"

Susan chuckled, "Okay, I'll tell you mine, if you'll tell me your's.....OK?"

Allan nodded yes.....Susan gave him a quick kiss and began, "I'm with someone, no one specific, they're good looking, well built. With out getting rough he removes all my clothes and ties me to the bed....I'm spread eagle on the bed totally naked. He gets undressed and he has a huge hard-on, as big as your little fellow," she says as she grips his prick and gently squeezes it. "He never hurts me but he begins to play with my pussy, tits, makes me lick and suck his cock. What happens varies. One time he screws me, but stops short of letting me cum until I beg for it, another time he screws my tits and shoots a load cum all over my face, anther one he ties me face down and puts a vibrator in my pussy and screws me in my just goes on an on. Oh yeah, sometimes I'm blindfolded when he does it, so I don't know what is going to happen until it does."

"Does that sound crazy?" Susan gently sucked on his nipple, "Okay, now what's your fantasy, you said you would tell me. If you don't tell me, I'll bite your nipple off."

"Better that than something else," said Allan. Then as Susan gently took his nipple between her teeth, he laughed, "OK....OK, I'll tell you. I'll see some one I like and at night imagine I've with them. You know that first time we went out, I came home and jerked off thinking of you. In fact, I did it almost every night that week, and that Friday night, after we'd kissed, I made myself cum twice."

Allan paused, "You know there is one daydream, about sex, that I have a lot times. It's one where I'm hitch-hiking, camping, something - the camping one is my favorite, and I meet or get picked up by two beautiful girls...the weather turns bad and we're stranded together. We end up doing everything, one sitting on my face while I eat her and the other one is on my cock, or one girl is eating the other girl while I'm screwing her doggie style. The combinations go on and on. It's always just me and two girls, never another guy or even three girls."

Allan pulled Susan to him and kissed her, "You know, I haven't even thought about that daydream since I met you. To me you're a fantasy come true."

Susan kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and holding him tight. As she broke the kiss, she whispered, "'re all the fantasy I've needed. I never knew sex could be this good."

Allan kissed her back, "Neither did I.....I still can't believe how lucky I am." Allan smiled at her, "I liked your fantasy, maybe you'll let me make it come true for you."

Susan laughed, "Yeah, you would, wouldn't you.

Susan gave him a deep kiss, "We'll try anything you want to try. I don't think I have any hang ups about sex; it's suppose to be enjoyable." She gave him another quick kiss, "I'm certainly enjoying it with you. In fact, the next time I'm in the bookstore, I'm going to pickup one of those books, you know, 101 Ways to Satisfy Your Man."

Allan pulled her close and nibbling at her ear whispered, "You're fantastic, you really are."

Fondling his prick, Susan laughed, "Well fantastic or not, right now I just want get this little fellow interested in some action." She kissed him on the stomach and then took his limp prick into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. She could feel his prick growing larger, filling her mouth, and then pressing against her throat making it hard to breath.

Raising her head, she gently sucked on the head of his prick, stroking it with her tongue. Then giving it a kiss, she laid down on top of Allan fitting his now hard rigid prick between her thighs letting his shaft press against her wet pussy lips.

Susan kissed him. "That really turns me on, feeling it grow like that in my mouth, getting so large and so hard."

Allan chuckled, "If turns you on, imagine what it does to me."

She reached down and guided his prick between the lips of her pussy and into her hot tunnel, pushing her pussy onto his prick.

"Susie, I don't have a rubber on. Let me get one."

"I want to be able to feel you...really feel you in me, not a rubber. It should be safe, I double checked the dates of my period." She kissed him pushing her pussy even further down on his prick. "Doesn't that feel better - it does to me, I love it. I want to be able to feel you, all of you, and to feel you cum in my pussy."

"Oh Susie," he moaned softly as he thrust his prick up driving it deep into her hot moist cunt. "Oh God, it feels wonderful, like a hot, wet velvet glove is gripping me."

She began to move her ass slowly up and down, sliding his rigid shaft in and out her aching pussy. "Go slow...make it last a long time. Oh God, you feel good...I can really feel you," whispered Susan. "That's it nice and slow....yes..yes, get deep into me, as deep as you can." She kissed him running her tongue into his mouth as she barely moved her pussy up and down, only a couple of inches, on his rigid prick.

After a few minutes of this, Allan grabbed her buttocks and held her still against his prick. "Oh Susie, wait..wait, don't move. Let me calm down for a minute...I don't want to cum yet."

She kissed and hugged him to her, "That's okay...Take your feels good just having you in me. I love the way you feel. When you get ready, roll us get on top."

He gripped her buttock with his right hand and holding her tight against him, they rolled over never letting his prick escape from its velvet prison. Susan wrapped her legs around his upper thighs holding him even tighter against her as Allan began to slowly stroke his prick into her aching cunt. She gripped his buttocks in her hands and pulled him into her pussy, wanting to get his prick as deep into her as possible.

After quite a few minutes of Allan slowly stroking his prick into her aching cunt, Susan began to moan softly and thrust her hips up to meet his prick on its downward plunge, "OH Allan, I'm not.....I can't wait....I'm going to cum. I want you...I want you now. Fuck me...fuck me as hard as you can."

He lengthen the strokes and began to drive his prick into her pussy faster. The wet sounds of his prick going into her dripping pussy just excited Susan even more, and she gripped his buttocks even harder, pulling him into her pussy. She could feel her fingers digging into his flesh. "OOHHhhhh Allan....Allan. That's good," she moaned. "OOhh My God....I'm cumming. Don't stop....Harder, Fuck Me Harder. OH God...oohhhh."

Susan's climax triggered Allan's when he felt the tremors in her body and her pussy gripping his throbbing prick like a soft wet vise. With a loud moan he rammed his prick as deep into her pussy as he could and felt it erupt again and again as he spewed his cum into her cunt. With a soft moan Allan collapsed on to Susan, hugging her to him, his prick still buried deep in her.

"Damn, I've never cum like that before...that hard," gasped Allan.

Panting, Susan hugged him whispering, "Neither have I....not that intense. I felt that all the way down to my toes."

When he started to roll off her, she held him even tighter. "No, stay there. I like to feel you in me...I don't want it to end yet. Hold me...hold me tight."

"I'm too heavy laying on you like this. We'll just roll over on our side." He held her tight against him as they rolled over, his prick still buried in her pussy. "There, you've still got me where you want me."

She kissed him gently and then buried her face against his neck. "I'm totally wiped out. I think I'd have a hard time standing up right now. My legs feel too weak." Susan chuckled, "If I have a G spot you must have found it that time."

Allan brushed her hair back and kissed her ear, running his tongue around the contours of her ear. "Susie, just lay here...I'll hold you. I love holding you like this. We don't have to go out. I'll throw a pizza in the oven and we'll eat here."

"Good. I just want to lie here with you, let you hold me and get a few minutes rest. I'm so tired."

Allan held Susan in his arms as she dozed off to sleep. Glancing at the clock he saw it was only 6:15, so he shut his eyes as well - he was tired. He didn't even feel it when his limp prick was squeezed from her tight cum filled pussy.

(To Be Continued...)

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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