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No Regrets Part IV
by AnonSky

Allan's arm was cramping, Susan had shifted position in her sleep and her weight was lying on it. Allan looked at Susan and gently kissed her forehead as he eased his arm out from under her.

"That's a weak excuse for a kiss," murmured Susan, her eyes still closed. "You ought to be able to do better than that after a nap."

"I didn't think you were awake." He said as he lowered his head to her and kissed her, probing her lips with his tongue.

Susan opened her lips and sucked on the tip of his tongue, as she rolled her body against him, feeling his chest hair tease the nipples of her tits. "Hmmmm....I would like to wake up like this all the time." She could feel his cock stiffen and become hard....opening her legs, she let his prick slip between them, then closing them she trapped his prick against her pussy. She could feel his shaft pressing against her pussy lips and the large head of his prick nestled against the crack of her ass. "Hmmm, I like the way that feels, too. Nice and large and hot."

They lay there for some time, kissing and whispering to each other. Finally, Allan said, "Susie, I want you....I want you so much....I'll never get tired of making love to you."

Susan kissed him, "Oh Allan, I want you too." She looked at him, "Do you want to do my fantasy? Tie me up? I trust you."

"Do you really want me to do that?" 

"If you want it," smiled Susan. "I want to be completely at your mercy....I want you do whatever you want to do to me sexually." 

"Okay, but I don't want to hurt or scare you. You tell me if it isn't good for you. Okay?" Allan got some old neckties out of the closet and with Susan's help she was quickly tied up, spread eagle on the bed. Looking at her, Allan could feel his prick get even harder....he hadn't thought that possible. But, looking at this beautiful naked girl, helpless, tied up with her pussy fully exposed and vulnerable, was making his balls ache with desire.

He stretched out beside her and gave her a quick kiss, "Oh Susie, looking at you like this is almost enough to make me cum." Allan leaned over and began to tongue her tits, letting his tongue trace a path down her body to her cunt. Getting between her legs, Allan spread her pussy with his hands and began to tongue and suck her pussy. He took her clitoris between his lips and massaged it with his lips while flicking his tongue back and forth over it. He heard Susan moan softly and could feel her trying to move her legs, but unable to do so because of the bonds. He tongued her clitoris vigorously as she gave a loud gasp and tried to raise her ass off the bed.

"Oh God, Allan, that feels good. I want you to fuck me...put your prick in"

Allan raised up, "Not yet, I have some more things to do first." Allan knelt by her head and took his prick and placed it on her lips, "Suck this first...get it good and wet."

Susan eagerly took his prick into her mouth and sucked it, swirling her tongue around the head, tasting the pre come that was oozing out of its slit. As she sucked his prick, Allan reached down to her pussy and found her clitoris and began to massage it with two fingers, rolling it between them. He felt Susan's lips vibrate as she moaned around his prick head in her mouth. Susan was trying to push her hips up against his fingers as he massaged her clit, but was being restrained by the bonds tying her down.

He pulled his prick from her mouth and quickly knelt between her legs...taking his prick in his hand, he rubbed it up and down between her wet pussy lips. Susan's pussy was soaking wet and leaking her juices down the cheeks of her ass; he could see her pussy juices glistening on her ass and her inner thighs.

"Put it in.....Put it in," begged Susan. "God, Allan....I want you so much."

Allan put the head of his prick in her pussy hole and then with one smooth easy thrust rammed it all the way into her pussy. He felt Susan's body jerk and her pussy convulse around his prick. "Ohhhh....Allaaaaan.......I'm cumming......cummmmiiinnnnnng...," she moaned. Allan slowly stroked his prick in and out her throbbing pussy as Susan moaned softly, "Oh Allan....Allan. I didn't think...I didn't want to cum that quick." Allan paused, "No, don't stop....don't. Make me cum again."

Allan kissed her as he continued to stroke his prick into her. "I wanted you to cum good," said Allan. "I like it when you want me that badly - it makes me want you even more."

Susan kissed him, "Allan, turn me over. I want you to screw me in my ass. We've never done'll the first - the only one."

Allan withdrew his rigid prick from her pussy and quickly began to untie her. As they were undoing the ties, Allan said, "I don't have a vibrator, like in your fantasy."

Susan laughed, "That's okay, you will be plenty."

"I've got an idea. I'll be right back." Allan dashed out the room returning immediately with a cucumber. "This ought to work." He slipped a rubber over it. "It's the right size and shape."

Susan laughed as she got on the bed on her hands and knees, with her ass up in the air. Allan knelt behind her, his prick rock hard, probing at the crack between the cheeks of her ass.

"Go slow, Allan. Your prick is awfully big for that little hole," she said.

Allan rubbed her pussy juice over the little rosebud of her asshole, slowly inserting a finger into it. When he had the finger all the way in, he began to finger fuck her butt to relax the muscles. While doing this he rubbed the head of his prick on her pussy and slipped it in to her pussy hole getting it good and wet with her pussy juices. Pulling out his finger he put the head of his prick against her asshole and pushed gently forward. He could feel Susan pushing back against his prick trying to help bury it in her ass. He began to rock his ass gently back and forth pushing the head of his prick into her asshole. Each time it seem to go a little deeper, stretching her asshole a little wider....then on one push forward, Susan pushed back and he felt the head of his prick pop through - he was in her ass. "My God," he moaned, "that's even tighter than your pussy.....a lot tighter. Susie, does it hurt, do you want to stop?" 

"No, don't stop...not now...I can feel you in me," gasped Susan. Susan pushed her ass back against his prick, "That's it put it in deeper...go slow let me get use to it....God, I feel like there's a telephone pole up my ass, but it feels good."

Allan pressed slowly forward and started rocking his ass back and forth, moving his prick in her ass with short strokes, each one a little deeper. Allan reached down and picked up the rubber-coated cucumber and inserted the smaller end into Susan's pussy hole. The cucumber was about seven-eight inches long and as large in diameter as Allan's prick at the small end and larger at the other end. As Allan pushed the veggie dildo into Susan's pussy and began to stroke it in and out, Susan moaned loudly.

"Oh Allan....Ohhhhhh....that feels good.......fuck me good.......fuck me good," moaned Susan. "I can feel the ridges and bumps on it, God, I feel like I'm stuffed."

Allan had about five inches of his prick in Susan's ass....he began to stroke it in and out, while he worked the dildo in her pussy. He was having trouble coordinating his movements...fucking her ass with his prick and her pussy with the veggie dildo. He pushed the cucumber deep into her pussy and left it there... he was concentrating on fucking her tight ass. He felt Susan's ass muscles relax even more letting his prick deeper into her tight ass. As he stroked his prick in and out her ass, he could feel the cucumber dildo in her pussy along the underside of his prick. Then he felt Susan reach back and start moving the veggie dildo in and out her pussy, he could feel the sensation against his prick. 

"Oh Susie, your ass is so's squeezing my prick....I can't keep this up long," moaned Allan.

Susan was pushing her ass back on Allan's prick and working the dildo in and out her throbbing pussy as hard as she could. "Now....Fuck Me Now.....I'm going to cum. OH GOD, I'm cumming......OOHHhhhhhhh.....Allan," Susan moaned as she rammed her ass back on his prick feeling it go even deeper into her bowel. The pressure of her ass on his prick was just more than Allan could take, he felt his prick throb, seem to swell, then spew his cum deep into her bowel. With a low moan Susan collapsed forward on the bed causing Allan's prick to come out of her ass with a very audible wet plop.

Allan lay down beside her and took her in his arms. "Susie, you are something else. You're wonderful. I think I'm in love with you," whispered Allan as he held her, kissing her neck and ear.

Susan just sighed deeply, to spent to say anything, or do anything, but bury her face against his neck and hug him. After a few moments she started laughing softly.

"What is it," asked Allan.

"I was thinking how strange life is, how unhappy I had been about Dad getting killed, having to move here...and now, I've never been happier. I met you and everything changed." She kissed his neck, "Oh Allan, you were great.... tender.....and so sweet to worry about me. I don't think it...I believe I'm definitely in love with you," she whispered as she kissed his ear.

They lay there for some time just whispering to each other and gently kissing. Then Allan sat up, "We need to get cleaned up and get something to eat, it's almost 7:30. Come on, we'll take a shower together."

In the shower, Susan was washing Allan and Allan was washing her. "My little fellow is getting stirred up again," said Susan as she stroked Allan's balls and prick with the wash cloth. "He's clean and looks like he's ready for some more action," she said as she gripped his prick, now hard and rigid, in her hand.

"You get him excited," said Allan.

Kneeling down in the shower stall Susan licked the head of his prick and looked up at Allan. "This time, instead of me just sucking you, I want you to fuck my mouth...Okay?" Susan slipped her mouth over the head of his prick and teased it with her tongue.

"You mean like this," asked Allen, as he began to pump his prick back and forth into her mouth. He heard and felt a muffled 'un-hu' around his prick. Placing his hands on each side of Susan's head, he began to move his ass back and forth, pumping his prick into her mouth, being careful not to go too deep. He could feel her tongue on his shaft when he went in fully and feel her tongue swirling around the head of his prick when he was withdrawing it. "Oh Susie, that feels great," moaned Allan.

When Allan pushed his prick into her mouth, Susan tighten her lips and cheeks to give it more friction and when he was withdrawing, she would suck it as though she were trying to pull it back into her throat. After a few minutes of this Allan's legs began to quiver. "Oh Susie....that's it, suck it hard," gasped Allan as he speeded up his thrusts. "Oh...OOHHhhh....Susie.....I'm fixing to cum."

When Susan felt his prick begin to throb, she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him to her, running his prick deep into her throat....she could feel the head pressing the back of her throat, almost choking her. She felt Allan's body jerk as his prick erupted in her throat, spewing his cum down it. After the first two spurts she eased his prick head up to her mouth freeing her throat so she could breathe easier. Catching the lesser spurts of cum in her mouth, she used her tongue to swirl the cum around his prick head, savoring the taste of his cum while she did it. When he had stopped cumming, she gently sucked him until he was limp.

Standing up, Susan kissed him, and said, "Well, I've had the appetizer, now I'm ready for the main course." 

Almost a month later, Susan and Tracey were cleaning the dinner dishes from another late dinner. Susan looked around, checking for her Mom or Grandma, then whispered to Tracey, "I need to talk to you tonight. After everyone is in bed, why don't you sneak into my room."

"Okay," replied Tracey. "What's it about?"

Susan glanced around; they were alone. She leaned over and gave Tracey a quick kiss and whispered, "I'll explain's too complicated to get into now. But, I think you'll like it." Watching Tracey's face, Susan knew she had Tracey's curiosity piqued.

Susan lay in bed waiting for Tracey. She could hear the shower in their adjoining bath and knew she'd be in soon, her Mother and Grandmother had already gone to their bedrooms upstairs. Susan wondered if Tracey would like her idea......she thought she would. She recalled her discussion with Allan.

"I've only got another two weeks before I have to leave for the University. Why don't we go up to the State Park....take my tent and camp out for a couple of days?" asked Allan.

"I'd love to," said Susan, "but I'm not sure my Mom would agree. She's pretty liberal...but not that liberal."

"If you could, we can go up next Wednesday, after I get through at the clinic, and have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there - we'd come home Sunday. We could swim, hike...they have horses there and water skiing."

Susan laughed, "Yeah, I can just see me saying, 'Mom, I want to go camping with Allan...spend three nights with him, sleeping in the same tent....maybe even the same sleeping bag,' she would probably flip out." Susan paused and said wistfully, "I wish we would be great."

"You don't think we could convince her?" 

Susan held up her finger, "I've got an idea that might work, what if Tracey went with us. We wouldn't be totally alone, but we would have some privacy...I know Tracey will cooperate. Is the tent big enough?"

"Sure, it will sleep four, even six people. I'd rather it were just the two of us. Won't it be awkward for Tracey?"

"Tracey already knows we're having sex...she asked me and I told her. Tracey and I don't really have many secrets from one another. But if Tracey goes, Mom believes there's safety in numbers, she'd see Tracey being there as a chaperone, keeping us from getting carried away."

"I never had a brother or even a friend, I felt that close to." Allan kissed her and said, "Until now, with you. Okay, lets do it. See if Tracey wants to come. We'll still have a good time. It'll be a lot of fun, and we'll have all that time together."

The shower had stopped a few minutes ago. Susan heard Tracey ease the door open and then felt her scramble into the bed and snuggle up to her. Tracey was naked. Susan could feel her naked breasts pressing against her.

"Where are your clothes?" asked Susan.

"Oh Susie, I thought you wanted know..," stammered Tracey.

Susan chuckled, "I know, honey. I'm just kidding you." Susan turned on her side facing Tracey and pulled Tracey closer to her and gave her a quick kiss. "First we need to talk about something."

Susan explained about the camping trip and her idea of Tracey coming along so their mother would agree to it.

"I think it's a great idea, as long as you and Allan don't mind me being with you two," said Tracey. "You know that old saying 'Three's a crowd.' "

"That's the other part of my idea....the part I didn't tell Allan," whispered Susan. Susan explained how she and Allan had shared their sexual fantasies, and how she and Allan had played out her fantasy.

Tracey giggled, "That sounds great."

"Now the good part," said Susan. "Allan's fantasy was to be on a camping trip and get picked up or meet two beautiful girls and then get screwed out of his skull. Does that give you any ideas for this camping trip?" 

"You mean me and you....and Allan? You wouldn't mind?" asked Tracey.

"I don't think so.....I love you both. Well, I know I love you, and I think I'm in love with Allan. I just want to surprise him...make him happy."

Tracey hugged Susan, "I think it's a great idea. You know - while I've fingered myself, I've wondered what it would be like to make love with both you and Allan. But I know how much you like Allan, I'd never do anything to upset you."

"It wouldn't upset me, honey," whispered Susan as she began to fondle Tracey's tit and play with the nipple. "I'm just ending up my period....tonight is your treat, I'm going to make love to you." Susan ran her hand through Tracey's soft damp pussy hair and parting the lips of her pussy, slipped two of her fingers into Tracey's moist, hot cunt. "Just lay there and enjoy it, while I make you cum," said Susan as she began to run her tongue down Tracey's body. Susan crawled between Tracey's legs and taking her two pillows slid them under Tracey's buttocks, elevating Tracey's pussy, making it more accessible to her mouth and tongue.

Stretching out between Tracey's legs, Susan pushed Tracey's pussy lips apart and ran her tongue deep in her pussy hole. Placing her whole mouth on Tracey's pussy, Susan began to lick and suck her, drawing Tracey's pussy lips into her mouth and stretching them. Susan heard Tracey moan softly, then as Susan's tongue found Tracey's clitoris, Tracey body jerked as Susan's tongue probed at her clitoris. Susan sucked the engorged clit between her lips and tongued it as hard as she could. After a few minutes of vigorous sucking and tonguing, Susan began to massage it with her lips, as though she was trying to eat it with her lips -- no teeth. She felt Tracey shudder and heard her gasp.

"Oh Susie......Sussiieee.....that's goood.....that's real goooood," moaned Tracey. Tracey tried to push her pussy onto Susan's tongue.....reaching down, Tracey grasped the back of Susan's head in her hands, pulling Susan into her pussy. Tracey's legs were beginning to tremble, and Tracey could feel the tremors starting in her pussy....the signal for her orgasm.

"Oh Susie.....Oh, I'm going to cum.....I'm going to cum," gasped Tracey softly.

Susan probed Tracey's asshole with her finger, then slid her finger deep into her ass. She felt Tracey's body shudder and her asshole grip her finger as Tracey's orgasm washed over her. Susan licked Tracey's pussy very slowly as Tracey's body became still. Giving her pussy one last kiss, Susan left it and crawled up beside Tracey.

"Was it good, honey?" asked Susan, kissing the tip of Tracey's nose.

" was great.....I'm totally wiped out," gasped Tracey.

"That's okay, just go to sleep and dream about all the fun we're going have on that trip next week. If Mom says okay." Susan laughed softly, "I hope I dream about it."

To Be Continued...
Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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