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No Regrets part VIII
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"That's just it," sobbed Sharon, "he's not really my brother." Sharon was having trouble crying and talking, she took a deep breath, "I was three and Gary was seven when my Dad married his mother. Dad legally adopted him so we would all have the same name." Sharon was getting her crying under control, "But to Gary, I'm just his little sister...I know he loves me, but not the way I want."

"I didn't know, but Gary's not married, and you said he wasn't going with anyone. Have you talked to him? Maybe he feels the same way."

"I'm scared to. What if he says he doesn't love me....doesn't love me like that?"

Susan hugged her and kissed her gently on the forehead, "Honey, if you don't talk to him you'll never know. Isn't knowing one way or the other, better than not knowing? We just need to work out a plan for that will help get the answer you want." Susan chuckled, "Looking at you in that nightie you have on, I don't see how he can not love you and want you."

"Really. Do you think it might work," asked Sharon as her sobs ceased. "How could I do it?"

"That's what we need to figure out," said Susan.

Susan and Sharon talked and plotted for about an hour, until they had worked out a scheme that Sharon would follow when Gary got home Friday night. Sharon was visibly excited.

"Oh Susan," said Sharon, giving her a big hug and a quick kiss. "God, I hope this works. I didn't know if I could keep on being around Gary. This afternoon, when he hugged me and gave me a quick kiss good bye, my pussy creamed so bad that I soaked my panties. I go to bed at night wanting him so bad that I ache."

"Well, at least this way you'll know, and I think it might just work for you. I hope so...I really do," whispered Susan. Susan pulled Sharon close and gently kissed her on her lips. Susan felt Sharon's tongue probing her lips. Opening her lips, Susan gently sucked Sharon's tongue into her mouth and began to grind her hips against Sharon's, rubbing their pussy mons against each other.

Susan felt Sharon's hand slip under her nightie top and cup her breast, with Sharon's fingers gently massaging her nipple. Sharon pushed one leg between Susan's thighs and began to rub the top of her leg back and forth against Susan's pussy. Susan moaned softly against Sharon's lips, whispering, "Ohhh, that feels good, feels real good," as she slipped her hand down over Sharon's stomach and into her panties, cupping Sharon's vulva in her hand. Susan cupped Sharon's pussy in her hand, letting the motion of Sharon's leg rub her pussy against her fingers. She could feel the wetness, the warmth of Sharon's pussy, as she gently fingered her pussy lips.

Sharon raised her hips off the bed, "Take them off...take them all the way off," whispered Sharon. Susan quickly stripped the panties down pass Sharon's knees, then, hooking a foot in them, pushed them all the way down and off her. Susan's hand went back to Sharon's pussy, slipping one, then two fingers into her wet passage and then Susan began to stroke her fingers in and out. Sharon quickly removed her top and Susan lowered her mouth to Sharon's tits and began to suck and tongue them. "Oh Susan....God, that feels good...real good. I've never done this before, never with a girl, but I want to with you. Oh, I want you so much....Ohhhh, suck them hard...harder....that's it," gasped Sharon. "Make love to me, Susan.....I want you to.....I want you to, so bad. God, I want you to love me."

Susan began to kiss her way down Sharon's body, taking her time, pausing at her navel to tongue it vigorously, then moving to her pussy hair tonguing all around the hair, in the crease of her hips. "Your pussy, hair is wonderful Sharon. It's so soft and silk strands," whispered Susan. Then her tongue licked at Sharon's pussy, slipping between the swollen, wet pussy lips, probing her pussy hole. Susan paused, "God, you taste good, Sharon. I love the way your pussy feels when I tongue you," she said and then, she resumed lashing Sharon's pussy with her tongue. Susan had to hunt for Sharon's clitoris, it wasn't as pronounced as hers or Tracey's, but she found it, still hiding under its hood. Susan felt Sharon's body jump as she probed at it with the tip of her tongue, before settling down to suck on it and tongue it in earnest. She felt Sharon writhe about as she began to suck on the clit and tongue it hard with her tongue, flicking her tongue rapidly back and forth over the engorged love button. Sharon's clit was a little larger now, but still not the size of hers or Tracey's.

"OH MY GOD.....OHhhhh," groaned Sharon. OOHhhhh...Susie...Susie." Sharon reached down and gripped Susan's head, pulling it to her pussy as she tried to push her pussy against Susan's mouth. "OOOHHhhh....Susie, that feels so good....suck me harder, as hard as you can." Sharon arched her back, pushing her pussy against Susan's mouth, "OH GOD, Susie....I wanted you so bad...wanted you to make love to me...OOOhhhhhh, I'm going to cum.....I'm fixing to cum....OH....OH, I'M CUMMINNNNGG!!!" screamed Sharon.

Susan wrapped her arms around Sharon's upper thighs and held Sharon's pussy firmly against her mouth, tonguing it furiously as Sharon writhed in the midst of her orgasm. Susan could feel and taste Sharon's pussy juice as it coated her tongue and flowed down her chin. Sharon arched her body high off the bed pushing her pussy hard against Susan's mouth. Sharon collapsed back onto to the bed as her body shuddered with the impact of her climax. Susan slowed her tonguing of Sharon's pussy to just gentle licks as she listened to Sharon's breathing slowly return too normal.

Susan crawled up beside Sharon and pulled her close, gently kissing her lips, letting Sharon taste and smell her own pussy juice. "How was that?" asked Susan softly. "Was that good for you? It was for me, I loved doing that to feel you cum."

"Oh Susie, I...I," gasped Sharon, "I've never cum like that before. God, I didn't know it could be so intense." Pulling Susan to her, Sharon kissed her deeply, then pulled back, "It was great. God, I still feel weak...weak, but good...real good," murmured Sharon. "Lord, I've thought about this, making love with you, ever since we kidded around about the dildo on registration day. I never dreamed it could be so good with another girl."

Susan laughed, "I've thought about it to, that's why I was so quick to say yes when you asked me to stay with you. I loved doing that with you...when you started cumming so hard, you almost made me cum."

Sharon laughed and hugged Susan, "Give me a few minutes to catch my breath. Then I want to make love to you. I want to make you cum like that." Sharon kissed Susan, then said, "You may have to tell me how to do it - I've never done this before."

"You didn't have a sister to help you learn what to do...I did," said Susan.

"You can teach me," murmured Sharon, snuggling up to Susan, gently stroking Susan's breast. "Did you bring Tracey's two prick dildo with you? I was hoping you would."

Susan laughed, replying, "I sure did, it's in my tote. I went back in the house at the last minute and got it, just in case." Susan turned so she and Sharon were lying toe to toe on their sides, their tits pressing against one another. "But, you're a virgin...your hymen hasn't been broken."

"Well, I guess technically I'm a virgin. I've never been screwed by a guy, but I broke my hymen this summer with a dildo, one I brought home from the flea market. I got so worked up over Gary one night that I put the whole seven inches in me. He went to sleep one night on the couch when we were watching TV. His robe came open, and when I looked over there, he had a hard-on, his prick was sticking straight up out of his boxer looked beautiful. I got so turned on that I went up stairs and fucked myself with the dildo."

Susan laughed, "Good, we'll give it try. Tracey wore it when we used it and it worked fine."

"Oh Susie, I want you to wear it and fuck me with it - show me what to do. I don't want to mess up Friday night with Gary, but I've never had sex with a guy. What does the girl do? If I can get Gary to make love to me, I want it to be one night he'll never forget."

Susan laughed softly, "Just let your body take over and do whatever feels good. We can try some things that you might not think of the first time. I think everyone learns it by trial and error." Susan gave Sharon a deep passionate kiss, then pulling back and looking at her, said, "I think I can guarantee that you'll give him a night he'll remember the rest of his life. Lord, Sharon, you're already one of the prettiest and sexiest girls I've ever known."

"Hmmm, I'm glad you think so," murmured Sharon, as she slid her hand under the band of Susan's panties, through her pubic hair and began fondle Susan's pussy. "Lord, Susie, you are soaking wet, and warm. I can feel the heat from your pussy on my hand." Sharon kissed Susan, running her tongue deep into Susan's mouth while she inserted two fingers into Susan's wet pussy hole, stroking them in and out.

"Ohhhh, Sharon, that's it fuck me...make me want it even more," moaned Susan as she pushed her pussy against Sharon's probing fingers. "Tonguing you, making love to you got me so hot. Oh Sharon, I want you, want you to make love to me, now," gasped Susan. Susan quickly removed her top and lifting her hips off the bed, keeping Sharon's fingers in her pussy, pushed her panties down, then off. Susan lay back and opened her legs wide giving Sharon full access to her pussy. Susan felt Sharon slide one more finger into her pussy, Sharon was now finger fucking her with three fingers. "Oh honey, that feels good....fuck me hard...that's it," whispered Susan.

Sharon crawled between Susan's legs and placed her mouth on Susan's pussy and began to tongue her, sliding her tongue between Susan's wet, swollen pussy lips and deep into her pussy. Sharon gripped the swollen pussy lips with her lips and gently pulled on them and sucked them into her mouth.

"Oh God, Sharon, that feels good....suck my clit....suck it hard," moaned Susan. "It's there, at the top of my should be sticking out of its hood. Suck it...tongue it hard."

Sharon found Susan's engorged clit, she was surprised that it was so large and stuck out from under its hood like a tiny prick. She sucked it between her lips and massaged it with her tongue. She heard Susan give a loud moan and felt Susan's body jerk. Encouraged, Sharon pushed her mouth harder against Susan's pussy, sucking the clit vigorously, then tonguing it as fast as she could. She felt Susan twist and pull back some at the intensity of her attack on the sensitive love organ. Wrapping her arms around Susan's thighs, Sharon pulled Susan's pussy hard into her face, holding Susan there while she tongued the clit as hard as she could, then pausing to suck and massage it with her lips, and then back to vigorous tonguing. She felt Susan arch her back trying to push her pussy even harder onto Sharon's lashing tongue. Sharon felt a gush of warm pussy juice wash over her tongue and chin as she sucked on Susan's clit.

"Oh God, Sharon....Sharon," cried Susan. "That's it, suck it....suck it hard." Susan's legs began to tremble as she felt the sensation mounting in the depths of her pussy, getting nearer and nearer to the edge. "OH SHARON.....I'm going to cum.....OH DAMN, I'M CUMMMING......CUMMING!!" Susan grabbed Sharon's head, holding it tight against her pussy, her whole body shuddering as her orgasm swept through her. "Oh Honey...Honey," moaned Susan softly, "that's enough...enough. I can't stand anymore...not right now." Sharon did not stop tonguing Susan's clit until she heard Susan's plea.

Sharon gave Susan's pussy a final gentle kiss, and rolled from between her legs. Taking the exhausted Susan in her arms, Sharon gently kissed her, lightly stroking Susan's lips with her tongue. "Susie, I liked that....liked making love to know I made you cum like that. Oh Susie, I'm glad we met, really I am. I hope we can always be friends."

Susan smiled and weakly kissed Sharon, "I hope so too, honey. Then Susan chuckled, "I sure didn't have to show you very much. It must come naturally." Still chuckling Susan pulled Sharon against her body and kissed her deep and passionately. Pulling back, Susan looked at Sharon, smiling at her, and said, "You make Gary cum that good Friday night - you better believe that he'll never forget it."

"Oh Susie, I hope so," said Sharon. "I loved doing that to you, making love to you. I'd read about and heard about, but I never realized how wonderful it could be, how tender and sweet it was. And, God, when you started cumming, your pussy just flooded my face." Sharon gave Susan a quick kiss, "Even if everything works out with Gary, I don't want it to change things with us. Will it?"

Susan chuckled, gave Sharon a quick kiss back, "No, silly. It doesn't have to change a thing between us. I love Allan, love him very much. I haven't told him yet, but I intend to marry him. I love sex with Allan, but I love Tracey and I've come to love you, I don't see any conflicts in those."

Sharon snuggled closer and hugged Susan, "I'm glad you said that, I've come to love you too. I didn't realize how lonely I was until we became friends. I don't even want to imagine us not being friends."

"I know....I know what you mean, but right now, this friend wants to just lie here and let you hold her for awhile," whispered Susan. "Hold me tight. I like to feel you holding me."

They lay there for a fifteen minutes or so, catching their breath, talking softly about what Sharon was to do Friday night when she set out to seduce Gary.

"Susie, just talking about it is turning me on," whispered Sharon.

Susan chuckled and let her hand explore Sharon's pussy, "Lord, you aren't kidding, are you. You're as wet as ever down here," murmured Susan, as she slipped her fingers into Sharon's pussy. "I think you may be ready to be fucked by that dildo. What do you think?"

"I know I am. I want to be fucked by you, Susie."

Susan quickly slipped out of bed and got the dildo and K-Y jelly out of her tote, and then hopped back into bed. Susan applied some jelly to the dildo to go in her pussy, and said, "Here, honey, help me get this in my pussy and strapped on right." Sharon worked the greased dildo into Susan's pussy hole until the cup was flush with Susan's vulva. Susan fastened the strap around her waist and passed the other two straps under her pussy to Sharon. "They go under me and then around the outside of my hips, cross my stomach and fasten to the waist strap. That holds the dildo firmly in my pussy while I'm screwing you with the other dildo."

Sharon laughed, "I'm glad I won't have to go through all this with Gary, I might cum before he ever puts his prick in me."

With everything fasten, Sharon and Susan lubed the other false prick.

"It feels almost like the real thing, look at how the veins stand out on it," said Sharon. "It's soft and feels like skin, but it doesn't feel warm like a real prick. How does the one in you feel?"

"It feels great. There is just enough play in the straps for it to move some in my pussy." Susan gave Sharon a deep kiss, then said, "We'll let you warm yours up when we get it in your pussy. Now, lay back and raise your knees a little, and I'll put this thing in there."

Sharon spread her legs and raised her knees slightly as Susan knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of the dildo over Sharon's pussy lips. "Damn, you're so wet we really didn't need any jelly on this." Susan propped herself up on her arms, like she was doing push-ups, and said, "Okay, take the prick and put it in your pussy, you may need to help Gary do that. If you do it, you know you've got it in the right spot. Gary might miss."

Sharon chuckled as she guided the dildo between her pussy lips and into her pussy hole...pushing forward with her hips, she felt the head of the prick enter her pussy. "Okay, Susie, it's fuck me good," whispered Sharon.

Susan began to thrust back and forth with short strokes, getting a little deeper in Sharon's pussy each time she thrust her hips forward. "Honey, tell me if it hurts. I don't want to hurt you...I want it to feel good for you. I'll take it real slow at first."

Sharon hugged Susan, "Oh Susie, it feels good already. My pussy feels like it is being stuffed. God, I like it....that's it fuck me deeper...I want to feel it all the way in me."

Susan slowly thrust the prick into Sharon's pussy until it was buried in her as far as she could go. Susan began to slowly thrust in and out Sharon's pussy. Susan could feel the dildo in her own pussy move some each time she did so.

"Sharon, wrap your legs around my thighs, it'll help spread you wider. Grab my ass with your hands and pull me into your pussy. You don't want to just lay there, you want to fuck Gary back," whispered Susan as she increased the speed of her thrusts. "How is it feeling? Do you like it? If you do, say so, let him know - talk sexy to him."

Sharon did as Susan instructed, "Oh Susie, this feels even better...push it all the way in, deep, as deep as you can. Oh God, if I had known it felt this good to be fucked, I don't think I would still be a virgin. Ohhh...that's good...Oh Susie, fuck me good," moaned Sharon.

Susan chuckled and gave Sharon a quick kiss, "Honey, it's even better when it's a real prick and you love the guy." Susan slowed her strokes into Sharon's pussy and said, "Okay, now move your legs up higher, as high as you can, and hold me with your legs. That'll raise your pussy higher so I can drive the prick deeper into your pussy."

When Sharon had her legs in place, Susan began to draw the fake prick almost out of Sharon's pussy and then drive it back in as deep as she could. Susan could feel the cup holding the fake prick rubbing and massaging her own clit every time she drove the prick down into Sharon's pussy. "I'm going to have to slow down," thought Susan, "or this damn thing is going to make me cum."

Sharon moaned loudly, "Oh...Oh Susie it feels so damn good...I can feel every ridge on that thing rubbing the inside of my pussy. That's it, Susie...push it in deep....God, it fills me I'm stuffed."

Susan slowed down her thrusts and then stopped with the prick buried in Sharon's pussy. "Oh Honey, I've got to slow down or I'm going to cum too soon," gasped Susan. "Unwrap your legs. We'll put you on top and let you fuck me...Okay?" When Sharon was ready, Susan grasped her buttock, "Okay, now roll over with me and you'll be on top. You can control the fucking," whispered Susan as they rolled over. "Now just move your ass up and down, sliding your pussy on the prick. You can do it as fast or slow as you want to."

"Oh Susie, this feels good...I like this," moaned Sharon as she began to move her pussy up and down on the fake prick. Sharon began to pump her ass faster sliding the prick as deep as possible into her pussy. "Oh God, Susie...I love this....I love you," cried Sharon as she kissed Susan passionately.

Susan slid her hand down to Sharon's pussy and began to massage her clit vigorously. "Oh MY GOD....MY GOD....I'm going to cum," gasped Sharon as she began to slam her pussy down on the prick harder and faster.

"Sharon...honey.....go ahead and cum," gasped Susan. "Damn, I'm ready...ready to cum...I can't wait," moaned Susan loudly. "NOW...NOW...Ohhhhhh....I'm cumming....OH GOD.....," cried Susan as her orgasm wracked her body.

"Susie...OH SUSIE....I'm cumming....cummiiinnnggg," moaned Sharon. Sharon collapsed on top of Susan, hugging her and kissing her. "Oh Susie that was God, that was great. Oh Susie, hold me tight....tight," whispered Sharon. Sharon rolled off Susan and pulled Susan to her, kissing her, "Susie...Susie, that was wonderful...really. Damn, I feel so tired, but so good at the same time."

Susan chuckled, "I know, honey...I'm tired too, but I'm glad you liked it, I sure did. This crazy thing works pretty good."

Sharon laughed, "I'd say it worked perfectly. Next time, tomorrow night, I'll wear it. I'd love to screw you with it."

Susan gave Sharon a quick kiss, "If everything goes good for you and Gary, maybe you can wear it and screw him in the ass."

Sharon laughed, "I'd better wait on that. I just want him to love me...make love to me. That's all I dream about."

"Sharon, if you get him in bed Friday night, I don't see how he can help but love you," whispered Susan as she hugged Sharon. "Now, help me get out of this thing."

"Okay," said Sharon laughing, "we need to get another shower anyway. This one we'll take together."

To Be Continued...

This is a 2 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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