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No Regrets Part X
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Cathy gave him a big smile, took his hand, and they began to dance to the Buddy Holly love song, a slow, close dance. Cathy felt good in Sean's arms as they slow danced around the area before the fireplace. Cathy laid her head against Sean's shoulder and he held her a little closer as they danced.

"Hmm, this is nice," whispered Cathy. "I'm glad you thought of it, glad you asked me." Cathy tilted her head back some to look at Sean's face, "You aren't that rusty at're a good dancer."

"It was good excuse to get you in my arms," said Sean smiling at her. There are a lot of things I'm rusty at, including how do I make a pass at a beautiful woman, when what I would like to do more than anything else, is to kiss her."

Cathy looked at Sean her eyes twinkling, "He should assume she wants that kiss as much as he does, and kiss her."

Sean stopped and pulling Cathy even closer to him lowered his lips to hers. Cathy could feel his tongue gently probing her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her lips taking his tongue into her mouth, teasing his tongue with hers as she pressed her body against him. When they broke the kiss, they looked at each other for a moment, then Cathy pulled his head down to hers and kissed him, running her tongue deep into his mouth, as he pulled her body against his. Even through the bathrobe she could feel his growing erection as he held her against him. She began to move her hips from side to side, rubbing his groin.

"Oh Sean," sighed Cathy, "you're not rusty at all." Cathy looked at his eyes as she unfastened her robe and let it hang open, exposing her naked body to him. "I'm rusty too, I have to assume you want me as much as I want you," murmured Cathy.

Sean slipped his hands in her robe and around her bare back pulling her to him, "Cathy, I do....Oh God, I want you so much," he whispered as he kissed her.

Cathy shrugged her shoulders and let the robe fall to the floor, as she fumbled with his belt, opening it and unzipping his trousers. She ran her hand in and took his hard prick in her hand, gently fondling it. "Oh Sean, I want you too....I want you now," moaned Cathy.

Sean quickly shed his clothes and they sank to the carpet in front of the fireplace. Sean took Cathy's nipple in his mouth and gently sucked on it and tongued it, while his hand explored the moistness of her pussy. He shifted his attention and sucked her other nipple, it was hard and erect. Sean kissed his way down her body, still stroking his finger in and out her moist pussy. He lowered his head to Cathy's pussy and started tonguing her pussy lips, as he slipped another finger into her pussy. He felt Cathy tongue the head of his prick, kissing it and licking it, then she slipping her mouth over the head of his prick and taking him deep into her throat.

"Ohhh, Cathy," moaned Sean, "it's been so long...if you keep doing that I'm not going to be able to stop myself, I'll cum."

"That's okay, Sean," murmured Cathy, "go ahead and cum....I want you to cum...cum in my mouth." Cathy gave his prick a wet, tonguing kiss, "We've got all night to make love if we want to." Cathy slipped his prick back into her mouth and buried it in her throat until his pubic hairs tickled her nose. She imitated swallowing knowing that it made her throat squeeze his prick, then sliding her mouth up to the head of his prick, she tongued the slit for any pre-cum she could find. Cathy, began to run her mouth up and down his prick, going down on him until her nose hit his abdomen, then up to the large purple knob, tonguing it furiously.

"OH GOD, Cathy, I"m going to cum," moaned Sean. "OHhhhhh, Cathy, suck it....suck it hard. OOHHhhhh, I'm Cumming....I'm cumming," Sean cried out as he thrust his prick into her mouth.

Cathy felt the tremors in Sean's thighs and his prick seemed to swell a little larger, then it erupted in a torrent of cum. The first spurt hit the back of her throat so hard, it made her jump, surprised at the force of his ejaculation. She swallowed rapidly, sucking his prick and milking it with her hand to drain him of his load. As the spurts of cum lessen, she slowed her sucking to one of gently tonguing the head of his prick, spreading the cum oozing out it over the head of his prick and then sucking it clean. She felt his prick begin to soften and shrink in her mouth, as Sean resumed tonguing her pussy.

She felt his lips close over her clitoris, and begin to massage her clit while flicking his tongue back and forth over it. When he sucked on her swollen, engorged clit that was protruding from its hood like a tiny prick, she gasped, "Oh Sean, that's good...suck it good. Ohhh, I like that...I like it." Cathy began to moan softly at first and then increasing in volume as Sean's tongue and mouth attack the sensitive love button.

"OOhhhhh, Sean.....OOHHhhhh, make me cum....suck it.....suck, OOOHHHhhhh...I'm going to cum....I'm going to......" Cathy suddenly arched her back pushing her pussy against Sean's mouth. "OH GOD, SEAN....SEAN....I"M CUMMING.....CUMMMmmmiiinnnggg. Ohhhhh," she moaned softly. "Oh God, that was good....real good."

Sean stretched out beside her and took her in his arms, gently kissing her lips. "Cathy, I loved that it was wonderful."

Still a little out of breath, Cathy gasped softly, "Hmmm," as she kissed him, "we aren't finished mister, that was just the appetizer....the main entree is still to come."

Sean laughed, "Good, because I'm still hungry." He kissed Cathy deeply, running his tongue deep into her mouth, teasing her tongue. Pulling back, he said, "You rest a minute and let me get something to make us more comfortable."

Sean came back with a feather stuffed comforter that he put on the floor between the couch and the fireplace. He also had a bottle of wine and two glasses. As he poured Cathy a glass of wine, he said, "We'll stay in here tonight. The bedrooms get pretty cold with no heat. The heat is gas, but you still need electricity for the heating fan system...the fireplace will keep us warm, or we can keep each other warm."

Cathy gave him a quick kiss as he handed her the glass of wine, "Oh, Sean, this is fine." Cathy giggled, "You know it's kind of know, the way everything happened."

Sitting with his back against the couch, Sean took her in his arms so that she was against his chest, across his lap, looking up at him. "Cathy, right now I don't care if that road stays closed for a week." He gave her a light kiss on the lips, "In fact, I hope it stays shut down for least tomorrow or even the next day." He kissed Cathy and felt her hand cup the back of his neck as she held his head down, kissing him back, running her tongue into mouth as deep as she could.

Cathy broke the kiss and smiled up at Sean, "I feel something poking me in the back...I think it's asking for some attention."

"That thing must think I'm 18 again," chuckled Sean.

Sitting up Cathy grasped his prick in her hand and gently stroked it, "Don't call this pretty a 'thing', it's much too nice for that," she said as gave his prick head a soft squeeze. "Oh look," said Cathy indicating the large drop of cum oozing from the slit in his prick. She bent her head down and licked it up with the tip of her tongue, raising up she kissed Sean, thrusting her tongue into his mouth letting him taste it as well, as her hand gently fondled his balls.

"Cathy, I want you, want you very much," whispered Sean, pulling her down on the comforter and getting between her spread legs. Cathy raised her knees and spread her legs even wider as Sean rubbed his prick head up and down her moist pussy.

"Oh Sean...Sean, put it in me. I want to feel you in me...all the way in me," murmured Cathy. Oh, that's it...that's it," whispered Cathy as Sean slowly thrust his prick deep into her pussy. "Oh, Sean, I'd forgotten how good it feels to have a man in me," sighed Cathy. "It's been so long, since I've really made love."

"You feel wonderful, Cathy," whispered Sean as he thrust his prick in and out her moist pussy. "Oh, Cathy, you're so warm, so tight......God, it feels good." Cathy wrapped her legs around Sean's thighs and began to push her hips up to meet his thrusts, burying his prick even deeper in her throbbing pussy. "Oh, Cathy, that's even better....," moaned Sean as she pushed her pussy against his prick as he drove it into her.

Sean began to pump his prick into her pussy even faster, his balls slapping against her ass as he buried his prick in her. Cathy gripped his buttocks and pulled him against her even harder, wanting to get him as deep as possible in her aching pussy.

"God, you feel good. It's been so long since I've had a man between my legs." Cathy grunted softly as she strained to thrust her body up against his, trying to drive his prick even deeper into her throbbing pussy. "Oh God, I want you so much. Fuck me harder...faster. Oh..Oh, don't stop...don't stop." She moved her legs even higher on his thighs, gripping tighter, opening herself even wider to the thrusts of his large prick.

"That's it....that's the way, Cathy. Fuck me back....fuck me back as hard as you can." He speeded up his thrusts into her, their bodies coming together in the loud audible slap of flesh against flesh." "I like it when you want it so much. It makes it even better for me," he moaned softly.

"Oh Sean...Sean, I couldn't want it more than this. I....Oh damn, I'm going to cum. Oh..Oh, don't stop. Oh God, don't stop." Cathy moaned and buried her face against his neck and shoulder. She moaned loudly and sucked his flesh up into her mouth, stifling her moans.

Sean felt her body shudder as her orgasm swept over her. He thrust even faster into her tight wet pussy, ramming his prick as deep into her as he could. He felt her begin to shudder a second time and bite even harder on the flesh of his neck. He rammed his prick into her and held it there, grinding his hips against hers, as his prick spewed his cum deep into her pussy.

He collapsed forward and rolled off her, his prick slipping from her drenched pussy. Breathing heavily, he took her in his arms. "Cathy, you were wonderful. Really wonderful," he panted. Taking a deep breath, he laughed softly, "God, I'm more out of shape than I thought."

"You're not out shape," she chuckled. "We're just out of practice." She kissed him gently and pulled back, "You were wonderful too." She touched the bruise already showing at the base of his neck. "Oh Sean, I didn't mean to bite you that hard. I guess I just got carried away."

He kissed her tenderly, stroking her lips with his tongue. "To tell the truth, it was quite a turn on. When you clamped down that second time, I started cumming like crazy." Sean laughed and hugged her, "I wonder what the kids would say if they could see us now."

Cathy laughed. "I expect they are busy right now. Busy doing the same thing we were doing, making love. You and I can both remember how it was at that age." She hugged him tightly and kissed the bite mark on his neck. "It's just as good now as it was then, even better in some ways."

"I ought to thank the weather people for arranging this little blizzard. You.." Sean was interrupted by the loud ring of the telephone. "At least their timing is good," he chuckled.

Sean got up and answered the phone. He turned back to Cathy, "It's Susan just checking up on you. Just a minute, Susan, and I'll put her on. No, she's okay. The car is just stuck in the ditch, not wrecked or anything."

Naked, Cathy got up and took the phone. Sean gave her a quick kiss as he handed it to her. Cathy and Susan talked for a few minutes and then Cathy hung up the phone. Turning back to Sean, Cathy smiled and said, "Now what were we doing before we got interrupted..."

Susan hung up the phone and looked out the window at falling snow and the snow covered ground. Allan came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her naked body. "How are the old folks doing? Was your mother alright?"

Susan put her head back against Allan's shoulder, leaning her body against his. She could feel his semi-erect prick probing at her buttocks. "She's fine. She said it may be a day or two before the road is open."

Allan held her and gently kissed her ear. "Mom sounded good," she thought to herself. "There was life, a spark to her voice that she hadn't heard since Dad died. The way she said the name of Allan's father was different too, softer more intimate, almost sexy." Susan smiled as she thought, "Maybe this family is going to be okay after all - I've got Allan, Tracey has Brent, and it sounds like Mom has found a new interest in life, a new reason for living." She felt good about it - in her mind she spoke to her Dad, "You understand, you're always the one who understood."

Susan turned to Allan and putting her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately. Breaking the kiss, she whispered, "Why don't you take me back to bed and show me how much you're going to miss me when you go back to the university next week."

The End.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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