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New Slave Pt I
by Stevie

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Finally her rosebud arsehole lost the fight, relaxed and opened and greedily swallowed the dildo head. Mary moaned and groaned swinging her head from side to side at the invasion of the dildo up her arse, her free hand rubbing and pinching her nipples. Gina kept pushing until the dildo had nearly all disappeared up her arse. She gave it on last push and Mary s arsehole closed slightly over the smaller groove, holding the 7 inched of latex pleasure in her back passage.

Mary stood up, her arse cheeks closed together as she stood up, with just the base protruding slightly out of her arse, nestled in the crack, Mary turned round her hands working her breasts, rubbing her nipples and running over body down to her clit, harder and faster, her hips moving in rhythm to the fast approaching orgasm, and her moaning increasing in intensity, until finally, she shrieked and thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy trying top satisfy her orgasm.

Finally she stopped as Gina looked on with her approval and leant over and kissed Mary hard, their tongues flicking out and in and out of each others mouths.

They stopped and looked at me, my cock fit to burst, "I think he likes that, Mary, taste him"

Mary walked over and knelt down and took my cock in her hands and bent her mouth over my cock enveloping it in it swarm softness. It was to much and my cock started pulsing as the cum started to shoot out. At the same time I felt a vice like grip applied around my testicles and felt them being squeezed on mercifully until my cock couldn't pump any more due to the supply being cut off.

Mary just kept her mouth on my cock, until Gina said

"don't swallow you little cunt. I'll teach him to cum before I said okay, Mary kiss him"

I didn't quite understand the meaning until I looked at Mary and saw trickle of cum slipping out of one corner of her mouth, I tried to turn away but Gina held my head in a headlock grip while Mary put her mouth to mine and pushed her tongue between my lips. I refused to open my mouth until Gina held my nostrils closed and I had to open up and felt Mary's tongue enter my mouth and with it a gush of a salty, tangy gooey slimy mass, which I realised was my own cum. I swallowed involuntary with all this fluid in my mouth, digesting my cum. Mary continued to tongue my mouth and I couldn't' help but taste all my salty hot sticky cum being pushed all around my mouth over my taste buds. Mary pulled away and smeared some cum from her face on to her fingers and wiped it around my mouth.

I heard a rumble and looked up as Mary stopped and saw a mirror pulled in front just angled to one side. Mary whispered in my ear "Your going to like this"

Mary reached over to the table and scooped out on her fingers a dollop of lube and came over smeared it on to my arse, gradually rubbing it into my arsehole. her fingers starting to probe the inner reaches of my back passage massaging my prostrate with one finger.

I felt my sphincter muscle relax and then stiffen as Gina pushed a second finger in. I could feel it slide past the opening moving slowly up the back passage to join the finger already inserted.

Gina asked Mary to bring over the selection. I watched with half fascination half, pleasure as I saw in the mirror opposite me, Gina's fingers working my arse. She pulled them out as Mary came over with the tray, upon which were a selection of dildos.

She selected a cock sized 7 inch smooth rubber dildo and pushed the tip against my butt hole and with a quick push my arse greedily swallowed the first couple if inches as if it was made for it, the back passage already opened from Gina's finger. My cock already was coming to full mast again, with what was now a very pleasurable feeling of my back passage being filled with the dildo.

"Look mistress he likes it" "I know" said Gina, "You dirty slut" she said to me, pushing harder on the dildo and changing the angle so 6 inches of the cock had disappeared up my arse. Gina grabbed my cock and started pulling on the skin stroking it up and down masturbating me to the rhythm of her thrusts of the dildo up my butt. I groaned with pleasure and watched as she pushed it in and out working the dildo further in with every thrust pounding against my prostrate gland causing my cock to jerk with pleasure as the dildo pushed pass it with every thrust.

She stopped as suddenly as she started. Gina disappeared from view and I felt the chair start to rise. It stopped and Gina came back and stood between my legs, my butt at the same level as her hips. I suddenly realised what she was going to do. Gina grasped the strap on dildo with one hand smeared more lube on the tip with the other hand. I couldn't believe she was going to put that up my arse. It was huge, 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

"Now you will really know what it is like to be fucked!" She pushed the tip against my arse and held it tightly against my sphincter muscle. I knew it just couldn't go in there! But I sure was wrong. The relentless pressure from Gina as she kept the forcing the tip in, my sphincter gradually started to give way and began to open wide to take the big plastic cock up my arse. Suddenly my arse gave up and swallowed and the bulbous head of the dildo slid past my ring. I flinched from the pain. I could feel the dildo head moving up my back passage and my cock already hard to attention gave another jolt as the dildo head pushed further in past my postrate. Gina kept on pushing and pushing until she buried all 9 inches.

"You little slut" Gina said. "You love it" and with that she pulled her hips back and started to fuck my arse surely but slowly easing the cock out and back in, at the same time started to smack her hand against my cheeks. Mary came round unbidden and put her mouth over my cock and started to suck me off. I groaned with pleasure of being fucked and sucked at the same time. My eyes started to see stars. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and suddenly I could hold back no longer and my cock spurted streams of cum into Mary's mouth. Mary kept up the pressure not missing a beat her mouth still working up and down my shaft making sure she got every drop. Gina stopped and Mary lifted her head up licking her lips smears of cum around her mouth. Gina grabbed her by the hair and French kissed Mary deeply their mouths entwined savouring each others mouths mingled saliva with my salty cum juice.

Gina stopped and pulled out the dildo which sounded like a cork being drawn out of a bottle, with a slurp.

She reached over the table near the bed and brought over a dildo like the one Mary was wearing up her arse. She smeared lube all over it and put it against my arse and pushed. It easily slid home right up to the hilt, my muscle fastening itself around the small indentation at the base, holding snugly inside me.

Mary meanwhile was releasing my straps.

I stood up rubbing my legs to renew the circulation in them. Gina gave me a lacy black G string and told me to put it on, which I did. She grabbed hold of the G string and yanked it hard up between my cheeks so that it pushed hard against the butt plug nestled up my arse.

"What a good boy you've been" she said. For that you can fuck me later, but for now get on your knees in front of the bed."

I did as I was bidden, and Gina laid down, putting her legs either side of my head, pulled her panties to one side and said "pleasure me". I bent my head eagerly to the task, smelling her sodden wet pussy, seeing trickles of her cum, glistening on her lips, her clitoris, swollen with pleasure. I pushed out my tongue and tickled the edge of her inner lips, tasting that beautiful taste so unique to a woman on heat. She grabbed my head and pulled it hard against her pussy. I started to lick, suck and slurp any part that came into contact with my mouth. My tongue working hard sliding up her slippery hole. tonguing her inside, fucking with my tongue. She came in great big gasping, rocking and bucking her hips, until I could no longer be sure where I my tongue was going. Finally Gina stopped and sat up on the bed, leaning back her legs still either side of my head and surveyed me, oblivious of her sodden pussy, still tickling cum juice onto the bed cover.

Okay Mary take him away, feed him, bathe him and prepare for tonight's fun, and then to me "Tonight my little whore you will taste the real thing" and with that she got off the bed and walked out of the room.

"Come on, get up " said Mary. She took my hand and lead me out of the same door through which Gina had gone and out into the passage way. Two doors down we stopped, she took out a key and unlocked the door and opened up. Inside was an ordinary bedroom and a door against the far wall showed a bathroom.

Mary led me inside, and told me to sit down. She picked up the telephone beside the bed and ordered some food talking to an unknown voice.

"Okay he said, take off the clothes, I stood up and started hesitantly to disrobe, strangely embarrassed at Mary's presence, which, after all the preceding events, should not have been a worry.

Mary sat on the edge of the bed watching as I took off the G string, undid the stocking rolling them down my legs, undid the teddy. "Bend over and spread your legs" I obeyed the command and felt Mary grasp the butt plug and pull until my arse reluctantly let go of the plug and exited with a slurp. I stood up, feeling strange there was nothing in my back passage, a void felt as though it was still there waiting to be refilled.

Mary went into the bathroom and turned on the shower I followed. "What's going to happen to me" I said, my eyes following Mary's arse cheeks as she bent over showing her butt plug still inserted up her rear, presenting a most delicious picture, my cock half rising at the sight. Mary looked up over her shoulder and smiled as she saw where my eyes were and at the rising of my cock.

"You'll see later, don't worry after this afternoon escapades, you won't have anything to worry about, here get into the shower." I dumbly got in thought centred on that afternoons scenes and feeling, that had previously been foreign to me and now to my shame released as a huge turn on.

As I daydreamed a hot moist soft feeling enveloped my cock and I looked down to see Mary has got into the shower and was sucking my cock again, which rose to the occasion. I groaned and fastened my hands around her head thrusting my hips forward and Mary swallowed eagerly trying to fit all 8 inches down her throat.

She stopped stood up and turned round presenting her bottom to me, showing the butt plug I'd forgotten about fitted snugly between the cheeks of bottom. "Take it out " she said "I want to feel the real thing", I bent over and parted her cheeks, felt for the end of the plug and pulled, surprised at the effort required to free the butt plug. Mary reached round and grasped my cock and pulled it towards her arse, at the same time pushing her hips backwards until the tip pushed against her sphincter muscle. She just eased back and I felt the warmth, that you only can feel when entering another persons body, as her arse hole opened wide and swallowed, and easily slid all the way up. I reached round, grasped her magnificent breasts that hung from her front and squeezed hard and held her as I withdrew and pounded back up her arse, withdrawing almost completely again, slamming my cock up her again. Mary just took it all in her stride and moved her hips back in rhythm to my thrust which were getting harder and faster. She started moaning one of her hands reached down and started pulling and pinching her clit to pleasure her self with the pleasure.

I could hold on no longer and shot my load up her arse pumping for all I was worth, Mary at the same time gasping and groaning with the onset of her orgasm, squeezing her anal muscles milking the last drops of cum.

I with drew and finished washing, with Mary's help. I thought if I had any more sex my cock would drop off.

Mary told me to rest as I would need all my energy for tonight. "What's happening to night" I managed to stammer, "just wait and see said Mary with a mischievous smile on her face.

And with that she went out the door, locking it behind her.

I laid down on the bed my mind in turmoil over the events of the day. I must of dropped of to sleep eventually, as I felt someone shaking me and looked up to see Mary looking down at me. "Up and at em lover boy" I sat up looked at Mary trying to wake from the sleep and suddenly remembering where I was.

Mary was laying out lacy lingerie on the end of the bed, and looked up smiling " here are your clothes."

I got up and looked at them in wonder, struggling with the thought of putting on women's knickers again against the pleasure I had felt that afternoon.

In the end pleasure won and Mary looked on approvingly as I picked up the sheer white stocking and rolled them up my legs, attached the white lacy suspender belt to the stockings. I picked up the panties or what I could see of them because there wasn't much to them. I finally figured out how to put them on and pulled them up my legs. There was a hole to put my cock thorough at the front and the back had a split all the way down my arse, and they were completely see through, little point in putting them I thought. On top I put on a sheer lace camisole and then Mary picked up a baby doll nightie which I put on over the top. It came down to the top on my thighs just covering my cock, or so I thought. As I had started dressing my cock had started to rise to attention and now with the elicit thrill of wearing lingerie had risen half to attention, and was starting to throb with anticipation.

"you'll do "said Mary." Come on this way" and I followed her out the door down the corridor and down he stairs. At the bottom Mary stopped and told me to put my hands behind me, where she fastened them with a pair of leather cuffs. She then put a gag in my mouth and a blind fold over my eyes. She then pushed me forward directing me from behind. I heard her open a door and noise of voices form with in grow louder as the door opened. She pushed me in and the voices grew quieter. I heard Gina give Mary some instructions which I didn't understand.

I was suddenly pushed from behind and as I fell several pairs of hands caught me and picked me up and laid me down on a bench type chair, kneeling my chest resting on the bench. I felt my legs and knees drawn wide apart, and felt a hand slid down the cheeks of my arse.

Gina removed the blind fold from his head, and Steve could see several men standing or sitting in front of him. All were naked and drinking or smoking. Mary was sitting on the floor next to one of the chairs with another women I hadn't seen before but was equally beautiful. Both were dressed similarly to me, but they had the bodies to fill the costume.

The other woman moved back on her knees in front of one of the men and delicately put out her tongue until she had caught the tip of his cock and maneuvered the bulb into her mouth. She didn't use her hands just t her mouth bobbing her head back wards and forwards, causing his cock to stiffen and start to rise with pleasure. The man looked at me with undisguised delight in his eyes as the girl worked her mouth on his manhood.

I felt some hands behind me and the sudden cold between my cheeks with some cream was applied to my arse, and a finger started to probe my puckered little hole, probing the depths deeper and deeper until I could feel the whole appendage in there.

I looked around to see a man thrusting his finger up my arse with unashamed delight, I started to struggle as soon as I realised who it was. " Don't struggle" I heard Gina say "Or you'll be punished" I continued trying to get away from his finger firmly impaled up in me, squirming my arse trying to dislodge his finger. Suddenly it was removed and the cold point of something solid was pushed against my arsehole which gave way to the pressure and I felt a sudden rush of cold and something large being pushed all the way up my arse filling it completely. My muscle suddenly tightened and I realised it was grasping the thinner base of a butt plug of some kind.

By now everyone In the room had come closer and was watching, Mary and the other girl were on their knees in front of the men moving from one to the other sucking and licking their cocks. Mary had two one in each hand, moving her mouth from one to the other.

" Look at those two sluts sucking and enjoying those big hard cocks" Gina whispered in my ear. "I'd bet you'd like that wouldn't you" I shook my head violently, trying not to think what was going to happen. Gina walked over to one of the men who wasn't being serviced by the girls and took him by his cock and led over to near me, until his cock was a couple of inches from my face. He was half erect, his cock breaking out of his foreskin until it was nearly drawn all the way back. Gina reached behind my head and released the gag. Taking hold of his cock she lifted it up until it was just touching my mouth, I withdrew my head backwards trying to get away form it.

" Don't move " came the command and I felt a sharp stinging blow across my buttocks that made me cry out. "Open your mouth" I shook my head, "punish him Michael" came the instruction from Gina. I felt the same blow again as the unknown face slammed the palm of his hand against one cheek then the other, and started on the other cheek raining blows down, I cried out at the intense pain, the stinging feeling coming from the blows, tears started down my face at the pain and humiliation of it. While my mouth was open Gina popped the erect cock into my mouth, held my head and told me to suck.

Rather than feel the pain I started to suck and licked. He knew now that he wanted to take his cock in to his mouth. Steve ran his tongue around the helmet and underneath his glands a couple of times pleasuring him with my tongue, his erection now solid like wood.. Gina all the while was stroking his foreskin backwards and forwards, masturbating him in my mouth.

Before long I got a salt tangy taste in my mouth and realised it was droplets of pre cum starting to ooze from the tip of his cock.

Gina stopped stroking and the man held my head with both hands and started to thrust his cock in and out, fucking my mouth. His speed increased, withdrawing his cock enough so the glands were rubbing over my lips. Then with a groan and a shudder, a hot splash of cum erupted from his cock and hit me a the back of my throat. I swallowed involuntary as the hot spurts of cum erupted from his penis, splashing the inside of my mouth, white gooey cum dribbling out of the corner of my mouth and trickling down my chin. Michael kept his hands on my head, in a vice like grip, rubbing the base of his penis over my bottom lip, prolonging his pleasure, until finally he withdrew and let go of my head. He turned around to Gina, "Definitely has promise Gina, though still needs some training. Lets see how the other end functions"

I felt hands bodily lift me up and turn me over and lay me down on my back. Gina and the other man who had been finger fucking my arse released my hands and re secured them at the front. Then they both lifted my legs up, and Michael put a cuff around one ankle then the other, and clipped them on to two chains hanging from the ceiling, leaving my legs wide apart and my arse exposed.

Gina handed Michael a tube of cream and he stood there next to me and liberally applied lube to his fingers, making sure I could see his actions. He put his hand down between my legs and slid his hand down between the cheeks of my arse, until the tips came into contact with my entrance and then he pushed, both fingers jamming there way up my back passage. "Umm nice and tight" he said smiling at Gina then me. He pulled them out and thrust again and my cock jumped from its semi erect state as he started massaging my prostate gland and moving his fingers in and out.

The other men came closer now watching with interest at the fingers in my arse and my reaction. Mary standing between them, one hand on each cock stroking them slowly, keeping the manhood erect and hard. One man hand his hand cupped around Mary's exposed breast his fingers rubbing caressing her nipple, which stood hard and proud engorged with blood at the continual arousal . The other man had his hand, between her legs, moving if ever so slightly pleasuring her love canal.

The fingers were withdrawn and Steve watched as Gina handed Michael an 8 inch dildo. He held the dildo by its end looking at it and watched as Gina tipped the lubrication over the end of the dildo. The dildo left my sight as it was taken down to where my arse trembled with some trepidation but also now with some anticipation of pleasure. I felt the cold tip applied to my rose bud hole and the pressure started build as Michael started to push it in. It took very little pressure before my sphincter muscle opened and swallowed the tip of the dildo. I could feel the bulbous head moving up my back passage further and further up until it would go no further.

I groaned involuntary as the dildo slid home up my arse, my cock now hard at attention again, the dildo feeling like it had always belonged there. I turned my head and saw the others had moved closer. One of the men had hold of his cock in his hand and moved towards me I opened my mouth as the 8 inch monster came closer and entered between my lips.

My mouth had already made an involuntary "O" waiting for the cock. I sucked as the tip hit my taste buds at the back of my throat. I could taste that bitter sweet tang of the pre cum juice. Hands moved down to my head and held it steady, as the cock was drawn out and then thrust slowly back in, deep to the back of my throat, making me nearly gag. I moved my tongue, licking the underside of his glans, swirling back around the top of his helmet to the eye, tasting the salty flavour of his juice. He stopped, held my head steady and put his cock just so it rested at my lips, one hand moved to his cock and started to stroke it, his hand moving up and down his shaft with increasing speed until I heard his groans and felt a sudden splash hit my lips, tongue and splashing to the back of my throat, as great spurts of cum shot out form his cock. I moved my head forward so that I could take the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked hard swirling my tongue around and around his helmet, encouraging his orgasm and juicing him of all his cum, I swallowed repeatedly trying to get as much of this nectar as I could down my throat.

Just as quickly as it started it stopped and I remembered the sensation down below. I looked and saw the dildo being removed, Michael had put on a condom and was walking towards me, his cock comically standing erect at ninety degrees from his body. He positioned himself between my legs, and I felt the tip of his cock placed against my arse hole, and with out any further delay he thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding easily up my back passage.

He held onto my legs which were still suspended from the ceiling and moved his hips backwards until his cock was still just inside me before pushing forwards and slowly pushed his cock back up my arse until I could feel his pubes spiking against my cheeks. He stayed all the way in, the sensation of the tip of his cock somewhere high inside me, my sphincter holding and grasping to hold the intruder tight. My cock was hard as rock standing proudly erect, throbbing aching for a hand to ease the orgasm building slowly in my balls.

He pulled out suddenly and in one smooth and swift motion shoved hard and thrust deep inside me causing me to gasp again at the sensation and doing again fucking me hard and fast, massaging my prostrate with every thrust my cock jerking. I moaned at the absolute pleasure of this man shoving his cock in and out of my arse.

His strokes became faster and faster until he groaned and shuddered, his cock buried to the hilt all 10 inches filling me back passage. I could feel it pulse as he shot great loads of cum up my arse, seeming to fill it full. He stopped and with drew his now half erect cock with a slush as some cum came with him. I could feel warm trickles of cum dribbling out of my hole and trickling down my cheeks.

Gina stood there "congratulations, you've now been initiated. How did you like it"

"I Don't know mistress" was my reply"

"You will learn" said Gina. "Undo him Mary"

Mary undid all the shackles and I massaged my legs from the inactivity.

The other three men moved away and sat down on the sofa their cocks still hard waiting to be serviced.

I looked closer and noticed each one was slightly bigger than the other, all of them bigger than Michael, the last must have been 2 inches in diameter, it was huge!

The first man motioned with a finger for me to come over, and pushed me down on to my knees. I knew what I had to do and bent forward, taking his cock on my mouth and put a hand round his shaft and pulled as I sucked and twirled my tongue around him. I started to move my head up and down his cock until his hands held my head still his cock twitched and shoot his load to the back of my throat. I swallowed hard but couldn't catch it all some of cum dribbling out of the sides of my mouth and down his shaft. His cock stopped coming and I moved my mouth trying to lick up the cum I had missed. I moved my hand to my mouth and licked of the cum which had landed on my hand. The next man got up and lay down on the floor his cock standing to attention like a flag pole. I got up and stood astride him, bent my knees, Gina reached around took hold of his cock and I lowered my arse until I could feel his cock positioned at the entrance of my arse. I kept lowering it and felt him move inside of me as my sphincter gave way and swallowed greedily. I kept going until my cheeks met his thighs his pubic hair tickling the cheeks of my arse, all 10 inches of cock buried deep up my back passage.

O how good it felt, his cock filling me up completely. As soon as my cheeks touched his thighs I lifted again up pulling his cock out until only his knob was in and sat down hard, repeating the movement again and again, riding him, driving his cock deep inside me. The other man came and stood in front of me holding his hard cock near my mouth I reached over and took him into mouth sucking greedily on the knob tasting his precum. It was strange being fucked by two men. But I loved feeling that hard shaft deep inside me while I sucked on a cock. I felt the cock in my arse start to pulse as he shot his load into to the depths of arse, spurting great globs of cum. I kept moving up and down milking him of all his juice.

He stopped and with drew his now half erect cock with a slush as some cum came with him. I could feel warm trickles of cum dribbling out of my hole and trickling down my cheeks.

Gina stood there "congratulations, you've now been initiated. How did you like it"

"I loved it thank you mistress"

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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