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Night Shift Part III
by Chopper

I woke up Saturday morning a little after eleven. Terri was still spooning me with her right arm over me and her hand on one of my boobs. I felt wonderful, although a little sore from the great sex just a few hours ago. I decided to take a shower and eased out of bed.

Terri woke up and asked where I was going.

"I'm going to shower and freshen up."

"I put a toothbrush on the counter for you and I think you'll find everything else you need in the bathroom."

"Thanks Terri."

I walked nude to the bathroom and I could feel Terri's eyes on me. I peed, brushed my teeth and got in the shower. The hot water felt so good as it peppered down on my skin. I was soaping myself all over working up a good lather over by body. My back was to the shower entrance but I heard the shower curtain being pulled back and Terri embraced me from behind, putting her hands on my boobs.

She told me to give her the soap. Turning to face her nude body, our nipples touched and it was like an electrical shock to my entire body. I took both of my hands and put them on each side of Terri's face and pulled her to my lips, beginning another game of tongue tag.

"Terri this has been the best sex I've ever had, and I mean ever and now it's my turn to give you some pleasure."

"Kelli, I get pleasure giving you pleasure," she said, taking the soap from me and lathering my body all over, not that it needed it. She paid particular attention to my boobs and pussy, slipping two fingers inside, fucking me slowly and putting her thumb on my clit. Although she was pushing her fingers in and out of me so slow, it still made me explode in a matter of seconds.

"Let's get dried off and get back in bed," I told her. I was craving for a taste of her pussy.

"OK, let's."

Getting out of the shower Terri picked up a giant towel and turned my back to her. She dried my back, moving down to my ass cheeks, spending quite a bit of time there, and then the backs of my legs.

"Turn around now."

She worked her way down the front, taking about five minutes to dry my tits. She then took care of the rest of my legs and feet, coming back up to my pussy.

"There's no use drying your cunt, it will just get wet again."

"Yeah isn't it great," I said.

I took the towel and dried Terri. When I reached her cunt, I couldn't resist running my tongue down her slit from top to bottom. Terri moaned and pushed my face into her. She was gushing already.

"Eat my pussy baby, come on give me that tongue."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I pushed her back to the lavatory and on my knees I rubbed by face all over her cunt, covering it in her sweet love syrup. The taste, smell and feel of Terri was making me heady, I loved this. I inserted two fingers inside her still licking and sucking and began finger fucking her.

"Put all your fingers in me."

"All of them?"


I slipped two more fingers inside Terri. She was really beginning to moan and groan now as I fucked her. I was licking and sucking every available space on her cunt, gawd it tasted and felt so good. I could feel the juices in my on pussy running down by thighs.

"Put all of your hand in me," Terri gasped.


"Do it." Terri then climbed on the commode, propping one leg on the tub, the other on the lavatory, spreading herself wide open for me.

I worked my thumb into Terri's cunt, finally getting my hand all the way in.

"I can't believe my whole hand is in you cunt."

"Now make a fist, it's called fisting.

I made a fist and was shocked to see I was in her pussy halfway up my forearm.

"Now fuck your sweet mama."

Terri was panting like she could hardly breathe. I was plunging my fist and almost half my arm into her.

"Oh Kelli, that's good, isn't it good, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, Oh god I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, don't stop.

I didn't want to stop. I was about to cum too.

"I'm cumming Kelli, Oh shit I'm cumming, I'm cumminggggggg."

I felt her juices all over my hand and arm as she gushed with a tremendous orgasm.

Terri was breathing so hard she couldn't talk. After a minute or so she told me to pull my arm out slowly. When I had it all the way out Terri took my hand and licked all of her pussy juice off.

"Now go get on the bed." She commanded.

Back in the bedroom Terri said to lay down on my back. I stretched out and Terri was right behind me. Turning her back to me, she straddled my face and lowered her pussy down to my mouth. I didn't need urging to know what to do. I dug my hands into her ass and tried to put my whole face into her cunt. I licked and sucked, pushing my tongue as far into her as I could. Terri was hunching my face like a mad woman and screaming my name. She tasted so good. She smelled so good. This entire weekend had been so good.

Terri let out a room-shattering scream. "My pussy is going to soak your face, yes, yes, yes, Oh Kelli fuck me with that tongue, I'm cumming again."

And she did, my face getting soaked as she came in a gush. She raised herself off my face and slid beside me. She then kissed all of her juices off my face and held me tight. We lay without speaking, but I was thinking. Would I ever want a man again. Am I a lesbian, bisexual or what. I did know one thing, this has been the best sex I could ever hope to have, and I liked Terri very, very much. I guess I'll just wait and see where this leads.




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