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Not So Lonely Tonight
by Jools

I was going to be alone again. I had been alone for a while, out of choice really. I had had some serious relationships, but they hadn't lasted, and now although there was some opportunities, I couldn't really be arsed to take them. I didn't know what I wanted. I have been through that meet a girl, go on some dates, have sex, go steady, break up thing, too many times. If I meet a girl now it would be the same again. Sure I would enjoy the chase somewhat, enjoy the ego trip as I realise she is keen, and particularly enjoy the first few times I start to see and feel her body. But somehow that seemed a lot of effort, a lot of rigmarole, a lot of games. Shit, I think I'm too old for that. I'm not old in years as such, not even thirty, but old for that game. So yes, tonight as it had been for sometime I was going to be alone.

Well you'll be guessing already by my careful wording that maybe I wasn't going to be alone after all. You'd wonder why I'd be writing if I was to be alone. I could, I suppose just be writing about a wonderful wank (in fact there are a few that merit it). But no, I was going to be alone, but I didn't end up being alone.

I work in an office, a dull office and had had a dull day there. It was the weekend, but had been drinking in some style the night before and was content to stay in, watch a movie, eat a pizza, maybe touch myself a bit. I was content I guess, but at the same time thinking of everyone outside in the city, in pubs, clubs, bars, theatres. Thinking of all the kind of things that were going on out there, thinking of all the girls out there, thinking of the couples, what they might be doing. Thinking of the bodies dancing, the bodies touching, the sweat, the heartbeats, the smiles, the kisses. I didn't think for long, I opened up a book, reading a chapter, before turning over to sleep.

I was awoken by a noise, a rustle somewhere outside. My first reaction at hearing a anything outside is to ignore it, sleep is far to enjoyable to let it be disturbed. But I couldn't help be slightly concerned. I live in a large suburban house and there had been a few burglaries recently so I started to wander want the rustling was.

I got up, and went over to the window. There in my garden, quite clearly, was a girl in her underwear, underneath a tree. She was standing there looking ahead, rotating her hips, with her hand down her knickers. A tree branch was brushing her side as she swayed. This of course was a stupendous sight. I couldn't see her well, but her body was certainly a finely tuned work. She had curly brown hair to her shoulders and well tanned skin. I watched motionless, barely able to breathe. Why was she here? I watched for minutes, my cock stiff in my boxer shorts. I didn't want to move for fear of disturbing her. My hand holding the curtain back was trembling.

I stood watching for maybe 5 minutes, but it seemed like more - did time stand still? - it did for me. I didn't notice any change in her movements, no climax was apparent, but she stopped and sat down where she was, in my garden, nearly naked.

I had to talk to her, find out why she was here. So I let go of the curtain, put on my dressing gown and walked downstairs, leaving the lights off.

I slowly made my way through to the kitchen, where I could see her through the backdoor, still sitting by the tree. I didn't know how best to approach her, I guessed a direct route would be the most honest, and after a pause, went straight to open the door, alerting her to my presence. I could see her more clearly she was fairly short, but beautiful. Probably early twenties, showing ample breasts through a lacy white bra.

She looked at up at me startled, but I tried to reassure her straight away.

"Don't worry' I said.

Well actually I don't think she was worried, she just looked at me grinning, aware of her naughtiness, just a little concerned that she had been caught. Maybe she wanted to be caught, she was hardly hiding herself too well. Her cheeks were red, but she looked so relaxed, so at ease with herself, her beauty, her erotica.

I walked up to her and knelt beside her.

"Hi" she said "I hope you don't mind being in your garden, but it was a lovely night, I and I felt like a walk."

For the first time I saw a pile of clothes nearby, but she made no attempt to pick them up.

I was trembling, not sure what do in this strangest of situations. All I could think of was to her ask her if she wanted a drink, as if I was in a bar. She nodded her head, and asked me who I lived with. I said I lived alone, she didn't react, just got up and followed me into the kitchen picking up her clothes on the way. I went to put on the kettle, assuming she would want some tea, but she stopped me.

"Look, I don't want a drink really, I want to play. Let me see your body, I think you have had a good look at mine."

I turned round at her, so relieved there wasn't going to be some embarrassing chat. I dropped my dressing gown, showing my boxers with a rather awkward protrusion, but I could see she was pleased with either my body or my speedy action, as her smile rose further up her face.

"Let me be your garden nymphet" she whispered, and walked up close to me and rubbed her hand down my chest, and quickly but gently onto my cock. Now with both hands, she stretched out my boxers and slipped them to the floor. She then took me by the waist and pushed me towards the kitchen counter. I lifted myself so I was sitting up, as she seemed to desire, and as I did this she nuzzled her face to my cock. Not licking just touching so I could feel the softness of her skin against my nerve endings. She then moved away, and I was left in a rather odd position, my very stiff cock pointing to the ceiling, sitting on the kitchen counter.

She started swinging her hips as I had seen earlier, but this time started to undo first her bra, then move her knickers to the floor, all the time keeping up the slow hypnotic twisting of her body. Her breasts stood so firm. I needed to touch them, but knew I would have to wait as she continued her dance, moving her hands around, touching what I wanted to touch.

I could feel the juices coming up into my shaft as I watched this incredible show. She started quicker with her hands, rubbing her pussy. She stood on a chair, giving me a better view, still rotating, giving me the occasional look at her soft opening, which was glistening with her liquid.

Her breathing was getting heavier, and eyes occasionally closed, her enjoyment was obvious. For a moment I thought that maybe she was simply an exhibitionist and I was only going to watch, but at that moment she looked me in the eyes, stepped off the chair and said

"I think now we should play together. I can see you have a fine cock, and I think he needs me."

It certainly did! It was pulsating with excitement, but needed to be touched, and I was resisting doing this myself as I was hoping for the touching to be done by her. She put her hands on my thighs, rubbing up and down, and lowered her mouth onto the end my cock. The sweetness of her lips on my flesh was so warming as she pressed gently and slid down the shaft. As she motioned upwards, she started to tease with her tongue, softly caressing it's full length. She continued to slide up and down ..oh so slowly, until she became too concerned from my deep breathes that I might cum.

"I think you like that", she said. "I do too. You have a fine tool, and I think I want it elsewhere."

For the first time, I started to use my hands in this encounter. I lowered them on to her shoulder and moved them to her breasts. She felt so smooth, so firm, her nipples stood out nearly an inch, and she moaned as I rolled them between my fingers. I slipped off the counter so I could explore her more carefully, and my tongue found her neck, her shoulders and then her breasts. Her hands moved on my body and found my balls, cupping and stroking them. My excitement was extreme, I wanted to move my head down and explore her lower regions, but I must think about her request. She wanted my tool, and it was time to let her have it. I gently brought her down to the tiled floor of the kitchen, and whilst kissing her mouth, probed my cock at her pussy. I could feel the wetness around her entrance and soon slid in to her tight hole. I moved slowly as she had when her mouth was on my cock. The look on her face had changed from the innocent smile to that of a lustful women, demanding her pleasure.

"You fuck good" she said "but you should fuck me harder"

Her compliments seemed unnecessary, she was the 'fucker' here, but it was still good to hear and I quickened my pace and adjusted my position to try and push further into her welcoming pussy. She then reached up at me, and rolled me over in a fluid movement, so our positions were quickly reversed.

She lay over me, on her knees, riding up and down, knowing perfectly the limits of her movement, ensuring my full length was pumped on each stroke. She accelerated her motion, and I was amazed at the speed she got to.

"This is how I like it" she screamed. "I like it fast, I like it strong" she then moaned real deeply and real loud, just as I involuntarily jerked my pelvis and fiercely shot my cum inside of her.

She collapsed on top of me, her breathing as hard and strong as my convulsions had just been.

When we had both caught our breath, I lifted her up.

"I'm sorry, if I got carried away" she said, I don't like to think of myself as swearing and making a lot of noise, but tonight I have needed an orgasm so bad. I hope you don't mind me finding you like this."

We talked a bit, we didn't talk about our names, but she told me how tonight as on other nights she had needed to wander the suburban gardens looking through peoples windows to catch a glimpse of some neighbourly sexual goings on. She had seen nothing tonight, so went into one of the gardens where no-one appeared to be at home, and touched herself whilst watching the moon. When she saw me, she was already in such a light-headed mood, that although inwardly scared, she just went with her feelings. As she puts it 'went with the mood of the moonlight'.

She put her on her underwear, and I my dressing gown.

"What about that drink, before I go" she said.

I had expected her to leave quite quickly, but this was a good sign.

"Sure, cup of tea?"

I pointed her to the lounge, saying to wait whilst I made the drink. When I got in there she was lying on the sofa, asleep.

And as you can imagine there was more to come later.


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