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NorthShore Park
by JC

You and I are sitting in the car at NorthShore park, talking. As usual, it becomes more difficult for the gentle caresses we share while talking to stay gentle. You interrupt me midsentence by grabbing the back of my head, pulling me towards you, and kissing me deeply... your other hand seeking out my breasts, your tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth imitating the actions of your cock. As the windows start to steam up, we are aware of the man in the car behind us flashing his headlights. He has been watching us for a long time, waiting for us to start...

We stop kissing, look behind us, and then look into each other's eyes... not needing to speak a word, we each know what the other is thinking. We open our doors and get out of the car. As we start walking toward the other car, I stop... hesitant... suddenly frightened... you get behind me, reach around and grab my tits, then pull my scrub top off before I can think to stop you. You whisper in my ear "no, Jody. You ARE going to do this." You push me toward the car holding my hands behind me...

We get to the driver's side, and the man inside lowers the window. He is a clean-cut business type man in his late 40's. Everything about him says "family man"- except his eyes. They are filled with lust, wildness, desire... He speaks to you..."that's a nice little nurse you've got there"

You tell him "glad you noticed, sir... and she is all mine to do with as I please" He asks you what you plan on doing with me. You tell him "I plan on watching her suck your cock after you are done fucking her wet little shaven cunt."

He says, slowly and deliberately, "that does sound like a good plan, little boy... but I have some plans of my own. Don't think that I don't know what you flannel and denim clad redneck boys really want..."

With that, he opens the door. He has the front seat pushed all the way back, leaving room for him to lay down across the bench seat. He does so, while telling you to undress me the rest of the way. I feel you trembling behind me, but you do as he says. He tells you to give him your bend me over and push me into the car.. he grabs my legs, spreads them over his big, rock hard cock... there must be at least 10 inches of it... and pulls me down on top of it. He says to you, "watch and learn, little boy" as he thrusts that monster cock in my cunt over and over... my head hits the top of the car... I'm whining, a little scared, I start to resist, try to get away from him. He tells you "you better hold your bitch still, little boy" and continues to fuck me. You lean in the car and grab my hands, holding them behind me. He holds my hips, grinding me down on top of him... I feel the tip of his cock against the very back of my cunt... so far that it hurts, but that pain pushes me over the edge as the orgasm rocks me... he doesn't stop... just ramming harder and harder, telling you to watch while your pussy gets fucked like never before.

I hear you breathing behind me. You can't see my face, but you also haven't heard me say "William", so you allow this to continue. He stops abruptly and says "I've had enough of this bitch" and pushes us both out of the car.

I'm shaking, my knees buckle, and you catch me from behind. I turn around to see your face, and I know that you are aware of what will happen next...

The man sits up and hands me a silk tie. He tells me "bind your little boy's hands behind him, bitch... HE will carry out his own plans..." I look at you, your eyes look scared, but you nod your head. I do as he says. He says to me "you heard what he said you were going to do... now make him do it". I bend you over and guide your head toward his cock. You are tense, hesitant. I whisper in your ear "no, Bill. You ARE going to do this". You open your mouth just a little, and touch his cock with the tip of your tongue. He moans almost imperceptibly... this is driving him crazy... knowing you have never done this before. You taste me on his cock, and it incites you to take it in farther. You are intoxicated by this. My scent, my taste on this strange cock... it is almost too much for you to handle.

You try to take it all in, but realize that this is an acquired skill. His cock hits the back of your throat and you start to cough, gag... He tells you "don't try to do this all at once, little boy"

He tells me to reach in and grab his cock... hold it for you. I do as I'm told. I'm on top of your back... you can feel the heat from my pussy against your ass.

I look in his backseat and catch sight of something interesting... you feel me disappear and hear the sound of the back door opening.

He has his cock in his hand, feeding it to you... as you discover how good a cock feels in your mouth, all the ridges, veins... you feel them pulsating under your tongue as you lick it from top to bottom and back again... you are caught unaware as you feel your jeans being taken off of you. You try to turn your head to see what's going on, but he grabs your hair and says "continue what you are doing little boy..." Your jeans are removed and you feel my hands on your ass... your cock is harder than you feel it has ever been and you shudder as I start to touch it. He tells me "not yet, bitch... give him what he really wants" You feel something cold and wet sliding down the crack of your ass... you feel my fingers opening you... inside you... then you feel the cold night air as I step back... something big, something hard is against you now...He tells me "now, bitch" and you feel me thrust into your ass with the strap-on I got from the back of his car.

I stay there, not moving, giving you a chance to get used to this new sensation... but not for long. I start to move in and out, slowly at first... he gives you just a minute before pushing your head back on his cock. He thrusts harder into your mouth as I thrust harder into your ass.

I hear your moans, your whimpers... I'm watching your hands tied behind you, in case you snap your fingers... but you don't... so we continue. He tells me "look at your boyfriend now, bitch. This is what you have never been able to give him..." I can tell he is about to cum, so I slow down, giving you the opportunity to discover this feeling as well... the feeling of a hot, pulsing cock as it unloads in your mouth... you try to swallow, but realize that this, also is an acquired skill. It spills out of the sides of your mouth... you are gasping for air... wheezing... I pull out of your ass and untie your hands. You almost collapse onto the ground outside of the car, but I help you to sit up in the seat. He tells me "now finish him"... I put my mouth on your cock, and in about 3 strokes of my tongue, you explode into my mouth in the strongest orgasm you have ever had...

The man sits up beside you... stroking your hair... kisses you softly on the lips. He tells me to keep my new toy... and to enjoy the rest of our evening. He then pushes us out of the car and takes off... leaving us naked and sweating, shaking in the parking lot of NorthShore park...

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