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Nikki Tries B&D
by Maledude

Please note that nothing in this story is true - all characters and events - well maybe not all events are a figment of my imagination.

Nikki and I had always had a very open sex relationship. We would share all of our sexual fantasies and, while vigorously fucking her tight pussy, I would tell her that I was imagining fucking my co-worker or next-door neighbor. Not that my girlfriend wasn't sexy - she had 36D breasts, a great set of legs and the tightest, sexiest ass that I had ever seen on a lady. She too, had some really wild fantasies and loved to act them out with me - I remember that on one occasion she borrowed an outfit from a friend and dressed up as a nurse to give me my 'medication.' By the time we were finished, we had messed her friends uniform so badly with her juices and my cum that we had to replace the outfit. But, there was one fantasy that both of us shared but never had the guts to try - Bondage and Domination. (I know for a fact that she used to wet her panties just thinking about it, but she would never admit to that).

Anyway, we were both sitting around and reading one day when she suddenly turned towards me with the type of smile that a naughty teen would have on her face after giving a good blow job and asked me if I would like to try some bondage. I was dumbfounded that she would pop the question to me just like that and just replied with a look of surprise on my face. She laughed at me and simply leaned over and whispered that it was mutually agreed on. Later that night I asked her if she was really serious and without hesitation she replied that she was. There and then we agreed that the next day I would buy what we needed for her discipline and that when I got home from work we would begin to work on our master and slave relationship.

The next day all I could think of was my girlfriend's discipline and when I got home that night with my box of 'tools' my cock was rock hard. I entered the house and when I got to the bedroom, there she was, clad in black underwear and lying sexily on the bed. She said nothing, only that she was ready for her discipline. We quickly agreed on a word which she would say to stop me if the pain got to intense - Pamela, the name of the neighbor who I fantasized about often.

I quickly pulled Nikki towards me and ripped off her underwear, leaving her body naked and open to all my desires. I then blindfolded my horny slave as I told her that she would not be allowed to cum until I told her as if she did she would be severely punished. 'Secondly,' I said, "You WILL obey me bitch." She nodded her head and smiled as I told her to stand spread-eagled. Her happy expression angered me and I quickly turned it to one of pain as I attached nipple clamps to her sweet tits and then used a rope to attach the clamps to hooks in the ceiling so that I could pull on the ropes when I wanted to in order to stretch her tits and nipples her tits to their max. I then reached into my box and pulled out some pegs, a 12" vibrator and a lean whip. I gave a quick tug onto the ropes and thereafter bent down to her sweet pussy and lapped at it a bit before attaching a few pegs onto the outer folds of her pussy and one on her inner fold. She let out a horrific scream of pain and pleasure as I then proceeded to shove the vibrator deep into her already pegged pussy. I told her that this was nothing compared to what was still to come.

I then picked up the whip and proceeded to lash her ass. As each stroke landed she screamed but I continued with her lashing and once I had stopped I found that her ass was full of red marks and was quivering on with pain. I could see that she would never survive if anything was shoved up her ass so I decided against ass-fucking her - for now, and instead moved towards her pussy where I removed the vibrator that was causing her so much pain and pleasure. A look of relief spread across her face but no sooner had this happened, that she let out another scream as she realized that I had just violently thrust my dick into her and was furiously fucking her without removing the pegs. Ignoring her screams I continued to fuck her pussy remorselessly, hammering away at her now swollen clit. Through soft sobs she begged me to allow her to cum. I agreed seeing that she had been stimulated so long without being allowed to have an orgasm. She came and her body rocked violently with the combined fucking I was giving her and the intense orgasm she was going through.

I tired of fucking her tight pussy and replaced my dick with the newly bought dildo as I moved towards her ass and, without warning shoved my dick into her. I rode her ass the way a jockey would ride a horse, fucking her like their was no tomorrow. With each thrust my hard cock penetrated her tight ass even further and I could hold in my load no longer. I came hard and shot my load deep into her ass as I moaned and told her what a good bitch she was. I then removed her blindfold, her dildo and the pegs and clamps attached to her pussy and tits. I proceeded to untie her and she fell to the floor as I motioned her to suck my dick, covered in my cum and the shit from her ass. She begged for mercy but I refused and thrust her head towards my dick. She had no choice but to lick it clean and once she had finished, begged me to lick her and make her cum once more. I agreed and licked her sore pussy till she came and flooded my mouth with her sweet cum - I lapped the cum completely from her pussy and then looked up at her face. She smiled and fell into a deep sleep as I tucked my sexy girlfriend into bed, sore from her first bondage experience.

Authors Note: Thanks to the Literotica webmasters/webmistresses for running such a great site. If any ladies want to share the fantasies with me and are interested in bondage and role-playing, e-mail me with your stories or name a time and place and we'll cyber.

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