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Night Time Lover
by Rob Writer

When I was about 18, I spent a lot of time with my friend Eric. Eric and I were pretty close, and I would go to his apartment, and we would watch HBO and Showtime porn. One time, it was around 9, and he was flipping the channels, and there was no porn on. We decided to go to the local movie rental store, Video-Stop, and rent a porn. We went into the porn room, looking at each of the movies, and there was one with a plain-white box, called "Hard to the Kore". We decided to pick it up, not looking at where it was, the Gay section.

We got back to his apartment, and started watching, we both settle down, him on the couch, and me on a recliner beside it. Two men were talking, one said "Jesus, I need to get some ass." And the other man said "Yea, I'm in for that!" So, we both looked at each other, thinking "Here it comes.", oh we jumped when they embraced to kiss. It started out with a hand job, then a 69, and onto a straight on Anal scene. I was interested, he was more frozen to stop it. I glanced over once at his pants, we both were in denim jeans, and no shirt. It seemed as if he had a hard on! He stood up, said he had to use the bathroom, and he would be right back.

When he came out, he was in only boxers, and he was Semi erect. I looked, and decided that I had to use the bathroom also, I left my jeans in the bathroom, walking out, also half erect. After we decided to stop it, he yawned, saying he was tired.

He had a soft King size, so I always slept in the bed with him, there was always plenty of space between us. When we got into the room, he pulled one blanket off the bed, then threw it into the wash room. He said he had to wash it, and he forgot. We got under the covers, the lights were off, and I glanced over, I saw bobbing where his lower region is. I could feel the bed shaking, so I figured he was jerking off. I got a straight on erection, and butterflies in my gut.

I found my hand sliding to him under the covers, slowly near him. I brushed his side, no reaction. I could feel heat near my hand, and I held it up, then grabbed to the side, his hand was there, his dick was there, his soft bush was there, but no boxers. I grabbed his dick, and his hand moved, I started to Jerk him off. He was uncut, and about 6.5 inches, his dick was hard, kinda thin, and the skin moved perfectly. My other hand slid off my boxers, and I began pulling at my uncut 6 inch shaft. I felt his hand take over, and we were masturbating each other off. I sat up, moving over, and began licking his cock.

He pulled me on top, starting a 69. It felt amazing. He was holding me up, making me fuck his mouth, I began to suck on the tip harder, breathing onto his balls as I did. He pushed me off, and told me to get on my hands and knees, he was gonna fuck me! I did so, and I felt him move up from behind, his dick searching my crack for my fuck hole, to no success. He spit on his hand, then jerked at his cock, and pressed it to my asshole, he pushed in, and it actually hurt barely, soon, he had it halfway, then fully in. He was pumping into me, then out, and in, and out. His hand moved around my waists, hastily giving me a sloppy hand job.

"Faster" I whispered, and he sped up. "Harder... fuck me!" He let go, and he began fucking me, his balls slapping against mine, as I started to jerk off. He was giving me the fuck of a life time. I began moving my hand so fast that I couldn't stop, shooting my cum all over my chest and the covers, and my hand. For some reason, I whipped my chest, and started to lick my own cum. It was warm, and rather salty. He keep going, and then, I felt him slam into me, deep, penetrating, which hurt. He let his load go, I was moaning almost like a woman with a deeper voice. He pulled back as he came, so my ass and my hole had cum inside and out. He walked to the bathroom, cleaning himself, and I decided to jerk off again.

He came back in, and I whispered "My turn..." to which he gave a tired groan. He laid down, and I crawled over his face, still jerking, as he dozed off. He was deep asleep, and I felt my orgasm building up. I waited for his mouth to open for breath, and when he did, I rammed into him, then began to fuck his mouth as his eyes opened. I came hard, deep into his mouth, as he gave a muffled scream. I pulled back, straddling his chest. He pushed me off, and I leaned down, kissing him deep, tasting my own cum. He pushed me back again, and I dozed off, sleeping.

The next day, things were normal, but we always sleep in the nude now, and once the lights go out, he becomes gay once again.


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