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No Underwear Pt. II
by PeterR

Going out without underwear was now becoming quite a routine for us. We went everywhere without underwear, and consistently teased each other when we felt it was safe. It was good times; we went grocery shopping, and in the pharmacy section, while no one was looking, I grabbed a pair of boobs just aching to be fondled. Her nipples were now erect; she chuckled, and couldn't wait to get even. When she saw that no one was around she grabbed my crotch, and grinned when she felt my pecker growing in her hands. This was exciting, for we were grabbing feels, groping, and fondling each other while no one was looking.

Going to the mall is now also fun. On this particular day, we were in the ladies department, and no one was there. She tried on some dresses, and one was more seductive then the other. As stated earlier, a red dress has a strange affect on me. This one was very low-cut, and very short. I asked her to bend over as if to pick up something from the floor. This gave me a perfect view of her puss, that I've eaten, shaved, and pumped hundreds of times. My pecker jumped to attention. I groped her pussy, and with the other hand I squeezed her boobs, alternating them when I felt the nipple harden. I unzipped my pants, and entered her hot canal. We both came very quick, I suppose this was fueled by the thought of getting it on in the woman's dressing room.

This, never knowing what the other will try made all our excursions exciting. We now visit our respective mothers, something we previously dreaded. Her mother has been so unkind to me through the years, and my mother plainly doesn't respect my wife. These reasons would, and have kept us away from them. Now we go to her mom's place, and while her mom is in the bathroom, we grope each other. While she is cooking, my hon and I rendezvous in the bathroom and I help her sit on the counter; without panties I get a clear shot at licking her. Not enough to climax though, but enough to keep it interesting.

Another time, while visiting my mom, we both smiled, and my mom asked how come? We just told her how much we love being with each other, and how much we miss each other when we're apart. I told my mom that I was tired from the long drive, went to lie down. I doze off, being dead to the world after the long trip. My mom said that it was OK, for I had an hour before lunch was ready, anyway. My wife went to the bathroom, but seeing me in bed, she uncovered me, just enough to expose my pecker. She kissed it, and licked it until it got quite hard. This woke me, and she then went back making small talk with my mom.

With my pecker back to its normal state, I put on my shorts, and sat down to lunch. With my wife sitting on my left, I grabbed her right thigh, and caressed the insides until my lead finger entered her sopping wet pussy. My mom usually naps after lunch, so we helped her clean up after lunch, and we went into the TV room, while she slept. I was facing the TV, and unzipped and stepped out of my shorts. My wife grabbed my pecker, and it sprung into action, and she straddled me. We just kissed, and clung to each other, as she was riding it up and down, as it was the first time.

She licked my left ear, and I cupped her breasts, she started to speed up, and started to make noises, like: "oh boy, oh boy-ohboy-ohboy, oh boo-ooo-oy." I too soon released my juices, and we clung to each other for what seemed like a half-hour.

We cleaned up, and watched television, both grinning from ear to ear. I think we're onto something. We can now visit our most disliked relatives. We never know when we can be alone, and horniness always strikes.


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