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Naughty Chapter 6
by Dirty Denise

Courtney was upset. She didn't know what to do. Half of her wanted to feel Denise's face in her crotch, and the other half of her didn't want anything to do with fucking another girl. She was no lesbian, dammit!

She decided to get laid. Really laid. Nailed, fucked, banged, screwed... she didn't care what anyone called it, she wanted cock in her. She put on her tight little Daisy Dukes, and headed out to the student center.

It was a pretty nice day, and lots of students were lying out in the sun and so forth. Courtney found herself getting turned on by the tight little upturned, bikini-clad asses of the women who were lying out. "Fuck!" she thought to herself, "I'm not here to do that, I'm no lesbian! I want dick!"

Suddenly, she ran into her roommate Erika.

"Hey Courtney!" smiled Erika, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Looking for some action!" grinned Courtney. She wasn't trying to hide it. She was determined to get fucked.

"I bet you are, in those little ass-huggers!" Erika joked, pointing at Courtney's sexy little shorts.

"I just really really need it bad right now." Courtney sighed. She really did.

"Well hey," Erika said softly, "I'm going over to Steve's dorm room... his roommate Kyle is pretty hot, and he doesn't have a girlfriend!"

Courtney was intrigued.

"In fact," Erika continued, "he always tells me to 'bring him some nice tight girl to fuck'. He's usually joking, of course, but I bet he'd do you! Wanna go for it?"

"Oh hell yes!" Courtney exclaimed. "Oooooh," she thought to herself, "hard cock in me... that sounds SO good!"

5 Minutes later, Erika and Courtney were at Steve and Kyle's door.

"Wait!" Courtney shouted. She pulled her shorts tighter against her ass, and undid the top two buttons.

"Damn, girl!" giggled Erika, "You DO need it bad, don't you?"

Courtney nodded furiously, and Erika knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Kyle let them in. Courtney was immediately wet again. Kyle was a pretty hot guy. Nice body - perfect for her needs. Now... how to do it?

"Hi Kyle," spouted Erika, "Is Steve here?"

"Nah, he went to a movie with Jason, I think." Replied Kyle.

"Shit! That prick!" Erika bitched. "He was supposed to be here so that we could do something."

"Sorry, babe!" Kyle replied. "He'll be back in about 2 hours, though. Hmm.. who's this pretty little thing?" He motioned to Courtney.

"I'm Courtney. Nice to meet you, Kyle."

"Nice to meet you too, hot stuff!" Kyle snickered. "Those are quite some shorts you've got there!"

Kyle was a pig, but Courtney really didn't mind... it was actually exciting her. "Oh... well thank you!" She replied. She ran her hands up the back of her ass and put them on her hips. She knew how to work it.

"So can we sit down?" Interjected Erika.

"Sure, babe." Kyle replied, eyes still focused on Courtney's body. He closed and locked the door behind them. Courtney and Erika sat on the couch, and Kyle kicked back on his lower bunk. "So Courtney, you're Erika's roommate?"

"Yep. Sure am." replied Courtney.

"Courtney's feeling a little hot today, Kyle. I thought maybe you could help her!" Erika snickered.

"Shit, Erika!" exclaimed Courtney, a little taken aback. She didn't expect her roommate to be quite so forward. "What she means is... is..."

"I mean you wanna be fucked, Courtney." Erika interrupted, "That's what you want, isn't it? That's what you told me before! Don't get all prude now, baby, if you want it, you can get it."

Courtney was totally shocked, but she decided to play along. "Fuck it," she thought, "a horny girl's gotta do what a horny girl's gotta do." "Yeah that's what I want, alright!" Courtney oozed. She looked at Kyle while she said it. She meant it.

Kyle gulped and then smiled. "Well, Erika," he began, "this is quite a nice little piece you've brought me. What are you gonna do while I take her?"

"Oh I'm gonna watch, and do what comes naturally." Erika hissed, "I've wanted to watch you in action for a while, Courtney!"

"Oh... okay," Courtney replied, a little dizzy from how fast this was going. "Err... so what do I do... should I..."

"Get that ass naked, girlie!" teased Erika, "Kyle's gonna give you a monster fuckin'."

Kyle had his sweats and tshirt off in seconds, and sat naked on the bunk, waiting for Courtney to do her thing. She did. She stood up, stripped off her tshirt, unhooked and dropped her bra, and turned to face Kyle.

"Mmm... this is gonna feel SO good!" Courtney groaned. She flicked her nipple with her left hand, and slid her right hand into her shorts, where she began to grind her clit. She was soaked.

"What do you think you're doing, you nasty thing?" Erika scolded, "Get those shorts off!!!"

Courtney turned to look, and saw that Erika's skirt was up around her waist, and she was rubbing her mound through her panties. This made her even wetter, and she shucked off her shorts instantly.

"No panties!" grinned Kyle, "I like you, Courtney; always ready for a good railing!"

Courtney walked sexily over to the bed, and laid down on top of Kyle, grabbing his sizable cock in her hand, and beating it softly. She kissed him wetly, her tongue washing over his entire mouth. She could feel her pussy practically leaking onto his leg. Suddenly, she felt his warm hand on her tight little ass. She moaned loudly, and pressed her crotch into his thigh, trying to get a little pressure. Kyle's fingers found her wetness, and she cried out in pleasure. He pushed and rubbed on her sopping folds, and she ground her ass in appreciation. She stroked his cock faster, and he started to move his hips a little.

Courtney maneuvered herself on top of Kyle in a '69'. She took his meat deep into her mouth, and started sucking madly, taking him almost all the way down her throat. She almost came when she felt his breath on her soaking crotch. His hands wrapped around her legs and he grabbed her ass, spreading it apart, showing everything she had.

"Nice booty, Courtney," Kyle moaned, "real nice! Doesn't she have a nice booty, Erika?"

"Ooh yeah she does," cooed Erika, who was bare-ass naked on the couch now, and working her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Courtney was so turned on, she started noshing on Kyle's cock like it was the best tasting thing on Earth. And to her, it was. Suddenly, Kyle's tongue slipped between her pussy lips, and she arched back and screamed in pleasure. She felt like she was sitting on pure hot, wet, sex. She started to cum, and her whole body shook as she whimpered and spasmed. When she was finished cumming, she sighed deeply.

"Ooh did that shit feel good, Courtney?" Erika teased, "It looked like it did!" Erika was still masturbating like a schoolboy.

"Yeah it did... it really did!" Courtney groaned, "But I'm not finished yet!"

Courtney swung around and straddled Kyle. She grabbed his cock, and positioned it at her soaking hole. "Do you wanna fuck me, Kyle?" She hissed.

"Oh yeah, girl," Kyle moaned, "You know it!"

Courtney pushed her ass down a little, and started to take him into her. It felt so fucking good! His cock filled her up, inch by inch, as her glorious velvet wetness engulfed him, making him moan. She groaned like a porn star once he was in her all the way. She shook in pleasure, and started to work her gorgeous little ass in circles, fucking Kyle. Her toned little butt humped back and forth, as she panted and arched back, feeling Kyle's meat pump in and out of her.

"Good lord, girl!" Erika cheered, panting as she frantically fingered herself to her first orgasm.

Kyle wrapped his hands around Courtney's muscular ass, and he began to squeeze it. She moaned again and again. Harder and longer each time. Kyle's fingers strayed to her tight asshole, and she jumped slightly.

"No... don't," Courtney whimpered as she pulled his hand away, "I don't like it." She lied. She did like anal pleasure. A lot. But she was a little self-conscious about it, so she didn't ever admit to it. Even though any time she masturbated, you'd find her finger snug in her ass.

"I don't care what you like, bitch, I'm gettin' in there!" Kyle snapped back. He grabbed her ass again, and forced his finger into her tight ass, almost effortlessly. Courtney gasped, and then moaned deeply. "You gonna tell me you don't stick your finger up there when you do yourself?" Kyle accused.

"No... I don't... I don't like it!" Courtney maintained.

"C'mon, you little slut... tell me the truth... tell me you like it!" Kyle persisted, his finger wiggling in her hot, tight ass.

"Okay!" Courtney surrendered, "I do! I fucking love it!" She squealed and ground her ass down hard on to Kyle's cock and finger, reveling in the sensation of being violated in the worst way... a way she had always loved. She exploded in another mind-blowing cum.

"Kyle!" Erika panted, weary from several self-induced orgasms, "Fuck her there! Buttfuck her!"

Kyle rolled Courtney off of him, and laid her on her stomach. Her ass jutted up in the air obscenely, even though she didn't think she wanted to do this. Kyle's cock was still gooey from her sopping cunt, so he had all the lubrication he needed to do her ass. He placed the tip of his cock on her tiny asshole.

"Wait, Kyle," Courtney protested, "I don't want to do this." She squirmed a little.

"Fuck her in the ass, Kyle!!!" Erika commanded, "Fuck you, Courtney, you'll take it and like it!"

Kyle pushed hard, and his cock started to sink into Courtney's beautiful little upturned butt. He groaned as her incredible heat and tightness gripped him, and her muscles massaged his meat as she tried to force him out. Courtney yelped in pain, as the first shock of having a big cock shoved up her ass hit her. Kyle pushed deeper, and his cock sank all the way into Courtney's ass. She groaned, and whimpered, but it actually started to feel pretty damn good. She wiggled her ass at Kyle as he began to pump in and out of her.

"Ooh... see, you do like it, you little slut!" Kyle hissed as he pounded Courtney's virgin ass.

"Yes! Yes I do!" Courtney cried out as she reached back to frig her sopping clit.

Erika was yelping like a puppy as she fucked herself silly on the couch, aroused to dangerous levels by the view of Courtney's ass being pumped madly by Kyle.

"I'm gonna cum!" grunted Kyle, his thrusts going deeper and faster.

"Cum in my ass!" Courtney screamed, amazed by her own filthy mouth, and what she was doing. "Shit... Oh god, I'm cumming too!!!" She yelled, as she pressed hard on her clit. Her ass and pussy started contracting in orgasmic bliss as she felt Kyle's hot cum squirt deep inside her ass. She was in total ecstasy as she finished one of the most mind-blowing orgasmic experiences ever. She had LOVED being assfucked.

Everyone collapsed. Erika joined Courtney and Kyle on the bed while mumbling things about how hot that was, and what good job Courtney did. The last thing Courtney felt before she dozed off was what she swore were another girl's slender fingers exploring her steaming, slimy crotch...

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