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New World
by Fallen

The world was still young and man had barely risen above the apes on the evolutionary ladder. One tribe had begun to spread its influence across the land along with its genetics. That tribe had its beginnings from a survivor of a spaceship wrecked on this remote world. That had been many many years ago and now the tribe had spread up and down most of the river valley.

Mai was watchful as she neared the river. Animals and people could both be a danger and were best avoided. She came to the river almost every day to wash and be alone. The others made fun of her for washing. She looked and smelled different from the rest of her family. They often scolded her. She had no buildup of dirt and grime to keep off the bitey things. No man from another family had come to steal her away as with the other girls in her family group. The only ones who had ever used her were her brothers and uncles.

Freeze, try not to breathe, there is one of the Others down by the river. He is tall as a bear and has skins that shine in the light. Mai has heard of the Others. They may be gods or devils but they are to be feared. She has been teased of being taken by them. They come and claim anyone they like. Mai wants to run but knows that any movement could cause her to be seen. She stares as the Other washes in the river. He rises and beckons to her. A voice in her head says, "Come to me pretty one."

Mai's feet move on their own and she can not force them to take her away. She whimpers and looks for some way to run but the call from the Other is too strong. Mai reaches the river bank and stands before him. He is so tall. At just over 5 foot tall, Mai is one of the tallest in her family and her head doesn't even reach his shoulder. How can one so big, hide and hunt?

"Nice, even clean. No one will believe it till I bring you back with me. Now strip off those hides and let's see how you look." Mai didn't know how other had spoken but her hands were doing as he commanded. She cringed at the thought of losing the hides. The hides had cost her a lot and she would hate to pay that price again. She had stayed many nights in her uncle's furs to get them. He was a cruel man and she had received many beatings from him. She had done anything he wanted because winter was coming and she needed the new hides to survive.

Mai stood naked and ashamed, her precious hides in a pile by her feet. She flushed as the Other looked her over. How could any one want her with the ugly body she had. Her breasts were still firm with nipples that had hardened in the cool air. She had a narrow waist with a flat belly and long legs that gave her extra height. Mai was ready to cry, why couldn't she look like the women in her family. They all had children and fine bodies. Long droopy breasts to feed babies and big bellies filled with life.

The Other was delighted at the young woman he saw standing before him. She was at least a half-breed and might even be more than that. He commanded her to follow and she did, but she grabbed her hides as her feet responded. They walked up out of the valley and into the surrounding mountains. Mai's feet carrying her along at about ten steps behind the tall silvery stranger. She watched and wondered if he was taking her to be his woman, like the females had always talked of. She relaxed as they walked, marveling at the new sights. She had never been away from the river but had heard tales from the women as they sat tending the fire.

The Others were said to have come from the light in the sky. There were many stories about them and their powers. It was said that they could fly like a bird and disappear like smoke. One story was about how one of the Others had come to a family's fire and had mated with all of the females and most of the males in one night. Mai had snickered when she heard that, why even Ba, who she had gotten the hides from, couldn't make the milk flow from his pole but twice a night. Sharing furs hadn't been all bad and being the woman to one who could make milk all night would make the coming cold bearable. Mai wondered if the Others would send a man to her family fire, to brag about stealing her, as was the custom between the families along the river. She hoped they would, just to show up all the ones who had teased her about never getting a man of her own.

They arrived at a large meadow framed by two peaks and the evening sun. Two beings guarded the path and the Other spoke to them saying, "Cherubs, it is a Messenger returning from the outer world. Open and let us pass."

"For Gabriel we will surely open a way," the Cherubs responded. Mai watched as the dancing flames that spread from the two parted and left an opening for them to pass.

"You must leave the skins outside Mai, and call me Gabriel."

Mai dropped the hides and followed him inside the walls of fire. They were bathed in a light shower and a blue light. "Gabri...Gabil....Gab" Mai tried to form the long name but had little luck, "Gab... I need hides when we go."

"If you ever want to leave, we will give you something to wear," Gabriel said as they walked toward two large silver hills. There were Others here and a large number of women with a few men. No one wore hides and few had even the shiny skins on. Mai was taken by the women to an area where they washed her again. Mai was surprised by water that was not cold and something that made a white milk looking foam on her. She tasted it and it wasn't milk.

Hands were all over her body rubbing and squeezing, she could feel the itch down where she made water. One of the hands in the water was rubbing the spot that seemed to itch the most. Mai began to howl and thrash around in the water. Mouths were sucking at her breasts and she was trying to ride the hand under her. She felt a long finger slide into her and begin to fill her with warm juice. This only made the pleasure greater and her howl reached a higher pitch. The women finally finished with her and she was made to stand in the pond of water. She spread her legs and bent over a little as a great need to make water came over her. When she finished, the women rubbed her with soft skins and combed her hair putting it in a tail down her back.

Gabriel came, back without his skins on, to get her. Why his pole was as big soft as Ba's had been hard. She reached out and touched it. It was different from any of the other poles she had ever seen. The part that looked like a tongue but had skin rolled up around it just stood out in the open. All the skin was gone from the tip and it was big. She could feel it grow in her hand. Would it make milk? She leaned forward and placed it in her mouth. She was unable to get much more than the tip into her mouth. Mai nursed the big pole like a baby nurses it mother. Her hands stroked the growing staff trying to stuff more of it in her mouth. She reached down and grabbed the two huge eggs hanging in a smooth hairless sack. Mai was sure milk would come soon as Gabriel began to pump his pole in her mouth. She was rewarded with spurt after spurt of warm sticky juice, more than Ba could make in a hand of nights. Mai nursed till the last drop was gone from the shrinking pole. Satisfied like a baby with a belly full of warm milk, she lay down and spread her legs hoping he would use her. Gabriel told her, "That will have to wait. I have Others that I want to show you to." She rose and they walked off to one of the shiny hills, glowing pink in the setting sun.

Mai drew back as they enter into a cave in the shiny pink hill. The sun was almost gone but shone through holes in the cave like it was high in the sky. Gabriel spoke in her head again and she walked to the middle of the large room unable to resist, "Here is the one I told you about. She was found near group 105 in the beta2 section. As you can see there is a high level of imported genetic makeup. She exhibits signs of slowed maturity rate, a height increase and even increased intelligence. She should make an excellent subject for our breeding program." Mai watched as her body slowly turned and she was inspected by the 7 Others in the large room.

Gabreil walked out of the door and she found herself following. Mai couldn't see in the gloom outside except for the glow coming from Gab's body. She was still trying to understand the light in the cave. When they reached the area where the other women were Gabriel said, "Tomorrow I will come for you so that you may find fulfillment. Tonight you will stay here with the others." Gabriel then went back toward the cave and the women pulled her in the direction of a large fire. No one had on skins and they were laughing and touching each other as they made their way in the flickering shadows. Mai's eyes had adjusted and she tried to look around as they neared a group dancing in a circle around the fire. She was sure that she had seen something move in the dark and it had looked like a large snake. If it was dangerous surely someone would have killed it.

Tonight she would join in the fire circle and enjoy herself. Tomorrow and all that lay beyond the light of fire could wait for the rising sun.

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