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No Words
by Rosebud

She sat there all alone weeping on the steps to her townhouse. The day couldn't have gone any worse. It all started when she woke up late. When she got to work, her boss called her into his office and made her feel like a very minute person. After work, she went out to get into her car and the tire was spare, she forgot to get it fixed the last time. She had to walk the five miles home. Halfway home the sky opened up as if saying, "I hate you too." She finally made it home, her clothes once a little loose were now conforming to her body. She opened the door to her townhouse, knowing at least her bird would be singing for her to cheer her up. No song. She didn't even have to walk over to the cage, she closed her door again and went back outside to the steps.

Her sobs were loud and strong. She didn't hear the stranger walk up. He sat beside her and handed her his handkerchief. She slowly looked up and was looking into the most amazing eyes. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the stranger's. She felt a beautiful peace enveloping her easing her troubles away. He slowly pulled her into his chest with his strong but tender arms encasing her. Not even one alarm went off in her head. There was something about the soothing comfort in his arms and with her needing comfort most of all right now, she didn't even allow her brain to question it.

Slowly she stood up, taking the man's hand, and led him upstairs. She opened her door and he followed her in. He looked around then sat on the couch as she made her way into the bathroom. He heard the shower start and could tell that she had gotten in by the sounds of the water hitting her flesh. He walked to the door and slowly opened it. He could see her standing behind the glass, a vision of loveliness. He undressed and entered the shower. The water was pelleting off her head only to form a waterfall going down her soft ample breasts and cascading to the floor. He picked up the soap and slowly started to wash her body. Her neck was well defined and her shoulders were gracefully curved. His arousal was becoming obvious as he slowly started to wash her breasts.

They were so full and the nipples stuck out as if they were just inviting a tongue and warm mouth to kiss and suck on them. He worked his way down her stomach. It had just a slight rounding curve to it and then he looked farther down. Her mound was neatly trimmed and it called up to him. As he kneeled, he gently moved his soaped hand around in between her legs.

A soft moan escaped her. He rinsed her mound off and stood up. Gently lifting her up against the shower, he moved in between her legs, then lowered her onto his swollen cock. The moan came from deeper in her as her womanhood slowly engulfed all he had to give. He pulled almost all out all the way, then inch by inch entered her again. His lips found her nipples and started sucking on them, gently nipping the ripe buds. Her back was arching against the cold wall, driving her further down on the impaling rod. Faster and faster she was rising up and down. It felt like his cock was entering her body, searching for all the bad things and dragging them out. Her breath was coming in quicker gasps, as the shower seemed to be closing in. A wave was rushing over her, seeming to cleanse her soul. With a unison explosion, every trouble in her mind seemed to disappear.

He reached up and turned the shower off. Grabbing the towel, he gently dried her off. Picking her up, he carried her to the bed, laid her down and covered her up. He went back to the bathroom and got dressed. As he left, he glanced once more over his shoulder to her sleeping form, and smiled.


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