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Night With A Friend
by Bob

We meet at a nice restaurant of your choosing for dinner. You're wearing a long black skin-tight dress, and I'm wearing a nice button up shirt and a pair of slacks. After dinner we wander around downtown for a while, window-shopping. Then we go to your place, and we sit on the couch. We start kissing, and as we are kissing, I start to fondle your breasts, noticing you are not wearing a bra. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, you ask to be excused to "slip into something more comfortable." I relax on the couch while you go to your room to change. You return wearing a pair of boxers and a tank top. You stand before me, and I just take in your beauty. I gently caress your thighs, hips, stomach, and ass. I have you sit on the couch, and I kneel on the floor between your knees.

I bring my face very close to your crotch, and I can feel the warmth from your pussy. I take a long and deep breath, and breathe in the wonderful fragrance from your pussy. I ever so gently touch the crotch or your boxers; they are slightly wet. I gently press the cotton material against your pussy, rubbing them against your lips. You sigh, and moan slightly at the touch. I allow the panties to fall back into place, and now the crotch area is soaking wet from your pussy juice. I grab the waistband of your boxers and tug them down, while you lift your bottom to help. I get the boxers to your ankles, and then you kick them off. I pick them up off the floor, and smell the crotch area, inhaling your fragrance. I then lick the crotch of your boxers, licking off some of your juices. By now, you are starting to get sexually frustrated, your body is begging for release, and your clit and pussy are begging for attention.

I notice your moans and sighs of frustration, and you give this look that screams "EAT ME NOW!" I enjoy watching you squirm a little, and want it to go on for a little longer. Your hand slowly snakes its way down to your crotch, to touch your pussy and clit, to give yourself the release I wont let you have yet. But I stop your hands, and say "Not yet." You moan, and try to free your hands, but my grip is steady. I start to play with the small tuft of hair just above your neatly trimmed pussy, but never getting near to your pussy or clit. Just when you think your are going to burst from the agony, I reach down and finger your pussy, sticking my finger deep into your hole. My finger is met with an immediate rush of juice from your now dripping pussy. I now bend my face to your crotch, and begin to lick your pussy.

Because you were built up, you cum very quickly, finally gaining the release you needed, and it is a very intense orgasm. You wrap your legs around my head, squeezing my head slightly, your body bucks and bounces on the couch, and you pussy begins to pulsate around my tongue. You can't even scream, because it is such an intense orgasm, you just sit there with your mouth open as if you were screaming. While you cum, I slowly lick around your pussy, and suck on your clit. After several aftershocks from my busy tongue, your orgasm finally subsides, and you sort of slump down in the couch tired and panting from your massive orgasm. I stand I front of you, and pull your shirt over your head, and off your arms, which fall back down to your sides, then I proceed to remove my clothes and curl up next to you. We kiss, and I caress your wonderful and naked body. I caress your perfect ass, and your wonderful tits, which respond with quickly hardening nipples, which I also caress. I kiss your neck and your tits, and you slowly regain your energy. Finally you are ready to go, and you want to return my oral pleasures.

You disentangle yourself from me, and kneel on the floor in front of me as I did for you. My cock was not fully erect, but you solved that problem quickly, as you played with it in your hands and kissed the head. Very quickly, I was back at full erection, and you wasted no time, taking my whole cock into your mouth, and down your throat a little. Then, you started slowly sucking my cock, swirling your tongue around the shaft and head. It was magnificent, and it lasted a long time, with your slow and careful attention. Soon, though, I felt that feeling in my balls, and moaned, "I'm gonna cum baby." Upon hearing this, you speed up your sucking, and very soon, I moaned, "OH............BABY,..... IM.........CUMMING!" When you hear this, you stop sucking, and deep throat my cock, and then I shoot several wads of cum into your mouth, all of which you promptly swallow. After I finish cuming, you kiss my cock, which is beginning to get soft, and then you curl up on the couch with me. We kiss deeply, tasting our own cum on each other's lips. We hold and caress each other until we both doze off into a nap. I awake to sounds in the kitchen, and I get up to find out what's up. I walk to the kitchen and stand in the doorway. I watch as you, still naked, place some strawberries on a platter, and you place a small bowl in the middle, into which you spray some spray whipped cream. "Looks delicious," I say, startling you slightly. You smile at me and giggle, knowing I meant you and the strawberries. We sit at your kitchen table, and enjoy the strawberries. When we finish, you get up to clean up the counter and throw away the dishes.

I come up behind you, and hug you, kissing your neck, my hard cock rubbing between your legs. I pick you up and carry you to the kitchen table, where I set you down, and tell you to lie back and wait. I retrieve the spray whipped cream from the kitchen, and return to the table. I spray some whipped cream on each of your tits, covering the nipples, and I spray some onto your belly button. I then move down to your crotch, and spray whipped cream from the top of your trimmed bush, all the way to the bottom of your pussy. I set the can aside, and proceed to lick the cream off each of your nipples, deliberately being slow, and enjoying the feeling as your nipples harden in my mouth. I then kiss my way to your belly button, where I lick the cream out of it.

Then I move down to your crotch, where I lick from the top of your bush, slowly down the bottom of your pussy lips. Once I've removed as much whipped cream as I can, I grab your hips, and roll you over on the table, and pull you towards me until your feet meet the floor. I deeply insert one finger into your pussy to see if your wet and you are soaked from my tongue work. I position my hard cock at the opening to your pussy. I push quickly, shoving my entire cock into your pussy, and our hips meet. "FAST, HARD!!" you scream. I start to pump your pussy hard and fast, using your hips to hold you. Your ass starts slamming against my hip, and my balls are slapping your ass. I continue to slam your pussy for several minutes, you and me both are moaning and enjoying this so much. Soon, I hear you scream that you are about to cum, and I tell you that I'm close also. You scream, and tense up as your orgasm hits you, and your pussy starts to milk my cock, and it is pulsating all around me. I don't last much longer, and bury my cock deep into your pussy, and then I cum, my sperm splashing into your pussy. We both lean collapse forward onto the table, my cock still in your pussy, and we rest for a few moments.

When we catch our breath, you suggest we take a shower to clean ourselves off. You go to start the water, while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. You holler that the waters ready, and I join you in the shower. Using soap, I wash the rest of the whipped cream off your body. By now, some of my cum is leaking out of your pussy, so I lick your pussy clean, and suck out most of the cum, then we wash out the rest. Then you begin to wash me, taking your time while washing my cock and balls. When you are finished, you stand, look me in the eye, and ask, "Would you fuck me in the ass?" I agree, and ask if you'd like to do it here in the shower, to which you reply "Yes." I have you turn around, and bend over, supporting your weight on the wall.

I use some soap, and the shower water to help lubricate my cock and your ass. I slowly stick one finger into your ass, and when it loosens up a little, I stick another finger in, and twirl them a little. When I think you're loose enough, I place my head against your asshole and start to push. I tell you to tell me if it hurts to much, and I'll stop, to which you reply, "JUST FUCK ME!!" I slowly start to pump my cock in and out of your ass, and you start to move with me, and soon, we're coordinated, and we have a rhythm going. I reach around with one hand to play with your nipples, and with the other, I play with your clit.

Because of all the activities of the night, I last for a long time, even with the tightness of your ass. But my playing with your clit gives you two very good orgasms, and when you cum the third time, I also cum, spewing my load deep into your ass. After the shower, we dry each other off, and go into your bedroom. We look at the clock, its 4:00 A.M., and we are both tired, so we curl up in bed together, still naked, and in each others arms.

Well, now that you've read this, and hopefully thoroughly "enjoyed" it, I'd like to break the news that this was just a fantasy of mine, written for a friend. Hope you enjoyed!

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