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Now You're Daddy's Pt. I
by Lolita

It was late when Britney got home from the party. Her friend, Jane, had dropped her off. Britney was still in her cheer-leading uniform. She and some friends had a little drinking party after practice that night. Her head was swimming as she strolled up the steps to her house. It was dark inside the house, her daddy must not have been home. She grumbled a little as she searched for her keys in her book bag. Her cheer-leading uniform was the only thing she had on, and it was really cold outside. As she reached to unlock the door a cool breeze blew over her tight young body. She felt her nipples grow rock hard under her flimsy bra and the thin material of her uniform and her firm little C -cups seemed to harden all over as she stepped in the door to her house.

Britney dropped her bag onto the floor and stood in front of the mirror in the entrance hall. She stretched her arms above her head and silently mouthed the words to a cheer, going through the motions. Her long, golden blond hair that was pulled into a high pony flew as she continued to try and warm her self up. She stopped and leaned forward. Britney was pretty, very pretty. She had sharp green eyes and a tight little body. She could have had any guy in the school, but she had a secret. There was only one man she was interested in......and she knew better than to dare reach out for her fantasy.

She thought about her dirty little secret, smiled to herself and then kicked one leg up high again. This time the alcohol made her loose her balance and she started to fall backwards. Just before she felt ready to hit the ground, a pair of strong arms saved her. It was her daddy.

"Oh Daddy!," she exclaimed, "I didn't see you, I mean I didn't know you were home!"

"Yes, I have been watching you," her father said. He was a handsome man, with a sandy brown head of hair and the same sharp green eyes and Britney. He shook his head as he returned her to her standing position. "You have been drinking."

Britney's eyes flashed a little fear as she tried to make a good excuse, "Oh no Daddy, I am just tired, I mean I think I have been..."

"Young lady you won't lie to me in this house, do you understand me?" he asked as he slightly shook her by the shoulders.

"Yes Daddy..... I am sorry.....I just don't want to disappoint you," was her meek response, " I want so bad to please you."

Daddy heard Britney's tone take on a funny meaning when she said 'to please you'. His mind started racing with all sorts of thoughts. He looked down at his daughter and she gave him a wicked little smile. What was she thinking? He decided to take a little chance.

"You don't disappoint me baby, you make me very know why I worry don't you?" her daddy asked.

"No Daddy, why?" she questioned. Britney had always wanted to please him, not just in life but in bed, she had always wanted to make him very happy.......but would he ever know?

"Because of boys, my little angel. All those boys out there want to be inside you, they want to take your sweet innocence," he explained, watching his little girl shift at the uncomfortable subject matter.

"Oh Daddy you worry too much," Britney laughed a little, but hearing her daddy talk about sex made her all hot inside. She felt her cheer-leading bloomers starting to get wet from her nasty little thoughts.

"But do I? Are you a virgin Britney," he inquired. He wanted to know how far she had been, and it was making him hard seeing her a little uncomfortable in the line of fire.

"Daddy!," Britney almost moaned, "I'm a virgin! Don't you believe me?" Her heart was beating in her ches"t and she stared up at him with lust glazed eyes. He looked into her face and decided to take this game one step further. He tipped her sweet little face up to his eyes.

"Well Britney, I believe that boys can make girls say anything, I might have to check you...."he harshly commented, "I have to be sure your not lying to me."

With that he reached down and ran his hand over her bloomer claud pussy. Britney near screamed out of pure lust. Her secret, her dirty little secret was coming true. Did he want her? Her drunken mind swam as he touched her, she pushed her crotch down onto his hand. She then felt her panties start to come down, they were suddenly around her knees and she was desperatly trying not to moan. What if he really was checking her! Then she would be left all hot and bothered!

When his hands found that Britney had a nice smooth, bald pussy he restrained from licking his lips. His daughter shaved her pussy, just like her mother. Was she anything like the nasty woman her mother had been?

He slowly rubbed his hand up and down her shaven lips as he felt her sweet juice ooze out her cunt. He knew he was making her hot, he just didn't know how far she would let this go. His finger brushed her clit and she moaned out, "Oh Daddy, this is so wrong!

He knew then the gig was up, she was almost hunching herself on his hand by then. She gasped and leaned back against the wall in the hall as he let one finger slip inside her.

"Mmm yeah it is honey..." he said in a low gruff voice. His worked his finger up into her, finally touching her hymen, "mmmm always wanted to be your first..."

He continued to slowly work his finger around in the constricted area. As he began to finger fuck her she unzipped her cheer-leading uniform top and then shed it and her bra very quickly. Britney was nearly overcome with desire. She finally blurted out, "Oh daddy do you want to fuck me?"

He gave an evil laugh as he saw the cool air make her pert little nipples hard, " I want more than that... I want to make you a full woman." He dipped his head to tease and suck on a nipple. His sweet daughter's nipple. He groan as he nibbled on one of her nipples. Britney squealed in delight and pushed his face harder into her firm c cups. Between him probing her cunt for the first time and softly chewing on her nipples, she managed to say, "Oh daddy I have wanted you sooo bad too, for so long, I want to do everything Mommy ever did for you!"

He knew at that moment that she was ready for what she was meant for. He took her by her hand and lead her into the bed room. Only her little skirt remained and she was kicking it off as she came through the door. He stood there and took in her, all of her. Then he asked the question that held the last barrier. If she would answer this for him, she was his.

:"When was your period honey?"

"2 weeks ago Daddy," she answered as she laid back onto the bed. An evil grin spread across his face.

"Sooo... you're fertile," he rubbed her little tight belly.

Britney leaned up and rubbed his dick through his pant leg. "I am daddy, and so is this. Do you want it Daddy?"

"You know I have... and you want it too... just like I want to cum in your unprotected cunt. Deep in it."

He then spread her legs apart, looking directly at the bare young pussy in front. He thought aloud, " mmm I can't believe I get to fuck my own daughter. I'm going to help you take Mommy's place... in every way... you will be the only pregnant cheer-leader." At that point he started to remove his pants and his shirt as quickly as he could. Britney laid out, spread in front of him. He then grinned as I lower his lips to lap at her soaked cunt.

"Oh Daddy, you make me feel so dirty, please don't tease me, lick me please!" she begged.

"Who are you going to say got you knocked up?" he quizzed as he shoved his tongue deep into her hot honey pot and fluttering it around inside.

She withered on the bed, gripping a nearby pillow as he lapped at her bare pussy, "anyone you say Daddy, tell me who you want me to say! Just please don't stop."

He began to thrust his tongue in and out of her. Acting as a paint brush, up and down, " You tell them I did it. And you love me for it," he commanded. "I'm going to make you my little personal whore and fuck slut," he grinned as he took her clit into his mouth and began sucking on it. Then he pushed 3 fingers into her cunt. Britney almost immediately expolded into a fit of orgasm. She lay there panting on the bed with her legs wide open, like a virgin whore before her first lay.

He then crawled between her legs and placed his cock at her entrance, "tell me what you want and what you are."

"I'm yours daddy," Britney moaned in anticipation, "please." He then began to slide his dick up and down her moist slit, teasing her.

"And what do you want?"

" I want you to fuck and shoot your big cock up my cunt, take my cherry Daddy. Make me a women!"

"As you wish honey,"he groaned as he could feel her tight cunt drawing his cock in. The head stretching into her already. Britney could feel him stretching out her virgin cunt I tossed her head from side to side. Taking him slowly into her.

"How is it you stayed a virgin so long?" he asked as he pushed in farther and reaching her hymen.

"I wanted you Daddy! for so long I only wanted you, you make me so hot," she bite her bottom lip. quivering, waiting for him to take her last bit of childness with one thrust.

"And will you always want only me?" he demanded to know as he pushes past her hymen, almost bottoming out in her. Britney wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to draw her in more, suddenly she felt him push past another point, all the way into her womb. She shivered with delight.

"You've got such a tight cunt baby," he informed her as he pulled out almost all the way, then slamming back in. He did this about 10 times, slowly so to stretch her out more, bouncing her ass off the bed. He was ready for something more intense now as he threw her legs on his shoulders. He began fucking into her cunt with long hard strokes, into the depths of her womb, " I'm going to ruin you for other men."

She could feel him nearly tearing her apart, and she is loving it. Thrashing around on the bed she screams, "Daddy, my tight little cunt is only for you!"

"I'm close honey," her father groaned as he picked up speed, nearly ripping her in two with his wild thrusts.

"Oh daddy yes, fuck me, fuck me, fill my cunt with your hot cum, fuck me," she yelped out as she hunched herself at his thrust. He thrusts harder as his cock swells and he shoves his cock into her womb. His load goes off deep in her fertile zone.

"Daddy! Oh god, Daddy, yes!" she screamed as her whole body trembled and crashed into another orgasm. This was all too much for her.

He groaned again, not believing his luck, the leaned down face to face with her, her legs pinned up as he flooded her cunt so bad that mixed juices flowed out with each thrust. He got within inches of her mouth and said, "My daughter, mmm my only girl." Then he fell forward onto her, his softening dick in her freshly ripped pussy. His own daughter's pussy. He smiled down at her, then pulled out and placed a pillow under her ass. She was his now, and he had no intentions of anyone else touching his prize.....

To be continued...

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