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Now You're Daddy's Pt. IV
by Lolita

It was a quiet night in the house and Britney was lonely. It had been a month since she and her Daddy had began their "special" relationship with each other and not a day went by that he did not fill her sweet, unprotected cunt with his cum. They had been trying to get Britney pregnant but so far they had had no luck. She sure enjoyed trying though, Daddy had taught her all sorts of me things that she never knew existed. He kept their relationship interesting with tasty oils and toys.

But tonight she was all alone. Daddy was out of town, he had been gone for only a day but she still missed her daddy's cock. It was late and she was tired of reading so she decided to take a shower and go to bed. She shed all of her clothes but her tiny yellow g-string panties and put on her soft, terry cloth robe. Britney slowly walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As the water began to heat she dropped her robe to the floor and looked into the floor length mirror in the bathroom. She rubbed her C cups softly, watching the nipples harden and then slipped her hand into her panties to rub her bare cunt. She moaned softly.

What Britney didn't know was that someone was watching her, right behind her, peeking through the bathroom door. He watched her rubbing all over her tight, young body. He saw her slip her hand in her panties and he took his own cock out and began to work it in his hands, watching this teen temptress pleasure herself.

Britney suddenly seemed to snap out of a trance and realized that the shower was running. She opened the glass door and stepped in, unaware that someone was watching her every move. She continued her play in the shower, rubbing her slit and her tiny clit. She placed a hand on the shower wall as her climax built. Moaning she felt it rising inside her.

The intruder had entered the room now and shed all of his clothes. He watched Britney as she moaned and whimpered, her back to him. As she began to cum in rivers over her fingers he flung the door open and threw her face first against the shower wall, so she could not see him. Britney was panic-stricken. She couldn't move or scream. The powerful man held her against the wall and she felt his cock brush into the crack of her ass.

"Please, don't hurt me, I don't have any money, there is a diamond ring in the master bedroom in a box, take it please and I won't call the police," she managed to choke out.

"I don't want to hurt you, I just want to shoot in your sweet little womb and make our baby," a familiar voice whispered in her ear. The grip of the intruder loosened and she spun around and almost slapped her Daddy right in the face.

"I can't believe that you did that!" she yelped, face to face with him. He pressed his naked body against hers and cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly. He could feel her heart beating wildly in her chest.

"Do you know what tonight is my darling?" he quizzed her. She shook her head. "it's our one month anniversary and tonight you are very fertile, my angel. Tonight we will make our child and you and I will be one."

Britney could feel her Daddy's cock, hard and angry pressed against her tummy. Her little hand reached down and she began to pump him slowly. He moaned and began to fondle her firm breasts. He then began sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples as she cooed softly. He lifted her up by her ass and she positioned him at her tight, wet hole. She wrapped her legs around him and he quickly impaled her onto his long cock.

"Mmmm, baby, my sweet girl," he moaned as he pinned her up against the wall, fucking his daughter in long, incestuous strokes, "your pussy is what Daddy needs baby, he needs to be inside you, to cum in you. To feel your womb take my seed. Do you feel it baby? Can you feel my cock pushing way up inside you?"

Britney could definitely feel him. She felt his meat all the way up in her womb. They were suddenly entangled in a long, passionate kiss and her tongue searched for his. Her sweet pussy began to contract again as her daddy fucked her up against the shower wall.

"Oh Daddy, I want it, I need it, please Daddy, I'm cumming, fill me Daddy, please, OOOHH," she wailed as she came and came.

Feeling his daughter's sweet cunt muscles contract around his cock and hearing her lust filled words made him grind her hard up to the wall and he began bathing her womb in his cum, spilling his impregnating seed deep in her, watching her come down from her orgasmic high as he finished his.

He slowly slumped to the floor of the shower, she was still impaled on his cock. They sat there, the water washing over the two of them, both thinking that they were the only ones in the whole world that knew how wonderful making love could be.

To Be Continued...maybe


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