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New Year's Resolutions
by Arial566

Every New Year's, I'm always making resolutions, but never seem to actually go through with them. Well this year would be different. I would be attending this huge party New Year's eve at a friend's house. I have all these thoughts running through my head for New Year's, resolutions and such, but I still couldn't figure out which to choose. I knew something really unusual was going to happen, I could feel it. I figured why not make a resolution out of sharing my stories with people at the party and see what they think, since I had never let them see them before.

Christmas went by fast and soon it was New Year's eve and I was deciding on what to wear, I looked through all of my clothes and decided on a black, short skirt with a sparkle design, and a tight fitting blouse which went perfect. I gathered my stories together, Summer Fun series, Fun with Cousin Beth series, and the Sibling Love series and headed for the story.

I entered Heather's place, her house was packed! I soon heard someone yell, "Hey Arial, come over here"! So I ran over to whoever was calling me. It turned out to be a group of my friends, Jessica, Josh, Heather, and Alisha. They all began asking what I had in my hand, so I gave them the stories. They all skimmed through them in awe. Josh said, "These are great, and you write them yourself"? I grabbed a drink and mingled with everyone at the party, this was going to be a great night, I just knew it!

It got closer and closer to midnight, and soon everyone was counting down the last 5 minutes of the year. I was sitting on the couch reading through my stories, when something unusual started to happen. I became dizzy and everything started getting blurry. I could here people yelling happy new year! And then I saw a flash of light which blinded me.

I awoke confused, I wasn't at the party, but somewhere totally different. My eyes adjusted I was lying on my back, and someone was between my legs eating my pussy! I looked down to see a gorgeous blond between my legs! And who do I see beside me but a cute guy rubbing his cock. I asked who he was, and he replied, "You had too much to drink little lady, I'm Will, you remember me don't you Suzy", and then he began laughing. Suzy? Where was I, I asked him who the girl was, and he said she was Jen, my best friend! Oh no, I had realized what happened! I was in one of my stories as one of my characters!

I was completely shocked, something must have happened at midnight and I was sucked into the story! Luckily my stories were still next to me. I could still feel Jenny between my legs, kissing and tonguing my pussy gently, she was amazing at eating pussy! Will moved his cock over my mouth, which I quickly accepted. I sucked it hungrily as Jenny ate my pussy. Then Will said to me, "You do remember it's New Year's right"? I looked at the clock and realized it was 10 minutes to 12:00, maybe I could get home then. Jenny was drving me wild with her tongue, and I could feel myself begining to come. Soon I was orgasming by the hands of a unrealistic character I created!

The bell on the clock struck 12:00, and I saw the light I felt myself being sucked back to the party. When I opened my eyes I was in a bedroom, with two guys fucking me. Not again! I must be in Summer Fun with Mark and Chris, and I'm Vanessa! I could feel Mark in my ass, and Chris in my pussy, now I knew how Vanessa felt. It was like heaven getting screwed by two cocks. They pounded in and out of me. I was getting the hang of this New Year's thing after all! There the clock was again, 10 minutes to 12:00. Right on time.

Mark and Will continued fucking my butt and pussy, which was driving me insane. I could feel Mark blowing his cock in me, and he pulled out of my ass. Chris continued banging my pussy, and soon I could feel myself getting closer and closer the orgasm. Soon at the stroke up 12:00 my pussy erupted and I was sucked back into another story, Fun with Cousin Beth.

I looked up and noticed two girls perched over me, and I realized that I had a cock! I was my character's older brother! This was so unusual, but so arousing at the same time. The girls were having a hell of a good time sucking and licking my cock and balls, and the feeling was amazing! 10 to 12:00 as always, just enough time to blow my load. they continued sucking my cock, Beth moved behind my sister and started licking her ass. This was a wonderful sight to me and I started shooting my load. Beth slammed her pussy hard down onto my cock, and I saw that flash of light again and pleasure tore through me.

My eyes opened and people were still yelling happy New Year. I hadn't missed a second here! Time must have stopped while I was getting off with all of my story characters! I picked them up and looked through them, stopping at a page I hadn't seen before. I read through it and realized that it was my story! It must have written itself! As I read through it, I realized it had no ending. I can't wait until next year's New Year's resolutions!

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