The Best Erotic Stories.

by Nise

She could hear the ocean waves as they pounded against the rocks she was sitting on. Coming closer ebbing and flowing like the waves of thoughts that were going through her mind. Her eyes shut and she remembered the softness of his skin, the light scent of his body and the sound of his voice in her ear. Low, sexy, urgent helping her say what she never could.

She stood up and started walking home along the cold beach trying to shake the thoughts that she knew would follow her throughout the day. She opened the door and headed for the shower hoping that would help wash away his memory. The warm water cascaded down her body and soothed the aching parts. Standing against the wall of the shower she could feel the cold tile against her body and turned into the memories once more. As the soap and her hands glided over her soft skin she could feel his mouth on her nipples and his hands roaming her body. Her breasts were aching and her touch brought relief pulling and pinching her nipples she bent over and let the warm water flow to those places that were starting to pulsate.

Her fingers were more insistent and she let her hands move along her body towards her soft, tender mound. The water easing the tension from her shoulders felt like drops of fire on the rest of her body. Her fingers touched the soft puffy lips that were still aching for more. She could feel his lips and tongue teasing and she slipped her fingers inside her, slowly exploring the soft folds of her warm cunt.

Feeling a fire that was already set she started to move her fingers in and out hoping to find some release. Low moans escaped from her lips and she had to sit down She spread her legs and put her feet on the walls of the shower hoping the water would help her towards her goal. The small hard drops of water stung her cunt and made her want to scream in pain. Her fingers left her breasts and both hands worked to bring her to an orgasm. She slid a small finger up her ass and the combination of pain, longing and her own touch brought her to an intense orgasm. Soft low moans turned into screams of pain and ecstasy as her tender cunt gave up it's contents once again.

She slumped to the shower floor and let the water hit her back--the memories were there to stay and the thought of the nasty secret brought a smile to her lips.


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