The Best Erotic Stories.

by Dinghy(Jo)

I love being seduced online.

To surf the net, and find a chat room, make a few off color remarks, and have some guy instant message me and tell me what he would like to do really turns me on. Did you know that every guy online has at least a 9 in. dick?

They are all young, blond, and blue eyed, with an outstanding physique.

Everyone of them is an expert at eating pussy.

I can sit in front of the computer for hours fingering myself, while some guy dreams that it is his cock or tongue in my pussy and tells me about it. My chair is stained with the cum from many of these encounters. I always like to tell him what it's like to be with another woman and a man at the same time. What the two of us could do to him, or how he could fuck one of us while eating the other. I get him to fantasize about me sitting on his face so he can eat my pussy while I lean forward and suck his cock. I tell him how good he tastes and what it would feel like to have his cock all the way in my silken mouth. I get him to think about me lowering my wet pussy onto his erect prick and sliding up and down on it. I tell him about my hand stroking his penis or my warm soft mouth swallowing him while my pussy is being licked by another woman.

I fantasize about being tied spread-eagle and helpless on the bed while he licks my pussy or fucks me. It really turns me on to know that he is playing with himself and will cum just from the power of my words. Usually you can tell when they are ready to climax when they either quit typing altogether or at least stop using capitals because they are typing with only one hand. I always tell him how wet I am and how close I get just fingering myself. By this time I am typing with one hand too.

Many of them get nervous and edgy when I tell them how good it is to be whipped just before being fucked. A few of them leave when I talk about sticking a dildo up their ass. Those that stay to the end are treated to one of the most erotic experiences of their life. I can usually make them cum at about the same time I do.

I'm wet just talking about it, I better go and take care of myself. Thanks for listening.

Love, Jo

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