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Once Upon A Dream
by Taylor Brown

When I dream of you, I relive our last encounter when you appeared suddenly, behind me, waiting for me to realize you were there. I turned to see the broad expanse of your chest and gasped, surprised by your closeness. I looked up at your face and with a squeal of delight, threw my arms around you.

The world melts away and all that exists is the peace and safety of being in your arms and the steady beating of your heart. For several minutes I am content to just revel in the feeling of being with you. But your beautiful contours are too tempting and I have to explore them. I unbutton your shirt and slide it off your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I run my fingers and my mouth across your chest and your hair tickles my lips. Your cologne engulfs me, inflames me. You sense a change in my intent and hold your breath knowing where my interests lie. I reach a nipple and tease it with the tip of my tongue. Once it is wet, I blow on it and the sudden cold makes you cringe. You laugh, knowing that I'll continue the torture if you don't divert me, so you grab my butt and pull me tightly against you. My eyes fly to yours - mine filled with surprise at the hardness of your cock and yours filled with the laughter and longing I've evoked. I feel like I'm drowning in a pool of warm water.

You lean down to kiss me and I throw my arms around your neck as our lips meet. You lift me and I put my legs around your hips. You carry me to a couch and with our lips still together, you sit. I love kissing you. I love the way you hold me, gently but firmly against you. I love the way your tongue feels against mine.

You lean back against the cushions as I pull my shirt over head and throw it onto the floor. I smile and watch your face as your finger tips trace the lacy pattern of my bra. My nipples harden in response to your gentle touch. You have beautiful hands! I take a deep breath and rock my hips, pressing my clit on the hard shaft of your cock. Your hands move to my hips and you pull me even tighter against you. Oh how I want you!

I stand up to take off my pants and then unzip yours. I kneel between your legs and as I tug on the waistband you lift up so I can pull off your pants. You laugh as I try to reach your cock with my mouth and get your pants off your feet at the same time. Once I've gotten rid of your pants, I lean forward and cup your balls in my hands. I glance up at you and smile at you look of anticipation. I lick your cock from bottom to top. You gasp at the wet heat from my tongue. I continue to lick and tease the velvet skin of your shaft knowing you want to be in my mouth but not giving in to you yet. With a groan of impatience you grab my head and pull me down onto you, driving yourself to the back of my throat. With a sigh of satisfaction you relax and enjoy the feelings created by my mouth, lips and tongue on your cock. You undo my braid and bring the I look up at you, my face framed by my hair, the head of your cock still in my mouth. You pull me up so you can kiss me. As your tongue plunges deep into my mouth, I move to straddle you. You can feel the heat and wetness of my cunt on your cock. I lift up slightly and with a gentle push I lift the tip of your cock to the opening of my cunt. You hold your breath as I slowly lower myself onto you, surrounding you with a tight grip of slick heat. I throw my head back groaning with the delicious sensations of having you buried so deeply inside me. Oh how I need you, crave the pleasure that fucking you brings me!

I can't wait! It's been too long. I've needed this so much! I drive myself against you. You grab my hips and pull, pushing even deeper into me. I lean forward putting my hands on your shoulders for support. My hair falls across your chest, surrounding you and hiding my face for a moment until I arch back again. I rock my hips back and forth, keeping you deep within me. You watch my face as I start to make little moans and then take short little gasping breaths. You feel the first pulsing contractions of my climax and you fight the building pressure of your own. As the grip of my muscles gets stronger and tighter you feel the extra gush of wetness as my cum surrounds you. You hold your breath and my hips to keep me from moving. You don't want to cum yet!

I relax against you, resting my head on your shoulder and waiting for my breathing to slow. You massage my back and shoulders and then run your fingers through my hair. I lift my head and smile at you. Oh God, how I love your eyes! I sigh contentedly and kiss you. I tease your lips with my tongue and you try to capture it with your teeth. You grab my head and pull my mouth tightly against yours, driving your tongue as far as it will reach. I suck on it, trying to pull you deeper. I pull back, my lips sliding to the tip of your tongue and then I suck it back into my mouth. You moan and your cock twitches inside me, demanding attention. I squeeze my muscles in long slow contractions around you. You move your hands to my ass and pull me hard against you, grinding into my cunt. I release your mouth and watch the intensity of your pleasure reflected in your face. You realize I'm watching you and you give me a wicked grin. I wonder what's going through your mind. You indicate with pressure from your hands that you want me to get up. "What?"

"Turn around."

"Oh, okay." I get up, turn around and re-straddle your hips. My hair covers your chest and face and you enjoy the softness and fragrance of it. I think, "Hey, this is cool." I run my finger around the tip of you cock and then run my hand down the shaft to your balls. When I start tickling your inner thighs, you pull me back so that I'll stop tormenting you. You lift my butt and as I lower myself your cock slides into me. I squeeze and you gasp. I rock back and forth against you and the different sensations created by this position send waves of pleasure through you. I look over my shoulder and smile at you. You smile impishly. I lean forward and put my hands on the floor giving you a full view of your cock half buried in my cunt. I adjust my legs and then start raising and lowering myself, on and half off your shaft. For you to see and feel each stroke makes it so intense! You grab my hips, wanting to savor the sensations but I want your cum! I move faster, on and off of you. The heavy grip of the pressure is building and you know nothing can stop it this time. You keep watching your cock disappear and reappear, in and out of me, hot and tight then, for an instant, cool. Your breathing quickens, your heart is pounding in rhythm with my hips. You close your eyes, lost in the sensations. As I keep riding you, harder and faster, the pulses start. You grab my hips pulling me tight against you as you pour your cum into me. Hot white bursts squirting pleasure deep inside me. Filling me with your heat, drenching me with your cum. You sigh and relax. I sit up, you cock still inside me and some of your cum seeps down onto your balls. I reach down and put my finger tips in it and turn to look at you as I put my fingers into my mouth, savoring the sweet saltiness of you. You taste so good!

I wake up, drenched in sweat, alone. My vaginal muscles still pulsing in response to the intensity of your orgasm. I move my hands to my crotch, feeling the hot wetness there, knowing that it's only mine, but wishing, hoping, dreaming of the day that it will be yours.


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