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On A Hillside
by Ronny

Linda and I hadn't seen each other much since she left for college three years ago. Linda had come home from time to time, but most of the time we'd miss each other. We graduated high school together; I went to work full-time at a daycare, and she went off to study acting.

We had only planned to walk to the store, but ended up near the field we spent a lot of time in as girls. I spotted the hillside we used to play on, Linda spotted the rain clouds overhead. I persuaded her to ignore them and race me to the tree on top of the hill. She used to always win, so I snatched off my sandals and took off running before she really agreed. It was about 300 yards from the road to the tree. Linda caught up and passed me just as we reached the foot of the hill. At the top she proclaimed her dominance over me, I was too exhausted to argue. I laid back to catch my breath, as Linda talked about how much she misses this place sometimes. I said I never thought I'd hear her say she missed the country the way she dreamed about getting out of here.

I sat up and started waving the bottom of my short sun dress up and down to cool myself off. Linda looked over and a strange expression came across her face. She kinda stared for a moment, then went down to play in the raindrops that started falling. I wondered what that strange look was about. It was like her eyes locked on me, like she was shocked that I wasn't wearing panties. She and I had discovered the freedom of going without them our sophomore year in high school. Plus, we had seen each other's naked body plenty of times - in the locker room after gym class, getting ready to go out on dates. We had even gone skinny dipping at the pond together with the Foster twins one time (that was the night we both lost our virginity). Maybe she thought I had stopped not wearing panties, which I will never do.

Linda came back up and pulled me into the rain with her. We chased each other, and laughed about all the games we used to play. I watched her run and turn cartwheels, then I ran and turned a couple of cartwheels and flips - Linda stopped playing. She kind of walked solemnly back up the hill. I stood there confused for a moment, then went up after her. I asked her if everything was all right. She nodded her head and said she was just tripping on how much some things have changed. She had on a white t-shirt, which was clinging to her from the rain. I noticed and asked about the tattoo just above the cup of her bra. She told me what it was, and I said I couldn't see it that clearly. She looked at me, then took her left arm out of the sleeve and lifted the shirt over her head. I leaned closer to look at the detail and asked her if it hurt.

Linda didn't say anything, but her hand started sliding up my arm. I got a weird feeling, and just froze right there. Her hand slid over my shoulder across my neck to my chin. She lifted my head and started gently kissing my face. Maybe it was all the different scents floating around us - her wet body, the sweet rain dripping on us through the leaves, the country field - or maybe it was the double taboo of this being a girl and a long-time friend, but that weird feeling was getting stronger. I shifted my head so that our lips touched. After a few soft pecks our tongues met, tentatively then passionately. I was able to define that weird feeling - I was turned on.

Her mouth was warm and moist like any man's I had kissed, but there was something delicious to me about her tongue. Part of me wanted to end this and forget it happened, and part of me wanted much more. My boyfriend said he liked the adventurous side of me. I liked using different toys, oils and jellies. I had seen lesbian sex scenes in videos, but actually being with another woman was something I never really thought about doing. Regardless of all that, Linda had me so hot I didn't want to think about anything else.

Linda broke the kiss and looked at me; first my face, then my whole body. I asked her if anything was wrong. She asked if I knew what I was doing. I said no, and put my hand on her breast. I had never held or touched anybody's breast but my own; Linda's were two cup sizes bigger. She took her t-shirt the rest of the way off, showing off her athletic shoulders. I could really only feel the satin of her bra, so I opened the front clasp and pushed it off her shoulders. I cupped her left breast in my left hand, it was warm and full. Her nipple was getting hard, so I leaned down and kissed it. She let out some soft oohs, and ran her hand over my leg. I love it when my nipples are sucked, so I sucked hers. Linda started clutching my leg. The harder I sucked the harder she clutched. Then she let go and took my dress straps off of my shoulders. I sat up and helped her take my dress completely off, exposing my slender body to her in an open field with rain falling around and on us.

She leaned over and licked my small breasts, eventually taking one then the other completely into her mouth. The feeling that washed over me from the way her tongue slid over them while they were in there was incredible. She sat up and we started kissing again. Linda held me close to her, pressing our breasts together. I tightened my arms around her, and she started kissing my neck and chest. Her hand slid down my back, found my leg and made its way up my thigh. I turned my body, and opened my legs to give her access to my wet pussy. Her fingers played around the lips for awhile, then went up to my clit. I was glad her mouth was over mine, because the squeal I let out would have surely been able to be heard back in town. She pulled her lips away to watch my reaction to the light circles her fingertips were making around my protruding clit. She kept making them faster and faster until my body trembled from an orgasm.

Linda smiled and laid me back so she could straddle me. She put her tongue in my mouth and started kissing her way down. I could feel her hard nipples dragging along my body along the way, which tickled me. She finally reached my clit, and I was on my way again. Her tongue explored inside me, then she sucked my clit and let a finger find its way into my pussy. She slid another finger in and let them play around. The thrusts of her fingers and the pressure of her mouth sent another strong orgasm through me.

She sat up, smiling again, and asked if I was okay. I nodded yes. When I caught my breath I asked if she wanted me to go down on her. She said not yet, and went to the bottom of the hill to stand in the rain - still topless. I walked up behind her and pressed my naked body into her back. The cool rain and her warm flesh felt good to me. I rested my chin on her shoulder and rubbed my hands over her. I walked around to face her so that our breasts touched again. We started kissing, and I started unfastening her jean shorts. I unzipped them and slid my hand inside - it was strange not feeling a dick. She pulled my hand out and broke the kiss. I told her I wanted to, which I did. She said not yet again, then dug her own hand inside her shorts. She brought her hand out and put two wet fingers in front of my mouth. I sucked on them, until she slid them out and said we had all summer.

We went back up the hill and sat in each others arms, talking and caressing. She described her first sexual experience with a girl at college and said she was bisexual. When the rain stopped we got dressed and walked back to town, with me hoping this would be one of those long, hot summers.


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