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Outdoor Adventure Pt. I
by Kip Carson

Jeanna and Amber were best friends. They decided to pack up their things and go camping for the weekend. They arrived at the secluded spot they had chosen, and pitched their tent. After setting up camp, they decided to go for a swim in the stream beside their campsite.

Amber watched as Jeanna began to remove her clothing. Her breasts were 36D and very firm. They stood proudly as she removed her bra. Her nipples were very large, and erect. They were the prettiest shade of pink that Amber had ever seen. As Jeanna peeled her panties off, her golden bush was now fully exposed.

Amber felt herself get wet as she stared at her friend's golden pussy hair. It was very pretty. Amber followed Jeanna's lead, and began stripping her clothing off. Jeanna looked at Amber's 32A's as her bra fell to the ground. Amber's breasts were small but beautiful. Her nipples were tiny, and fully erect. They were a dark pink color.

Her pussy hair was almost black, and neatly trimmed. Jeanna could see Amber's pink cunt as it glistened.

The 2 jumped in the water and began frolicking and splashing loudly. As they played they felt like kids again. Suddenly there was a noise coming from the brush behind them. "Shh, listen" Jeanna said.

"What is it?" Amber asked.

"I don't know, wait here" Jeanna replied. Jeanna bravely climbed from the water. She ran to the tent and pulled her shotgun from inside the flap. "Who's there?" she asked. The rustling noise stopped, Jeanna peeked through the brush and couldn't see anything. "Probably just a wild animal" she assured her frightened friend.

"I'm scared" Amber said, running from the water into her best friend's arms.

"Hold me" Amber pleaded. Jeanna pulled Amber into her arms, and held her tightly.

As the 2 girls held each other, their breasts rubbed each other, nipple to nipple. Both girls became very aroused from this. As their nipples hardened against the other, they kissed for the first time. Jeanna's tongue slithered into Amber's wet mouth. They passionately kissed, probing each other's mouths with their hot tongues. Jeanna's hand slid between Amber's legs, and found her swollen clit. She gently rubbed it, making her friend moan. Amber slid her hand between Jeanna's legs, and both girls rubbed each other's clits as they kissed. Jeanna brought her finger to her mouth, and tasted her friend's hot pussy. "God you taste good" Jeanna whispered.

Amber slid her own wet finger between her lips and licked Jeanna's hot pussy juices. "And so do you" she said. Jeanna wasted no time, and slid down between her friend's legs. Her tongue darted inside of Amber's wet pussy. It felt so wet and smooth. The taste was wonderful. Amber grunted as Jeanna began to lick up and down her pulsating pussy lips. Jeanna began to stroke Amber's clit with her finger, as her tongue probed the moist pussy hole. "God, yes, I'm gonna cum" Amber yelled. Amber's juices gushed from her hot pussy, and they quickly filled Jeanna's mouth. Jeanna hungrily swallowed all of the precious fluid.

Amber's body quivered and shook as she climaxed. She held Jeanna by her beautiful blonde hair as her pussy spasmed, gushing with her pussy cum. Amber rubbed her pussy into Jeanna's face as her climax began to subside. As soon as she was able, Amber slid between Jeanna's legs and pressed her face against the pretty blonde bush.

She inhaled the wonderful fragrance of her best friends sweet pussy. Her tongue eagerly licked at the wet swollen clit. Jeanna grunted as Amber expertly sucked her aching clit. "Oh My God" Jeanna moaned.

Jeanna had never had anyone eat her pussy so wonderfully before. Her climax came fast and furious. Her body quivered violently as her pussy exploded against Amber's probing tongue. "Yes, suck my clit, eat my hot pussy" Jeanna groaned. Amber continued to lick up and down the wet pink pussy slit. She loved the way Jeanna tasted. Jeanna came again. Her pussy lips opened and closed as Amber's tongue slithered inside of her. "Yes baby, ooh yes" Jeanna moaned. As Amber continued to eat her friend, they heard the noises in the brush again.

Amber immediately stopped eating Jeanna, and jumped up. "What was that?" she asked. "I'm not sure" Jeanna said. As she started to get up to investigate, suddenly they were face to face with a huge hairy creature. "What the fuck?" Jeanna asked as she looked at the beast.

"What is it?" Amber asked in a frightened voice. As Jeanna looked up and down the large beast, probably 7 ft tall, she guessed, "I think it's a Bigfoot". The beast posed no threat to the 2 girls, it just slowly walked closer to them. It's face was almost man like, but covered with a lot of hair. It's noise wrinkled as it sniffed the air.

It continued sniffing, and inched it's way towards the girls. The beast made some soft strange sounds. The 2 girls were quite scared, but afraid to make any sudden moves. The beast stood directly next to them. It looked down at the 2 naked women.

To Be Continued...

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