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Outdoor Adventure Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Jeanna and Amber watched as the massive creature moved towards them. "What is it?" Amber asked with fear. "I think it's a bigfoot" Jeanna replied. The creature picked up Jeanna's panties from the ground and began to sniff them. The creature made loud sniffing noises as he held the silky panties beneath his large nose. Jeanna watched as his cock began to slide from a sheath between his legs. It looked very much like a dog's cock, but was as large as a horses. The cock kept growing as the creature inhaled Jeanna's pussy scent from her panties.

Jeanna bravely reached over and stroked the large hairy leg of the creature. He made no movement. Her hand slid up his long hairy leg, and rested next to the 12 inch red cock. As noted before, it looked quite a bit like a dog cock, but had a head on it like a human cock. Her hand touched the red throbbing organ. The creature made a low gurgling sound as she gently took the cock into her soft fist. Jeanna began to slide her hand up and down the creatures large cock. The creature thrust gently against her hand.

She gripped the large head, and felt the massive amount of pre cum that oozed from the tip. It felt warm and slick. She brought her hand to her mouth and tasted. "Mmm, not bad" Jeanna moaned. She rose to her knees, and stared directly at the bigfoot's large cock. It was only inches from her face. She leaned her head forward and lightly licked the massive red head with her wet tongue. The creature continued sniffing her panties, and lightly moaned as Jeanna slid the head of his large cock into her mouth.

Amber watched as her friend began to take more of the bigfoot's large cock into her mouth. It was turning Amber on intensely. She spread her legs widely, and began to slide her finger up and down her wet pussy slit. "Mmmm, yes" Amber moaned as she furiously rubbed her swollen clit. Jeanna now had a mouthful of the creature's large pulsating cock. The creature gently thrust against her, pushing more of his long thick cock into her mouth. Jeanna almost gagged as the large head hit the back of her throat. She relaxed and was taking about 9 or 10 inches into her mouth now.

The precum oozed in great quantity as she moved her mouth up and down the thick swollen shaft. She licked the massive cock head with her tongue, swirling it in circular motions across the piss slit. She could feel the precum as it seeped into her mouth. Amber was finger fucking herself wildly. She had 3 fingers buried deep inside her pussy, and her other hand was rubbing her hot clit. Amber groaned loudly, as her orgasm hit her. Jeanna could see her friend as she tossed her head back, and her body quivered frantically.

Jeanna felt the creature's huge cock begin to pulsate and throb wildly, and suddenly as the creature twitched, she felt his hot cum erupt into her mouth. It tasted similar to a man's she thought, but maybe a little saltier. The creature shot a large amount of cum in the first blast, and much more cum erupted from the monstrous head. Jeanna couldn't swallow it all. Large globs of the bigfoot cum dripped from the corners of her mouth. Some of it landed on her big, firm breasts. She rapidly rubbed the hot sticky cum across her swollen nipples.

The creature continued to shoot his jism against the back of her throat. Jeanna hungrily tried to swallow it all. Amber crawled over towards Jeanna and the bigfoot. She began to lick some of the hot cum from her friend's large breasts. Jeanna withdrew the large cock from her mouth, and pushed Amber towards it. Amber shyly took the large still erect cock between her soft lips. The creature made a low moaning sound as Amber gently nibbled on the large head. "I wonder if we could make him fuck us!" Jeanna said. Amber held the large shaft in her small hand, and continued licking and nibbling on the large cock head.

The cock remained as hard as ever. Amber hungrily moved her mouth up and down the creature's large cock. The creature thrust against her mouth. It definitely was enjoying this, no doubt about it. Jeanna was trying to figure out the easiest way to fuck the creature. Amber furiously moved her small hand up and down the creature's large throbbing shaft. She jerked him rapidly with her hand, and could feel the creature's cock pulsate and twitch. She felt the first hot load of cum splash against her cheek. Amber continued to masturbate the creature's large cock, while watching the cum squirt wildly from the huge tip. She jerked him until all of his white cum had erupted. The creature began to lower himself to the ground ,and sat beside the 2 girls.

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