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Outdoor Adventure Pt. III
by Kip Carson

Jeanna and Amber watched with glee as the large bigfoot lay on his back, his large 12 inch dog-like penis still very hard. Jeanna climbed on top of the creature, and began to rub her wet pussy against his red cock. She softly moaned as the monstrous head slid into her pussy. "Oh God," she moaned. She thrust downward, and the bigfoot's large cock slid deeply inside of her. She grunted as all 12 inches disappeared between the folds of her pretty pink pussy. Amber watched and furiously masturbated herself as her friend rode the monster's cock like a rodeo rider. Jeanna moaned loudly, and she could feel the massive precum oozing into her hot pussy. Amber pressed her mouth over Jeanna's and their tongues passionately met. The 2 girls hungrily kissed, as Jeanna's young cunt was being widely stretched by the huge cock.

"Oh fuck, yes, I'm commming!!!" Jeanna yelled loudly. Her tight pussy clamped around the Sasquatch's large cock as she climaxed. She gripped Amber tightly, thrusting her tongue deeply into her mouth. Jeanna's entire body shook wildly as she came. Her juices poured from her spasming pussy. "Mmmm dear God!" she yelled.

She bucked her hips frantically, as she came again. The bigfoot's cock felt so hot inside of her. "Damn, you gotta fuck him," Jeanna moaned to Amber. Jeanna quickly climbed off the creature, his large erect red cock throbbing wildly as it slipped from her pussy. Amber quickly straddled the large creature, and Jeanna held his large doglike penis in her hand. She rubbed the massive head against Amber's tiny pussy, and slowly worked it inside of her.

Amber grunted loudly, as the creature's cock slowly slid inside of her. "Oh God, it's so big," Amber yelled.

"Mmmm, doesn't it feel wonderful?" Jeanna softly purred.

"OH yes!!!" Amber moaned. Amber began to work her hips, moving her luscious pink pussy up and down the bigfoot's long thick cock.

The creature made a soft moaning noise, and thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock all the way into Amber. Amber yelled, and her body quivered. "GOD, I am Cummmming!!!" she screamed. Her tight pussy gripped the creature's large red cock firmly, and she quivered in ecstacy. "Mmmm, yes," she moaned. She felt the creature's large cock pulsate wildly inside of her, and it shot it's cum inside of her.

It felt as if the bigfoot was pissing as it's cum sprayed from it's large cock. "God, it's so hot," Amber moaned. She climaxed again, as the cum continued to squirt inside of her. The creature bucked it's hips wildly as it's cock released the rest of it's hot sticky cum into the girl's tight pussy. Amber collapsed on top of the creature, her pussy holding his cock firmly. Jeanna furiously rubbed her own clit, cumming intensely as her friend's hot pussy milked the remaining drops of cum from the bigfoot's enormous cock. Amber slid off of the creature, and Jeanna leaned forward to lick the cum from the bigfoot's cockhead, but the creature quickly stood, and bolted towards the forest. They never saw the creature for the rest of the weekend, and still return to the woods as often as possible, hoping for another outdoor adventure, but no luck..

The End


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