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On a Rainy Night
by jk_1116

The night had been going just as planned. Katie and I had enjoyed a quiet meal alone that I had cooked, went to a movie, and we were now taking a nice walk through the neighborhood around my house. That is until it started raining, almost 4 blocks away from the house. We ran as fast as we could back to my house, but we still were soaked by the time we got in the door. I start to draw a bath, and offer to take Katie's clothes and put them in the dryer. She hands me her clothes, and quickly turns to enter the tub. I manage to catch a glimpse of her long shapely legs right before they enter the water. My penis starts to respond to that heavenly sight I just beheld as I walk to the laundry room.

I hastily throw her clothes into the dryer, and add mine, having no intention of needing them for the rest of the night. I return to the bathroom, seeing Katie's relaxed face in the flicking light of the candles I placed out, the only light in the room. I enter the bathroom quietly, and get into the tub almost without her noticing. I then begin to kiss Katie's neck, then move up and run my tongue along the edge of her ear. I am greeted by a soft moan, and her hands soon find mine and place them on her breasts. I slowly trace my fingers around the contours of her breasts, making smaller and smaller circles. I eventually reach her nipples, which are quite erect from the attention her breasts have been receiving. Katie's head is thrown back in bliss, as I alternate between playing with her nipples and massaging her breasts. After a while I begin to move my hand down over her smooth stomach, and then down the outside of Katie's leg. I then begin to run my hand on the inside of her leg, making a up and down motion that gets closer to her pussy with ever stroke. Finally I rest my hand on her knee, Katie's body almost stiff in sexual anticipation.

Quickly I run my hand through the water, almost undetected, and hit my target. Katie's body jumps as I slowly stroke the outside of her pussy. Her hips begin to move in rhythm with my hand, and I trace her outer lips before entering a finger into her. The tempo of her hips increases, faster and faster. Water is literally splashing out of the tub, and Katie starts to moan loudly. I begin to flick her clit with my finger, then move away, and flick again. Shortly Katie's lower body lifts almost out of the water as she has one of her greatest orgasms ever.

Eventually Katie regains awareness of her surroundings, and turns to face me. Her hands move quickly to my penis, which is standing rigidly erect by this time. Her hands slowly stroke my balls, and then moves up the length of my shaft. I suggest we get out, I have better things in mind. I begin to towel myself off, and then dry Katie off. My tongue runs over her nipples as I dry her chest, and with that she grabs me and directs me to the bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, she grabs my penis and takes the whole thing into her mouth, and the tip is well into her throat. My eyes roll into the back of my head in ecstasy, the warm and wet combination on my penis is overpowering. Katie slowly takes my penis out of her mouth, licks her tongue around the tip and on the sensitive underside of tip. She then takes the whole thing in her mouth again. Katie keeps this pattern up, and I can feel the tension building in my balls. After another five minutes I can stand no more, and my body tenses as I shoot my cum deep into her throat. The cum keeps going and going, I've never had an orgasm like this. Katie makes sure to get all my seed, and then starts to kiss me. The taste of my cum in her mouth is strange, but helps to quickly regain my erect status.

Katie rolls over and I roll on top of her, my penis just an inch or two from her waiting pussy. I take the time to look her in the eyes, kiss her softly, and then enter her. The feeling is indescribable, her pussy is so soft and tight, like my penis was made for the sole purpose of filling her. I begin to move my penis in and out of her, with a very slow and deliberate pace. Gradually I move faster, Katie's hips bucking to meet my every thrust. We keep going for what seems like an hour before I start to feel Katie's pussy spasm due to orgasm. I look into Katie's eyes right at that second, and see deeply into her soul. However, the rippling and clenching effect on my penis pushes me to orgasm, and I begin to shoot my cum into her. My cum causes Katie to orgasm again, and her pussy milks my penis of ever remaining drop of cum.

I roll over, my penis still deep in Katie's pussy. I kiss her on the cheek as she nuzzles against me. Our energy is exhausted, and we fall to sleep in one another's arms...


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